Steynian 382


Human-Smoke Over Manhattan

~ LOTSA RIGHTGIRL— Kenneth William Basnicki: December 10, 1959 – September 11, 2001; Edward Francis “Teddy” Maloney III: October 11, 1968 – September 11, 2001; Let’s Roll: Other Remembrances; Hole in the Heart; Can’t Cry Hard Enough: Why I do this every year; and Know Thine Enemy: Islam …. (

~ SINCE– FOR HUMANS GENERALLY, AND LIBERALS in particular, It’s ALL Political™, the anniversary of the horrific attacks of 9/11 on New York and Washington has become another political football, and no an event that truly united Americans of all political classes against a clear and present danger from external enemies. People can blame George Bush, but he was correct in this at least: that if we won’t fight IslamoFascist Terror afield, we will fight it and get more terror attacks at home. As it is– despite the bleatings of the Democrats and international left– literally hundreds of similar or worse attacks have been stopped, prevented, and nipped in the bud by vigilant men and women.

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