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Need Mo' Money? Just Print It!

Back In The USSA

~ STUPID DEM ECONOMICS: The rapine, pillage & plunder of the American economy & corporations continues, as the world looks on is stunned silence. Obama is a usurper, and now becoming a destroyer. He is the embodied wrath of liberal politics turning itself against America.

Where are we? Well, just like the unsecured mortgage crisis, where people bought houses with money they didn’t have, now the American Government is trying to prop up the economy with money it does not have. The Obama-solution? Print more money.

What does this mean? America’s economy is officially on life support, and the Fed is now printing imaginary money to pump into the U.S. economy (to the tune of $1 Trillion) almost two weeks ago. Imaginary. Hyper-inflationary. Unthinkable monetary suicide.

One Trillion, plus...
One Trillion, plus...


Infantile American Liberals think money and economies are magical stuff that just happens– because evil rich corporations and people steal from the rich, or something like that– and if only they could just grab enough loot back from the evils, then the Dems can fund their favourite folks & causes (and themselves), and then let more money pile up, and then ‘redistribute’ it again.

Why? Because most of the eejits in Washington haven’t ever run real businesses, never experienced hard work, and therefore are so insulated from how business and economies work that they believe their own fairy-tales about how things should work. This lunacy is actually choking the economy, frightening small and large business, and starving the economic heart of the world of life-blood. Production and buying slump; the world economy begins to totter; America herself faces an economic heart-attack that is being deliberately brought on by the n00b elected by the American people in 2008.

Plus another trillion...

Blind ideologues operate in a vacuum isolated from reality & consequences, but their pet theories and stupid little orthodoxies have real-world effects. Like the closing of large, middle-sized, and small businesses; unemployment; recession; the loss of retirement funds; the flushing of a million dreams; the shaking of the international economy. While Smiley The Clown is on 60 Minutes, Leno, and whatever else comes next, his country is on fire, and he and his minions are vengeful arsonists, punishing Americans for their imagined sins, al lthe while throwing up smokescreens and ruining the enemy and friends alike.

Obama is moving amazingly fast to ‘implement his policies’ (wrack & ruin for all). Never mind the angels.. even the fools fear to tread where Barack is walking blithely along.

America’s Boss narcissist: so what the wreckage, as long as I look gooood!

This is no longer a Dem vs. Repub thing: this is an America thing, a Western thing, a human thing. We in the rest of the world can’t afford to act like bystanders at a suicide-watch; the world hangs in the balance. ~

Plus one more trillion... plus 270 billion more.. the Obama plan for 2009-2010

~ ITEM: Free Speech Dies at DePaul and other U.S. Universities

~ SAME CRAP, DIFFERENT CENTURY? — We’re told Islam Is Peace, sharia is wonderful, blah blah blah. One thing: been there, done that. Various peoples have ‘enjoyed’ living under Mohammed’s bullying, anti-semitic, and sexist cult-rules for 1400 years, give or take. Massacre, oppression; 3rd-class status, institutionalized rape, violence, robbery, silencing, intimidation; just ask Christians, Jews, Bahai, any infidel anywhere in the Middle East under current Muslim regimes.

Women? Read Nonie Darwish’s lastest book [ Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law by Nonie Darwish ]. Political freedom? Ask a Saudi. Freedom of speech? Ask an Iranian blogger.

Though immigrants to North America are offended by the excesses of freedom and permissiveness in our culture, this is not us at our best, nor is it all of us. A moderate shari’a will not allow Western civilization to continue to grow and prosper– it is that religious culture that turned the Ottoman Empire into a medieval and cultural and intellectual backwater– a retardation which is still with us.

Sorry.. was that defamatory? Come and get me, ya foaming-mouthed bronze-age fairies! ~


~ SPEAKING AS A FORMER local market news-media delivery facilitator (paperboy), it occurs to me that if we like the National Post, we should all subscribe. When Steyn was deep in it, Maclean’s got a whole lot of new subscribers, I think; the NatPost has Ezra, Shaidle, the kays, Gunther, and a whole lot more good folks linked to on this page as writers.

Let’s reward reasonable and balanced conservative media with what they most need: new subscribers. These days with the new media, I confess it’s been a very long while since I got inky with newsprint. Let’s make sure our best free-speecher friend in the Canadian scene doesn’t go under any time soon, huh?

There’s home delivery, or a digital subscription available. Put your dollars where your heart is. ~

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~ AHEM. WE STAND slightly corrected on the mouldy cheese thing. Breaking News: The Binks, unlike liberal bloggers and media-folk, can actually err, will apologize, and links to corrective information …. (steynian)

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~ ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN! Dear God; “Please send form 25-B (Application for De-Baptism) to the address provided below, as I have recently become an Athiest.”; How do you remove an ontological change? …. (sda, curtjester)

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Teh Boissoin

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“What is different with him is, with previous [Conservative] immigration ministers, both have been pussycats; this guy is a tiger,” says Tarek Fatah, an author, prominent Liberal supporter and founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress. “He’s standing up for Canadian values. I would like every politician to stand up for this country the way Jason Kenney has.”

~ On Jason Kenney ~

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG of evil– Hey Thanks! Someone bought a book!!; Gee, this guy James Kalb is really good; Very interesting essay by James Kalb on liberalism; Terry Glavin on the real meaning of the Galloway story; The Hitchen’s account we’ve been waiting for; Dick Morris on Obama’s rationale for reducing charitable deductions; Hillbuzz is always interesting; Mark Steyn finds the most interesting facts; the CHRC issues annual report—ding! ding! ding!; Worried about the Conficker worm?; Persecution of gays in Iraq–another horrific example of minority persecution; Denyse O’Leary’s been reading Shakedown; Please read this whole Douglas Farrow article; Get out of hospital alive cards?— chilling story on euthanasia; Great editorial about importance of doing more than sending a cheque; Free Dominion folks appeal legal decision …. ()

~ OUR SOCIALIST FRIENDS: “Canadian researchers uncover vast Chinese cyber spy network.” Hmph. Imagine that. Wasn’t there a quashed report saying just the same thing back in Mao Tse Chretien’s time? …. (nationalpost)

~ THE BRAVE Bishop of Rochester is a sad loss for the Church of England …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ YOUR HANDY DANDY Reference Guide to the CHRC complaint against (Updated) …. (

~ DON FEDER on freedom of speech …. (vladtepesblog)

~ NEWS YOU MAY have missed: EU directive would protect animals from lab tests—at expense of human embryos …. (

~ NO CANADIAN speaking tour for Galloway, judge upholds travel ban; Teh Omar [ 5th SockPuppet ] hearts George! Along with his buddy-Socks, Elmasry, and all sorts of other soft-jihad scumbaggery …. (np, lawiscool)

"Steyn? Evil! Galloway? Rocks!"

~ LOVING THE KENNEY! Chris Selley’s Full Pundit: The ubiquitous Jason Kenney; This man wants to reinvent Canadian multiculturalism. Imagine that: a fat white conservative Catholic doing a good job. Burn him!; Crybabies: Arab Federation takes Kenney to court …. (Various)

~ CALGARY— Genocide Awareness Project Returns To U of C Campus; Calgary college wonders if Canadian flag is “exclusionary” …. (, nscott)

~ OFFICIAL TALIBAN Websites Hosted in Los Angeles, Houston, Canada …. (mypetjawa)

~ NSCOTT— BC court: Canadians allowed to criticise government …. (

~ TERRY GLAVIN’S REVEALING TAKE on the Galloway affair deserves a long look as he contends – This Is Not A Story About Free Speech …. (

~ DON FEDER: the free speech address he couldn’t give — because he was shouted down …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ ORWELL’S PICNIC— “Some of us can remember when AIDS was not yet a problem, [yep] back when the public health game was to get all young women on the Pill — ostensibly to reduce pregnancy, in reality to justify the emancipated sexuality of the advocates” …. (

~ SOCIALIST PARADISE— Chinese arrest Catholic bishop …. (spero)

~ MARKETS, Morality, and the Problem of Fractured Thinking; On the Importance of Advancing Liberty and Free Markets …. (evangelicaloutpost)

~ BRITISH State emphasis on niceness reaps nastiness …. (novascotiascott)

~ HERITAGE CANUCKISTAN? “Heritage Canada, a Canadian government department, is working with the Calgary-based independent Centre for Faith and the Media (CFM) on a study of Canadian media portrayls of Muslims” …. (investigativeproject)

~ UPDATED – Those Lyin Islamists!: Canadian Muslim Forum issues false press release – Group was never scheduled to meet with Jason Kenney! …. (

~ THANKS FOR YOUR co-operation or we’ll send teams of lawyers to do a shake down on you …. (mad)

~ CHOICE & THE LEFT— “In a variation of the old Roman “bread and circuses” strategy, the contemporary Left will fight not only every regulation, but even any discussion of, sex or abortion that hints of personal responsibility, morality or ethics”; Slavery versus abortion; The Myth of Mass Back-Alley Abortion Deaths …. (Various)

~ WEB PRIVACY? What Web Privacy? …. (

~ JUST WHAT we needed – the Human Rights Commission approach to parenting …. (

~ EUROZERO ‘I have never read the EU constitution’, admits Europe Minister Caroline Flint …. (vladtepesblog)

~ CBS: Embryonic Stem Cells Could Provide ‘An Unlimited Supply of Blood’ …. (newsbusters)

~ ONE COSMOS— “I read a passage by Balthasar, who raised a point that I have discussed in the past, that Marxism represents a kind of radically upside-down and debased version of Judaism — which would explain why, in the history of leftism, disaffected and sometimes frankly anti-semitic Jews have always played such a prominent role (think of Noam Chomsky, George Soros, Howard Zinn, Michael Lerner, etc.). It’s just a brief footnote, but he reminds us of how any “liberation theology” is rooted in a utopian messianism, in which the object of hope is fully immanentized. In true theology, the messiah is outside space and time, even while drawing us toward him” …. (


~ CHRISTOPHOBIA on the march? Double-dealing at Wiley-Blackwell: the case of the Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization …. (newcriterion)

~ THE TYRANNY of ‘international justice’ …. (

~ ANCHORESS: “I suspect every abortion, every “compassionate” bit of euthanasia has the evil one stamping his foot in triumphant glee” …. (theanchoressonline)

~ AUDITING MULTI-CULT FUNDING Is Great. Zero-Base Budgeting Would Be Even Better …. (

~ SLIPPERY SLOPENESS… Extending Murderous “Choice” Beyond Pregnancy. Margaret Somerville weighs in on the ethics of allowing babies to die, discussing the controversial law suit against a Quebec hospital that decided not to remove the feeding tube from a disabled baby …. (

~ PHEW! JUDGES SAY Canadians are allowed to criticize government! Thank you, One Set of Elite Masters, for giving us permission to criticize Our Other Set of Elite Masters!! …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ FUN WITH POPE-BASHING— Shock! Scandal! Pope “saddens” those struggling against depression with “imprudent” comments on weather …. (

~ CHILDRAISING, the Government way …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ SOMEONE needs to send this story to Canada’s Dumbest Judge …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ FREE SPEECH Dies at DePaul and other U.S. Universities …. (creepingsharia)

~ SO WHO COMES OFF better in this story? Rush Limbaugh — or the caring, compassionate, enlightened liberals who hate him? …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ BRAIN-DAMAGED LIB’RALS— More Light Presbyterians has posted an article taken from the University of Chicago Divinity School that makes the bizarre argument that defending traditional marriage is a form of “religious violence.” …. (reformedpastor)

~ CAN ONLY WHITE PEOPLE On The Right Be Racist? …. (brusselsjournal)

~ ENGLAND NOW OFFICIALLY under Satan’s rule …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ JONATHAN Foreman was the other person, beside Michael Totten, who was with Christopher Hitchens when he was attacked on Hamra Street in Beirut. Here’s his account of what happened …. (richardfernandez)

~ WHAT CAUSED Rome’s Collapse: Immigration or Centralisation? …. (brusselsjournal)

~ MO’ FRANCACOPHONY BINKS, via Point De Bascule! …. (pointdebasculecanada)

~ SEVEN WAYS Liberals Lie about Conservatives …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SELF-HATING HUMANS need to relax and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts …. (pajamasmedia)

~ REAL-WORLD CONSEQUENCES of stupid ideas: “Fifteen patients on life support and in surgery died at San Francisco General Hospital when power was cut for “Earth hour” on Saturday.” Remember, kids: Liberalism is cruel …. (stoptheaclu)

~ ACTION DINO— Brazil’s racist President Blames Whites for Crisis …. (MaD)

~ AL GORE LEAVES THE LIGHTS ON. Maybe he was just celebrating Human Achievement Hour. I know I did …. (instapundit)

~ SILENCE, ye unbeliever! Science is now saving the world from cow farts. Next up: preventing global warming due to volcanoes …. (pajamasmedia, bbc)garlic20cow20farts

~ BRING IN The Climate Patrol?; Global Warming Scare – Orwell Himself Couldn’t Think Of It …. (

~ GLOBAL WARMING Hoax Weekly Round-Up, March 27th 2009 …. (dailybayonet)


“I am not one of those people who is impressed by Obama’s intelligence. Indeed, for those of us who have been there, it is a sorry sight to watch this cognitively arrested boob in action. This is not just an insult, because it is quite obvious that Obama is not free to discover truth, since he is laboring under the oppressive weight of systematic falsehoods he has passively absorbed throughout his friction-free life. Being good at articulating lies in charcoal activated cigaret-burnished tones should not be confused with being “articulate.”

~ One Cosmos ~

~ THE PROPHET SCIPIO: “Our archeologist, while rummaging among the ruins of our fallen civilization, met a ghost from the long dead race of Americans. The wraith boasted much about what we had been as a people” …. (thereturnofscipio)

Last Ditch Effort: U.S. Fed Pumps 1 Trillion into the Economy

~ UTTER HATEFUL DISGRACE: Obama Decides to Join the Anti-Israel, Pro-Islamic UN Human Rights Council; Obama Will Attend UN Conference Seeking to Further Iranian and Islamic Interests; U.N Watch briefing. US returns to HRC …. (Wz, Vt)

~ JESUS WEPT— “Hands up if you feel better. Jimmy Carter is apparently consulting Barack Obama on Israel” …. (nro)

~ FARRAKHAN Says he Doubts the Number of Jews Killed During Holocaust, Muslims Shouldn’t Have to Stand Against Suicide Bombings While “Palestinians are Being Slaughtered” …. (Wz)

~ DIRTY RAHM! “I think Rahm should be fired, not American CEOs. I think dirty, filthy politicians should be fired. Does Hussein hang with anyone who is not dirty and corrupt?” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

Excellent video on Iran, the Baha’i and Obama’s overture

~ GENIUS Obama Clears Gitmo Detainee who met With Bin Laden Twice and Worked With al-Qaeda Anthrax Specialist for Release …. (wz)

~ THE OBAMA administration is swaggering over its firing of GM CEO Richard Wagoner and its demand for more restructuring concessions from GM and Chrysler before they dole out more money …. (malkin)

~ POLITBURO DEMS Considering Procedure to Filibuster-Proof Obama’s Health Care and Global Warming Legislation …. (Wz)

~ BRAZIL drilling for oil while democrats tax and obstruct energy production …. (winteryknight)

~ TODAY’S ‘racist’: that chick from ‘Law & Order’! …. (fivefeetoffury)

Glenn Beck debates Conn. Attorney General about AIG & the LAW

~ MORE SHRUGSIES— Gates: U.S. Not Prepared to Respond to North Korea Missile Launch; Obama: Eyes Wide Shut on Foreign Policy? …. (atlasshrugs2000, BruJo)

~ ARNOLD KLING: “For quite a while, but especially over the last nine months, the best way to predict developments in politics and finance has been to ask: what will do the most to increase the concentration of power? Every headline, from the Geithner regulatory plan to the proposed cap on the charitable deduction, to the resignation of the General Motors CEO, should be viewed in that light.” …. (


~ THE CHANGE is coming: Get to know your socialist language …. (p2bc)

~ THE PRESIDENT’S budget calls for the largest increase in the death tax in U.S. history in 2010 …. (nrotc)

~ DAVID HOROWITZ denounces the Obama Derangement Syndrome while John Podhoretz, at the Weekly Standard, takes on the myths that Hollywood creates. What’s the connection? They are linked by a single theme: the substitution of preconception for reality …. (pajamasmedia)

~ BEWARE THE FREDS under the bed! The attack on Fred Goodwin’s home is the result of an out-of-control anti-banker witch hunt that was cynically kickstarted by the elite …. (

~ DULY NOTED: Europe Not Eager to Receive “Victims” of America …. (brusselsjournal)

~ MEXICO CITY — Imagine an American Secretary of State one morning praying at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall and the next evening accepting a eugenics award named for Dr. Josef Mengele; “New Eve” encounters her snakes? …. (, anchoress)

Comparing FDR to Obama – Glenn Beck – 3.30.2009

~ SO HERE’S WHAT the White House is telling American reporters – and by extension the American people – about Britain …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ PROSPECTS Brighten For Buggy Whip Industry …. (sda)

~ POLITICS POP QUIZ— Tyler Cowen says choose one …. (

~ AVOIDING Obama Derangement Syndrome …. (pajamasmedia)

~ COMRADE Workers: Embrace your mandatory volunteerism! …. (theanchoressonline)

~ WAS HE BORN HERE? Barack Obama vs the Law trailer. So, why won’t he show the birth certificate, anyway? …. (stoptheaclu)

~ DOUBLE DOUCHE: Hillary Sits at Same Table as Iran at Afghan Conference, Offers “Honorable Reconciliation” to Taliban who Break With al-Qaeda …. (wz)

~ SYRIAN REACTIONS to Initial Contacts with Obama Administration: The U.S. has Capitulated to Syria and Iran; The Resistance, Not Obama, has Changed the World …. (memri)

~ IF YOU STILL THINK that President Barack Obama is about hope and change and moms and apple pie, consider his nominee for the head of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, Dawn Johnsen …. (nro)

~ IOWAHAWK VIDEO: The country’s in the very best of hands …. (instapundit)

~ WHO WROTE THE LAW protecting those AIG bonuses? …. (p2bc)

~ JAMES LILEKS: Maybe I’m old-school, but “President fires CEO” looks as wrong as “Pope fires Missile.” …. (instapundit)

~ VICTOR DAVIS HANSON— Finally — the good! Three things that offer us optimism in otherwise trying times.; Time for a look at the “ugly” trends of our times: corruption of the press, university indoctrination, and Europeanization …. (victordavishanson)

~ US COMPANIES Pay the Highest Taxes in the World …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ MORE FUN WITH Political Words (and the not so fun) …. (proudtobecanadian)

~ KRAUTHAMMER: “Obama owns GM, and I don’t know about you, Bret, but I’m deeply reassured that the largest company in America is owned by a guy with the vast private sector experience of Barack Obama”.. IRS Takes Over KrustyBurger? …. (

~ PAR-TAY! — “Our Teen Prez” …. (

~ HILLARY’S Mexico Visit Blunders Ignored by Old Media …. (newsbusters)

~ PROTEIN WISDOM— “Question: What do you call a person who believes that government, and not the market, should control an economy? Or one who believes that it is the role of the government to step in and buy up effective control of troubled private corporations — corporations troubled in many ways because of prior government interventions — with (future) taxpayer money?” …. (proteinwisdom)

~ IT’S GOOD TO BE KING! “For good or ill, GM CEO Wagoner has tendered his resignation; however that resignation did not come about due to Congressional legislation, but directly from the White House”; Comedy at Bloomberg: “GM is now in effect a US government subsidiary” …. (pw, kimball)

~ “TECTONIC CHANGE,” Barack Obama, and You …. (rogerkimball)

~ WHILE OBAMA SLEPT— Mall mainstays such as Mervyn’s department stores, Linens ’n Things, and KB Toys have already disappeared into bankruptcy, and mall vacancy rates topped 7 percent last year, the highest level since 2001. “It’s an absolute disaster,” says Howard Davidowitz, an investment banker specializing in retailers. “What a mall represents is discretionary spending, and discretionary spending is in a depression.” …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ OBAMA: Destroying Human Life for the ‘Greater Good’ …. (orthodoxytoday)

I.O.U.S.A., The Short Version

~ HILLARY SAYS Pro-Life Is Anti-Democratic, and the Papers Only Say She ‘Champions Women’s Rights’? …. (newsbusters)


~ REASON TV: Barack W. Bush–Is the Obama administration’s “war on terror” policy more of the same? …. (instapundit)

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— Smoking Is Now Patriotic! …. (thepeoplescube)

~ BY CONTRAST: “Why I like Angela Merkel (and you should, too)” …. (rogerkimball)

~ MALKIN— “The Obama-Matic (TM) Content-Free Euphemism Generator” …. (

~ FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER LET LOOSE, now ‘Peace’ Activists Not Sure How to Protest Obama …. (stoptheaclu)

~ BILL AYERS Invited to Speak to Illinois High School Students; Boston college bans Bill Ayers …. (newsbusters)

~ THE KIMBALL— “Sucking at the hind tit of a dead cow . . .” and other entertainments for the age of Obama …. (rogerkimball)


10 Terms Not To USe With Muslims?
“Which means, be careful when you use words like “secular,” “tolerance,” “moderate,” “freedom” and “religious freedom” — because according to Mr Seiple, Muslims (bless their devout little fundamentalist hearts) simply can’t be expected to understand such terms in any but the way those terms make them feel. And we need to respect that, if we’re ever truly to converse (rather than merely “dialogue”) with our dear Muslim friends across the globe.”

~ Protein Wisdom ~

Defamation Watch #1
Mo’ On South Park. Vid here.

~ ROGER KIMBALL: “Tall tales from the Federal Register: Palestinian refugees, coming to a town near you Or, what happened when your back was turned” …. (rogerkimball)

~ ITALY: Islamists Attempting Blow up 14th-Century Fresco Depicting Devil Dragging Mohammed Into Hell …. (wz)

~ EXTREMISTS use ‘civil rights’ group front to push agenda …. (ivp)

~ ON GALLOWAY— “A Toronto Star reader poses a timely question”; Heh!: George Galloway won’t be (dis)gracing us with his presence after all. A federal judge has upheld the decision to bar his entry …. (scaramouche)

~ ILYA SOMIN ON The UN Human Rights Council Resolution on “Defamation of Religion” and the Influence of Repressive Regimes on International Human Rights Law; Scaramouche: “The defame game: An editorial in the Globe and Mail condemns the UN “human rights” racket’s Big Chill— its resolution prohibiting “defamation” of religion” …. (instapundit)


~ KARZAI ENSHRINES marital rape: Sure, he seems like a nice enough chap, and you can always count on him to be gotten up in some sort of colourful local garb. But since he presides over a country that hews to sharia law, he ends up doing stuff like this …. (scaramouche)

~ UBER BAD: US-Backed Program Gave Millions to Iran, Syria – Worse: For Nuclear Technology …. (Wz)

~ WHO’S A GOOD LITTLE DHIMMI? YES YOU ARE! Muslims honour minister who stopped service to let them pray …. (gledhill)

~ A TASTE OF THE FUTURE: Muslim Hacker Defaces Yourish Website …. (mypetjawa)

~ FUN-LOVING Muslims to behead Filipino aid workers …. (speroforum)

~ THERE’S A REASON the Left is so acquiescent to Islamist demands: they think Muslims are children …. (mypetjawa)

~ THE DAY MUSIC DIED: Phyllis Chesler hails a young Arab woman who sought to bridge the divide between Israelis and Palestinians through music, and, in so doing, has been shunned and condemned by her own people …. (scaramouche)

~ A FUNNY THING HAPPENED on the Way to Completing the Mosque, by Martin Solomon: “After denials of Boston’s controversial mega-mosque being used for radical teaching, the mask has come off” …. (pajamasmedia)

~ SCHOOL DAZE: One reason Obama’s “refocussed” mission in Afghanistan (which boils down to targeting al Qaeda and fuggedabout “democracy”) is destined to fail is because it ignores the central role Pakistan’s madrassas play in cranking out an inexaustible supply of new recruits for the jihad …. (scaramouche)

~ PRACTICING FOR IRAN? Awesomely Awesome Awesomeness, Israel Bombs Targets In Sudan …. (mypetjawa, pajamasmedia)

~ TALIBAN Promise Attacks on Washington, D.C.; U.S. makes $50M available to Taliban-controlled, sharia-ruled Swat in Pakistan …. (mypetjawa, creepingsharia)

~ UNREPENTANT domestic terrorist called a “distinguished professor of education” by National Post …. (proudtobecanadian)

~ THE TALIBAN TOY with ex-Bev: The drama surrounding the “revert” captured by jihadis who are threatening to behead her continues …. (scaramouche)

~ AN EXCELLENT article by Victor Sharpe on American Thinker provides a resume of what most people in Britain and the west are so ignorant of – that the history of Britain in the Middle East is one of systematic betrayal of the Jews and appeasement of the Arabs from 1921 onwards …. (spectator)

Geezer Radical Helen Thomas on “Terrorists”

~ VOTING WITH CONVICTION— “In his role leading the Muslim American Society’s Freedom Foundation, Mahdi Bray pushes Muslims to register to vote and cast their ballots. But he can’t follow his own advice in his home state of Virginia, where felons do not have their civil rights restored upon completing their sentence” …. (ivp)

~ LOOK OVER THERE! The Arab League’s useful obsession: There’s a very good reason why Arab leaders would want to focus on such ephemera as the “peace process”. It’s because it provides them a convenient cover to devote far less time and attention to the heinous things going on within their own jurisdictions …. (scaramouche)

~ SO DOES “Islamophobia” exist? Nope …. (JiWa)

~ TALKING OURSELVES to death: The United Nations has a number of revolting offshoots, including UNRWA, the agency that ensures that the Palestinians’ status as refugees remains a going concern, and the UNHRC, the “human rights” body which is primarily devoted to shining a light on “human rights” infractions in a single nation—Israel. But the UN affiliate with the most grandiose-sounding (and emptiest) name has got to be the “Alliance of Civilizations”? …. (scaramouche)

~ SO WHAT GIVES SPAIN the right to prosecute Israel for fighting Hamas? …. (pajamasmedia)

~ JOOOOOO BOOOOOOZ— “This just in: The anti-“apartheid” zanies are planning to picket the LCBO for having the audacity to stock “apartheid” vino” …. (scaramouche)

~ ISLAMIC SUPREMACISM AT THE G20 SUMMIT! Imposing Islam on world leaders. Rich in symbolism, don’t you think? …. ()

~ I GUESS “oriental desert savages” is right out huh? Your politically correct guide to reporting/commenting on Islam.; “10 terms not to use with Muslims” …. (

~ SHHH! Don’t talk about “freedom” and “tolerance” in front of Muslims! You might offend them! …. (JiWa)

~ STUPID YIDS! Raphael Alexander: Surviving the Holocaust is an offence to Palestine …. (nationalpost)

~ MOROCCO announces end to homosexual tolerance …. (JiWa)

~ LAWFARE! CAIR launches attack on US federal prosecutor. On Feb. 20, 2009, authorities arrested Ahmadullah Sais Niazi. Unindicted co-conspirator CAIR and the professional shills on their payroll are out to destroy those who prosecute America’s enemies …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ PALEOSTINE— a violinist had a violin, a painter his palette …. (sondrak)

~ ON THE MOTOONS— Muslim leaders “still angry” over secretary-general nominee’s “stance during the so-called cartoon row three years ago” …. (JiWa)

~ GERMAN GENERAL PROSECUTOR Raises Charges against Muslim Leaders on Corruption and Funding Militant Organizations – Dr. Sami Alrabaa …. (

~ GITMO DETAINEES to be freed in U.S., given welfare benefits …. (JiWa)

IRAN : A Nation Of Bloggers.. a must-see video

~ IMAO WONDERS… “Since the U.N. passed a resolution against religious defamation, would it be insensitive to name this guy Muslim of the Week?” …. (imao)

~ HAPPY Islamic People’s Fools Day! …. (peoplescube)



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