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FUREDI: “Recent events show that, while society has the scientific know-how to cope with outbreaks of flu, it still sees disease as a harbinger of apocalypse

~ ITEM: Protect me from the news I cannot handle! “Via Glenn Reynolds, Ryan Sager contrasts the New York Times’ “responsible” non-reporting of the Swine Flu epidemic with Drudge’s “sensationalist” approach. Sager wonders which one was actually doing the most social good, and makes a good case for panic”

~ ITEM: 5 Deadliest Pandemics in History

~ ITEM: Sanctified by suffering: Poles’ openness about pain reveals Americans’ socially enforced numbness


~ YOU ARE MORTAL. There, I’ve said it. On a certain day you were conceived, another emerged wailing into the world, and on another certain day you shall shuffle off this mortal coil. In many parts of the world now, and often in history, plague and pestilence carried away whole swaths of people.

Back in ye olde dayes, 1/3 of Europe and 1/2 of England fell to ‘King Death’ via the Black Death, which struck twice in the 1300s. I once had a brass rubbing from an English church recording a family tragedy– a wealthy man, wife, and four children all stricken in 1365. “Here lies Rob’t Leith and Anne his wyfe”.

So swine flu– at the moment– is one more.. but with a difference. In the 20th century we had it all managed, eventually: TB, Polio, Pneumonia and other infections.. the future promised health and freedom from things like the great Influenza of 1918-19. I remember reading church registers of that period: several funerals a week for months in a small town– multiplied into the millions all across the world. Today, malaria carries away millions a year, along with the usual human range of sicknesses in the 3rd world.

Apocalypse Flu

So when a possible modern-style pandemic comes to view, several things come to mind: death comes to all of us.. plague is an ancient human reality.. what can I do to help? to protect my family & friends?.. is this a political ploy, another leftist ‘crisis’ by which to control and distract people?.. this is the reality of much of the world, which we ignore, but which is coming closer to us with drug-resistant strains of the old enemies, and international travel breaking down all barriers… how shall we pray with this old misery reminding us of the entirely predictable mortality we like to attribute to others, and to a fuzzy far-distant future.

Back in the day, the commonplace of art and contemplation was ‘Memento Mori‘– “Be mindful of death”. Christian faith views death with infinite seriousness, and yet with a lightness, and joy, for by
his death and resurrection, Christ has trampled down death, and bestowed life on those in the graves– and on the last day, to all.

Is this merely grisly and morbid? The relic of more uncertain times? To a society of wealth, comfort, longer lives, pampered with every good thing, death comes as a thief, an interruption of the earthly party. The spectre of plague brings the panic of the rude fact of death.. OUR death. To that we add pain and suffering.. something else we’d rather ignore.

Utopia cannot answer this finality, so we ignore it. Or, since it is of no account given the ultimate goals of heaven on earth, those who are lost or trampled in the struggle for the promised paradise are of no account.

Memento mori
teaches us hard-won human and spiritual wisdom: it teaches perspective. We have a certain time, long or short, by which to redee the days, show forth our thankfulness for life with living well, and leaving the world and people around us and our country and community better for our having been– whether the world knows and sees it, or not. For many people of faith, This also has to do with the belief that we have “one life to live, and then comes the judgement.”

Even plague or the threat thereof may bring unexpected gifts. At any moment you, we, the world and the universe may end. But there is more to come…. ~

Can’t Handle The Truth

~ ITEM: AP report knowingly built on pure deception?


~ ITEM: President Penisbreast and the Liberal Media Big Mouths

~ AH, THE GOLDEN PRE-INTERWEB era, when the New York TImes and the Big-3 Networks imparted truth unto the masses, and all was well. The American and internationalist Left have wished the new media away or under stern control, so as to ‘stay on message’– the one-sided message of marxist fascism uber alles, along with more traditional messages of control and uniformity… all in the grandfatherly and authoritative baritone of The Cronkite and his clones and successors.

So a “Fairness Doctrine” we hear of– let’s mandate unfairness, and shut up dissent. “Internet control” because it’s all too unpredictable and uncontrollable. The reasonable and informed new media– one thinks of Instapundit, Pajamas media, and hundreds of serious and unscreedy websites– is slowly and painfully replacing the 19th century institution of newspapers, and the 20th century institution of TV-news. That decline in old media is not simply a technological question: aside from the true-believing revolutionaries, who only want comfortable and familiar ideas to tickle their delicate ears, most people want news, thoughts, and all to help them make up their minds on the great events of the day.

Say Obama lies, or screws up, or gets caught out. The propaganda office wants due time to shape news & reaction, to encourage positive outcomes in perception of the President and his policies and person. What could possibly be wrong or go wrong with that?

Propaganda doesn’t sell when there are other sources of more reputable news: the progressive answer? Get rid of the alternatives, hurrah for propaganda. ~


~ ITEM: Tarek Fatah: Turning a blind eye to Muslim-on-Muslim murder

~ ITEM: Fraser Institute: Canadian families paying more in taxes than they do for food, clothing, and shelter combined

~ ITEM: Pierre Poilievre: Canada vindicated at Durban II

~ AN EXPERIMENT: Move to Saudi. Start a militant and hyper-evangelistic church. Store weapons therein. Demand the law change to accomodate you; separate pool and prayer facilities; Christian law superseding all; infiltrate government and get the media on your side. Attack Saudi critics of your agenda. Good luck.

But that’s where we are in parts of Muslim Canada: and our own ‘tolerant’ policies are undermining moderate forces in those communities by giving money and official recognition to the more radical groups and individuals calling themselves ‘representative’ Muslims.” We’re betraying ourselves, and the truly moderate parts of our Muslim community. Imagine if the government considered and funded white supremacists as ‘representative’ of all white people– though they are a small minority– thereby encouraging the growth of such groups, and the silencing of everybody else.

Of course new immigrants have a hard time assimilating in the first generation– that’s the story of most of our own ancestors who came here over 400+ years, from wherever and whenever they came. But as each truly assimilate, and understand that Canada and responsible government come first over creed and culture, that Canadianness is a good thing and worth joining and living and passing on, then we have a society. Damnable hyphenation has had the entirely predictable consequence of dividing, ghettoizing, watering down the whole for the alleged good of the few. It’s an experiment already collapsing under the weight of self-contradiction, but since there’s a bureaucracy on the one side and an anti-Canadian marxism on the other both working towards a weakened Canada, the true revolution will still have to come from below.

I am Canadian. Not Scoto-Anglo-Irish-Dutch-Portuguese-Moldovan and whatever else might be added to the mongel mix that is Binkness. Canada. Of Vimy and the Liberation of Holland; of the Trans-Canada Railway and the triumph at the Niagara Peninsula; of Champlain and Fraser and MacDonald and Laurier and all of them. Of restrained by real national pride, punching above our weight, kick-ass military prowess, inventiveness, basic courage and kindness and welcome to all.

The poor and shiny substitutes of enforced tolerance, free medicare, smug anti-Americanism, and quiet obedience to our ruling and media classes? Not so much. That’s not and never can be Canadian– that’s rank Trudeaupianim, imposed on us by that arrogant fornicating Marxist-loving adulterous smarter-than-thou rebel Pierre, seeking to force an entire people under his utopian will and vision. The HRCs? CRTC? Higher taxes? Bigger bureaucracy? Nationalization? Trudeaupia.

Just imagine if HM Pierre had been ruling over us right now, in the time of Durban II– we’d have seen no essentially moral and determined leadership in the face of the UN & OIC attempted Jihad-by-stages. Forked-tongued old Pete would have cooperated with the bad guys, then come home and sold it as a victory, and reminded us how amazing he was for accomplishing it. Utopian Pierre, with his lies and cruelty and sympathy for dictators and master-plans.

We have to remember that when Thomas More wrote ‘Utopia’ it was a kind of political joke, and that in the Greek, u-topia literally means ‘no-where’– as in ‘never was or can be, or should be’. I choose Canada over some imaginary and impossible nowhere, just as English patriot Thomas More served, suffered and died for his faith, conscience, and vision of a better England than that imposed by Tudor bureaucracy, lies, and bullying upon that powerful Catholic Kingdom, by that violent porcine prince Henry VII.

Standing on Guard for thee, O Canada, I remain,


~ A SAINT PONDERS EQUALITARIANISM— “When he sees the luxurious residence or the charming country house of a wealthy person, a poor workingman often asks himself: ‘Why is there such inequality in the world?'” …. (

~ REMEMBERING A REAL ANGLICAN: Fr. Peter Toon, 1939 – 2009. Rest eternal grant unto him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him …. (

~ MAY THE FORCE BE WITH HER, or something– Bea Arthur, the star of the legendary Star Wars Holiday Special, has passed away at the age of 86 …. (eddriscoll)

Mark Steyn


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~ THIS IS NOT A HATE-CRIME, THOUGH: “Gay Politician Threatens To Murder Miss California“. If she’d threatened him, it would be a hate-crime …. (dailymail)

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~ FUREDI: “Recent events show that, while society has the scientific know-how to cope with outbreaks of flu, it still sees disease as a harbinger of apocalypse”; “How quickly can Swine Flu make you sick? About 90 minutes of CNN should do it“, Gerard Vanderluen adds; WHO got it wrong on other outbreaks …. (furedi, ED, CFP)

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~ IRONY MEANS THAT that violent gang scum are afforded more protection from false impersonations than private citizens posting on web-forums …. (walker)

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~ THINK OF THE MUSLIMS! The outbreak of swine flu should be renamed “Mexican” influenza in deference to Muslim and Jewish sensitivities over pork, said an Israeli health official Monday; Nation of Islam Forbids its Members From Contracting the Swine Flu… Apparently Unaware how a Virus Works; Three of four students with swine flu have recovered …. (DT,WZ, NS)

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~ SWINISH FLU LINKS— Protect me from the news I cannot handle! “Via Glenn Reynolds, Ryan Sager contrasts the New York Times’ “responsible” non-reporting of the Swine Flu epidemic with Drudge’s “sensationalist” approach. Sager wonders which one was actually doing the most social good, and makes a good case for panic” …. (classicalvalues)

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Important video on Freedom of speech
and Belgium’s Vlaams Belang party

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~ IDIOT Obama Official Stages Photo-Op, Scares the Bejebus Out of Lower Manhattan. Jumbo Jet, F-16 Buzz Lady Liberty, Put New York on Edge; Turning and Turning in a Widening Gyre; Snafu in the Skies Over New York City. Seriously, people.. has nobody in the White House every heard of PhotoShop? 9/11? …. (Various)


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~ SCIPIO: “His life has been fully marinated in the world view of those who hate capitalism, call the US the source of much of the world’s evil, believe the Jews to be the main problem of the Middle East, see themselves as most qualified to govern “the people”, equate opposition with heresy and despise traditional religions and values. They are absolute and total creatures of government and could not survive outside of it. Indeed, this is the reason why all of their proposals involve government. The greater the size of government, the more power they have. The fact that liberty is reduced for the citizenry is irrelevant, since the ruing classes will always have the freedom to do what they wish” …. (thereturnofscipio)

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Free Speech Summit: Lord Pearson on Geert Wilders, Shariah and Suprmacism

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~ HATEFUL HOOK-HANDED cleric Abu Hamza is cheating his way through a prison “hunger strike” by gorging on crisps …. (vladtepesblog)

~ ISRAEL To ‘Palestine’: Recognize Jewish Israel Or No Deal …. (

~ SCARAMOUCHE— Using the Holocaust for leftist purposes: Something about this—a brief report in the current issue of Canadian Jewish Congress newsletter AMCHA—doesn’t sit right with me: ‘Windsor Jewish Federation’s Student Social Justice Forum a Smashing Success’ …. (scaramouche)

~ THE IVP REPORTS— Fact-checking the Mosque Infiltration Kerfuffle …. (ivp)

~ MUSLIMS ENRAGED (WHAT ELSE?) over FBI’s cutting ties with CAIR; Hamas-linked CAIR demands that Florida House Majority Leader to step down for co-hosting an event featuring Geert Wilders …. (JiWa)

~ SWATISTAN? The Taliban are pushing past the districts of Swat and Buner and are threatening Islamabad, a senior Islamist member of parliament said at a briefing… The Taliban are sixty miles from Islamabad and all those wonderful nuke silos; and Farrukh Rehan: Denial-istan …. (, natpost)


~ MAHMOUD Ahmadinejad’s Jew-hatred is common throughout the Islamic world; Yemen: “There is hardly a mosque sermon that’s free of bigotry. The government’s own political rhetoric marginalizes the Jews” …. (JiWa)

~ FIGHT CAIR’S Islamic supremacism. CAIR is attempting to intimidate and silence Representative Adam Hasner …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ O, LITTLE TOWN— “Palestinians” Attack Christian Mayor Of Bethlehem With Gunfire, Molotov Cocktails …. (


~ THE OIC DEMANDS Removal of Online Game Depicting “Prophet” Mohammed Fighting Other Religious Figures…(Update) Website Submits, Game Taken Offline …. (Wz)

~ HEADS-UP: Almost beheaded by fellow jihadi, Seattle Muslim turns into a rat …. (creepingsharia)

~ THE BURKHA OF IRONY— Glasgow shop robbed by men wearing Muslim veils.. “The owner has so far been saved from the accusation of racism by virtue of being Asian himself” …. (novascotiascott, blogs.telegraph)

~ BRIT LABOUR Councillor Mahmood Hussain: ‘my Muslim members don’t want you because you are Jewish’ …. (

~ EGYPTIAN PREZ Hosni Mubarak accused of Taquiah …. (novascotiascott)

~ BLACKBEARD, 2009— Captured Somali pirate given Quran, special Islamic diet in NY prison.. tucked in a t night with story-time, cuddles, tickle-fight …. (creepingsharia)

~ THE WHOLE BALL o’ wax: Ever read Wahhabi website Islam Online’s description on Google? I hadn’t either until just now and, it’s kind of, well, freaky …. (scaramouche)

~ GREAT GEERT— This Week’s Wilders Round-Up …. (defendgeertwilders)

~ THE NUMBER OF RAPES committed by Muslim immigrants in Western nations are so extremely high that it is difficult to view them only as random acts of individuals. It resembles warfare. Muhammad himself had forced sex (rape) with several of his slave girls/concubines. This is perfectly allowed, both in the sunna and in the Koran …. (vladtepesblog)

~ DOWN THE SLIPPERY SLOPE— EU judges want Sharia law applied in British courts …. (

~ NC SENATOR Blurs Role as U.S. Senator & Islamist Leader as CAIR Heads to Iran …. (creepingsharia)

~ GEERT WILDERS at the Florida Free Speech Summit …. (ifp)

~ IF THE TAMILS Were Irish, Would We Be Slow To Help? …. (

What You Going To Do About It

~ GATES OF Vienna: Lies, Damned Lies, and LGF; Charles Johnson’s libels answered, Tuesday edition …. (ifp, JiWa)

~ WHAT WE’RE FIGHTING FOR— In Vancouver Review: Taqunya In Kabul – The People, Coming From The Shadows …. (

~ THE FEARLESS Kurt Westergaard: The BBC Interview …. (ifp)

~ COLONEL NEVILLE— Islamisation is here now. Clinton and the MSM massively lied about Kosovo while delivering it to global jihadist mujahedeen and narco-state gangsters …. (

~ CAIR demands reprimand of radio hosts who told the truth …. (ifp)

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