Steynian 359


~ THE BIGGEST LIE of all the Big Lies is the radical progressive skill of denial, blame-shifting and rewriting history to always feature themselves as the good guys. Always. Pro-Slavery anti-civil rights Democrats? That racist Goldwater! FDR? liberal balls-up, rewritten as rescue; Hitler & Mussolini? Not socialist/ communist heretics, but crypto-Republicans. Hollywood black-list? Liberal commies, later re-written as heroes. The neo-fascist 60’s revolution? Peace, love, flowers! The 1990s-2000s Lib-caused mortgage crisis? Eeeevil Wall Street! Liberal legislators to the rescue!

And it continues almost daily with the Obama retruthing machine, and a Blamocratic congress in full fairy-tale mode.

What’s for it? Conservatives must learn and insist on history, facts, and details. It’s part laziness, party timidity, part reflexive politeness and good manners not to point out that other people are bald-face retroactive liar liar pants on fire. We need to get over the good manners, the slack sleepiness, and relearn history right-side up– even when the conservatives were actually at fault, or asleep at the wheel. Let’s recall that it it was the British Tory Prime Ministers Baldwin and Chamberlain who led Europe along appeasement lane.

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