Steynian 366

~ ITEM: Calling all Bloggers! Have you written about the Thought Police at the Canadian Human Rights Commission?

~ DEAR JENNIFER– I’ll blog much more on this next posting, but word from Teh Blazing Catbarf is that Canada’s tax-funded HRC imperial chiefette Ms. J. Lynch is keeping a list of bloggers and their comments about her. 1200, so far. The CHRC likes Free Mark Steyn/ Free Canuckistan because we have a handy link round-up every 2-3 days for their convenience in tracking down pre-crimes and thought-offenders. Hi Jenn! Oops.. did I just blog about her & the CHRC again? Darn it! ~

Britney Spears – Oops!…I Did It Again


~ ITEM: ACT NOW! Please call up your foreign office and demand from them to have their embassy in Tehran open their gates for injured people!

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