Steynian 383

Sesame Street– Ultimate Evil?


~ ITEM- “Simply monstrous: This is what happens when health care becomes an exercise in satisfying bureaucratic stipulations rather than an enterprise concerned, first and foremost, with human lives”; Pro-lifer gunned down; One Preemie’s Story, Another Who Won’t Get the Chance

~ OK, MAYBE NOT ULTIMATE EVIL, BUT ALL THOSE rapid-fire segments, addictive little songs, and liberal social engineering isn’t right. Aside from that, I consider the de-monsterization of monsters to be a disservice to the truth of things, and the moral and imaginative education of children. You know, editing all the scary bits out of stories and nursery rhymes, and replacing it with “Happy The Bunny Goes Recycling.”

Pre-Wimpified Sweetums
Pre-Wimpified Sweetums

Cookie Monster? Messy eater. Grover? Groveller. Harry? A bit irritable. Sweetums? Pretty scary in the Henson version of The Frog Prince, but since that, just a misunderstood guy with some facial-hair issues. You know, ‘cuz monsters are funny and nice and stuff. Ho-hum. Everything is nice… except when it isn’t.

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