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The Lights Are Going Out All Over The Western World


~ ITEM: Guess how DHS defines who is a terrorist now? 2nd ‘domestic extremism’ report includes ‘alternative media,’ ‘tax resisters’ in lexicon

~ ITEM: US Hate Crimes bill criminalizes bloggers up to two years.

~ HEY KIDS! ARE you on the ever-growing Obama Enemies List? Check your eligibility now!

New categories are being added daily, so don’t miss out! White conservatives; black conservatives; hispanic conservatives; Rush Limbaugh; the Bush Administration; Bible & gun-clingers; ice-storm victims; Republican voters; Palinites; corporate fat-cats; non-liberal Jews & Israelis; traditional Christians & uppity Papists; Israel; anti-jihadists; non-liberal bloggers; disobedient teleprompters; anti-Communists; uncooperative reporters; critics and nay-sayers and all other classes of anti-Obama malcontents, rabble-rousers, disturbers of the new peace, and all other non-enthusiastic supporters of the Most Glorious Leader otherwise not heretofore covered in the aforementioned list.

Report to the authorities and turn yourself in now, and beat the rush! ~

Gyapong, Steyn, & Shaidle

~ ALL THE BAD KIDS WERE THERE— An evil cabal of Islamophobes, bigots, Jews, bloggers, papists, MPs, and other dodgy and hatefilled riff-raff had a gathering the other day in Ottawa. Deborah Gyapong was one of the rabble, and many pictures were taken. ~

~ ALL FALSE MODESTY and modest falseness aside, I’m a middling op/ed writer– more of a preacher and teacher, really. That’s why reading the world of pro word-smiths like Ezra or Mark or Pundita or Deborah Gyapong is such a treat.

Deborah’s latest piece on the direct relationship between ‘The Rules For Radicals’ of communist Saul Alinksy and the Obama programme is A Must Read. She tackles conservative tippy-toer David Frum and the results are glorious.

Two points she makes are worth repeating: that conservatives need to keep calm reasonableness and good humour in these battles; and that we need to stop worry about being liked: utopians use any means necessary to blacken the names of their opposition– it’s just what they do. ~


Donkey Thoughts

~ ITEM: Dennis Prager: Why “Transform” America?

~ WHILE OBAMA is doing the political dance of seven veils and adding categories of people to his unAmerican enemies list, the world is teetering towards a variety of serious crises, even war.

Since Obama’s main skill-set is the domestic subversion thing, his foreign policy is not so much a policy as a patchwork of Bush, bowing, and trying to deal with things none of his previous activism has prepared him for– it wasn’t in the Alinsky, after all.

That’s the danger: the offshore ‘experience’ is supposed to be Biden and Clinton: but neither have real chops or expertise in those fields, despite their undeserved self-confidence. The foreign enemies of the West are not stupid: indeed, since much of their power is indirect, they must needs be politically clever, attentive, and always adapting to the ever-changing circumstances. If Obama and his cadres are following a limited playbook, and imagine they’ll bluff the rest with the usual policy of charm, apologies, and quiet criminality– they are sadly mistaken.

The more I see of command & control economies, the intended ‘management’ of free speech, ideas, and uppity creativity, the more I am purely convinced that progressive utopians are the most entire naifs and impractical nitwits ever to be seen. They speak and act as if ‘stuff just happens’, and again as if no matter how much wrecking and tinkering they do, it will all somehow magically continue as it was before, only more better.

Such nitwittery demonstrates no more sense than a donkey, let alone a farmer, who knows that much planning, honest work, good weather, and all the practical arts of manure and seeding are all required for a harvest. It doesn’t just ‘happen’. Somebody else does not look after it. You can’t simply presume to spend the built up political and economic capital of a civilization like a drunken Vegas lost weekend. It’s not possible.

I just keep hoping that at any minute Obama will break out in a sincere smile and say “Just kidding! Fooled ya!” over the past 100 daze and the future 1000+ might show some normalcy.

On the other hand, God bless Obama: for he has thrown back the curtains and shown the true intent of the revolters, and the true scope of their imagined kingdom of fools and slaves. ~

~ BINKY ON EZRA’S BOOK— It’s really, really good bit of journalism– in a scary way. And he mentions this blog. Go buy it, read it, and most importantly, buy copies for your elected officials. For decent book reviews by better writers, see below, and on past postings, though Lord Black’s is one of the best. Enough is enough: Fire Them All. This is Canada, fer Chrissakes. ~

“People were routinely convicted without facts or demonstration of intent. There was no need for harm or damage, only the notional possibility of future harm: in terms of cash penalties, a de facto criminalization of unstated, imputed thoughts that could be acted upon by a biased interrogator, unchecked by any balanced fact-finding process. It is enough that a randomly selected commissioner perceive a “likelihood” that something undesirable might have happened, arriving at that conclusion by abusing untrammeled powers in the name of nonexistent rights that can only be exercised at the expense of real rights that generations of brave people fought for in Canadian courts and Canadian uniforms, on foreign battlefields, and in contested skies and oceans.”

~ Conrad Black, New Criterion ~

Whores R Us?

~ ITEM: Civil libertarians call for sex worker rights. Is it time to legalize prostitution?

~ REINVENTING TEH STUPID— You know, because, the Netherlands hasn’t been doing such stupid for years, with sad, disease-ridden, and predicatable results. We don’t WANT our daughters to grow up to be whores, nor our sons to be either whoremongers or renters of human flesh. It may be the oldest profession, but we don’t need to continue the devolution of government into the mafia– who already control the guns, booze, smokes, and gambling– by turning our provincial or national capital into pimp-central.

The lapsing into ‘consensual contract’ language doesn’t make anything right: the good or evil of an act is not determined by whether the participants were agreeable. ~

Jackal Down?

~ ITEM:KINSELLA UNDER THE KNIFE? Jackal Gone to Ground in the Winners Circle.

~ ONE OF THE WORST aspects of modern utopianism is how it dehumanizes all opponents as embodiments of various froms of ultimate evil. I’m not me, I’m a variously slandered unthinking ‘-phobe’. I often saw it in the church: you were literally unpersoned for holding the unofficial views– even if that meant, ironically enough, that you were on the side of classical Christianity and God and Jesus and that stuff there– yet now, less than human or even Christian, you were reduced to an unpleasant distortion of accepted reality to be politely avoided.

Despite my rhetorical excesses, I am always called to remember there’s a person there: a child of God, a human, a self like me. Waaaaay down on the list of important realities comes a person’s political or so-called ‘life-style’ choices. Despite the modern penchant for ideological self-definition– and the insistence that others share in our militant self-definition, or be labelled enemies– the divine and essential human categories come first. Even for those who would hate or kill me for opposing their various jihads or utopianisms, they are as I am, and they, as I. Child of God, human, self. It’s one of the reasons why authentic Christianity is so much bigger than the sterner streams of Islam, or political correctness.

That’s a long way around of saying that I hope Warren Kinsella indeed uses his brush with mortality that sickness and medical aid bring near to ask himself the basic questions. Not “I’ve buttered my bread, now I have to lie in it”, but “Have I pursued the good, the true, and the holy?” Or “If this were my last day, would I consider I’d left the world a better place for having passed through it?”

Or “Have I shown love to my enemies? Turned the other cheek?” and, of course as a Christian: “Am I ready to see God face to face, with my past life– all of it– to account for?” At very least, even for the secularly-minded, we cannot avoid the old wisdom of Socrates that “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Sickness and suffering and the loss of what we are pleased to call our “usual good health” when we have it– this is the time to reflect, to recollect, to reassess, to rest a while from battle.

Since the release of ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘, the Binklings and I rewatched our DVDs of the X-men series. One of the saddest moments in all of it is at the end of X-3: The Last Stand, when the arch-villain Magneto [Sir Ian McKellen] is finally deprived of his powers, and of the capacity to continue his horrible plan, all at once the desolation breaks in upon him: “What have I done?” Indeed.

Whether our scope and powers are large or small, none of us can take for granted that all we do is good, or that all our good intentions and sincerity cover a multitude of sins. In my estimation– as one sinner dealing with another– I’d hazard a guess that Mr. Kinsella is not exactly where he should be in his pilgrimage, nor using his considerable powers for good. I for one do not name him as outside the bond of humanity for his often objectionable views and deeds, and hope and pray for him, that good things may come from this interlude. ~


: Fun With Terror-Havens. ~

Geert & Robert
Geert & Robert

~ TEH BINKS is only a friendly aquaintance of Robert Spencer, but I’ve been linking to his work and websites– and reading his fine books– for years. He’s not funded by Saudi loot; the Obama administration, or anything like. Please donate, buy the books, and pass the word about this modern-day crusader against the relentless waves of Jihad as they sweep over the world again.

Economic times may be uncertain, but Robert Spencer and his crew a a sure bet for the best bang for your hard-squeezed buck. ~

If you support Jihad Watch, please Support Jihad Watch!

Mark Steyn

~ WARNS STEYN: Israel Today, the West Tomorrow… “A European Holocaust Memorial Day on which Jews are stoned sounds like a parody of the old joke that the Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz” …. (commentarymagazine)

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~ STEYN ON SEEGER: Grizzled Leftie Icon Repudiates …Stalin: “..just 54 years after the old brute’s death, a mere three-quarters of a century after the purges and show trials and whatnot, the old protest singer had finally got around to protesting Stalin, albeit somewhat evasively”; it might be instructive to look at the leftie folkie’s modus operandi more particularly, by telling the convoluted tale of a very big hit song that enriched Pete Seeger while leaving the guy who wrote it to die in poverty …. (steynonline)

~ STEYN— “The remorseless, incremental annexation of “individual existence” by technologically all-pervasive micro-regulation is a profound threat to free peoples. But do we have the will to resist it?” …. (steynonline)

~ MO’ STEYN.. “The “writing on the wall” is not the run on the bank feared by Swift’s banker but something worse: the annexation of the private sector by an all-controlling statism” …. (steynonline)

~ A BOOK REVIEW— “Which brings me in a somewhat roundabout way to Mark Steyn’s new book, Lights Out: Islam, free speech and the twilight of the West. Among other things, the book includes some of the Maclean’s articles that prompted Mohamed Elmasry, then-head of the Islamic Canadian Congress, to test how well Canada’s censorship provisions dovetailed with sharia law” …. (scaramouche)

~ MARK STEYN: “Mark Steyn, the British conservative who seems to play at thinking rather than going through the actual work of thought, is all upset about the deteriorating situation in Pakistan. Well, yeah. Pakistan, neglected for eight years by a mortally hoodwinked Bush Administration, is a mess” …. (

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“At bottom, modern environmentalism has discarded scientific rigor to embrace something not much different than Leninism, the desire to control the major components of the way individuals live. From there it is a short step for environmentalism to Leninism’s successor: Stalinism, the desire to control every aspect of the way we live. That’s our future, minus the gulags. We hope..”

~ Donald Sensing ~

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Want to contact me or buy a signed copy of my book?; Chilling news from the United States; Ezra Levant’s friends and fellow bloggers; Mark Steyn: “Ezra Levant: the next Governor General”; Dykstra: “Strong opinions are not dead in Canada”; HRCs “hijacked by extremists”; Ez: “I may have to file a hate speech complaint against myself”; John Pacheco on why you must get involved; Awesome! Chuck Colson praises Mary DeMuth’s latest novel!; Change you can bereave in; More on Lights Out, Mark Steyn’s latest book; David Frum on the Obama temperament; Dr. Sanity on the capitalism and the free marketplace of ideas; Uh oh! Another good reason not to vote Liberal; Dr. Edith Humphrey and Pastor Doug Ward …. (

100 Daze

~ FIRST FREEDOMS— Pope: “Non-Negotiable Human Rights” include “Right to Life and Right to Freedom of Conscience and Religion” …. (LSN)

~ US HATE CRIMES BILL bill criminalizes bloggers up to two years; Hans Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute says that this bill would allow the state to send bloggers who “harass” public figures to jail for up to two years. Eugene Volokh of the Volokh Conspiracy says that it is unconstitutional …. (Various)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “Freak out over “racism”: A brawl between a schoolyard bully and a Korean kid who stood up to him (and smashed him square in the schnoz) that should have been no big deal turned into a really big deal because, after all, this is squishy, mega-sensitive multiculti Canada. “Human rights” buddinksky Babs Hall was particularly delighted to weigh in on the altercation” …. (scaramouche)

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~ CANADIAN LIBERAL “Party conventioneers approved an otherwise reasonable motion that would make the Canadian Human Rights Commission accountable to the House of Commons, but would grant the CHRC the power to clamp down on discrimination based on socio-economic class. Should I burn all my Billy Bragg albums now, or can I at least wait until Mike moves into Sussex Drive?”; Liberals approve motion to increase Canadian Human Rights Commission Abuse of Power …. (

~ SPANKING MACLEAN’S: Barbara Kay’s examination-evisceration today of Maclean’s recent cover story on intolerance …. (shotgun)

~ BE AFRAID— “Former Osgoode Hall law professor and Supreme Court justice, Madame Louise Arbour, recently completed a four-year term as the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights.” …. (lawiscool)

~ A QUESTION— Tolerable hate: A National Post reader poses an intriguing question; and “Judenhass on the Ceeb: As a “service”–and only as a service, mind you, and not because of any animus it might harbour toward Israel– Ceeb radio is broadcasting all 10 splendiferously splenetic minutes of Caryl Churchill’s toxic piece of anti-Zionist propoganda, Seven Jewish Children” …. (scaramouche)

~ OUR MULTICULTI PARADISE? Ruby Dhalla & Family May Have Kept Slaves …. (mitchieville)

~ NEW BLOG POST: 17 Tips for Promoting Your Blog Without Being …. (RG)

~ KINSELLA UNDER THE KNIFE? Jackal Gone to Ground in the Winners Circle …. (jaycurrie)

~ STEM-CELL REALITY-CHECK: Don’t take the following as a criticism of Michael J. Fox … take it as the death moment for another liberal/progressive issue. This moment, judging by Oprah’s reaction, comes as a shock to her and Michael and the audience …. (

~ A DISPATCH in the free-speech wars– “Middle East web writers ‘harassed.'” …. (

~ ANOTHER VERY GOOD REASON never to send your children to York University …. (

~ TAKING THE LONGER VIEW: “I am supported in my current melancholy over the world’s state by remembering my theological assumptions regarding the Fall, the fact of the cosmic struggle in which we are engaged against the powers of darkness, and the predictions of Scripture that persecution is the lot of the faithful, in the midst of moral decline within the church and the world” …. (merecomments)

~ A VEILED ATTEMPT at Sharia by Stealth– A very Canadian non-decision …. (

~ WISDOM: “It is not at all an exaggeration to say that we moderns are infected with the greatest superstitions ever conceived” …. (thereturnofscipio)

~ THE ‘FAIR HOUSING COUNCIL’ is not that different than the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The HRC takes on all sorts of frivolous cases because the more cases it has the more it can show why it is needed …. (mitchieville)

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~ SOFT PERSECUTION— Wave of Eucharistic desecrations offend Catholics …. (

~ SENSE OF EVENTS— “My prediction, noted epidemiologist that I am: within two weeks the swine flu will have fizzled like a wet firecracker, pandemic-wise. People will still be getting sick, but Level 5 emergency (much less Level 6)? Nope” …. (

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~ MINISTRY OF SILLY WALKS UPDATE: “Northamptonshire Police officers have been quipped with loudhailers and ordered to tour the streets shouting at householders who leave their doors and windows open” …. (dustmybroom)

~ SELF RIGHTEOUS! — “One of the common terms of abuse thrown at any person who defends some moral principle that makes us uncomfortable is “self-righteous”. We just love that word! Prolifers are “self-righteous” according to abortion supporters. Anti-torture people are self-righteous. Teetotallers are self-righteous according to drinkers, tobacco opponents are self-righteous according to smokers, opponents of gay marriage are self-righteous according to supporters of gay rights. It’s perhaps the favorite term of abuse for anybody attempting to make a moral argument” …. (

~ POTEMKIN prisons: inside the Museum of the Gulag, by Jonathan Brent. On Russia’s continuing inability to confront its Stalinist past …. (newcriterion)

~ THE THIEVING LIARS— Development and Peace should be closed By Fr. Alphonse de Valk; Development and Peace funding pro-abortion groups …. (catholicinsight)

~ CEDARVILLE students cry censorship …. (worldmag)

~ UNREWRITING HISTORY— PJTV: Video on Hiroshima bombing and an answer to ‘historical relativists’. Saith Binks: The other oft-forgotten fact is that Japan likely had a version of the bomb– tested in Korea— and were likely going to hit some strategic or civilian population.. but the clock ran down. In the post-war make-nice, the war history was sideswept (along with 75% of the war-crimes/ atrocities trials) …. (Various)

~ UPCOMING EVENT— Michael Walker to defend capitalism against attacks from Preston Manning and Stephen Harper: Fraser Institute event …. (

~ REBUILDING KANDAHAR— Fighting season is fast approaching, but for the time being, Kandahar is preoccupied with water, food and crops, By Brian Hutchinson, National Post …. (

~ SOCON NEWS— Social Conservatives United Endorses Randy Hillier for PC Party Leader …. (

~ IN THE PROGRESSIVE WORLD that is descending upon Western civilization, it would seem that the lunatics have clearly taken over the farm …. (

~ BRITAIN on the brink. A documentary on England and the EU …. (vladtepesblog)

~ FOLLOWING THE LOGIC: “So what you’re saying is: a gay male child molester from a long time ago is the one really responsible for the death of Matthew Shepard?” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ FUN WITH LIBERALS— “Ruby’s nanny woes: Got a chuckle out of the Toronto Star’s splashy front page exposé of Liberal cabinet-minister-in-waiting Ruby Dhalla. Ruby is one the Libs’ rising star, a former Bollywood actress who’s as glam and multishmulti as all get out. Time will tell whether her political career is scuttled by these distinctly un-multishmulti allegations”; MP Ruby Dhalla resigns as Liberal critic for Youth & Multiculturalism over nanny scandal …. (scaramouche, globeandmail)

~ MUMMY! All bow to Mother Gaia …. (

~ CJUNKERS— Da Proofs of Global Warming ….(

Hangin’ with Hippies

The Most Glorious Dear Leader

Obama: Is there anyone he CAN’T fire?

“.. [U]nderneath the thoughtful look is a transformative domestic agenda that represents a huge annexation of American life by an ever-more intrusive federal government. One cannot but admire the singleminded ruthlessness with which Obama is getting on with it, even as he hones his contemplative, unhurried, moderate routine on primetime press conferences. On foreign affairs, the shtick is less effective, but mainly because he’s not so engaged by the issues: He’s got big plans for health care, and federalized education, and an eco-friendly government-run automobile industry — and Iran’s nuclear program just gets in the way. He’d rather not think about it, and his multicontinental apology tours are his way of kicking the can down the road until that blessed day when America is just another sclerotic Euro-style social democracy and even your more excitable jihadi won’t be able to jump up and down chanting, “Death to the Great Satan!” with a straight face.”

~ Mark Steyn, Rebel Scum ~

Windows To The Soul

~ GAULEITER RAHM EMANUEL: US confronting Iran depends on Israel surrendering to a Palestinian state. Israel: Vast Majority of Israelis Support Military Action to Stop Iran From Acquiring Nukes, 75% Even if Obama is Opposed …. (Wz)

~ BREAKING NEWS ALERT! The Obama’s Went For A Walk– I’m Serious …. (mitchieville)

~ GUESS HOW THE DHS defines who is a terrorist now? 2nd ‘domestic extremism’ report includes ‘alternative media,’ ‘tax resisters’ in lexicon…. (worldnetdaily)

~ WHAT EVIL LOOKS LIKE— “Obama prepares to throw Israel under the bus” …. (melaniephillips)

~ SURRENDERISM— “It is a case of happy timing. Barack Obama’s nominee as Legal Adviser of the State Department, Harold Koh, has said that he has no objection to Islamic Sharia law being applied “in an appropriate case” in the United States” …. (jihadwatch)

~ ANTHONY ESOLEN— “Neither party, in other words, has anything kind to say about Nazareth. I am not saying that it ought to be a matter of indifference for the Christian choosing between a party utterly committed to the Anticulture of Death and a party too stupid to understand what the choice for life implies. All I mean is that if Nazareth isn’t going to be saved by mass politics and mass entertainment and the undermining of sexual morality and the mass welfare state that that undermining requires, it sure is not going to be saved by a technocracy that is also perfectly comfortable with perfectly comfortable masses” …. (merecomments)

Mob – Boss – in – Chief

~ THE WORST President Ever/Most Hated Man in America… raises $100-million in 100 days during lousy economy …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ DYING PAKISTAN: Another Obama Failure, Supported Musharraf Ouster, Country Descends into Chaos. Has any man in history done as much harm in so short a period of time? Obama pushed for the resignation/removal of General Musharraf, who did a did fine job of holding that Islamic tinderbox together; Taliban Behead Pakistani Officials— The global jihad on the move. The march on free peoples continues with emboldened vigor …. (atlasshrugs2000)

Quick! It’s an emergency!

~ SPEAKING of narcissism, what about Obama’s need to pre-empt American Idol to hold his “nothing new here” conferences. Something tells me that if there was a show called World Idol, American Idol would be safe from interruption…. (

~ COMPARE THE KNIGHTS of Columbus to the KKK… get a big fat award and a privileged place in the Obama circle of Wise Men! …. (

~ HEY BOOMERS— didja actually vote for the guy? “The Rush To Ration Medical Care”.. you know, for old sick people and the like; and “The Approach Of Health Care Rationing: You Don’t Get What You Don’t Pay For, Like Pandemic Protection” …. (hughhewitt)

~ A MASSIVE Natural Gas Discovery Found In Louisiana …. (mitchieville)

~ NOW IS THE TIME At SDA When We Juxtapose! …. (SDA)

~ THE FIRST 100 DAYS: The anti-life plan is now established By Father Alphonse de Valk …. (catholicinsight)

~ CELEB SLOBBERING over MichelleO reaches new low …. (

~ SCARY HAPPENINGS around the world that the Democrats ignore …. (winteryknight)

~ THE DEMOCRATS will still get you if somehow survive abortion …. (mitchieville)

~ OBLIVIOUS TO ISRAEL’S CLAIM of US support for its security in a hostile regional environment, Barack Obama is expected to squeeze the Netanyahu government hard for immediate engagement on the Middle East conflict without further delay …. (

Video: White House Press Corps Stands For Obama…Not For Bush

~ THE REVOLUTION— Communism v Capitalism aka People’s Summit v The National Summit, Detroit, June 14-17 …. (RBO)

~ SO LONG AS He Makes The Unicorns Run On Time, I Suppose …. (llamabutchers)

~ SMARTEST VPOTUS EVER! What Joe Biden knows about the jet-setter swine flu that you don’t …. (

~ HAS BARACK Obama made an enemy who can sabotage his presidency? …. (WZ)

~ WHY DEMOCRAT policies discourage men from marrying …. (winteryknight)

~ JUST TRUST US— Feel Better: “…economic slack will diminish slowly…” …. (therealbarackobama)

~ HARRY C. BOYTE: Just another radical Alinskyite Obama supporter …. (therealbarackobama)

~ YOUR NEW INSTRUCTIONS: Openness in govt is fine if it hurts America’s reputation, but not if it harms Obama’s …. (michellemalkin)

~ FEEL THE STUPID— “What Could Possibly Be Wrong With This? US Asks For Saudi Help To Chill Situation in Pakistan” …. (CITC)

~ FAIRNESS Doctrine Watch: The FCC’s “Diversity Panel” …. (IFP)

~ HOW THE UAW Took Over GM & Chrysler …. (

~ THE SCIPIO— “Yesterday Rush compared Obama to Juan Perón. If he is right then the US is headed toward fascism, statism, coups and counter coups, and mass idiocy among the electorate. In any case the election of Obama takes away any right we Americans have to criticize other nations’ rulers” …. (thereturnofscipio)

~ MERE COMMENTS.. “Can Anything Good Come from Nazareth? Over at What I Saw in America, Patrick Deneen, stalwart Catholic at the aggressively secular college known as Georgetown, takes David Brooks to task for buying the supposed “conservatism” of President Obama’s economic policies” …. (merecomments)

~ THE UN-OBAMA: There’s no getting around it—Michael Ignatieff is no Barack Obama. With his reedy voice, Ivory Tower mien and lack of discernable charisma, Iggy ain’t no warm ‘n’ fuzzy hopeychanger, or even a reasonable facsimile thereof …. (scaramouche)

~ BUSY-BODY ‘BAMA— Socialism only works until you run out of other people’s money …. (ghostofaflea)

~ GAFFETASTIC video: Obama celebrates “Cinco de Cuatro” …. (malkin)

“Dancing For Tacos”: Cinco de Mayo

~ ONLY SWITCHING DEPARTMENTS— “If you’re a member of the enchanted Obama media, don’t worry about your newspaper going under or your network being mired in the ratings basement. You can always count on Barack Obama for a job” …. (

~ NAKED EMPEROR NEWS: Scandal Exposed: American Universal Health Care Exists NOW and It’s Killing People …. (RBO)

~ RAYMOND IBRAHIM: A historical perspective of the diplomacy of proskunesis – if it seems odd to you that a leader of a free society should bow to a dictator, you are not the only one. “Obama’s Abominable Obeisance” …. (victorhanson)

~ ROGER KIMBALL— “Job Opening at the White House” …. (newcriterion)

~ PUNDITA: What Joe Biden knows about the jet-setter swine flu that you don’t …. (therealbarackobama)

The Things They Don’t Tell You At The CBC

~ THE GOOD: Obama May Have Found a Way to Dump DHS Chief Napolitano. The Horrifically Bad: As His Supreme Court Nominee …. (Wz)

~ BIDEN DEMANDS Israel Submit to List of Palestinian Demands …. (Wz)

~ THE OBAMESSIAH Asks Germany to Take In Gitmo Prisoners, Germany Not So Excited About That …. (

Hate Crime Protection for Pedophiles but No Protection for Military

~ PIRACY BY ANOTHER NAME— Are There Any Rules In The Bailout Game? wonders …. (

Crowder: Obama the Pee Wee!

~ THE ORATORY MYTH— “I won’t begrudge a man his talents. If somebody’s good at something, I’ll say so” …. (

~ JANE ROE of Roe v Wade Attacks Notre Dame for Inviting Baby Killer in Chief …. (Wz)

~ THE MIGHTY Obama’s ‘deal with devil’ exposed in satirical film– Makers seek to ‘strip bare’ president’s socialist agenda …. (worldnetdaily)

~ OBAMA’S Grandmother Will Perform Hajj This Year …. (Wz)

~ IOWAHAWK— Breaking: Gay Marriage Opponent Topless Photos Leaked …. (

~ THE EMPEROR’S New Clubs– “Once upon a time there lived a vain President whose only worries in life were to dress in elegant clothes, and own the most wonderful set of golf clubs in the world” …. (americandigest)


Father Mattaos

~ ACTION ALERT— Free Father Mattaos, unjustly imprisoned in Egypt: “Islamic law forbids Muslims to convert to other religions on pain of death, in accord with the words of Muhammad. This story illustrates how that law plays out in people’s lives” …. (jihadwatch)

3521 International Ct. NW Washington DC 20008
TEL: 202.895.5400 FAX: 202.244.4319

The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
454 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 6R3
Tel: (613)234-4931
Fax: (613)234-4398

~ CANUCKISTAN— “Toronto man admits to terror plot in surprise plea: Saad Khalid pleads guilty to one count of participating in terrorist organization’s plots against targets in Toronto”; Sob story of the day: ‘Canadian’ who tried to send nuclear devices to Iran denied bail …. (dustmybroom)

~ CAROLINE GLICK was recently mugged by liberal talk-radio: NPR post mortem …. (carolineglick, kcrw)

~ UNFRIENDLY FIRE: “Just in time for the annual AIPAC conference, the US Justice Department announced last week it is dismissing its charges against former AIPAC staffers Keith Weissman and Steve Rosen. Their prosecution, and what it exposed about the nature of AIPAC, and the position of Israel, and of pro-Israel Jews and non-Jews in America must serve as a cautionary tale for Israel and its American supporters” …. (carolineglick)

~ ALBERT MOHLER: Piracy, Islam, and the Modern Age …. (

~ REALITY-CHECK: “a testimony to the incredible success that America (and it’s partners) have had in Iraq. No, Iraq isn’t perfect, but it’s sure as hell better off than when Saddam & Sons ran the show” …. (CitC)

~ ISLAM INVENTED SCIENCE AND ALL— Afghanistan’s Only Pig Quarantined Over Swine Flu Fear …. (Wz)

~ THE ADL IS Wrong About Geert Wilders …. (IFP)

~ MIDDLE EAST web writers ‘harassed’ …. (walker)

~ THEY MAY BE WAKING UP: “The Rainbow coalition protested the violation of human rights by political Islam and shariah law” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ THIS WEEK’S Wilders Round-Up …. (defendgeertwilders)

~ OUR FRIENDS, the Iranians; Iran threatens Israel with “destruction in 11 days” …. (dustmybroom)

~ TORONTO— Creeping Sharia Alert: “The prayer room is not the end of the process, it’s the beginning.” …. (CitC)

~ DETAILS— Are Sharia & Jihad Taught in U.S. Mosques?…. (creepingsharia)

~ SAVAGED— ‘She Has Painted a Target On My Back’ …. (

VIDEO: Pamela Geller on Hannity

Part 2

~ PAKISTAN: Christians locking themselves in their homes for fear of Misunderstanders of Islam …. (jihadwatch)

~ TRUE COLOURS: “Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller says that Israel should join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. That is to say, the Obama administration believes the path to peace in the Middle East begins and ends with the disarmament of Israel.” Well, they say Islam means peace …. (ghostofaflea)

~ BAT YE’OR’S LATEST BOOK— “European Islam” Will Complete the Global Muslim Caliphate …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ SHARIA & RADICAL Islam in American colleges, universities …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ PRUDENT ISRAELIS are preparing for incoming rounds; “Israel would seek forgiveness, not permission” from U.S. on hitting Iran …. (

~ THE UBIQUITOUS Muslim Brotherhood provides lawyer for Hizbollah suspects …. (cs)

~ INTERNATIONAL Islamic law academy demands suppression of free speech …. (IFP)

~ ISRAEL SLAMS UN’s Hyper-Biased Report on Gaza War, Fails to Mention any of Hamas’ Blatant War Crimes …. (Wz)

~ IRAN REJECTS legal reforms as “contradictory to Islam” …. (jihadwatch)

~ WHAT DOES freedom of press mean to the OIC? …. (IFP)

~ CLASSIC JIHAD… Taliban terror holds 2,000 villagers as human shields. ‘Picking up people and then demanding a huge ransom for their release’ …. (wnd)

~ AFGHAN CLERICS Outraged Shia Muslims Won’t be Allowed to Rape Their Wives …. (Wz)

~ JAY CURRIE— MayDay! MayDay! …. (jaycurrie)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— Isn’t that special?: The New York Times has an interview with noted statesman/jihadist thug Khaled Meshal. (Warning: you might want to down a Gravol—or three—and wait ‘til it kicks to better stomach what follows) …. (scaramouche)

~ WORD FROM Italy: 60% of Mosques run by Islamic Fundamentalists …. (Wz)

~ COWARDLY CUSTARDS— Fast food chain KFC converts eight London restaurants to halal-only menu …. (dailymail)

~ SENEGAL: Residents Exhume Body of Man From Muslim Cemetery Because he was gay …. (Wz)

~ SENSE OF EVENTS— “Totally ready for the Zombie Apocalypse” …. (

Hamas Cleric: “Every Muslim Fetus is for Jihad”

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