And Binkistan Rejoiced!

.. and the government watch-files re-opened. Hey, Jen! Did you miss me?


Let the crumhorns be a-tootled, the pointy-dagger & clog-dances be a-danced, for yea and lo, The Binks has returned to his domain, and the blogging shall resume verily and anon (probably tomorrow, since the 14 hours flying home yesterday gave me rather a case of the vapours/ feeb tremens).

Thanks for your patience during the Curate’s Egg Vacation, and to those who keep signing on via Twitter and/ or sending semi-coherent comments/ insults.


UPDATE: PS– I wrote a thingy for The Real Barack Obama site whilst away. Enjoy!

Binks: A Truman Teaching Moment

5 thoughts on “And Binkistan Rejoiced!

  1. I’ve never commented before but just had to say how much I missed you dear Binky! Can’t wait for the soon-promised blogroll! I hope you had a good rest. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Welcome back Sir Binks! In your honour, video of Michael Coren and guests discussing Yale University Press’s decision not to print the Motoons:

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