Steynian 368

Were We Not Amused?

~ ITEM: The King is Dead: Lefsetz on the passing of Michael Jackson

~ ITEM: The wounded soul of Michael

~ ITEM: Mothers, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Freak Shows

~ ITEM: Jonah Goldberg on the Media and Michael Jackson’s death

~ ITEM: Michael Jackson: He never had a chance; Michael Jackson is dead

~ ITEM: Sadly missing from the nightly newscast is the latest on the hundreds killed, possibly thousands detained and injured while marching for freedom in Iran


“The fathers eat sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.”
Ezekiel 18:2

Show me the amusements of a culture, and I’ll show you it’s heart. So at the heart of ancient Rome was the Circus Maximus, and later the Flavian Amphitheatre ( the Colosseum), and the life and death battles there between man and animal, law and lawbreaker, man and man, Rome and the barbarians. It was all about the blood, and the judgement of the spectators: were they amused? Who deserved life and who deserved death? So via the public spectacles, the heart of that civilization was revealed.

What about our civilization? our amusements, judgements, and mortal battles?

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