UPDATED! Places To Do, Things To Go…


Off soon to the Untied States, Missouri, in particular, to visit Binks-Dad and family there. Resting up, packing and such are taking a lot of time, and blogging has gone onto the shelf. Depending on how things go there, I’ll be blogging again within a week or so.

Thanks for your patience, good wishes & travelling prayers, and generous sending of gifts via Amazon.com whilst I’m on the road.

If anybody in Missouri wishes to make pilgrimage unto the Binky, I’ll be West of Kansas City.

See you soon,



– UPDATE: AIRPORT BLOGGINGSic transit gloria Delta: got to the airport, and are now enjoying the sweltering glories of the airport lounge, and our ever-receding flight. Originally for 9am.. then 10:35am.. now 12:30pm. Dear Lord, grant unto me the gift of patience.. but hurry up!

Binks hasn`t flown since before 9-11, so the new extra-security stuff was a novelty. Thankfully, with all the paperwork and suchlike, there was not little trip to the rubber-glove room, nor even the more usual impersonal bureaucratic malice one expects from bored civil servants. Mind you, Teh Binks is not a baddy, and is generally friendly and funny with strangers– runs in the family.

My maternal Grandfather George could strike up a friendship anywhere, with anyone, anytime. He was as magnanimous in friendliness as he was generous with his not inconsiderable worldly goods for them in need. So he shared his bright red Land-Rover, when hauling or winter plowing needed done for family, neighbours, and friends. A true great-heart, and a dear Grampa, besides.


More later, hopefully from the midpoint of the trip, when and if we actually leave the home airport and get into the Untied States herself.

Do pray travelling mercies for Teh Binks, SVP.

Bon voyajee!


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