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– ITEM – What’ll It Be, Barry?

– ITEM – ‘Note that he avoids saying his father was a Muslim, which would open him to charges of apostasy’

~ THE DEAR LEADER of the USSA needs to answer one question: did he ever specifically deny his Muslim religion? When, where, who as witnesses? It doesn’t matter if he sat in Rev. Wright’s racist-Marxist congregation or not for 20 years: was he baptised? Has he officially confessed his Chrtistian faith?

Otherwise, Mr. Be-All-To-All-People can imagine himself a hybrid Islamo-Christan, bridging all worlds.. or, perhaps, none. After all, St. Paul said that in order to win people to Christ, he would be a Greek to the Greeks, a Jew to the Jews, and so on– but that was an evangelical strategy, not his identity.

Obama doesn’t seem to know who and what he is, spiritually. He is all things to all people, and therefore nothing to anybody. He is who it suits him and his current notions to be. That’s why the big cover-up on all the documents of his past. It would nail him down to real-world times, places, opinions, friendships.

I stand to be corrected: somebody show me paper or evidence that contradicts my suspicion.. that Obama is an apostate Muslim. ~

D-Day, 65 Years Later


– ITEM – Spot the Hun, exclusive D-Day pics!

– ITEM – June 6: A walk across a beach in Normandy

– ITEM – The cemetery at Normandy Beach. Look at the American sacrifice to fight evil. The aerial view and really shows the scale of all those crosses and the Normandy beach

– ITEM – VIDEOS: D- Day 65 years ago

~ IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE 5th, but the weather was too stormy. Would the 6th be calm enough? Eisenhower had prepared two letters, one in case of victory, another for disaster.

Hundreds of thousands of men, ships, planes, tanks, paratroopers, guns, ammunition, supplies, floating temporary harbours, landing craft of all sizes were poised.. and yet told to stand by for another 24 hours. The weather was so bad, the German General in charge of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall defences– the famous Desert Fox, Irwin Rommel– went on a short rest-trip. Nobody would be attacking in this weather, no not for a week or more.

Partly, this was the fruit of one man’s particular vision: from an unpublished 1917 paper, Winston Churchill had speculated on the utility of landing-ramp ships for men, and bigger ones for tanks and vehicles; and also of floating barge-units which could be sunk on a beachhead to build up a temporary harbour that ships might use to unload men and supplies. That paper was never published nor read by the Germans– unlike the writings of Basil Liddell-Hart, which while ignored by everybody else, provided the core ideas for Blitzkrieg– rapid use of tanks and armoured infantry to punch through and overcome all opposition.

Churchill’s ideas remained secret– and partly for that reason, Hitler’s proposed Invasion of Britain across the English Channel– Operation Sealion— was delayed, postponed, and finally shelved. With Britain in the West, and Hitler’s bizarre decision to declare war on America in 1941 after Pearl Harbour, it would only be a matter of time– though it was at all points a close thing, a serious of lucky strkes, near misses, and almost miracles that Hitler’s aims and goals were not carried out.

After all, but for a diversionary attack into the Balkans, Der Fuhrer’s Operation Barbarossa against the Soviets would have begun in the Spring instead of the Summer of 1941– a crucial eight to ten weeks, as it turned out. That means the Blitzkreig would have reached Moscow and beyond 2-3 months earlier than they did– Operation Typhoon against Moscow would have been an August assault, not October and thus finally stalled by the first blasts of Winter in November. A rump USSR would have sued for peace to prevent an utter collapse of the nation and armed resistance, and retrenched behind the Ural mountains.

D-Day itself was a close thing; the 10 weeks afterwards were far from assured; if Hitler had not tried his almost catastrophically successful Battle Of The Bulge gambit, war would have dragged on into 1946, with millions more lives lost. As it was, brave Canadian troops fought so hard against such determined foes that new categories of troop-losses had to be created: double severe, as our units were all but wiped out during the battle into France from the Normandy beachhead.

Thank God for Churchill’s devices and stalwart leadership; for Montgomery’s revamped D-Day plans; for Ike’s holding together the largest combined military operation in the history of the world, on a very dangerous gamble; to all the rubber tanks and fake intelligence that convinced the Germans to focus on the Pas De Calais instead of the beaches of Normandy and the Cotentin peninsula; to the British, Canadian, and American landing forces; and to almighty God, who aided our cause– however weak, imperfect or mixed– to overcome a greater evil in the life of the world, which the British and French had allowed to arise.

The toughest German forces feared our artillery, thinking we had some sort of top-secret semi-automatic weapon; and they preferred to surrender to “those grim bastards” in green who just kept coming, no matter how hard the fight. As in the First World War, a higher percentage of Canadians volunteered (note: were not conscripted) to serve than of any other allied nation.

As we remember D-Day, let us also wash away the vicous and dishonest Turdeaupian pacifism which has denied our own history: we don’t like to start a fight, but if attacked, we will finish it. Ours were the factories that made the bombers; our the ports that shipped the goods and ammunition; ours the corvettes that defended the convoys from U-boat wolfpacks; ours the soldiers that liberated much of Sicily, France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany itself; ours the third largest navy in the world, by 1945; ours the holy ground in which our war dead lie, no matter the nation.

Canada: worth fighting for, worth living for, worth dying for. ~

P.S. For those who raise their noses at Wiki, I tend to agree– that’s why before I link to a particular article, I do my best to verify the details to the best of my knowledge, according to my own studies and readings. They tend to give decent historical overviews and introductions to a variety of topics. More topical entries may be more controversial are disputed, and then it’s certainly caveat emptor (let the buyer beware), without some other confirming reliable sources.



– ITEM – From Lords of the Manor to Girlie Men: When Did Men Become Such Weenies?

– ITEM – feminism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

– ITEM – How does the imagining left, especially the feminists, force western manhood to wear a hairshirt, while maintaining relative silence over what goes on in Muslim countries? Is it a “simple” case of displacement?

~ HOW DID WESTERN MANHOOD become so patsified? Metrosexual? Whiny? Stupid men on TV; men and boys falling behind in schools and universities? Men treated badly in divorce and family law, and not allowed to have a say in abortion?

The Binks is a proud retrosexual: I hold doors & do the “ladies first” thing; use my skills and strength to help others; take the final decisions at home with all the input of everybody in mind. I hope I’d be one of the guys helping people onto the Titanic lifeboats, and not in a dress trying to sneak to safety. I consider my family and neighbourhood and the kids of the area to be under my care; and the wider world, too (witness the blogs).

I’m doing my best to follow Doug Gile’s sage advice, and raise my boys to be the kind of people feminists will hate, because they are manly men.

After all– we can’t forget that aside from the legitimate suffragette part of the women’s movement, the later part was taken over by Marxist radicals like Betty Friedan and others, who wanted to separate men and women, sex from child-bearing, and children from families. It’s classic revolutionary stuff, to break down the institutions of Western civ, and make individuals more dependant upon the state than one another, let alone in families.

Thus, male authority and roles are a prime target, and radicals continue to devalue, undefine, and attack it as oppressive, sexist, illegitimate, and fathers and men as disposable. This is a pernicious, inhuman, and decivilizing doctrine, and it’s all around us– and contributes to the atomization a deformation of civilization. Hence the retreat of men from so many areas of life– to the worse for everyone.


Rahm Emanuel on the Opportunities of Crisis

– ITEM – When Does Someone Apologize to Our Military?

~ NEVER LET a good crisis go to waste, say Obama administration folks like rahm Emanuel and Hilary Clinton — and what better crisis than a future war? After all, cut back the military budget, axe the hi-tech F-22 jet; treat veterans and current serving members like enemies of America; ‘accidentally release the nuclear facility list online; conduct a severly clueless and goofy foreign policy, and encourage nuke-seeking rogue states. Then war, martial law, government emergency powers… why not?

The bad guys are watching the POTUS, and concluding there’s just not much There™ there. He’s busy on his international Sally Fields tour, hoping that “They like me! They really like me!!” will result. A broken empty-souled man seeking he knows not what. Oh goody.

Mind you, whilst Obama is goofing around with self-discovery, even a small nuke on a major American city– NY, Baltimore, DC, LA, San Diego– would boot the American & world economy into freefall. Dude’s MIA and/ or playing games while the world gets more dangerous by the week. ~

womb 1

Managed Murder

– ITEM – Once Upon A Time, Daddy Wished You Were Dead

~ NOT REALLY— but once upon a time, our OB/Gyn suggested that we off one of the twins to make the pregnancy ‘easier’ on the She-Binks, and to let the remaining child ‘thrive’. We were aghast, angry, and deeply offended. “We’re Christians,” I said: “we won’t be doing that.”

When they were old enough , I told the boys about their near brush with medical murder. They were not amused in the least. “What a douchebag!” said one. “To hell with him!” said the other. “Why would they want to kill an innocent baby?”

It would have been one of THESE people destroyed, not tiny flesh-abstractions. The same came up in a so-called ethics class in seminary. Most of the women were predictably against any restrictions on abortion. That was before he kids, so I mentioned my wife, who was adopted from a high-school girl to a childess but loving couple, along with her other adopted sister.

“Hold on,” I said, “let’s be specific. My wife was born out of wedlock through no fault of her own– are you saying it would be better for her, or me, or the world, or her mother and father and sister, or her classmates and friends, if she never existed?” Mumbles and repetition of previous assertions ensued on the other side of the debate.

Such were we all: tiny unborns, brought into life by God’s creative power through the means of a mother and father– each one individual, unique, particular, one and only. ~

~ A NEARLY-SHATTERING geek/ nerd frenzy came on here at WebElf HQ last evening, upon my discovery that a favourite video-game– Silent Hunter III, has a new super-modification online, and another one– virtually a whole new game– in the offing. GWX 3, and GWX 4 is coming soon. Spazz, twitch, happy happy. Tootle the crumhorns, and do the clog-dancing for joy! The best thing of all? It’s free hand-tooled nerdy game-goodness made by volunteers just for the love of it.

It’s U-Boat game with amazing realism, the kind that looks real, amkes you feel like your in the middle of Das Boot, and ducking your head as the depth-charges crash overhead, beside, and under your fragile boat.


Why play the bad guys? Because remembering and understanding the war– both sides– is part of the historian’s task, and the Germans invented sub warfare, modern submarines, and very nearly strangled wartime Britain not once, but twice. My own grandfather was on a convoy hit by a U-Boat ace in U-124 on his way to New York. If not for that torpedo, and his escape and rescue by the corvette HMCS Agassiz, I’d likely not exist, or if I did, not live where and how I have.

HMCS Agassiz, Spring 1941
HMCS Agassiz, Spring 1941

History is never very far away, and whether we can be bothered to remember it and know it is ours, nd affects us directly every day, then we misunderstand ourselves and our times, and what lies ahead. ~


– ITEM – The culture of recreational, easy-to-get, consequence free (and highly lucrative) sex must NEVER be criticized!

~ MURDER BAD.. I get it, and yet all ‘pro-lifers’ are evil hypocritical pre-criminals, blah blah blah yada yada yada. However, before I hear one more moment of sermonizing and chastisement from the Left, or the self-hating Right, let’s get a few things straight.

Until the 1920s eugenics movement and later sexual revolution made both birth control and killing unwanted or inconvenient pre-born children allowable, abortion was a sinful, immoral, and criminal act. Given what we know now, our science leaves no doubt of precisely what we’re up to– and legalizing it does not make it right.

‘Doctor’ George Tiller killed 60 000 babies and a few mothers, many of the unborn being 9 months old in the womb. That’s pure infanticide, minus a technicality, since our medical science can look after nearly impossibly early preemies.

Thus, while his activity was legal, Mr. Tiller was still a mass-murderer: perhaps one of America’s worst ever. That he violated the Hippocratic oath and the basic laws of morality and decency, and express Christian teaching back to Jesus and the apostolic age– for money, even– makes him a very modern man indeed: another version of Mengele, Pol Pot, the Einsatzgruppen— or any of the other agents of the culture of death in the blood-soaked 20th century.

Thus, the raging ideological Left attacks the right-to-life movement as if everyone who opposes abortion personally pulled the trigger, while forgetting the 60 000 death-toll of ‘Doctor’ Tiller, all part of the 49 millions of dead American pre-borns behind that since 1973. Nice try, guys.. and by all the abject apologies flying around, you’ve got a lot of pro-lifers trained to say “How high?” to your “Jump!”

I figure it’s all a Democratic numbers-game to fix the results of the failed ‘Great Society’. They bought all those Democratic votes, yet at the cost of creating all those slums, ghettos, and a permanent underclass of black single mothers, having children. The fewer poor fatherless black babies, the lower crime rates and ‘social problems’.

Hurray for the Democrats, the party of Moloch!

So while I’d never advocate bumping people off in the way Dr. Tiller was, I certainly thing (1) such an evil as widespread abortion needs to be severely restricted, and (2) there are always those in various situations who would benefit the world most by attending their own funeral; and (3) the underlying causes & reasons for Western death-cultism need to be exposed, addressed, and remedied.

While the West is still worth saving, we are a sick, death-drunk civilization that eats and prevents its own children, from which many many other societal and spiritual malaise arises and paralyzes us. There is no such thing a s a consequence-free action. ~

– ITEM – PURE EVIL & IDIOCY— “President Obama to American Muslims: I will ease the impact of post-9/11 scrutiny of charities

~ DESPITE THE OVERWHELMING and well-documented evidence of so-called Muslim ‘Charities’ in the West being used to raise money for Al Qaeda & Hamas and other terror-related groups, Obama is now going soft on the scrutiny which has unveiled the terror-funding networks— can you say ‘Holy Land Foundation‘?

What do you do when a President (at best) is ignoring plain facts and legal evidence, and (at worst) is colluding with terrorism against America, Israel, Europe, Canada, and the world? Clueless and/ or evil. How do you like him now? ~

– ITEM – Meet the New G.M., same as the old G.M.

~ GOT NO USE for Gubmint Motors & the Obama fascist takeover of American companies? Avoid buying GM & Chrysler products. Buy Ford, or Japanese, or Korean, and write to the White House and let them know what and why you’re doing with your money. ~

~ VIA RIGHT GIRL: Get a Blogging Job. ~

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crashes memorial for Arkansas jihad victim,
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~ WILL LIBYA PAY A PRICE for the Death of Dissident Fathi Eljahmi? …. (natansharansky)

~ CHILD-RAPE CULT NEWS— Pakistan: 12-Year-old Christian Girl Kidnapped, Forced to Convert to Islam, Married to 37-Year-old Man …. (Wz)

~ U.S. LAWMAKERS Call on Saudi Government to Stop Using ‘Hate Speech’ in Textbooks …. (vladtepesblog)

~ HOW MUSLIMS IN POWER (BANK)ROLL— Pakistan: Catholic leaders denounce imposition of religion-based tax …. (JiWa)

~ EVIL JOOOOOOOOS! Father of terrorism suspect who apparently plotted to blow up synagogues: ‘Those Jews in the media are turning this into something it is not’ …. (dustmybroom)

~ THE TRUE LEGACY of Muslim nations …. (mitchieville)

~ IT’S CALLED JIHAD— Barbara Kay: The war on Christianity in the Middle East …. (nationalpost)

~ THE OTHER McCAIN— “How does the imagining left, especially the feminists, force western manhood to wear a hairshirt, while maintaining relative silence over what goes on in Muslim countries? Is it a “simple” case of displacement?” …. (

~ COVENANT ZONE: “Muslims driven to violence by — whatever– need protection from Americans” …. (

~ OTTAWA REJECTS Washington’s Request To Take In 17 Chinese Muslims From Guantanamo …. (allheadlinenews)

~ JUST FYI— Beheadings 101 …. (

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— Fight Jihad with Soviet-Style Propaganda Posters …. (thepeoplescube)


3 thoughts on “Steynian 361

  1. You write:

    “Thus, male authority and roles are a prime target, and radicals continue to devalue, undefine, and attack it as oppressive, sexist, illegitimate, and fathers and men as disposable. This is a pernicious, inhuman, and decivilizing doctrine, and it’s all around us– and contributes to the atomization a deformation of civilization. Hence the retreat of men from so many areas of life– to the worse for everyone.”

    I totally agree.

    However, I refused to play Silent Hunter III because you had to play as the Nazis. I did play Silent Hunter IV, because there you are the Americans in the Pacific. I like that I finally could use trigonometry to plot interception courses and firing solutions.

  2. Good heavens, someone who hasn’t fallen in line with all the “Death to America” blather from the Canadian media? A rare beast, to be sure.

    Even rarer, a mention of HMCS Agassiz and the torpedoing of Seattle Spirit. My father was a signalman on board the Agassiz for much of the war, and he was in a sea boat pulling men from the water during that rescue. I do remember him talking about that. How I wish I had paid more attention when he told his war stories…

    I shall be investigating your blog…I like what I see. Cheers….



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