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Gothic_1722402_053Express Elevator To Hell.. Going Down!

– ITEM – The rise of Obama has seen an increase in the boldness of America’s enemies

– ITEM – Hard Evidence! Proof That Obama’s Hawaii and Chicago Communist Networks Were Linked?

~ IN ALL SINCERITY, I think even the most conspirazoid giant tinfoil hatted moobat truther out there cannot imagine or plumb the depths of what Obama is up to, or how low he can go.

minimorphAs Morpheus says in The Matrix, “Free your mind.” Not that the POTUS is actually up to all we can imagine, but that what we might imagine can’t keep up to the whole story, if the whole truth ever comes out. No former President ever imagined the Office he was elected to the way this man does. Hopped up on Communism, racism, criminal and Chicago Machine mentality, he’s cynically bent on turning the US into the USSA, a giant criminal organization to them what stands to profit thereby.

I confess my own limitations of imagination in foreseeing what the Worst President Ever would get up to in so short a time. Stealing Chrysler? The Oval Office with an enemy list? Politicizing the smallest matters? Using racist thugs to scare voters? Nominating and shoving into office a most astonishingly bald-faced parcel of crooks, creeps, commies, and crackpots, which would make Tamanny Hall or the Mafia itself blush? Just the beginning, I fear. I put nothing beyond his smiling evil, and the connivance of his cronies– and we’d better be afraid for a stolen election in 2012, unless ACORN gets gutted, and fast.

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