Steynian 369

Aftermath: Tehran


~ ITEM: IRAN: DAY 18 of the Revolution that will not die

~ ITEM: Iran Fading From Media Attention.. Iran? That’s so June!

~ ITEM: The rise and fall of Perez Hilton

~ ITEM: Obama’s Failure of Moral Courage

~ ITEM: North Korea’s Nuclear Program Is No Joke

~ ITEM: Out of sight, Iran remains on the brink

~ SO WHILE THE AD/HD news-cycle has moved on (Teh Obama having spoken), the bodies are still piling up in in the pre-dug graves outside Tehran. Many are in hiding, others in dungeons, others being tortured and/ or paraded in front of Mullah-TV to denounce the pre-approved enemies-list of Zionists, agitators, anything and anybody else than the ones with bloody hands.

It would be all so lame and giggle-worthy, were it not for real suffering now firmly behind the clerical curtains once again– we’ve all seen too many tinpot types and their various Baghdad Bob regime mouthpieces telling us the official lies we’re not supposed to believe. Yet again, our blood-stained media has chosen to look the other way, back to bread/ circuses/ pop culture ‘essential’ news.

But it’s not back to usual: this was Twittered, and an ancient people like the Persians have very very long memories, having been around for 6000 years and more. Further– and according to the Prophet Joe Biden’s schedule– six months in, and Glorious Leader/ Messiah has indeed faced two world-scale international challenges to his largely autopilot foreign policy, and failed. A mix of mumbles, hitting false notes, a disturbing lack of real and fitting emotion, topped off with the usual pandering that has much of the world scrambling to protect itself, disinvest in the U.S., and nuke-up before the bad guys have all the toys.

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