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Were We Not Amused?

~ ITEM: The King is Dead: Lefsetz on the passing of Michael Jackson

~ ITEM: The wounded soul of Michael

~ ITEM: Mothers, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Freak Shows

~ ITEM: Jonah Goldberg on the Media and Michael Jackson’s death

~ ITEM: Michael Jackson: He never had a chance; Michael Jackson is dead

~ ITEM: Sadly missing from the nightly newscast is the latest on the hundreds killed, possibly thousands detained and injured while marching for freedom in Iran


“The fathers eat sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.”
Ezekiel 18:2

Show me the amusements of a culture, and I’ll show you it’s heart. So at the heart of ancient Rome was the Circus Maximus, and later the Flavian Amphitheatre ( the Colosseum), and the life and death battles there between man and animal, law and lawbreaker, man and man, Rome and the barbarians. It was all about the blood, and the judgement of the spectators: were they amused? Who deserved life and who deserved death? So via the public spectacles, the heart of that civilization was revealed.

What about our civilization? our amusements, judgements, and mortal battles?

Despite the evidence of many dead and miserable former child stars, some parents still seek fame for and through their children, and we all spectate. It’s child sacrifice by decades, in some cases.

So in the pain-killer induced heart-failure and death of former child pop-star Michael Jackson, we see a reflection of ourselves, and of one father’s merciless dreams for his son. Fame, money, a name– heady temptations for anybody, let alone a little boy.

Because any farewell to Michael Jackson, former ‘King Of Pop’, must ponder what his fame-hungry father Joe forcibly created for our amusement and entertainment: we are all the sons of our fathers. Even more, Michael became the mirror and result of a cannibalistic fame-culture.

“Theroux told Joe Jackson that his son was so nervous when he saw his father that he “regurgitates”, and Joe responds by saying: “He regurgitates all the way to the bank. That’s right.” Michael Jackson has consistently accused his father of beating him as a child.”

Starting in the 1980’s, the young singer was the goose that laid golden eggs for his family, but along the way– like an ordinary egg– he got cracked under the pressure.

The oft sinned-against can become oft sinners. The broken heart wreaks havoc, for a broken person is alive and choosing, unlike a broken machine.

Therefore in the Colosseum of publicity, when Michael Jackson no longer amused, then pop culture and we– his former consumers now become spectators and judges– watched his very long and very public spiritual death and resulting humiliations, with Michael yet again as the embodiment of a pop-culture grown over-amused, under-inspired, and ever more prone to regurgitation instead of creativity.

So Michael Jackson ended up an hollow-souled misery to himself and others, wickedly seeking to buy or steal his stolen childhood through children, though fame and performing and ever more erratic and bizarre choices and behaviour. If his ever-rebuilt face came to look like some freak-show or funhouse reflection, it was about seeking a self he could live with, having been made to grow up using his talent to amuse and earn and please an unpleasable father. But there was not much of a whole and healthy self there. So the outer man reflected the inner: ever-changing, and ever more thin and ghostly and distorted.


But of course, one more show, as pop culture and the media which fed upon his life will have a last feeding-frenzy over his death: rather like those famous dancing zombies of the world-changing ‘ Thriller’ song and video– dead, but still amusing for the audience and our unrelenting hunger for amusement. His life and death have been a mirror for us, if we can see it.

Of course the “heaven has another angel” crowd will posthumously beatify him and plonk him into heaven, as is the custom with dead famous folks. I say that’s God’s business, and none of us should dare be so certain. Like any of us, Mr. Jackson was– first– a creature and son of God, our brother and fellow human being, who must answer for himself and his deeds; for now he stands in the immediate presence of God.

Despite his sins and spiritual peregrinations, and according to the good will and purpose of our heavenly Father, may it be that Michael finds the rest and peace at the last which escaped him here below, in a life publicly sacrificed on the altar of fame, riches, and exploited to the last by our demand for amusement, whether as a performer, walking freak-show, or corpse.

For my own snark and maligning such a fellow sinner in the past, may the Lord forgive and have mercy. ~

O-Potheosis & Fall

~ ITEM: Ron Paul: President Obama’s goal is “economic collapse”

~ ITEM: Is US Dept of State Advising Some Embassies To Obtain Year’s Worth of Local Currencies? If so, why? Does it expect a dollar collapse in the next 4-6 months?

~ ITEM: Government Implemented Thousands of New Regulations Costing $1.17 Trillion in 2008

~ ITEM: Obama’s AmeriCrooks and Cronies Scandal by Michelle Malkin

~ THEY WOULDN’T DARE! — As I noted last time, everything I learned about mindless progressivisim, I learnt from modernist Anglicanism. For example– when loony bishops force loony religion on people, givings drop. No problem: vacuum the investments, close parishes, sell real estate. Anything for the revolution, right? Blendering the built-up capital and work of generations– it’s like using the walls of your house for firewood: not a good policy in general.

So too the current policies of the American POTUS– unless, perhaps, he actually means to cripple and bankrupt the United States as a world power.

Ponder: if he becomes Glorious Leader, if he then collapses the U.S Economy so that the government makes up a larger portion of economic activity, having reduced production (less greenhouse gases!) and made the New USSA less a commanding presence in the world, to allow.. global multiculturalism and a ‘new world order’? George Soros has made a mint gutting countries in distress– somebody is making money right now in the U.S with all the crazy-expensive programs and government stimulus and dollar-printing and hyper-deficits and missing/ unaccounted-for hundreds of billions .

The Binks often operates by intuition, and something tells me the economic panics are not done yet: will we see another one in the Fall? Even if we don’t once Cap & Trade & ObamaCare kick in, the effective government takeover of the economy and the massive new tax-grabs will be kicking in, to cripple investment, innovation, job-creation, and suck most of the dynamic life out of the American economy. Why do that? Power, and to weaken American sovereignty, exceptionalism, and resistance to global schemes. A weakened USSA will still hold power, but in a socialized state, the ruling class holds almost all the cards, and so can more effectively ‘guide’ the sheeple.

Like those whacknut Anglican bishops willing to do anything and everything to keep the new socialist religion going, it’s entirely possible that Obama actually wants to break America, so he can remake it in his own image. Add to his narcissism, then, a healthy dose of megalomania, and a willingness to ruin lives and a whole society– instead or repairing and rebuilding based on the system as it was established and as it has evolved.

Never mind conspiracy theories– just watch what Obama’s actually doing, and how it’s Progressivism/ All Embracing Statism with a smile, and how economic, political, and intellectual freedom are frills, not essentials in the new system. It’s the best world he he’s been taught to want.

Pretty DARNED revolting. ~

Mark Steyn

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Theological Totalitarianism

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Maple Leaf Butterflag 2

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Embryonic Stem Cell FUN!! (Crazy Pete returns)

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~ SOLIDARITY with the Iranian People or with the Islamic Regime? …. (canadafreepress)

~ THE STALINIST Moment In Iran …. (firstthings)

~ FBI REPLACES Brotherhood Tainted Liaison with Brotherhood Tainted Liaison …. (CT)

~ EGYPTIAN GOVERNMENT DAILY: The International Community’s Caution is Sending the Wrong Message to the Iranian Regime …. (

Iranian Protesters Produce Their Own “Beat It” Video

~ IRAN’S ELECTONS: A National Show Designed to Delay Democracy …. (

~ HOW THE FBI Broke Saddam – Part 1– By James Gordon Meek …. (CT)

~ ANDREW BOSTOM— “‘Movements’ that spring from purely Islamic sources…are movements—backwards”; Iranian Nukes and Mousavi’s Soylent Green Revolution …. (bostom)

~ PALIN SLAMS OBAMA On Twitter As Iranian Regime Threatens Protesters With Death …. (

~ CT BLOG— “Allah-willing the nuclear weapons will not fall in the hand of the Americans, and the Muslims take them [weapons] and use them against the Americans Allah-willing.” …. (counterterror)

~ KILLER REGIME Shoots Protester In Head– He Dies In Street …. (

~ THE MULLAHS Cannot Stop the Persian Reawakening; Mousavi Urges Iranians Abroad to Be “Faithful” to Islamic System …. (americanthinker, spectator)

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