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It’s The Revolution, Stupid

~ HERE’S THE THING: Communism is not dead, and it’s not over there. Radical Marxist theory is the operating in the academy, in ordinary politics, community organizing, speech codes, heyheyhoho protests, and the soft-fascism arising from the 1960s cultural and sexual revolution.

Remember: doctrinaire Communism is about the big revolution, leading to a golden age of equality, unicorns, and suchlike. In order to smoh the way to the golden age, all serious obstacles must be bulldozed and re-engineered to be part of the revolution. For example: religion– God is imaginary, religion and opiate. The family: a separate power & authority from the state will slow things down, so children are taken away as soon as possible from their breeders. Sexuality- monogamy strengthens families and children.. see above. Schools & universities: can provide education, reasons why radical activism isn’t the be-all, end all. Radicalize the curriculum, and professors. Makes usre conservatives are ousted, punished, converted. Legal tradition and custom interfere with political and social engineering– courts must be turned into activist sources of the new society, laws, and family.

We’ve spent a lot of time on this website detailing the outrages and lunacy of the Canadian so-called “Human Rights” establishment as it now stands. People like Jennifer Lynch and Barbara Hall and Krista Daley are precisely interested in a parallel legal system, a quasi-judicial parallel justice, and a substitute rationale for civil rights and citizenship, with themselves as the commissars, the radical re-interpreters of human rights and freedoms in Canada, and each of her provinces. Why? Socialist paradise– utopia– right ahead! Almost there! Down with the haters, homophobes, racists, fundamentalists, and suchlike rabble!

Mr. Yes We Can is all about a ‘New America’. With a state-run economy, the President attacking individual critics, setting up a government funded parallel political system (via ACORN), with a radical reinterpretation of the Constitution as ‘guidelines’ and not the law of the land. The power devolves to the Oval Office and his inner circle: whatever that might be, it’s not America.

What is it? An Americanized and updated form of the Marxist promised golden age, if only… [fill in the institution or law or tradition to be gutted here].

It’s all the same octopus.. different tentacles.


We don’t need a new McCarthyism, which was after all a moderate-left attack on the hard left– we need to elect politicians who will respect the law and politics; we need to defund the HRCs and such radical groups, who use tax-payers money to undercut the law, family, religion, freedoms, whatever is an obstacle to their radical re-engineering of everything they can get their hands on.

Don’t be distracted by the new buzz-words of the new Marxism: dialogue, nurture, process, struggle, issues, challenge, sharing, diversity, progress, tolerance: these are codewords which turn reason and justice on their heads, to exercise social and thought-control on the masses. Buzz, buzz, buzz.

This is one of the most important posts I’ve written: it ties together disparate phenomena and people in a way that clarifies and exposes what’s going on. It’s not a conspiracy, because it’s all out in the open. They are here, they are busy, they consider anybody against them to be an enemy, an obstacle to the utopia just around the corner. ~


Muzzle-Em Extremists

~ ITEM: HEROES— Over 200 Groups Urge UN to Reject OIC’s Attempts to Criminalize Defamation of Islam.

~ WHILE WE WERE MOSTLY ASLEEP, the politically canny side of the soft-Jihad (The OIC) has been shoving away in the UN and her organs to try and establish a nIslamic anti-blasphemy law as international law. Yup, you read that right. No criticism of Islam or Muslims ever, anywhere, by anyone. Pretty sweet, huh? It’s an Islamic war on free speech and free thought.

Jihadist Islam is not unlike an opportunistic infection, or a parasite. Any breach, any exposure, any long-term connection, and it will seek to have its way with you. Incremental world domination is fine: first your freedoms, then your laws, then your religion, then your very physical safety and private thought is under the suffocating blanket. After all, Islam is (like all totalitarianisms) all-embracing, all inclusive, and jealous of any competition.

This would be the international top-down effort and counterpart to taking on Steyn, Wilders, Levant, and Hirsi Ali and others on the local and national levels: all aimed towards giving Islam and Muslims a privileged place at any table, in any debate, under any law. This is nothing other than making a irrational religious assertion and triumphant Islamist wish to be the policy of the UN, international courts, and as a hoped-for trickle-down precedent for national and local law and policy. Islam is better, special, and needs limo-treatment.

The Jihad is always busy; they have a programme; they beaver away like unseen rust on your car, only coming out into the open when the situation is far advanced.

Canada: It’s ours to lose. The World: It’s ours to lose. ~


~ NEVER BEEN to one, but I can understand the attraction: those dress-up SciFi Cons, or Mediaeval/ Renaissance Faires with archery and sword-fighting, lute and crumhorns. Why? Well, I’m a bit nerdy and all, but there’s rather more to it.

In the modern ‘scientific’ banishment of imagination, music, beauty, truth, poetry, religion, spiritual longing, and all suchlike to the realm of private ‘mere’ feeling and preference, it entirely impoverishes the human spirit, and divides the soul. We are composite, complex creatures, and the arid and sterile ‘scientific’ as alone truth and ‘verifiable’ is, of course, itself a theory. That inhuman and dehumanizing theory has led to ‘scientific’ fascism, eugenics, race-law, sterilization by law, government euthanasia, Stalin’s 5-year plans, Mao’s mass-farming, and a host of other horrors and idiocies since the French Revolution.images

If, however, beauty, the arts, spirituality, literature, remembrance of past custom, and all the rest are in fact means of knowing and appropriating truth (in fullness), then we must teach and use and allow such means in society, culture, and religion as means of living a full humanity. In that sense, Handel’s Messiah or a Mass-setting by Mozart are a more and complete perception and receiving of truth that whatever might be seen through an electron microscope, or measured in a beaker. In that sense, the ‘Renaissance Man’ Leonardo was a more complete and admirable human being, scientist, artist, and Christian, than someone with a degree in advanced genetic manipulation, whose main cultural sustenance is cable or satellite TV, Stephen King novels, and the like.

No, I won’t be dressing anytime soon in a Vader outfit or mediaeval jester’s get up– but that sort of thing has a higher logic than the theories of positivist philosophy and materialist science can offer men and women in terms of life, truth, goodness, love, and the entirety of human being and nature.

I’m not sure if I’ve expressed that well, but it’s a second stab on the topic of truth, beauty, and goodness and the fulfilment of human nature.

All comments and criticisms most welcome. ~

Scots Wha’ Hae’


~ AS YOU STEYNIANS WILL KNOW, Teh Binks is proud of his part-Scots heritage, his clan (Cameron), and Scottish history (especially the Wallace-Bruce years). No, I won’t dirk a MacIntosh for all their past enormities against the Camerons, nor do I think Scots or Scotland sinless folk in a golden land. But it’s part of me, and I of it.

I’ve been watching the not entirely useless BBC History of Scotland, and enjoying the sights and reenactments of the history I’ve read via Nigel Tranter, Richard Oram, and others. Nasty old Edward I Longshanks began a war of near-genocide against the Scots, earning him the name “Hammer of The Scots”.. it’s inscribed on his tomb in Latin.

Unlike the depiction of him in the movie Braveheart, William Wallace [AD 1272-1305] was not poor, clean-shaven, short, occasionally partly blue, a highlander, or a kilt-wearer. He was a well educated young man, a former novice monk, and spoke (and wrote) in several languages. The name ‘Wallace’ itself denotes Welsh ancestry; and surviving archaeological evidence suggests his family were well-to-do small nobility, with their own fortified farm and surrounding lands. Nonetheless, thank God for Mel Gibson’s movie, because it made it OK to glory in Scotland and her past again, after so many years of shame, cultural repression, and second-hand status.

Before the famous Battle of Stirling, September 11th, 1297, the 25-year old Wallace told the English messengers who demanded that the outmatched Scots surrender “Go back and tell your people, that we have not come for the benefit of peace, but to do battle to liberate ourselves, and our kingdom. Let them come to us, and we will prove this in their very beards.” Tough stuff. But like other great Mediaeval figures, William Wallace was no shrinking violet, no bespectacled prof in a world of ideas and meetings, no bureaucrat ordering the suffering of others from a distance.

Like Longshanks himself, Wallace was a complete man of his time: warrior, scholar, general, man of faith. Wallace’s part-contemporary the poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri of Florence [AD 1265-1321] was another in the same mold. So were many of the leaders in Greek’s golden age: warriors, thinkers, world-changers.

At Stirling, the arrogant English learned at the hand of young William Wallace and the largely Scots peasant-army how to die in large numbers. That one day, England lost 5000 men at arms, and 100 knights– not to mention captive nobles for ransom. There’s lots of books on The Wallace: Nigel Tranter’s is the best, but others are also worthwhile. For the poetically-minded, one of the primary historical sources ahs been reprinted: Blind Harry’s Wallace. The minstrel Blin’ Harry [1440-1493] gathered all the stories and history about Wallace into an amazing epic poem.

In pondering Wallace and such, it’s the courage and will and pride of a people– their longing for justice and their own destiny– that allows them to survive, thrive, and to resist in the face of the enemy. The real question facing people in the West, as Mark Steyn has reminded us again and again, is whether we believe in ourselves, that we have something worth living and defending and passing on, or not.

“It’s often said that Canadians aren’t boisterous about their patriotism, not the way Americans are. Certainly not about the insipid new patriotism sold to us since the Pearson-Trudeau years. We refer the gentle reader to this collection at the Ontario Archive, highlighted in a post earlier this week. Canadians used to be very expressive about their patriotism, whose fulcrum was the crown. The extraordinary public displays, we don’t do anything like that today for any reason, spoke of the deep sentiment of the Canadian people. When a monarch died, especially a beloved one like George VI, they were mourning their head of the state, the symbol of themselves as a nation.”

~ Via Dust My Broom ~

Marxist doubt, Jihadist hate, and ideological uncertainty under the heavy hand of ever more powerful government and political correctness leave us little room to formulate the question, let alone find an answer, nor the means for stirring ourselves up to be proud of who and what we are. To hell with them.

The underlying principle of the West is resurrection; her abiding principles (despite some of her history) are truth, law, mercy, and freedom. Heading off into an all-embracing utopian gilded cage,  or backwards into an all-embracing 7th Century Islamic paradise is not the answer. To remember who and what we are, is. ~


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Worst POTUS Ever™

“There are other masters; masters who will do more than hold fast to the old ways; they will usher in a new era. The theorists proclaim it. Times have changed. Old institutions, devised in simpler times, are outmoded. Modern times demand modern, streamlined, efficient government- government that can sweep away the dead hand of the past, and bring forth the new dawn. A new friend of the people comes forth. He will end the babble of political parties and factions and class war He will give meaning to life; will lead a crusade against poverty, squalor, ugliness; will transform the nation into a land beautiful and shining.”

~ Jerry Pournelle ~


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HYPOCRITE-WATCH: Video: George Galloway applauds decision
to ban Geert Wilders from entering his country

~ TORONTO SUBWAY SCREAMER? Nutbar? Test-run jihadist? “I am totally shaken. On the subway on my way over to feed Kathy’s cat while they’re away at a funeral, it finally happened. Some deranged 6th Century Mohammedan lost it and began screaming ALLAHU ACKBAR, calling everyone racists, and talking about Bin Laden and rising up.” Do you know this man?; Muslim Nutjob Goes Ape on Toronto Subway …. (gotr, sda, bwc)

Spot The Loony

~ OUR TERROR-TRIALS: Toronto 18 mole Mubin Shaikh cleared of entrapment. More Toronto 18 convictions to follow …. (dustmybroom)

~ GALLOWAY. Now the UK has somewhere to deport him; Hamas devotees on the attack: George Galloway supporters on both sides of the 49th are planning to raise a ruckus on their hero’s behalf; Galloway & Hypocrisy …. (Various)

~ $10 MILLION DOLLAR MAN Maher Arar Urges Journalists to Learn From His Experience …. (CitC)

~ THIS WEEK’S Wilders Round-Up …. (defendgeertwilders)

~ JIHAD HAS arrived in New Hampshire …. (creepingsharia)

~ WISE MOVE: French Jews Cut “Dialogue” With Muslims …. (CitC)

~ POOR LITTLE RIGHT GIRL: Trying to find a commonality …. (girlontheright)

~ ISRAELI ARAB journalist: Wow, pro-Palestinian supporters in America are really crazy …. (dustmybroom)

~ MUSLIM American Society leader admits group IS part of Muslim Brotherhood …. (creepingsharia)

~ THE TRUTH Exposed: Islamic Terrorist Training & Fundraising in America …. (vladtepesblog)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS on Britain’s first sharia-compliant newspaper; and “Imam commits hate crime.. against himself” …. (spectator)

~ REMEMBER, KIDS— Pakistani Muslim cleric: U.S. shouldn’t resist jihad, because doing so will only lead to more jihad …. (JiWa)

~ RELIGION OF… Christian mother arrested to cover up government scandal …. (novascotiascott)

~ IN SAUDI Arabia only men sell thongs. Mortifying girlcott to ensue …. (MaD)

~ NATO front-runner would offend Muslims – hire him …. (creepingsharia)

~ MISSOURI REPORT on domestic terrorism ignores Islamic threat (read it) …. (creepingsharia)

~ HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD? “Oh, great: Netanyahu says his government with be “a partner in peace” with the Palestinians” …. (scaramouche)

~ U.S. URGES IRAN to give access to jailed journalist …. (walkers)

~ MERCEDES Benz suspends 2 employees over sharia law email …. (creepingsharia)

~ WORD FROM SWATISTAN: Taliban dispute Sharia court’s verdict …. (novascotiascott)

~ AARON KLEIN ON Al Jazeera today discussing attempts to create new Israeli government …. (therealbarackobama)

~ SOMALI Muslim cabbies seek privileges at Cleveland International Airport …. (creepingsharia)

~ SHHHH! Bangladesh orphanage that was really a jihad training camp run by British Muslim twice acquitted of bomb plots …. (jihadwatch)

~ FOG MEN? Scaramouche– “: Was it the fog of war or the fog of leftism that compelled several IDF soldiers to claim that Israelis had engaged in war crimes during the Gaza incursion? Probably a bit of both, I’d wager” …. (scaramouche)

~ OVER 200 GROUPS Urge UN to Reject OIC’s Attempts to Criminalize Defamation of Islam …. (Wz)

~ AMNESTY International: US Detaining Illegal Aliens Violates Their Human Rights …. (Wz)

~ BRITISTAN— ‘Threat Of Britons Trained By Al Qaeda’ …. (vladtepesblog)

~ THE INVESTIGATIVE PROJECT has a terrific expose on the slick Mahdi Bray, whose antics have been featured many times at Jihad Watch: “Mahdi Bray’s Secret, Checkered Past” …. (JiWa)

~ PAKISTAN: Obama Orders Air Raid on Defenseless Villagers, 7 Killed; U.S Strikes in Pakistan “justify jihad”: cleric …. (Wz)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS: Obama’s White Flag Policy …. (Wz)

~ ISRAEL Commemorates, Egypt Completely Ignores 30th Anniversary of 1979 Peace Deal …. (Wz)

~ GITMO– Coming To Your Town …. (mitchieville)

~ TOP U.S. OFFICIALS: Gulf Arabs Now Rival Drug Trade as Chief Source of Funds for the Taliban …. (Wz)

John Bolton former US ambassador to UN on Glenn Beck

~ FRANKISTAN: Illegal Immigrants Waiting to Enter Britain Given Equipment to Build Structures…Immediately Erect Mosque …. (Wz)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “We Jews like to think that the example of the Holocaust acts as a deterrent, making it far less likely that another one could ever occur. But what if we’re completely wrong about that? What if, instead of it making another Shoah less likely to happen, it makes it more likely to happen, because it makes the unimaginable imaginable?” …. (scaramouche)

~ BENDING THE KNEE— Bosnia-Herzegovina: Entire Church Being Picked up Moved 1/2 Mile Away so it Doesn’t Offend Muslims …. (Wz)

~ BOSTOM: “Celebrating Mo’s Birthday in Algeria—What to Leave In, What to Leave Out” …. (

Islamo-Juicy 8 year old girl marries 47 year old man. Video

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