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Cough Up, Minions!

~ IT’S TIME FOR CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE to put up, or shut up. Support conservative causes, buy conservative books, subscribe to the magazines, donate to our various online causes, and do it now.

One thing liberals and radicals do is put their money where their mouth is. We need to develop a habit of doing that, along with supporting our religious and other essential charities as we find them near us.

Yesterday, I signed on at the intro level of $5 monthly to Pajamas Media. It’s an awesome service, and there are higher levels of support for those who can afford it. They feature folks like Stephen Crowder, Bill Whittle, Andrew Klavan, Roger Simon, Hugh Hewitt, and Mr. & Mrs. Instapundit– Glenn & Helen Reynolds.

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It’s not enough to make noises, complain, and vote once in a while– as we spend on TVs or vacations or whatnot. These are hard times for many people– so we must support good conservative folk in their work– especially given the discriminatory bullying some conservative U.S. magazines are getting via the partisan US Post Office, which has been loading up extra mailing-charges on anti-Obama print media. No kidding. Ask Human Events.

Again, if you’re in the area, sign up for the Halifax Free Speech Conference with Ezra, Binks & Company in September. Spread the word. Expect to be pleasantly surprised: the word has still to get out to a lot of good-willed folk.

Thanks for listening to my rant. ~



Red Ted Kennedy

~ ITEM: Ted Kennedy dead (updated); Bill Bennett’s commentary on Senator Edward Kennedy.

~ ITEM: FrontPage Magazine – Ted Kennedy and the KGB; Ted Kennedy was a ‘collaborationist’

~ ITEM: MALKIN– The Kennedy KGB letter, Updated with info about the NIE leak

~ ITEM: KGB Letter Details Kennedy Offer To USSR; Senator Ted Kennedy cooperated with the KGB, Soviet leaders to undermine Reagan

~ ITEM: Ted Kennedy’s Catholicism

~ ITEM: Note to weeping media: Mary Jo Kopechne still dead

Rest eternal grant unto him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him.

~ WHILE THE world moves on, one of the abiding figures of the last U.S. Progressive outbreak (under Lyndon Johnson) has died: the lesser brother of the Kennedy clan.

One aspect of his political past that has received scant attention is his hatred of Ronald Reagan. How much did he hate that Republican president? Enough to give information, advice, and to make visits to the USSR to help them oppose Reagan and his conservative agenda. Like so many shameful aspects of the Cold War, the memory-hole has kept his reputation rather more spotless than it deserves.

At best, he might be pardoned this crime as a useful idiot– but it seems that he was rather more than that, in cooperating with the KGB and Soviet Regime to undermine the democracy of his own country, by seeking to undermine and weaken the duly elected president, according to the overwhelming popular vote of Americans.

The Left is supremely skilled at forgetting, changing, or misrepresenting its own ugly history, support of tyrants and death-dealing regimes, and disloyalty and treason to its own side, whether for utopian or political reasons.

Why mention it now, when it seems merely speaking ill of the dead?

Because, for all his peregrinations, temptations, and misdeeds, Edward Kennedy was a Catholic Christian. He departs this life to go to meet his Lord face to face, and receive judgement and so to eternal life or eternal death.

None of us who describe ourselves as Christians can discount that we have an eternal destiny, partly in consequence of our life and choices. This is a powerful doctrine behind our Western understanding of justice, individual moral responsibility, freedom and choice, and how we are intertwined with one another in sin and grace in life. Mushy Christians say that judgement is mean. I say that unless we have a powerful sense of judgement, purgatory,and life to come, then we allow the murdered and the murderer irrational and unjust equality in the end.

As that sense of moral and eternal consequences erodes in society and the legal and other insitutions founded upon it, we do not find some kind of ultimate freedom, but irresponsibility, victimology, barefaced lying, ignobility, and cruelty as the result. Without God, anything is permissible, foretold Dostoevsky of his own Russian society, not long after overtaken by the inhumanized iron comrades of the blood-thirsty god Stalin.

From the USSR came Communist China; the miseries of Indo-China, Cuba, various African nations, and the counless dead, crushed, and broken people because of Soviet Imperialism. THAT is what Ted Kennedy and his fellow travellers and hard-core radicals were encouraging and supporting. If it was the Star Wars universe, such folk would be cheering for Vader and the Emperor.

My prayers go out to his family. God have mercy on him. Lord Jesu, have mercy upon me, a sinner. ~


~ ITEM: Daily Kos sides with Islamic supremacists who want to extinguish free speech and oppress women and non-Muslims

~ DUNNO ABOUT YOU, but when I see a persecution or Auschwitz/ Nazi movie, I must honestly ask myself “And what would I do, under those circumstances?” I’ve known a little soft persecution and such, but when put to the point– say, under evil Nazis– would any of us bear up, let alone not look the other way, or turn coat, or betray others to save ourselves?

And shame– they say– on ‘Hitler’s Pope’ (he wasn’t), the Nazi Christians, and on all those other collaborators with evil.

Sad to say, for some– liberal religious folk, U.S. RINOs, Sorosified Democrats– they all seem super-fast to bend the knee unto friendly tyranny in the guise of Obama and his handlers. Never mind standing tough or fighting back against such things, or providing a loyal oppostion when he goes wrong– — since they share the heaven-on-earth at any cost utopianism, they love teh Glorious Leader.

National Socialism? Cool! Demonizing all opponents? Sweet! Messianic language and images of The Leader? Bring it on! Propaganda, lies, and blather? The leg-thrills just keep a-comin’!

So the imaginary after-the fact heroism people sometimes feel while watching movies or documentaries has little to do with how they’d actually respond to a real threat to freedom in our own time. But this is hardly a surprise when it comes to the left– as long as he’s communist or Islamist, the Left has never met a dictator it didn’t like.

What’s especially sad are the Bushitler demonizers warning about the loss of freedom, and creeping tyranny, and all that– until it’s their guy in control, when precisely the same concerns should be voice about freedoms and human rights, but suddenly those same ‘freedom-fighters’ have morphed into cheerleaders. ~

27-08-2009 5-25-31 PM

Whilst We’re At It

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The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

Mark Steyn

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Jennifer Lynch Textual Predator

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~ ‘UNWORTHY CREATURES’— “Given the media commentary in recent years about certain high-profile alleged “honour killings” in this country, Canadians might have the impression that such hideous crimes are confined to the Muslim community. That is not the case. Unchallenged violence against women, including honour killing, is also a distressing feature of Sikh, Hindu and South Asian Christian communities. I know. I am ethnically Indian, raised as a Christian”; meanwhile, in India: The Daughter Deficit, via the NYT …. (nationalpost, A-M)

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Squirrel & Gene

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Emperor Barack 1st

“Government reformers view themselves as morally superior, but that is an illusion. They are just like private-sector operators, who do things that are in their own interest, not society’s. Those things include taking advantage of an economic crisis to aggregate power for themselves and their offices.”

~ Amity Shlaes ~


~ ALL PRAISE AND GLORY UNTO DEAR LEADER! “Yesterday, the religious left had its online health care cheerleading session with Barack Obama”; God and Government, LLP; Repeatedly invoking the Bible, President Obama yesterday told religious leaders that health-care critics are “bearing false witness” against his plan; Is Opposing Obamacare a Sin? …. (Various)

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~ LEGENDARY philandering, alcoholic… millionaire, who took over famous brother’s Senate seat and ended up killing young female campaign worker– Dies …. (

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~ SO ARE YOU PART of the “Angry Mobs”? Yet? …. (

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Hillary Soviet Salute

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~ AMERICAN COMEDIANS rolling over for Barack Obama …. (newsbusters)

~ CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Reuters: Democratic fund-raiser charged in Citigroup fraud …. (instapundit)

~ IRAN VS. HONDURAS— Now Is The Time At SDA When We Juxtapose! …. (SDA)

~ MEDIA-WHORE Matthews: Obama Not Getting Enough Love for Economic ‘Comeback’ …. (

~ A FALSE-FLAG OPERATION IN DENVER? Lefty vandalizes Democratic Party HQ, Tea Partiers blamed. Some people are suspicious; Breaking: Denver Vandal Worked for Dem Politician— Was Arrested at RNC Convention! …. (instapundit, gatewaypundit)

~ DEFICIT FEARS Put Obama’s reforms in Jeopardy; Fidel Castro Claims Racist Right-Wingers Fight Obama …. (, reuters)

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~ CONGRESSMAN Peter King on Obama Administration: “You wonder which side they’re on” …. (jihadwatch)

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~ PEOPLE’S CUBERY— Foodicare: Health-Through-Nutrition Care for America; lots of cool products …. (thepeoplescube)

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Infidel's Guidemed

~ NEW SPENCER BOOK coming September 22: The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran! …. (jihadwatch)

~ TERRORISTS SENTENCED IN CANADA: “Saad Khalid, 23, told a Brampton courtroom he accepted responsibility for his role in the domestic terror plot to detonate bombs outside the Toronto Stock Exchange and CSIS headquarters, as well as an unnamed Ontario military base, in 2006 …. (instapundit)

CHRISTOPHER Hitchens discusses the Iranian atomic bomb

~ TORONTO MUSLIMS basically kidnapping each other/themselves in broad daylight now (UPDATED). But just think of all the great restaurants! …. (fivefeetoffury, vladtepes)

~ THE MUSLIM CANADIAN Congress makes an excellent point about the Suaad Mohamud case …. (nationalpost)

~ PAMELA GELLER, Washington Times: Rifqa Bary, Apostate in America …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ TERRORIST CRIES REGRET for involvement in Toronto 18 bomb plot …. (vladtepesblog)

~ WHITE FEATHER’D YALE: Betraying Nathan Hale, Embracing the Muslim Brotherhood …. (IFP)

~ CREEPING SHARIA— Update: North Carolina jihad plot (video) …. (creepingsharia)

~ IRANIAN WOMEN on trial for their Christian faith …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ RAMADAN: Conquest of modern day Spain …. (creepingsharia)

~ MAHFOUZ IN HELL— The Serial Libel Tourist is Dead; But Libel Tourism is Alive and Well …. (ifp)

~ CJUNK ON ‘The Apostate and Goliath’ …. (

~ NATIONAL journalism workship for high school students doubles as Islamic dawah …. (creepingsharia)

~ ON THE APOTHEOSIS of leftism …. (ghostofaflea)

~ UN FACT-FINDER decided the “facts” in advance: Israel is guilty …. (

~ FLORIDIAN KIDS sent home from school over “Islam is of the devil” t-shirts …. (creepingsharia)

~ WARREN ON LOCKERBIE— “The use of the very term “compassionate” in the Scottish decision is two-edged. While it does, indeed, spit on the graves of the bomber’s victims, and in the faces of their survivors, it simultaneously infers that by refusing “compassion” opponents of the decision are unjust” …. (davidwarrenonline)

~ PRO-JIHAD U.S. FEDS rule seizure of terror funding Muslim charity’s assets unconstitutional …. (creepingsharia)

~ GHOST OF A FLEA— “There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ PALESTINIAN Arab Doctor Rules Out Swedish Blood Libel Claims; Donald Boström rapes baby dolphins on crack …. (vladtepesblog)

~ SCOTLAND— ‘Failing to learn the Lockerbie lesson’; Scottish government: Obama-lite?; Some Scots wear white flags under their kilts …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ DELIGHTFUL Pakistan: Christian Teen Beaten, Charged With “Blasphemy” Against Koran …. (weaselzippers)

~ THE SOCK-PUPPETEER— Historical fantasies: Elmasry on Islamic slavery …. (vladtepesblog)

~ USEFUL IDIOT SAYS WHAT?… “Tariq Ramadan doing Muslims and others a favour” …. (

~ THOSE PESKY Danish cartoons …. (theglobeandmail)

~ MEMO TO DER FUHRER— A report on Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds …. (city-journal)

~ GLOBAL REPORT: Renewed Islamist violence in Nigeria targets Christians …. (christianweek)

~ ATLAS 2K— Chai, September 18th: The Aqsa Parvez Memorial Dedication …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ HIS SERENE HIGHNESS Barack Hussein Obama II, Lord of the Flies and Protector of the Holy Cities of Honolulu and Chicago, has just nobly urged us to “seek common ground” with Muslims everywhere …. (nationalreview)

~ KATE @ SDA— “So to all those journalists reading this… Stop blithely propagating Taliban lies as though there were no consequences to those actions.” …. (SDA)

~ A CLASH of fashions: In Paris, home to restive, arson-prone “youths,” it’s pink and purple mini dresses vs. black abayas. Gee, I wonder who’s going to win the French fashion war? …. (scaramouche)

~ IRAN PUTS LEADING reformers on trial over unrest; Human-rights lawyer finds himself a target, once again …. (eyeontheun)

~ LIBERAL CHRISTIAN EEJITS— “On the House of Bishops and Deputies listserv, two deputies are appalled, just APPALLED, that so many people are outraged about Scotland’s release of the Lockerbie bomber, a man responsible for the deaths of 270 innocent men, women and children” …. (themcj)

~ DELIGHTFUL IRAN: Officials blame alleged rape victim for his own jailhouse attack …. (eyeontheun)

~ VANDALISM at the Motoon Gallery …. (

~ CANUCKI HONOUR KILLING— Kingston court denies Shafias right to communicate with their remaining children …. (vladtepesblog)

~ FIVE YEARS ON, Beslan’s Survivors Feel Forsaken; Photo Gallery: Beslan’s Double Disgrace …. (

~ AN INCREASINGLY Open Jihad in Sweden …. (

~ GREAT NEWS: Obama Starts New Science And Technology Outreach With Muslim Countries. We’re screwed …. (CitC)

~ LEFTARD DAILY KOS sides with Islamic supremacists who want to extinguish free speech and oppress women and non-Muslims …. (jihadwatch)

~ TURTLE BAY BOSS-MAN Ban Ki-moon: Just another shill …. (eyeontheun)

~ NORWAYS IS IN THE MIDST of an election campaign, so the recent Muslim gay-bashing episode is a gift basket of opportunities for politicians who dare to chip away at the wall of political correctness …. (

~ HUMPING THE WEE LASSIES— 10-year-old Muslim bride turned over to 80-year-old husband from whom she had been hiding; Clowns bad. 80 year old paedophile good. A typical Saudi day under Sharia …. (jihadwatch, vladtepes)

~ ‘APOSTATE’ Girl’s Father: The Unreported Story, Pamela Geller– What’s behind the father’s unusual actions since he discovered Rifqa Bary had become a Christian? …. (atlasshrugs)

~ OTTAWA fighting Khadr ruling– Government going to the Supreme Court …. (macleans)

~ FOSTERING a Mid-East Genocide on Campus By: Fern Sidman A new film sheds light on the proliferation of anti-Semitism on college campuses …. (frontpagemag)

~ NASTY Palestinian family at center of Swedish blood libel: Hey, we didn’t say the Zionists stole our boy’s organs …. (jihadwatch)


~ SUPER-DUPER ALERT— UK author who criticized Koran: ‘Hey, I just discovered that the Koran is super after all!’; Faulks balks: UK novelist wimps out on Koran criticism. Maybe Christians should threaten to behead people if they don’t respect us huh? … (jihadwatch, fivefeetoffury)

Sebastian Faulks, Dhimmi Author
Sebastian Faulks, Dhimmi Author

27-08-2009 5-25-31 PM

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