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~ ITEM: Podcast; Office for the Dead (for Iran)

~ ITEM: Another axis of evil

~ ITEM: Iran’s cyber-revolution gets a hand from Canada

~ ITEM: PJTV SPECIAL REPORT: Iranian Election Chaos … The Revolution Will Be Twitterized

ITEM: Tehran Signs Are In English

~ WATCHING IRAN: Teh Binks’ take? The canned pre-arranged election went tea-party on the mullahs. Even if that’s not the case, the plebs are getting uppity over there, and the bosses don’t like it.

Here in Canada, we have petty would-be tyrants bossing people around for their own good. In Iran, they’ve had 30 years of the fully-monty misery, and it looks like the regime is in trouble.

Dictatorships love faux-elections, with the inevitable 99.5% turnout, and all that. As far as I can tell, this was supposed to be yet another one in Czar Mullah-run style, but the kids are getting uppity (gee, sounds like 1979, except those kids are now the tyrant geezers in charge), can Twitter, e-mail, YouTube, and have sent a clear message to the elites and the world that Persian folks are tired of theocracy and canned elections, worried about nuclear war, and don’t particularly care for their rulers.

The other guy in the election doesn’t matter, in one sense– freedom-loving university students, women’s rights activists and others have been disappearing or rotting in jail or turning up dead for years– even if we didn’t pay much attention to them. Shame on us.

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