Steynian 367

A Self-Beclowning?


~ ITEM: Stick A Fork In Them

~ ITEM: Jennifer Lynch Surfs Blogs And Throws Rocks At Airplanes

~ ITEM: Calling all Bloggers! Have you written about the Thought Police at the Canadian Human Rights Commission?

~ ITEM: You can listen to Roy Green’s interview of Ezra and Lynch here: CHQR audio vault— Select June 20, 2009 12:00 PM and click ‘Listen’. A player opens and starts to play. Use the slider to advance in time to 8:00 minutes in for Ezra, and to 18:30 for Lynch.

~ IN MOVIE or video game plots, once the hero gets entangled with the outer minions, then there’s the really bad guys of the inner circle, then there’s the ultimate bad guy, and the climax of the show.

We’ve had the permed minion on CTV and the pudgy minion at the parliamentary hearings, but now they’ve finally got the Alien Queen out of her nest head woman out actually speaking for her organization.

Clearly, they’re just not paying her enough– after all, she’s a hugely talented constitutional expert, PR professional, world traveller, psychologist; Internet fact-checker/ blog analyst; evil hater spotter; media spokeswoman; indeed, there seems to be no skill or area in which the supremely multi-talented Queen of the Canucki Inhuman Unrights Communism does not apparently possess.

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