EzZilla Attacks!


Dear Minions:

Word has reached our news HQ that noted Jewish person and hate-speecher Ezra Levant will be appearing in Halifax, NS (finally!), via Tim Bloedow & those narrow-minded theocratical freaks at the ECP Centre (details below).

What you may not know is that Binky The WebElf will also be there, in person, presenting at one of the workshops, hanging about, possibly asking questions, and generally being self-important, as per usual.

Thus, it’s a free-speecher 2-fer, in addition to the other fine folks on the official programme, so don’t miss out! Register early, tell your friends, and get out to this important event.

See you there,



Ignite Our Culture 2009 Halifax Conference

Live Free or … Fight
Fri. and Sat, Sept. 25-26, 2009
The ECP CENTRE’s first Eastern Canada conference – in Halifax – is going to be an exciting event.

Canada’s pre-eminent Freedom Fighter Ezra Levant will be our feature speaker on Saturday.

You will also hear from two other champions of freedom: Connie Fournier of freedom blog, Free Dominion, and Scott Brockie, an entrepreneur who was dragged through Ontario’s human rights system by a homosexual activist, but who has lived to tell the story.

At this conference, you will learn about the ongoing assault against our fundamental liberties in Canada. You will learn about the necessary link between our Judeo-Christian heritage and our tradition of liberty. You will learn about the link between the love of one’s child and a parent’s commitment to pick up his sword in this battle.

If you are a freedom fighter, this conference will encourage and strengthen you in this difficult battle. You will hear from motivating speakers and you will be able to network with other like-minded attendees.

If you aren’t active in the battle for freedom in Canada, but you want to learn more about the need for more people working to advance Judeo-Christian ethics and culture in Canada, you will also want to be a part of this conference.

This two-day conference will include workshops. Christian Heritage Party leader, Nova Scotian Jim Hnatiuk, will be speaking. We are waiting for responses from other invited speakers. A Conservative MP has also been invited to address the conference.

Christian and conservative organizations will be represented. We have other exciting plans that we hope to add as they become confirmed.

If you live in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island, we look forward to meeting you at our ECP Centre Live Free or… Fight “Ignite Our Culture” Conference on Sept. 25-26.

Please spread the word. Please forward this message to your friends and networks. Thank you for your support. If you have any problems registering for the conference online, please contact us for help at info@ecpcentre.com or 613-496-0091.

321 Main Ave. – Trinity Anglican Church – the new location (at the top of Fairview), Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3S 0B5
get directions


6:00pm – Doors open


9:00pm – Wrap-up


8:00-9:00 – Registration / Breakfast / Book tables open
9:00-9:30 – SESSION 1 – Scott Brockie
9:35-10:05 – Workshops – 2 to choose from
10:10-10:40 – SESSION 2 – Connie Fournier
10:40-11:00 – Break – Book tables open
11:00-Noon – SESSION 3 – Ezra Levant speech with Q&A
Noon-1:30 — Lunch
1:30-2:15 – Q&A panel with Ezra, Connie and Scott
2:15-2:30 – No Apologies – The ECP Centre’s alternative media project
2:30-2:45 – Break
2:45-3:15 – Workshop – 2 to choose from
3:15-3:45 – ECP wrap-up


Full price conference ticket: $75

Student price: $60

Early Bird price: $65 (over 10% saving)

Early Bird deadline is Sept. 5.

You can book online at http://ecpcentre.com

3 thoughts on “EzZilla Attacks!

  1. Linkback from missmarprelate.blogspot.com

    Binky the WebElf is on a long, long holiday. At least it feels very long for this deprived addict. However if I have any east coast readers they may be interested to know that he will be coming down from the North Pole or wherever it is that he lives to give a workshop at the ECP Live Free or…. Fight conference in Halifax…..

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