Steynian 374


Some people are good.
Some people are evil.
Not everybody who thinks or says they are good are truly good.
Most evil people actually think they are doing good.
If you want to be more gooder, learn the difference, and stop making excuses for evil people and their evil ideas.
Any questions?

Double Double Troubles

Link– Tim Hortons drops role in marriage day

Link– Harry Potter Star Blasts Parents Who Oppose Gay Sex Ed in Schools

Link– Sexual Tyrants Insult Jesus… Again

~ IT IS WITH TEARS IN MY EYES that I say that I may well have to boycott my chosen source for the bean of life, Tim Hortons. Why? No, not for the latest bizarre neo-donut product with soy sprinkles or any such, but because (like most companies) they recently surrendered to the Pink Mafia.

For those of you radicals who knowingly pooh-poohed, and those of you hopeful-cons and moderates who snickered at slippery-slope arguments about the whole gay ‘marriage’ thing, you all owe us warners the big apology. Stating what marriage really is? that now constitutes a near hate-crime for the rads. When the truth is optional, soon it will be outlawed.

Dear Pink Mafia/ Brownshirts: please admit you are marxist/ fascist and don’t want anybody to have a conscience or freedom to speak. It would be at least honest of you, and put the rest of us out of our misery of wondering why everything keeps falling over in a Leftward direction. Your undeclared war on families, marriage, religions that defy your will, and any person or group willing to stand up and push back is what you are adding up to, culturally and politically. Camille Paglia tried to warn us about the gay fascists a few years ago– now we’re all being forced to kiss the rainbow jackboot, and officially tolerate and approve of pride extremism in the guise of “not hating gays”.

Shame on us? Shame on you. ~

Enemies In Our Midst

Link– The radical is ‘not a reformer of the system but its would-be destroyer

“The sort of “progress” that is implied in the name Progressivism is actually a very un-American elitist fantasy in which The Progressive imagines that all people are equally ethical, trustworthy and basically good and that all cultures are likewise equally good and moral and that given the right information and presentation would agree with and submit to the Progressive agenda. As we have seen, this is opposed to and incompatible with the founding assumptions of the American republic.”

~ Yaacov Ben Moshe ~

~ THE HIDDEN HISTORY of the 20th century & radicalism is being written by former communists such as Ronald Radosh and David Horowitz. Much of what ordinary people experience in politics, culture, church-life, and government power in their lives arises from the activities and commitments of communists, leftists, and those committed to the overthrow and remaking of Western Civilization in general, and America in particular.

Go read Radosh & Horowitz, and read the FrontPage site and related sites. David Horowitz in particular has detailed how the radicals have gone mainstream, and makes the connections between extremist groups and causes that is hard for the outsider to make. The fruit of 70 years of Anti-American radicalism has been bearing fruit in the U.S. in the last generation, and now in the government and presidency itself.

The pro-Soviet radicalism of the 1930s and onwards has morphed into Obamunism, speech-codes, academic & media goodthink, environmentalism and other secular religions, and the European soft-fascism of bureaucrats making endless rules for their citizens to pay for and follow. The USSR died, but the dream of a perfect and inhuman society lives on.

So even if she is a card-carrying Tory, my cyber-stalker J. Lynch QC™ falls into a long line of petty-tyrants enabling the crushing of all that has been good and true about Western Civilization, in contrast with the great tide of wreckers since the French Revolution, dreaming of utopia while up to their armpits in blood and failure and the ruin of so many good things and people.

Why pick on Lynch and her kind? Well, after all, Stalin may have given the orders, but it was the army of bureaucrats that organized and rubber-stamped the living hell that was the Soviet Union, as it is even in 2009 China and North Korea. ~

Tornadoes & God

~ TEH BINKS WAS off on a vacation– bloggus interruptus ensued– and into a region in the U.S.’ tornado alley, also known for big floods. “Why oh why” we sometimes hear, “does God cause tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and such?”

A two-parter, really: immediately speaking, why do people persist in living in dangerous areas? Usually because it’s pretty, good cropland, the disaster-risk is livable, and the individual risk of getting wiped out or hurt in a lifetime is worth the risk.

The moon is atmospherically and geologically calmer than the earth: but lifeless. As Anglican philosophical theologian Austin Farrer argued, the kind of place that will produce a profusion of life will need to have the right conditions for such to arise, particular to it’s sort.

For earth-type life, that includes a stable sun & no immediate nasty or dangerous interstellar conditions nearby; water, atmosphere, and geologically active places. Atmospheres give rain, and hurricanes. Geology gives soil, but earthquakes or avalanches; volcanoes give atmosphere, elements, and renewed soils, but gases and explosions and such. Just ask the many millions of folks who live all around Eastern Florida; the U.S. Tornado Alley; the San Andreas Fault; or around the base of Mount Vesuvius. It’s a gamble. The world is not, and never will be ‘comfortably safe’.

The usefulness and beauty and life of this kind of place is accidental to it being itself. Mother nature is an abstraction, and a way of talking about God’s complicated creation. Creation must operate according to its own ways, as the living creatures must be their own sorts of things, and not simply Disney animatronic displays for our amusement, convenience, or safety. Nature is a fundamental good, but not safe. Often beautiful, but not for us only, but for God, and itself.

We set up safe places like homes and communities and nations, but then falsely imagine that we are safe from all danger– or should be. That’s all very understandable, but hardly reality-based.

Even our own bodies are a sort of kingdom of microscopic creatures, traits, ancient and modern influences, parasites, symbiotes, and an amazing diversity of cells and processes in an unimaginable complex of activities and connections. Despite the advances of modern science, the more we think we know, the less we grasp the createdness and complexity of just being embodied creatures. And so we seem shocked when– despite the 100% death rate– that some parts or systems of our walking kingdoms wear out, break down, or declare rebellion and start reproducing one kind of cell to the exclusion of all others. Especially in the West, with modern medicine, pain meds, and relatively long lives and highly survivable pregnancies, we feel ourselves startled and aggrieved should pain or plague or the ordinary changes of mortal life touch us.

That we find the passage of time surprising is in itself a surprising fact– as C.S. Lewis once observed. We seem to expect and long in ourselves for a timelessness which is not found in nature itself: shocked when children we’ve not seen for a while turn out to have grown up; that older people age and get old and die; that we ourselves may feel 25, but turn out to be a certain age. We look for eternity in our own time. Odd.

This particular shock is not only ours, though the narcissism and panic we often eternity-less moderns feel at the signs and approach of mortality is a sad commentary on the despair and fear and denial that accompanies the retreating tide of faith.

Such is the world: flowers, people, planets, stars, and galaxies die; from their ruin comes new life. So the specifically Christian hope is that though we are dust, we are beloved and holy dust made in the image of God, and He who made us can remake us unto eternal life, through the ingrafting of divine life given by those who choose and are called to receive it, through the incarnate and eternal Son of God. ~

Binks On HealthCare

Link– CANADA: medicare as it is now constituted is unsustainable; Canadians moving to allow more private options for health care

Link– American Surgeons Challenge Obama’s Lies

Link– Dirty Secret No. 1 in Obamacare, by Chuck Norris

~ HAVING BEEN IN THE U.S. for a month, it seems most ordinary folk I chatted with assumed that ObamaCare meant “What we have, but cheaper, and still good.” They were genuinely interested in the stories I had of actual Canadian “free” public health, and surprised about the death by waiting lines, ER parking for hours, and long waits for treatment.

In the U.S., hospitals are for profit. Bad service? No business. There are big hospitals, but also tons of little local clinics and specialist facilities for particular matters. Wait-times in the ER? An hour. The alleged giant tide of of ‘uninsured’ is partly those who choose to gamble on their health, and spend the money they should invest in proper insurance on other things– only to get caught when the accident or crisis hits.

There are matters of insurance and costs of the U.S. system that need to be addressed, but– again– part of that is because the government already has a 1/3 stake in the health-care system, and runs it about as efficiently as Canada does. After all–if you have a hospital, it’s either full or not. But a health-care bureaucracy & overhead, likely to waste 1/3 of the taxes they spend? It runs all the time, either doing not much, or doing things slowly and expensively. It’s like leaving your car on all the time– driving or parked– and calling that a better way to do travel.

The other question is about how a public system in the U.S. will encourage (as it does in Canada) worse health, more use of health-care for trivial complaints, and more bureaucracy. Need expands to consume available money, even as the government rationing system cannot sustain the current demand for decent and timely health-care.

I think the root of ObamaCare is all about taking over the economy, giving his voting base redistributed goodies, and selling people euthanasia, abortion, infanticide and a range of other horrors in a bill he and his handlers/ ideologues support, but seems not to actually have read or had boiled down for him. Scary. ~


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Shakedown Song


“In fact, Postmodernism, Communism, Socialism, Islam and Progressive Liberalism find their only common cause in their shared dread of The Individual. They share a fear, even unto loathing, no, even worse, unto denial, of the wants, the ambitions, the independence and the self-reliance of The Individual.”

~ Yaacov Ben Moshe ~

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“Let me be perfectly clear: I don’t just hate the stupid arrogance and messianic self-satisfaction of the Obama presidency; I hate the sickeningly ineffective and concupiscent faux conservatives on the other side even more. Both sides have betrayed their voters, their own natures and the promise of the American experiment in self-government.”

~ Yaacov Ben Moshe ~

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~ FAKE BUT ACCURATE? — Black Man Pleads Guilty to Posing as Obama-Hating White Supremacist on Facebook …. (

~ YOUR COMMANDED READING— Recent People’s Cube: Obama’s depression: we feel your pain, Dear Leader!; Stop Making Profit: ACORN Imitates The People’s Cube; Something has gone terribly wrong with …. (



Yale University Press’s decision not to print the Motoons

~ SOCKPUPPET NEWS is now online! Get all your hot Leftist/ Muslim hatemonger goodness with the click of a mouse! Elmo’s Canadian Charger publishes latest screed by Greg “It’s the JOO’s” Felton …. (thecanadiancharger)

~ FUN WITH ART— Mohammed disemboweled in Hell …. (ghostofaflea)

~ FRESH DALRYMPLE— Struggle for A Continent: Dalrymple tackles Islamic immigration to Europe in National Review …. (skepticaldoctor)

~ MOTOONS— Denmark: Art Gallery to Display Mohammed Cartoons, OIC’s “Islamophobia Observatory” Springs Into Action …. (weaselzippers)

~ DIANA WEST— No Lux, More Dhimmitude; More Lux et Dhimmitude: Cherchez La Dough …. (dianawest)

~ HEY, BIBI— What is this ‘borderline’ you speak of? Israeli Minister: Obama’s Policies “Borderline Anti-Semitic” …. (Wz)

~ GOOD NEWS— Scottish Islamic Foundation Forced to Return Tax Payer Money …. (socialcohesion)

~ OUR USEFUL IDIOTS— The Canadian left equates honor killings with domestic violence …. (winteryknight)

~ PLEASE REMEMBER The Copts, persecution of Christians in Egypt …. (vladtepesblog)

~ JIHADI PUBLIC RELATIONS, by Walid Phares– What do you call it when the big Jihadis kill the little Jihadis? Public relations …. (humanevents)

~ CALIFORNIA: Muslim gets 70 months for plot to attack U.S. synagogues and kill Jews …. (JiWa)

~ THE WEEKLY Wilders Round-Up …. (defendgeertwilders)

~ HOW TERROR Make Hostages Of Us All …. (


~ COWARD-WATCH: In ‘Pajamas Media,’ FIRE’s VP Slams Yale Press Censorship of Mohammed Cartoons; Yale & the Danish Cartoons: The Plot Thickens …. (thefire, PJMEDIA)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— The bitter fruits of appeasement; AND More of the same old, same old …. (spectator)

~ PARIS POOL BANS woman from wearing ‘burqini’ swimsuit; in related news from Slaveistan, British non-Muslim swimmers are told to wear burkinis …. (nationalpost, Vlad)

~ UNSPEAKABLE— Why the West strains to name its enemy, by Frank Furedi …. (frankfuredi)

~ IRAQI GAYS ROUNDED UP, tortured and mutilated …. (vladtepesblog)

~ TERRY GLAVIN— Compare and Contrast: Hassan Diab in Ottawa; Mahmoud El-Qemany in Cairo …. (

~ NO SURPRISE— Moslem ‘Honor Killing’… In America? …. (

~ COLONEL NEVILLE— “The wonderful world of insane Muslim kidnapper pedophile rapists and violent indoctrinating mass murderers of Christians etc. ” …. (

~ THE BRITISH decide that Israeli law is ‘unacceptable’ …. (spectator)

~ USEFUL INFIDELS— State senator, and CAIR chairman, misses votes for Islamic faith …. (creepingsharia)

~ SAUDI DIPLOMAT flees Ottawa assault charge …. (vladtepesblog)

~ BOSTOM— Promethean Courage Versus Cartoonish “Yalean” Cowardice …. (

~ YOUNG HOTTIES— Afghanistan: 60% of women married as children, often at age 9 or 10 …. (JiWa)

~ WINTRY KNIGHT— Choosing my religion: why I am not a Muslim …. (winteryknight)

~ THE SWEET SMELL of Democracy– “Here’s a fun fact. Prior to September 11, 2001 in Afghanistan, girls weren’t going to school and religious minorities were being persecuted. And yes, men could, under certain circumstances, legally rape their wives” …. (

~ INTERWEBS JIHAD— Islamic radicalization process unfolds online …. (creepingsharia)

~ BLASPHEMY provisions clash with Constitution …. (ifp)

Rape in prisons of Iran, 2nd witness

~ WHITE FEATHER U.— Yale Press Bans Images of Muhammad in New Book …. (IFP)

~ IRISH RADICAL Mary Robinson: Obama’s Medal of Sharia Winner …. (dianawest)

~ ROBERT SPENCER: Stealth Jihad, OIC and ruination of freedom of speech worldwide …. (IFP)

~ VIA PBS.ORG— “You can’t say that religious opinions made over 1, 000 years ago are valid for all times,” says Gamal al-Banna, a reformist Muslim cleric in Egypt …. (

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