Steynian 364

Still ailing, but improving. Thanks fo the prayers & well-wishing. Enjoy. ~

~ THE HYNEK— “Binks — the man whose tireless efforts to chronicle the cause of freedom of speech in Canada don’t earn him anywhere near the credit he deserves — is feeling very ill (again), and would appreciate any prayers and good wishes that you would care to offer, good reader.

Wellwishing can be left in the comments to the above-linked article, or sent by means of the email address provided therein.”

~ BLAZING CATFURSay a prayer for Binks the WebElf


– ITEM: A statement from first principles
– ITEM: Israeli PM ‘ruins’ peace chance

~ BIBI FAKES THEM OUT! For them of you what bewail the anti-suicide bomber wall, and evil Jews and why won’t they give those poor people a country (and who didn’t notice the rejected Oslo Accord 95% solution), it’s all a big obvious con job.

“OK, you can have a nation”, says Israeli PM BiBi, “but no Israel-bashing weapons allowed.” Tantrum ensues, Bibi is mean and hateful, wah, boo hoo from the usual suspects.

Except.. you just got busted. Publicly pantsed. Big time. The cognitive dissonance filters will kick in, but to those who prefer to think about the news, look what just happened. He called their bluff– and they blinked.

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