As Goes America…

The Muslim Brotherhood Wants You!

A fresh posting over on Canucki Jihad.


4 thoughts on “As Goes America…

    1. Saith Binks:

      Nice try, Wahid– except anti-semitism is alive and well and a radical Muslim speciality throughout the world, as any perusal of YouTube or Middle Eastern Media or recent history will demonstrate. But you knew that already.

      Why not try to answer the SPECIFIC assertions of this piece: The Muslim Brotherhood and related groups are insinuating itself into American Government and society, just like the MB said it wanted to.

      Mind you, that’s not as easy or fun as slander and slap-down by imagining this author simply full of irrational hate.

      Anyhow, we posted your comment. Better luck next time, man.

  1. Poor old Islam, all the violence and beheadings so misunderstood by everyone – except maybe Flip Wilson who might allow that the “devil made them do it”.


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