Mother’s Day


R.I.P. Bink’s Mom, 1942 – Mother’s Day 2007

~ A MOST blessed, happy, and thankful Mother’s day to all them out there wot have mothers; and for all our foremothers back to the beginning of motherhoodnessidity. Thanks to our mothers for giving life, to Mother Mary for giving our Saviour, her son, life; and to Mother Church for giving us eternal life.

I remember particularly my Mother Susan-Jane, my Grandmothers Thelma & Jeanne; and my Great-grandmothers, two of whom were alive well into my childhood: Rose Bairos (née Yarashafskaya.. my father’s mother’s mother), and Marion Taylor (née Black.. my father’s father’s mother). Great Granny Bairos and I corresponded now and again and she remembered her grandkids in her will; Scots-Irish Great-Granny Taylor actually visited us in Canada once, sent along parcels of lovingly-made undersized knitwear, and over eight years or so, sent me old-style British boy’s comic books in the mail, in her very neat handwriting. ~


P.S. News hot & fresh tomorrow! Lotssa links, commentary, and all the bloggy goodness you love. ~


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