Ya Load 16 Tons..

of links.. whattaya get? A sore back, whiny, and deeper in debt.

Anyhow… fresh news tomorrer, since it’s late here and I’m not staying up all hours to post. It will be a big ‘un, with lotsa commentary, if that’s any consolation.

Keep out of mischief,




3 thoughts on “Ya Load 16 Tons..

  1. I really appreciate the hard work you put into this blog Binks. It’s a fantastic one-stop-shop for conservative news and commmentary.

  2. Dear Binks:

    You describe the Quebec-based website POSTE DE EVILLE as “narrow and hateful”. Why? Pose de Veille exposes Islamofascism for what it is. I would suggest that – until you learn to READ the French language – it would be wise to shut your mouth. Your description of POSTE DE VEILLE indicates that you are talking outta your arse.

  3. Dear Trenchant,

    I was very proud to be featured by Master Binks as “narrow minded and hateful”. You misinterpreted Bink’s sense of humour, sort of an Orwellian reverse language that is commonly used by the crowd populating Free Canuckistan.

    May I reassure you that Binks is fluent enough in French to understand my blog very well.

    Thanks anyway for coming to my rescue, although there was no offence to be had.

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