Steynian 361

xcaricature-obama-lyinNowhere Man

– ITEM – What’ll It Be, Barry?

– ITEM – ‘Note that he avoids saying his father was a Muslim, which would open him to charges of apostasy’

~ THE DEAR LEADER of the USSA needs to answer one question: did he ever specifically deny his Muslim religion? When, where, who as witnesses? It doesn’t matter if he sat in Rev. Wright’s racist-Marxist congregation or not for 20 years: was he baptised? Has he officially confessed his Chrtistian faith?

Otherwise, Mr. Be-All-To-All-People can imagine himself a hybrid Islamo-Christan, bridging all worlds.. or, perhaps, none. After all, St. Paul said that in order to win people to Christ, he would be a Greek to the Greeks, a Jew to the Jews, and so on– but that was an evangelical strategy, not his identity.

Obama doesn’t seem to know who and what he is, spiritually. He is all things to all people, and therefore nothing to anybody. He is who it suits him and his current notions to be. That’s why the big cover-up on all the documents of his past. It would nail him down to real-world times, places, opinions, friendships.

I stand to be corrected: somebody show me paper or evidence that contradicts my suspicion.. that Obama is an apostate Muslim. ~

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