Steynian 358


– ITEM- Newsweek Editor: Iran Wants Nukes… But Only for Civilian Uses

– WISHFUL THINKING, combined with lies. Iran has itself said it’s making nuke material, to make bombs. Making mere power-plants would involve– say– thorium-based reactor technology, which does not lend itself easily to those handy-dandy byproducts needed for weapons-grade stuff. Of course, in the past, Iran blithely asserted their main heavy water production plant was making– wait for it– healthy bottled water for all those thirsty Iranians. Any lie in a storm to anything-but-reality Western media and politicians. ~

I am not Gamil Rodrigue Gharbi

~ TALES THAT STILL WAIT TO BE TOLD? To be fair, I’ve only seen a trailer of the Montreal Massacre movie ‘Polytechnique‘– but just in seeing the face of the bad guy, ‘Marc Lepine’, my ‘politically correct fairy-tales’ hackles went up. The actor has no beard.. looks like a skinny Edward Norton white guy.. not half-Algerian. More white-males are evil schtick?

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Kathy Shaidle Shirts

Pre-Dead Minions:

Two new shirts today.. mo’ blogging tomorrow.

Shirt #1Shirt #2.

Somebody at said of herself that “Kathy Shaidle is not a particularly nice person.” Amen: she’s the queen of insensitivity training, the Canucki bloggess of political incorrectness.

If you want different colours or shirt-types, you can use the Zazzle-tools to customize to your liking. I know the price is a few bucks more than CafePress, but unless you buy their big membership thing, you’re limited in what you can post.

Funds from this one go to support Kathy’s legal expenses.


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Steynian 357


– ITEM– America’s Richest Givers Hold Secret Meeting— Oprah, Gates, Buffett Gather in NY to Compare Notes About Charity, Economy; pictures.. “Other invitees included Eli and Edythe Broad, whose current fortune is estimated at $5.2B by Forbes Magazine; John Morgridge, former CEO of Cisco and his wife Tashia; Peter Peterson, senior chairman of the Blackstone Group; Julian Robertson, founder of Tiger Management Corp.; and Patty Stonesifer, former CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

~ BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN the essential bentness of human nature (and have read my history) I have no problem with the idea that various people have used conspiracies– good, bad, and indifferent) to rule various aspects of their worlds, times, and interests. That’s how criminals roll; and traitors; some prospective rulers; spies; 5th columnists; various Roman rulers; Byzantine Emperors.. heck, lots of folks since ever. Julius Caesar was a very old hand at conspiracy, as was his adopted son Octavian (later Augustus Caesar).


As far as the past century, no doubt the centres of power– corporations, internationalists, various stripes of Utopians and suchlike, have conspired. As far as existence of the TriLateral Commission, Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, and whomever else, why not? Much of history is the cleaned up version we’re given to believe.

OK, but how’s about a big meeting of really serious big folks out in the open?

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Odds and Ends

Error Message

Dear Minions:

(1) Apologies for yesterday’s mis-speleld and misformatted posting. Part WordPress, part my own errors. Fixed now, to the best of my abilities. Dyslexia runs in the family; tired ill-spelling runs in the blogging.

(2) In writing about Xena, I forgot to mention the many & varied beauties of New Zealand.. sky, water, land, mountains, and all (seen to even greater advantage in Lord Of The Rings).


P.S. Click on the error message to make your own.

Steynian 356

‘Bama Baby


~ FIRST-TIMER-ITIS— When a shiny new divinity student gets into a parish on their own, look out. Even if they have sensible views (not at all likely, given the soft-Marxist tilt of many training schools for clergy), it’s the good intentions and impatience that trips them up. I’ve been there myself, and subjected poor parishioners to my amazing wisdom and shiny learning and novel ideas for improving their backwards ways. Oh dear.

When you look at a leader like Winston Churchill, he’d been leading and doing real things and handling very serious responsibilities for years. Of course he made mistakes of various sorts, but not from inexperience, or n00b-itis. He’d been military, Head of the navy, politician, and so much more in th years before he became Prime Minister of Great Britain and her remaining Empire. A very, very full CV indeed– and he came from a long line of famous and impressive people.

That’s usually why we don’t elect people with little experience or real-world accomplishment, testing, and proof of skill and character. Sometimes there are genuine surprises– but even with a youngster like Alexander of Macedon, he had rough Macedonian war and politics as his playground, war as his college, Aristotle for a teacher, and his mighty father, General and King Phillip, conqueror of Greece. Or again, Jack Kennedy was only young-ish, with wartime experience, and a strong political family and experience behind him.

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Prayer Alert

~ A PRAYER REQUEST— Binks-Dad has a serious but treatable disease. All prayers for his docs, family, and treatment greatly appreciated.

Those who appreciate the quirky conservative goodness of Teh Binks owe much to Binks-Dad, and his smart, conservative, questing mind. Binks The Elder figured out where Trudeaupia & political correctness was headed long ago, and got this son of his figuring out real and sensible critiques and alternatives thereto– and that’s 25 years past and more. ~


Steynian 355


– ITEM: When Government Replaces God and Family.

~ THE VIRTUE OF distilled and eternal wisdom is that it can save us from endlessly repeating the same mistakes; from thinking we’re just the bestest thing ever; from that pride and limitation of vision which is a particular human failing.

So as we watch Count Iggy in Canada, or Emperor Obama in his USSR, it almost seems to strike some people as shocing that leaders are prone to teh stupid, teh arrogant, and general opportunism and badness. Watchers of Greek drama would know better; those who knew the history behind Roman law-codes would understand; and the Bible is quite plain:

Put not your trust in princes, nor in any child of men.” [ Psalm 146:3 ]

All-powerful all-giving government is a 20th century innovation and hope. It was part of the whole utopia-thing, to remove people from poverty and sickness. Communism, Fascism, democratic Capitalism are all attempts to use government as a means to the greater end– and in many ways, it has succeeded. The sick and poor in any third-world country would willingly trade places with those of Toronto or New York: our poor are often pretty well off, materially speaking.

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