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Lawyerly Whinging From A Wimp

“This is the first time in 32 years that anyone has been acquitted under the censorship provisions of the Canadian Human Rights Act,” he said. “That’s amazing – and to have the law declared unconstitutional is even more of a breakthrough.”

~ Ezra Levant ~

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~ HMMPH. OK, so one of the pseudo-judges of one jurisdiction of the pseudo-courts known as Human Rights Commissions has admitted that part of the law he operates under is bogus. No, it’s not a real court, operating with real laws, due process or jurisprudence.

Now what? It will make it harder for HRCs to prosecute under that law, but what has really changed? The process is still the punishment; the law is still in place; nobody involved has been fired or held accountable; there’s been no serious governmental review or inquest yet, and the could-be-in-power NDipper/ Liberal Party still consider HRCs a grand thing. Watch those polls.

The Shaidle says:

For twenty years, the bad guys got to pretend that something was constitutional.

For the next twenty years, we get to say it isn’t.

Optics.. got it. Very important, too.


Now maybe I am indeed a sucky lawyerly timid paranoid with cootifying eyeball-rays, but until the HRCs are finally neutered and locked up in a safe place where they can’t go on making Canadians miserable, I’m still cranky, and there’s still a file in Jennifer Lynch’s office with my blog-name in it. If I get complained on, I will be investigated and get $30 000.00 poorer, but possibly get off on via this new ‘precedent’. Joy unbounded ensues.

The Ottawa Tories have showed no enthusiasm for doing the right thing over Section 13 or the HRC abuses in the past– will this really prompt them to leap into action? I have no doubt that an insider like Ezra Levant knows many things the rest of us don’t, but let’s see some actual change in legislation, and how the HRCs are run, reviewed, and conduct themselves.

After all, if this is an HRC ‘strategic decision’ or has that side-effect, then it gets the mouthy bloggers and journalists off the collective backs of the Human Rights Club, and after a few years of cool-off, they can get back to their utopian work of making the perfect society by enriching lawyers and torturing ordinary people via a brutalizing process.

The march against free speech continues in the West, whether or not Athanasios D. Hadjis has broken the HRC 100% conviction rate and let Lemire of the hook and registered his protest against Sec.13. Via the ‘progressive left’ or jihadi activists, Christian free speech is still under attack, legitimate political debate is the U.S. is under unprecedented threat from militant Obamunism and the hydra of American Communism, and political correctness and the CCTV eyes of Big Brother still holds sway in the EU.

I’ll raise a celebratory glass with my online friends and allies at this small but significant victory, in a wider war.

Then let’s rise up and get back into the fight.

The Endarkening


~ ITEM: Gmail outage affected majority of users, says Google

~ THE OTHER DAY, Google went down for 100 minutes. The users of Google search and Google apps of various kinds were cut off, cold turkey. Most of us assume our eternal begooglement, because it’s the main too, e-mail, and go-to source. A couple thoughts, then.

(1) Too much dependence on one service is a bad thing. We need to use a range of services, and computer-based versus online apps.

(2) This is what the petty-dictators of the world would like to see: less of us blathering and learning verboten things via the internet. A little foretaste of the internet as darkened tyrant-web versus info free-for-all?

(3) If I were an enemy of the West, I would figure out how to destroy the internet, or at least severely downgrade its performance and usefulness in time of war. China and Russia already appear to be probing this. We bin warned. ~

More, More, More!

~ ITEM: Why the Obama administration is determined to do the time warp again is easier to decipher. Obama’s advisers think the answer to every problem is more cowbell, if by “cowbell” you mean “Obama.”

~ ITEM: Video: More Cowbell

~ FOR THOSE OF YOU not a super-cool and culturally attuned to the ‘happening moment of the now’ as is Teh Binks, the phrase ‘More Cowbell!’ may leave you puzzled, tilting your head, doglike, at the phrase. Or the t-shirts.

Simplicity itself: it’s from a catchy Saturday Night Live sketch with Will Farrell and the amazing Christopher Walken. The plot is the reunion of a 60s rock-band– Walken plays a music producer– “THE Bruce Dickinson”– whose only wisdom appears to be that the music needs “More Cowbell, baby”. Will Farrell obliges, much to the irritation of his fellow band-members. Hilarity ensues.

The political connection? Obama and his handlers seem to have one piece of wisdom: More Cowbell (Obama). Since he won the campaign & election on his charm, good looks, smooth talk, and Oneness, why, just roll it out again when the domestic terrorists (read, electorate) rage and gnash their teeth. Surely, lots of Obama will be even better the second time around?

Sorry, but I don’t even find myself that interesting, let alone this tarnished Marxist git, who can’t seem to do anything right at home or abroad. He may be Van Jones’ wet dream, but he’s not turning on that many Americans any more, and the British press seems to have his number, as well.

The danger inherent in this so-far unsuccessful approach reminds this author of another classic song, this time by poet-songwriter Paul Simon. ~

Paul Simon – One Trick Pony

The lyrics

He’s a one trick pony
One trick is all that horse can do
He does one trick only
Its the principal source of his revenue
And when he steps into the spotlight
You can feel the heat of his heart
Come rising through

See how he dances
See how he loops from side to side
See how he prances
The way his hooves just seem to glide
He’s just a one trick pony (thats all he is)
But he turns that trick with pride

He makes it look so easy
He looks so clean
He moves like God’s
Immaculate machine
He makes me think about
All of these extra movements I make
And all of this herky-jerky motion
And the bag of tricks it takes
To get me through my working day
One-trick pony

He’s a one trick pony
He either fails or he succeeds
He gives his testimony
Then he relaxes in the weeds
He’s got one trick to last a lifetime
But thats all a pony needs
(thats all he needs)

He looks so easy
He looks so clean
He moves like God’s
Immaculate machine
He makes me think about
All of these extra movements I make
And all of this herky-jerky motion
And the bag of tricks it takes
To get me through my working day

One-trick pony, one trick pony
One-trick pony, one trick pony
One-trick pony (take me for a ride)
One trick pony


Whilst We’re At It

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~ Hugh Hewitt ~


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What Took So Long?

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(Official White House photo by Pete Souza)
(Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

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~ OBAMA & THE CIA: Making the Terrorists’ Day …. (spectator)


~ THE OBAMA APPROACH to the Arab world and to dictatorships is failing …. (weeklystandard)

~ ROVE YOU MAGNIFICENT Bastard: ObamaCare: ‘A Perfect Political Storm Is Amassing, And Heading Straight For Democrats …. (weaselzippers)

~ JUST ASKING— Barack Obama: Did He Murder & Rape A Young Girl In 1990? …. (rightwingnews)

~ SECRET NEW EVIDENCE Confirms Protocols of the Learned Elders of Kilkenny …. (

~ OBAMACARE: Yes it can bite your finger off!; Weekend at Teddy’s (he’s still a major player in Obamacare); Cannibal Zombies for Obama; Obfuscation In the Administration; School Indoctrination: Obama Youth …. (thepeoplescube)




~ TOLERANT CANUCKISTAN— The making of a homegrown terrorist… Saith Binks: and all the usual suspects did cry out “Wah, boo hoo! See? Canada is hateful, racist, Islamophobic, and intolerant!” Um.. no. The guy chose to follow a hateful ideology, despite the pablum of Canucki multi-culti Please Don’t Hurt Us Ideology; in related news, “Toronto 18 member gets 14-year sentence”, and good riddance; Canadian jihadist gets 14-year sentence with 7 years’ credit for time served …. (Various)

Canucki Terrorist Saad Khalid Pretty Pleased With His Bad Self, Pre-Sentence

~ CRY ME A RIVER! Faux-moderate jihadi Tariq Ramadan was treated unfairly! Waaaaah! We’ve gone through all the deets on this disreputable character over on Canucki Jihad, so fill your boots. Link contributed via Poste de Veille …. (petitiononline, postedeveille)

~ GHOST OF A FLEA— The Battle of Toronto …. (ghostofaflea)

~ UK MUSLIM PARENTS Hire Hitman to Kill “Westernized” Daughter …. (Wz)

Rich H8tr Lefty
Rich H8tr Lefty

~ FILTHY JEW SCUM! Jane Fonda, Danny Glover, 50 Other ‘Artists’: Focus on Tel Aviv in Toronto Film Festival is Zionist Propaganda; Arabs Condemn Madonna for Raising Israeli Flag During Concert in Tel Aviv …. (Various)

Christopher Hitchens: Axis of Evil

~ ROBERT SPENCER IS ONSITE— At the Rifqa Bary hearing, Orlando, Florida …. (

~ A NEW BOOK— “Tony Blair calls the Koran ‘progressive [and] humanitarian’ but Robert Spencer has actually read the scripture and begs to differ” …. (

~ YOU SEE, “He was depraved on account he was deprived: The Toronto Star offers a “Sgt. Krupke” explanation to account for why a young lad would join a violent gang” …. (scaramouche)

~ LOCKERBIE SHAME— “This was a cock-up, not a conspiracy: The real story of the Megrahi affair is not the duplicity of the British government, but its utter cluelessness” …. (spiked-online)

~ INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST STENCH lingers beyond Toronto 18 …. (vladtepes)

~ IF WE USE history as our guide, how does history support a counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan? …. (ghostofaflea)

~ TERRY GLAVIN— “We should not presume to question Afghans’ aspirations for democracy”; and “The Afghan Election: At History’s Crossroads Stands A Single Canadian Traffic Cop” …. (

~ THE BRAVE WAFA SULTAN: “As an Arab woman who suffered for three decades living under Islamic Sharia, it is clear to me that Islam’s political ideology and Sharia must be fought relentlessly by Western civilization to prevent its application in a free society” …. (jihadwatch)

~ FREEDOM ELSEWHERE— BBC News: Two bloggers from Azerbaijan are facing up to five years in jail after posting a video of a donkey giving a news conference on YouTube …. (internationalfreepresssociety)

~ ON THE REFUSAL to Recognize Anti-Semitism …. (spectator)

~ MERE COMMENTS ON THE Lockerbie Bomber Release: Christian Compassion a Fig Leaf for Politics? …. (merecomments)

~ A TRUE FEMINIST smacks down ‘3rd wave’ intellectually challanged Al Gore consultant ‘feminist’ over Muslim world oppression of women …. (weaselzippers)

~ FAIR IS FOUL in Scotland– The feckless release of a Libyan terrorist. by Tod Lindberg …. (weeklystandard)

~ MUSLIMS HIRE ‘shark’ attorney in Christian runaway case — ‘Battle has just begun, they are just getting started’ …. (wnd)

~ GOOD LUCK WITH THAT…. Human Rights Watch: Saudi Arabia must offer equality to Shias …. (mypetjawa)

~ IRAN? NUKES YOU SAY? “UN-believable!: Just when you think the UN’s bald-faced treachery can’t get worse, it does. Claudia Rosett, incorrigible scourge of the internationalist set, has the info” …. (scaramouche)

~ HOLOCAUST Denial in Gaza, Reality Denial in Geneva …. (reformedpastor)

~ CLOAK & DAGGER— Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli of MEMRI relates the fascinating background of Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki’s twilight struggle with Syria — and Iran …. (richardfernandez)

~ CUDDLING WITH EVIL— California Pols Break Fast with Hamas Front …. (investigativeproject)

~ NORTH CAROLINA imam was preaching jihad in the 90’s …. (creepingsharia)

~ JIHAD AGAINST the kuffars is of two types …. (creepingsharia)

~ FLORIDA JUDGE Spares Christian Convert Rifqa Bary From Having to Return to Muslim Parents …. (weaselzippers)

~ CONSPIRACY Theories, Terror Support Found in ISNA Convention Literature …. (investigativeproject)

~ CONTRAST & COMPARE— “The AP has no problem publishing the photograph of an American son in his dying moments … against the express wishes of the father … yet that same AP won’t publish a Mohammad Cartoon” …. (

~ WESTERN Immigration and Global Jihad …. (sigcarlfred)

~ MIGHT MAKES RIGHT— Yale University Press blinks. by Christopher Caldwell …. (weeklystandard)

~ UGLY & HATEFUL— The WWF Hijacks 9/11: Bumped & Updated …. (dailybayonet)

~ COINCIDENCES? Former Muslim Student Association president from Alabama identified as al Qaeda-linked Somali terrorist …. (creepingsharia)

~ AL QAEDA Frequently Encountered in … Virginia!??! …. (mypetjawa)

~ CLOSET CON— Hey, Guess Who the Real Virgin Mary Is?; Christians riot in Jerusalem… massive pogrom feared …. (CitC, BCF)

~ GET THE POINT? Uighur Muslims in China stabbing opponents with tainted needles …. (jihadwatch)

~ UNINDICTED co-conspirator brags about speaking to Obama & Holder at Ramadan dinner …. (creepingsharia)

~ ARMED TO THE TEETH, N.C. Terror Cell Members Talked of Jihad …. (investigativeproject)

Rifqa Bary updates (video)

~ MORAL MIDGETS— Taliban Blames “Invaders” for Post-Election Kandahar City Massacre …. (



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