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His Cramps, Our Cramps

~ ITEM– “I Love Hitler”, “We Hate Jews”, “Die Jews” Spray-Painted on Pickering Elementary School.


~ IDEAS HAVE consequences.. especially bad ideas. While doing soft-time in Landsberg Prison after conviction for the attempted revolution in Munich in 1923, Hitler plainly laid out his programme and notions in his 1925 Mein Kampf (‘My Struggle’ often called Mein Krampf— or ‘my cramps’– because of the turgid, over-inflated wandering style). As Winston Churchill wrote in ‘The Second World War’, if anybody had been paying attention during his rise and seizure of power in Germany, it was all there in the book. Churchill said Hitler’s book was “the new Koran of faith and war: turgid, verbose, shapeless, but pregnant with its message.”

Within 8 years, he would be Chancellor and dictator of Germany; 6 years later, World War II broke out. 50-75 million people died; hundreds of millions suffered; the world was changed forever.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are all children of the two great World Ward and their aftermaths. Sometimes, the links are direct– for instance, glam-rocker Gene Simmons is the son of a Jewish Holocaust survivor, and attributes much of his hedonistic lifestyle to the ‘live before you die’ mentality arising from so many lives cut short in concentration camps. Or ABBA’s lead singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad— the daughter of a German officer and a Norwegian woman in Hitler’s ‘pure Nordic’ breeding program. Lives shaped by horrible ideas, put into action.


Sad to say, but now– 64 years after the death of Hitler himself– the book is still a best-seller, especially in the Middle East. Arabic editions sell well, and editions have been made available for Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the Palestine Territory, Syria, Turkey, and elsewhere. The interpenetration of Islamic and Nazi ideology is a horrible echo of Hitlerian ideology– and the Iranian regime even speaks of a second Holocaust of a nuclear war against Israel.

Ideas have consequences. So the soft-fascist ideology of Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, and other revolutionary inspirations to the young Barack Obama are now bearing fruit: a top-down economy; direct political, legal, and propaganda attacks by the administration on critics and opponents; Oval Office decisions made with not even the pretence of consultation or legality or constitutionality.. and then there’s his apparent hostility to conscience, free speech, and unborn American boys and girls.

So we read: “Because we really haven’t spent enough already, President Obama committed more of our tax dollars to increase International Monetary Fund resources. What’s more, he didn’t bother asking permission from Congress, didn’t plan how we would pay for it, and didn’t check before committing the money that it was even needed”.. and that’s just one overstepping of his authority that we know about. The leftward chattering classes are still on board, so it’s up to the conservative press and blogosphere to do the heavy lifting and journalling this frightening new moment in the history of the American totalitarian impulse.

Of course it’s not our job– and in some cases, it’s not even our country. But the mass-media has always tended to be a political tool, whether it’s the po-Obama cheerleading, or the media-control exercised over the United States by Mr. Tammany Hall himself: William Randolph Hearst’s Newspaper Empire in the early 20th Century (again, pro-Democrat bias, political corruption, graft, bribes, and Democrat politics as usual).

The new media needs to make sure we do our best to tell the full story and truth of our times; to come up with and promote better ideas; to speak truth to power; and to carry on the true classical liberal tradition of Western Civilization, against those who cheer for totalitarian soft-Marxism in politics and economics and call it ‘Liberal’ or ‘Progressive’. We are in a war at home and internationally. Now is not the time to be simply partisan– we have to serve and lead and speak out when those paid or elected to do so are often failing to do so, afraid of consequences and of opposing the spirit of the age.

The new American Tea Party movement is a new idea, that may well mean the renewal of American politics, in the face of the stalemate of the old parties. Time will tell.

We must soldier on… because words mean things and ideas have real-world consequences. ~


Ora Pro Nobis

~ ITEM: Poor Little Warren.

~ HERE AT FMS, we’re still hoping and praying for Warren Kinsella’s soul. He’s some kind of Roman Catholic, we hear, though we suspect his real religion is “Ssssneakin!” a la Gollum. After all, his harassment of bloggers and critics, his loony pursuit of Ezra & Kathy and others, his bottom-feeding existence in politics do not speak of a soul at peace, or in grace. “By their fruits, ye shall know them” says Jesus, and this guy is a crap-apple tree: all cramps and bitterness and sore teeth. May God sooner or later grant him the strength to crucify his dark self, and– like Scrooge after Christmas Eve– live a better life. Just sayin’, is all. ~

London Calling

~ ITEM: London Free Press editor makes his excuses; Freeps Uses “Ransom Note Method” for Quotations; London, Ontario: Where “Investigative Journalism” is an Oxymoron.

~ ITEM: Randy Richmond meet John Miller.

~ ITEM: The invisible Randy Richmond.

That wimp Steyn is SO afraid of me!

~ SO SOME SAD LITTLE local newspaper liberal has got “I’ll Get You.. And Your Little Dog, Too”-itis with the whole Shaidle-Mansur-Levant thing. You know, some little blog gets a big hit and it goes to their head way too much. The best thing about the London Free Press I know of is actually their national affairs columnist Rory Leishman— by contrast, smear squad Warman-fronting Kinsella-puppet Richmond has so many axes to grind, he can’t be bothered to cover an actual story that happened right under his nose.

Reporters like this are presumably graduates of Dockter John Miller, B.A.’s Awesome Skool of Mud-Slinging Journalisms. Sad to say, this sort of thing is more about politics and silencing opponents with sloppy propaganda, instead of letting the speakers, audience, ad then some critics have their say. You know, journalling or recording the events or happenings of his place and time, of interest to others. His style is that of the CBC, who are ‘balanced’ by having three critics of differing severity toward Harper trash the government and PM, unanswered by anybody else.

Of course, Mr. Richmond entirely misses the chance to ask why a Muslim professor was on stage with a Jewish lawyer and a right-wing blogger– or why there is any concern about free speech in Canada, and what the HRCs and militant Muslims have to do with it.


Ah well, the bloggers and new media have already had to do the heavy lifting on a lot of stories these days. If the self-crippling journos out there can’t self-police and get a story out without dumping bile all over some ham-handed hate-screed, decorated like ‘objective’ journalism– well, shame on them.

It seems that nothing bunches the panties of progressives faster than happiness, success, and making a difference from the right. For all the talk of ‘hate’ (and I’m one of the Steyn-minions & black-hearted online haters, and I’ve met Ezra and NSScott and others), most actual living conservatives as opposed to the bogeymen versions are happy, peculiar, funny, interesting individuals.

That, too is an aggravation to the true haters, since we don’t fit the stereotypes and smears.

Ah well, we Canadian teabaggers will just have to rest content with being sensible, decent people fighting for reasonable issues, and– when we hear the squeals of outrage from our ideological enemies and self-appointed judges– know that we’re doing exactly the right thing in exactly the right way.

A hearty “Huzzah!” to Salim, Ezra, and Kathy for a solid victory for the cause. The elf-dance ensues.



~ ORWELL’S PICNIC— “Once again, me n’ Binks, thinking the same thoughts on the same day” …. (

Mark Steyn

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Easter Season

~ MALKIN— Easter in Iraq …. (malkin)

~ THE EASTER MONDAY That Changed Everything …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ ANGLIVERSALISTS: “Add Giles Fraser to that long list of Anglicans who are REALLY creeped out by the Cross” …. (themcj)

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~ CHRIST IS RISEN! This is the day for which we’ve been waiting these long Lenten weeks …. (scriptoriumdaily)

~ THE HOLY SEE and the secrets of the Turin Shroud …. (timescolumns)



~ MUST-READThe Book of Absolutes: A Critique of Relativism and a Defence of Universals by William D. Gairdner, via the McGill Press …. (Amazon, McGill)

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Ooof! My Amazon ranking is plummeting. Help!; Rush on Obama’s “house on a rock” speech; Another reason why Gitmo looks humane; Why the Tamil demonstrations are problematic; House on a rock with five pillars; The Globe hates Gairdner’s book— sounds like a must-read …. (

~ LONDON NEWS— The Event They Couldn’t Stop was standing room only; ‘If United 93 had been an Air Canada flight…’ (My London speech); Video from London – Part 1 – Intros & Kathy Shaidle; Dr. Roy also attended and has Salim Mansur’s speech here; I’m with the Cool Kids …. (Various)

~ WHO’S MY DADDY? Tampering in God’s Domain Dept. — Girl born a record 22 years after father’s sperm is frozen: Times UK …. (

~ SHAIDLE: “I’m speaking in North Bay this Saturday”; ‘What the London Free Press doesn’t want you to know‘; Yellow Journalist Randy “I Love Lucy” Richmond of the London Free Press eviscerated by Mark Steyn …. (5fof, bcf)

~ THE UNIVERSITY of Manitoba collectively pay the Canadian Federation of Students about $338,000 per year for membership for what? …. (MaD)

~ THE HRC Denormalization Squad in London, Ontario — Part 1; Free Speech Panel …. (,

~ PROFESSIONAL JEW Bernie Farber says Shaidle is: “a purveyor of some of the most offensive racial stereotypes I have ever read” …. (fivefeetoffury)

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~ PRE-ELECTION ATTEPTED SUICIDE— Federal taxes will have to rise to pay off Canada’s burgeoning deficit, but not at the expense of economic recovery, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Tuesday …. (dustmybroom)

~ JUST SO CLASSY! Jay Leno To Raise Funds AGAINST Pregnancy Crisis Centers …. (

~ IF IT’S TRUE that the British public is ignoring cacophonous cancer warnings, that isn’t a sign of stupidity: it’s the height of rationality …. (spiked-online)

~ HOLY HAIRPINS, BATMAN! “A clarification: In our multiculti Trudeaupia of Canada, one never need fear the kirpan, the ceremonial dagger worn by male Sikhs, because it’s a sacred religious symbol and would never be deployed in a threatening manner. However, the non-ceremonial, non-sacred Sikh hairpin (a long, thin strip of metal—like a bobby pin with a major thyroid condition), is another story” …. (scaramouche)

~ FEEL THE STUPID! Detroit Free Press: Know What we Need? Reparations for Gays …. (stoptheaclu)

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Question the Hype

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~ CLIMATE CHANGISM: Another Example of How Science is Being Corrupted by Politics and Desire for Funds …. (wesleyjsmith)



“Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups… [including] those that are mainly antigovernment (check!), rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority (check!), or rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion (check!) or immigration.”

~ DHS Report ~


~ GAULEITER NAPOLITANO Right-Wing Extremism Report Singling out Veterans, Uses Timothy McVeigh as Justification…(Update) Caves in, Apologizes on Fox News; Top Dem Outraged Over DHS Report on “Right-Wing Extremists,” Demands Napolitano Explain why is was Sent to Law Enforcement Agencies Nationwide …. (Wz)

~ HILARY CLINTON to keynote event for organization with strong Muslim Brotherhood ties …. (creepingsharia)

~ PROTEIN WISDOM— “We are all fringe rightwing extremists now!”; and “The Extremism and Radicalization Branch, Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division of the Department of Homeland Security has released a report titled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.” You can read it here.” …. (pw, poweline)

~ SEPARATED at ideological Birth: Janet Reno and Janet Napolitano. Powerful is sisterhood …. (americandigest)


~ THE DEPARTMENT of Homeland Security; Obamacrats Try to Use DHS to Label Conservatives as “Threat to National Security” …. (, mypetjawa)


~ SAUL ALINKSY.. openly acknowledge[s] his debt to “to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.” “The left is about resistance to authority, God is the ultimate authority, Satan is the rebel, fine. Hail to His Satanic Majesty!” …. (

~ VIA INSTAGLENN, a Google map showing all the tea parties across the country; Party Like It’s 1773!; Video Gallery: “Rightwing Extremist” Tea Parties …. (Various)


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~ THE CASE OF THE MISING SUNSPOTS and the Mysterious Market …. (therealbarackobama)

~ WHEN THAT VIDEO of “Obama bowing down to that ancient Arab who governs Saudi Arabia went viral, they simply said that the bow never happened. For the Democrats, that was that. Case closed. Can we just move along? But the video is right there and available to all. Why lie? Because they can” …. (scipio)

~ THIS IS ONN— The Obama News Network– CNN media bias exposed by slanted tea party coverage; CNN Reporter at Chicago Tea Party: It’s “Anti-CNN Since This is Highly Promoted by the Right-Wing, Conservative Network Fox”; The Most Busted Name In News: Susan Roesgen Brands CNN …. (Various)

~ THE ONE @ GEORGETOWN: The mystery of the missing sign; Georgetown Says It Covered Over Name of Jesus to Comply With White House Request; Georgetown’s Obama Cover-Up …. (Various)

~ NEW DoD ADVISOR? An LA Times columnist who casually dismisses the al-Qaeda threat …. (JiWa)

~ RACIST AL SHARPTON: Somali Pirates Really Just a ‘Volunteer Coast Guard’ …. (Wz)

~ NOW IS THE TIME At SDA When We Juxtapose! CNS: “Obama Admin Asked School to Cover Up Christian Symbols”… Pew Research: “No Decline in Belief That Obama is a Muslim” …. (sda)

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Drowning in Debt

~ PEACEFUL Tea Party demonstrators gear up for Obamazoid backlash …. (uppitywoman08)

~ THOMAS SOWELL— Call it a “stimulus” as often as you like. It doesnt mean that it actually stimulates our economy …. (nro)


~ CHRIS JOHNSON— “Not only was he a fascist, George W. Bush spent money like a drunken sailor. And here’s a picture of how much George W. Bush spent money like the drunken, nautical fascist that he was. MAN, I hate that guy!” …. (mcj)

~ SCIPIO: “The Song Of Obama” …. (thereturnofscipio)

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~ WOWEE! Team Obama Lightning Response Action Squad …. (

~ SPERO— “Within the first quarter of 2009, the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress have advanced a number of policies that will undermine family and religious freedom in America. Together they show a serious disregard for parental rights, human dignity, freedom of conscience, and civil society in American life” …. (speroforum)

~ TOM TANCREDO Attempts to Give Speech at UNC, Lefty Riots and Death Threats Ensue …. (Wz)

~ PUNDITA: Goodbye to THX 1138 and all that — Rethinking American society, Part 2 …. (therealbarackobama)

~ HONOUR KILLING, American-Style — What science and Roe v. Wade made possible has become virtually mandatory among our self-anointed elites …. (weeklystandard)

~ MAHMOUD AHMINAJIHAD tells der Spiegel: ‘Obama’s new policy is wrong’ …. (nationalpost)

~ NRTOC PONDERS— The Obama Administration Is Criminalizing Dissent? Intimidating Its Ideological Opponents? You Must Be Joking; Jonah Goldberg– “Not That Big a Deal?” …. (nrtoc)

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Obama and Democrats Gaffe-tastic Mash-up

~ IRAN-CUDDLING Obama May Drop Key Pre-Condition For Iran Talks …. (stoptheaclu)

~ YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: The Dash To Dumb – Special DHS Edition …. (justoneminute)

~ TAX HAUL PLUMMETS as Americans ‘Go Galt’, by Tom Blumer: “Why this year’s deficit will probably be even worse than predicted” …. (


~ THE INTEREST On Obama’s Debt Will Hit You & Your Kids …. (mypetjawa)

~ APPEASER (COLLABORATOR?) Obama signs waiver allowing PLO office in DC; requests $800M more for Palestine.. that’s be a promised $1.7 BILLION thusfar …. (creepingsharia)

~ POTUS’ MESSIANIC JARGON hits ‘rock’ bottom .. and Georgetown removes the Name of Jesus to accommodate The One …. (

~ OBAMA BLUEPRINT for silencing talk radio exposed: New book warns of ‘commissar committees’ to censor speech …. (worldnetdaily)

~ SUDAN’S JIHADI, genocidal president hails Obama’s overtures to the Islamic world …. (JiWa)

~ TALKING HEAD Stanley Fish– perhaps best known for promoting post modernism (although he says he is an anti foundationalist, and who cares anyway)–claims that doctors and nurses who don’t wish to take human life should just get over it …. (wesleyjsmith)

~ THE LOYAL OPPOSITION— An Entire Nation of Patriotic Americans Teabag The President …. (

~ SNOOPY DRAWERS — NYT – Officials Say U.S. Wiretaps Exceeded Law : DC — The National Security Agency intercepted private e-mail messages and phone calls of Americans in recent months on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits established by Congress last year, government officials said in recent interviews …. (

~ OBAMA IMPORTING JIHAD Through “Diversity” & “Religious” Visas …. (creepingsharia)

~ FLOTUS Michelle Obama is Beautiful? Update …. (

~ ANOTHER GREAT CHOICE— Obama’s HHS Secretary nominee can’t count …. (malkin)

Obama: Attacking Needy Students
Secretary of Education rescinds previously awarded D.C. vouchers

~ THE TREASURY SECRETARY, who oversees the IRS, didn’t pay all his taxes. Neither did five other top nominees for the Obama administration, or their spouses. Now, as Wednesday’s tax deadline looms, some Americans are wondering why they should comply with the arcane requirements of the Internal Revenue Service when top administration officials failed to do the same …. (nrtoc)

~ SUMTER“I guess disssent’s not the highest form of patriotism anymore. Oh well. Guess I’d better get out one of my Confederate flags and hang it in the window. Might as well give the Yankees something to aim at” …. (

~ NO ROOM AT THE VATICAN INN for Ambassador Caroline Kennedy …. (nationalpost)

~ ANDY MCCARTHY on the Obama Administration and free expression …. (nrtoc)

Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 – 2007

~ WHITE HOUSE ADVISOR immortalized socialist activist– Founded group named after leader with ties to Weathermen terrorists …. (worldnetdaily)

~ A CONSCIENCE CLAUSE Court Victory in Illinois …. (wesleyjsmith)

~ YUP, ONE HELL Of A Job With North Korea, President Neophyte …. (stoptheaclu)

~ ENEMIES OF THE STATE? Tea Party Smear Watch: The Race Card; Dumbest NPR Story Evah? …. (malkin, pw)


~ EVENTS OF THE PAST 2 WEEKS should have been a crash course for President Obama in the indispensability of American power …. (nro)

~ INDEEDEnjoy Subprime Lending! …. (neatorama)

~ NOTRE DAME ALUMNI LAUNCH NATIONAL CAMPAIGN TO WITHOLD DONATIONSAlumni Urge Trustees to Replace University President …. (

~ THE NYC Tax Day Tea Party …. (

~ OOPSIESObama’s Photo-Op With Troops in Iraq was Staged With Pre-Screened Pro-Dem Soldiers and Free Cameras …. (Wz)

~ TENSE STANDOFF ENDS: Obamas finally settle on a dog; “Look a puppy! This is more incredible than anything else happening domestically or internationally! We gotta get more reporters and mobile news centres down here pronto! This is big! Damn those right wingers with their unimportant distractions!” …. (malkin, neville)

~ CALENDAR UPDATEIndependence Day Cancelled: Updated …. (

~ THE ONION“Media Having Trouble Finding Right Angle On Obama’s Double-Homicide” …. (nrtoc)

~ COMRADE Obama the Pitchfork Operator: Remake of the Soviet Classic …. (thepeoplescube)


When JewBots Attack!

~ ISLAMIC BLASPHEMY LAW— “The UN’s human-rights body approved a proposal by Muslims nations Thursday urging passage of laws around the world to protect religion from criticism” …. (

~ NOTED TERROR-SUPPORTER George Galloway in U.S.; More on the Galloway saga: Terry Glavin: Bank Accounts Frozen, Summons Threatened: George Galloway Blows A Gasket …. (mypetjawa)

I Love Jihad!

~ ‘QAEDA-BUDDIESJihad Piracy Redux—The Somali Pirates Ain’t Captain Hook …. (

~ YOUR DAILY PIRATE: Plundering is what they do; Jihadist pirates try to hijack another U.S. ship, but fail …. (dustmybroom)

~ SCAMPAIGNERS: Sheema Khan, CAIR-CAN founder and occasional Globe and Mail columnist, continues her campaign to persuade gullible infidels that we have nothing to fear from sharia. In today’s piece, she says Canadians should take a page from the Saudis, who have developed a program to “re-educate” violent radicals …. (scaramouche)

~ DEFEND GEERT WILDERS This week’s Wilders Round-Up; Rampaging Muslim Mob Alert: Wilders Says He’s Making Sequel to Fitna …. (defendgeertwilders, Wz)

~ FUN WITH KILLING CHRISTIANS– Local officials may have been involved in Malatya murders …. (novascotiascott)

~ THAT HANDY-DANDY LANGUAGE BARRIER— “One of the realities that shelters Islam from Western scrutiny is the language barrier, because most Muslim nations do not communicate in English. The result is the ugly realities of the Islam remain hidden to a large degree and Islam’s Western apologists, the liberal class, are free to spout myths regarding Islam’s benign nature” …. (

~ THE “WE SUCK!” LEFT springs into action– The Left Blames America First for Piracy …. (ronradosh)

~ CLASSIC CELESTIAL JUNKWhy the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant …. (

~ LOVELY IRAN: Two Christian women imprisoned– Their crime? They “were active in church activities and distributing Bibles.” …. (JiWa)

~ SNEAKY SOMALI REFUGEES bamboozle the Dutch: The Netherlands is planning to get tough with Somali asylum seekers, a number of whom have been successfully scamming the Dutch for some time …. (scaramouche)

~ AN ARTICLE from The Religion of Peace site on double standards in the USA …. (vladtepesblog)

~ PROBE REVEALS: Iran paid off Egyptian officers. Bribed to turn blind eye to terrorist infiltration …. (rbo)

~ JUST BECAUSE! Muslim lawyer Choudary: It is an “obligation” to free fellow Muslims from infidel prisons …. (JiWa)

~ EGYPTIAN CHRISTIAN convert from Islam El Gohary speaks about convert’s treatment …. (

~ DIANA WESTSharia Creep in Harvard Yard; Cracking Islam …. (

~ TEH N00BAGESwedish Commissioner Baffled By Common Knowledge …. (mitchieville)

~ WOMAN STONED protesting sex-every-four-days law. ‘Death to the slaves of the Christians,’ yells rowdy crowd pelting rocks …. (therealbarackobama)

~ SAUDIS RELEASE CHRISTIAN BLOGGER after ten weeks in custody …. (novascotiascott)

~ DOES MOROCCO want to boss about Spanish Muslim community? …. (

~ ENGLISH anti-Semitism on the march …. (stoptheaclu)

~ ONE FIFTH OF HOMICIDES in Pakistan are honour killings; Woman facing deportation fears she will be killed …. (nscott)

~ NINE BRITISH MPs Meet With Hamas Chief in Syria, Brainstorm Ways to Kill More Joooos …. (Wz)

~ BARBARA KAY: Durban II’s Hypocrisy Rights Conference …. (nationalpost)

~ RETURN TO BULGARIAimposing Wahabbi Islam by force …. (

Contextualize THIS, bitches!

~ CONTEXTUALIZING pirates: “While the Huffington Post and a few others urge us to consider the pirates’ point of view (they’re “misunderstood”; they come from a “failed state,” poor saps), Andrew McCarthy dares to place them in the proper context” …. (scaramouche)

~ VIA CREEPING SHARIA“From the mouth of our cannon”: brief history of Bainbridge & Muslim piracy …. (creepingsharia)

~ BLOWING SMOKE“Arabic Islam is still a great unknown thing in a world where it’s seen through ignorance, mistrust and prejudices” …. (

~ BRUSSELLS JOURNAL “Of all the law-enabled crimes that the ruling elites of the West have perpetrated on their subject populations in the last 40 years, none has been as grave as the demented stuffing of 55 million imported Muslims into Western Europe, another 5 million into the white Anglosphere countries, plus unknown millions of illegals in both. This has shattered the common cultural, moral and religious social capital of the Euro peoples, dissolves bonds of community and civil society, and led to strife, violence, terrorism and anti-West genocidal plots by Muslims” …. (

~ JEWS PORTRAYED as Blood Drinkers in Antisemitic Drama Aired on Hamas TV …. (memri)

~ NO, REALLY: “Human rights and man’s dignity are an integral part of Islam and core components of Islamic culture and heritage” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ YOUSSEF MEGAHED, a 23-year-old former student at the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa, last week was acquitted of federal explosives and related charges in U.S. District Court in Tampa. Megahed’s freedom was short-lived, however …. (

The Busy Mr. Megahed

~ BRITS TO TEACH Islamists search engine optimization, media skills …. (creepingsharia)

~ AWWW! POOR LITTLE BUBBY! Harvard Islamic chaplain Taha Abdul-Basser ’96 has recently come under fire for controversial statements in which he allegedly endorsed death as a punishment for Islamic apostates …. (

~ ABY SAYYAF Behead Christian …. (mypetjawa)

~ PAKISTAN: Sikh Families Leave Orakzai After Taliban Demand Jizya Payment for Living in Islamic Lands …. (Wz)

~ SPEAKING OF DIMWITS in the service of a Dark Ages rape manual (and the modestly dressed women who love them), now is the time to trick out your old sewing machines on eBay. The Saudis are buying.* …. (ghostofaflea)

~ STOCKHOLM Syndrome Goes Paris: Violent Bus Ride – The Victim Speaks …. (brusselsjournal)

~ PERSECUTION Index 19: Afghanistan …. (gledhill)

~ THE SINGLE MOST commonly ignored aspect of the Somali pirates’ episode is the fact that the pirates are Islamic jihadists …. (JiWa)

~ LIBERAL ARAB WRITERS: Muslim Groups in Europe Are Exploiting Europeans’ Openness …. (

~ IRAN STOPS THREATENING to annihilate Israel long enough to complain to the UN about Israeli “threats”; Hamas and Fatah agree to two-state solution… for their control of Gaza and the West Bank …. (

~ ALGERIAN Author Anwar Malek: The Arabs Have Lost Their Worth, Humanity, and Culture …. (

~ SORRY, OSAMAFX’s ‘Rescue Me’ Pushes 9/11 as ‘Massive Neo-Conservative’ Conspiracy …. (newsbusters)

~ IT’S ALL ABOUT MEEEEE! “Dumb and dumber: Dumb is the chick from Quebec who followed her partner to Saudi Arabia and is now demanding that the Canadian government “rescue” her and her kids. Dumber is her mere, who says she’s going to “sue” the government if it doesn’t drop everything and “help” them come to Canada” …. (scaramouche)

~ BE AFRAID! — Dow Jones Islamic Market Index Shari’ah Supervisory Board. Backdoor to shari’a, and a scam, to boot …. (Dow)

Important video on the history of Islam in India

5 thoughts on “Steynian 346

  1. Father Binky:
    I finally found you again. I didn’t know where you were when the CaNN website seemed to end.
    This one looks great! Keep up the good work.
    We are in the midst of it – the Islamic Saudi Academy in northern Virginia battle — check out IRD’s website, my piece The Parable of the Python and the Chihuahua talks about the hearing in Fairfax County for the ISA to be permitted to expand, and those of us who testified against the expansion. Also video clip of their call to prayer before the hearing – chilling. In the Fairfax County Government Center. I think we should have a Christian prayer meeting in atrium like that, and see if we are allowed to continue. God bless, Faith

  2. Immediately following DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s OUTRAGEOUS declaration that Military Servicemen and many other patriotic Americans are considered to be “rightwing extremists” by the DHS, I started a petition which seeks to demand her immediate removal/firing from office. Since that time, demands have grown nationwide. The treasonous official DHS report ” Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment ” was first made public by Roger Hedgecock on – . In response, Roger immediately established an organized effort to have napolitano fired

    My petition is now posted (as a link) on Roger Hedgecocks website . The petition can also be accessed here > I strongly urge you to sign this petition and also contact all of your Representatives to DEMAND the immediate firing of traitor napolitano! Thanks in advance for your support.

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