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Effing Bottles Of Beer On The Wall?!?

Part 6 – Presentation hosted by Choose Life McGill hijacked by pro-abortion protesters Oct. 6 2009

~ ITEM: AFTER THAT RUBA @ MCGILL MEETING, A REMINDERSaint Mary’s University Disrupted by Protesters, Mark Mercer; “I don’t think that this type of talk should be allowed to happen at McGill,” said Eisenkraft Klein. “This is student space. This is not public property.” McGill’s Choose Life campus club had an event yesterday. It was shouted down. Apparently only some voices have a right to be heard”; McGill U pro-life event arrests

~ ITEM: Calling all McGill alumni— Not here. At Heartless and Brainless. Check it out

~ SHOCKING, BUT HARDLY a surprise, given 50 years of student & faculty radicalism on the modern un-diversity campus. So the modern jobs-training & ideology centre known as McGill is now one big Professor Alisnky sex & tolerance re-education centre, where all the happy little Isms run free and frolic in the fields… multiculturalism, relativism, totalism, socialism, feminism, communism, and a few more besides– including the Muslim Student Association, and a little Jihadism, to round out the mix.

A Very Bad Penis-Wielding Man Named James McGill

Gone are the patriarchal evils of ye olde white men– like prosperous and generous Scots immigré and merchant James McGill, who founded the thing in 1821 (the first non-denominational university in the British Empire). White people– especially the Christian non-radical ones with penises– are the source of all evils after all.

As we saw with the Sock-Puppets and Ryerson revolutionary comrades, the idea that academia is a place for free expression, ideas, the pursuit of truth, learning  the best of ancient and modern wisdom? Pshaw, and ick! The great soothing baby-blanket of political correctness must stifle all, that no feeling be hurt, no imagined slight be suffered, no stupid or bad idea die the painful death of exposure to truth, light, and reasonable debate.

Indeed, the Socks seemed to be arguing that not only are university speech codes and muzzling pieties of political correctness so good, they should be extended to all of society. Or else, no questions asked.

21st Century Intellectual Vandalism

Deliberate silencing of debate?– the epitaph of the idea-less Left is already writing itself. Afraid of facts, of “fair debate” (usually a delaying tactic anyway), the radicals are actually worse than the old barbarians who overthrew the Roman West– those barbarians mostly sought to buy in, to settle down, to be part of the Empire which they’d already served and protected for generations as members of the Legions of Rome. The infamous Sack of Rome in AD 410 was eminently avoidable, had it not been for Roman snobbery and double-dealing with Alaric and his barbarian tribes.

These new mad barbarians are less than that; they seek to break, not repair; to burn all they do not approve of; to burn the libraries and slaughter the thinkers. These are the looters of the built- up moral, spiritual, and material capital of hundreds of generations of their forebearers. To squander, and forget what was, except that it was theirs to steal and waste, according to their fevered imaginations.

As a child, I spent several years in Montreal, as Binks-Dad studied at McGill Med School– he’s a proud Grad, at least of that College then. It’s a sad blow to a once-great institution to see this sort of ignorant neo-barbarian hooting– even if only of a tiny minority– tolerated by University officials and campus or other security.

The barbarians are already here, smirking, and shouting “One Hundred Bottles Of Beer On The Wall” as their hateful war-cry. These are the children of modern Canada, Trudeaupia triumphant.

Woe, Canada. ~

McGill University
845 Sherbrooke St. W. Montreal, Quebec Canada, H3A 2T5
Tel: 514-398-4455.

toldyousoJihad Canada: It’s 2009

~ ITEM: CANADA, 2009Michael Coren receives threats for airing an interview with Westergaard; and CFRA Radio Ottawa Canada with Kurt Westergaard and IFPS James Cohen

~ ITEM: Belgium: Gallery takes down exhibit due to offended Muslims; and German publisher drops novel over fears of Muslim backlash

~ ITEM: Letter from the NCAC to Yale for their blatant submission to irrational authority; Yale Author refuses to allow publication of any more of her work

~ ITEM: “There is a culture war, a kulturkampf, occurring in this country…”

~ SPEAKING OF BARBARIANS, as the Pope pointed out in his controversial Regensburg address, we’ve all got a pesky Muslim problem. Officially, they have no secularity or widespread rational tradition, so Allah Uber Alles. On the other hand, a militant secularity in the EU Empire and elsewhere has no time for the sacred. Two absolutes face each other on the battlefield of modernity, with Judaeo-Christian religion rejected by both and caught somewhat in the no-man’s land.

So in Canada, we have the busy & stubborn practical atheists of the HRCs, versus the would-be shariah-rulers of a new Canadistan, both happily picking on the religious and the reasonably law-abiding true liberals of the older legal and moral tradition. It’s the same in Europe, though the rot is far gone there, and the gangrene of the Caliphate has set in somewhat.

It almost seems like a movie-script excess: broadcaster gets death threats for talking with a cartoonist. Perhaps some of the sober parliamentarians of the Justice Committee– some of whom still appear to live intellectually and factually in the 1980s– could do with considering that what was once a fatwa against one author (Salman Rushdie) has now, by extension, applied itself to all of us apostates, infidels, and those brave enough to defy the totalitarian spiritual claims and empire of a militant Islam. Michael Coren, 2009, Canada, death threat. Get it? Section 13 is a dirty band-aid on an amputation.

The Differences Abide

Even the useful idiots of the Left who side with Gauleiter Elmasry over at the Canadian Charger will get no credit for their help in undermining the West.. for unlike Jesus and His Father, Allah is only merciful to his own. “God so loved the world” says Christianity; “Submit or die, or be enslaved!” says Islam.

Reasons? Cuz Muslims serve Allah, and you can’t question him, nor ask reasons. It’s a super-parental “Because I Told You So”, minus the religious and human and practical roots of parental authority, grounded in the eternal authority and Fatherhood of God himself, shown to Israel, and revealed in the flesh in Jesus Christ, God’s own love and self in our human neighbourhood. Sorry, but that’s not Islam, but it is what our civilization grew from and is rooted in.

A Little ITYS

In the light of the past few years since his legal pestering over the MoToons, Ezra Levant has earned every right to dance around in public doing the “I Told You So Dance” at every possible opportunity. He told us so. We ignored, or vilified, or fearfully told him to pipe down, or there might be.. trouble. How very 1936 Germany of us.

I, however, am just not as classy as Mr. Levant. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So.

I Told You So. ~

IMG_9922Witness! Testify!

~ IN WATCHING THE Steyn-Levant event at Parliament, I was most struck by a couple of Liberal/ Separatist folks questioning our dynamic duo.

A couple of these folk literally seemed to think that minus the constraining protections of the Human Rights brigades, hateful old white Canada would be on the verge of Nuremberg rallies, and everyone from tots to grannies would burst out singing the Horst Wessel Song, and start busting heads.

As Mark pointed out to the assembled Parliamentarians and audience, hate is part of every one of us, and cannot be managed by committee. Sin and darkness come from the human heart.

I’d add that hate is not just restricted to white European males, either. People of all colours, races, and creeds can be hateful, racist, discriminatory, and supremacist towards those inside and outside their own circle. Many immigrants come from and sometimes long for the security-blanket of political and religious dictatorship, like in ye olde country.

It’s jelly-like MultiCultists who do the self-hating & self-doubting ‘We’re The Worst Ever’™ routine, or at least, we’re the best of a terrible bunch, and so the rest need to be reined in, watched, and nannied, lest they all go berserk. That’s the puddle-like depth of deconstructionist theory of humans and societies: the betters must herd the evil sheeps.

Little did we imagine that Dean Steacy, Richard Warman, Jennifer Lynch, Barbara Hall, and all the other unsung minions & heroes of the thin Jell-o line are all that stands between us and our old adversaries chaos and anarchy. The last good people on the bastions, dontcha know.

Not so much. ~

But That’s Just Crazy Talk!

~ ITEM: France: Nuclear Physicist Accused Of Militant Ties

… BUT REMEMBER— It could never ever ever maybe ever happen at McMaster University. So shut up, you racist loonies, or we sue you. ~

Odds & Ends

~ ITEM: YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASEA Free Maziar Baharia update

That Mitchell and Webb Look: Bad Vicar

I aspired to be like this guy….


~ HAVE I MENTIONED LATELY that I can’t stand clowns, mimes, or the Cirque Du Soleil stuff? Really dislike.. probably because of the demented juvenilism of church clowns, who seem so lame, desperate, and sad. What is this, 1930? Ringling Brothers & Barnum Three-Ring Sacraments? These clown-people don’t seem to have noticed that culturally, clowns have gone evil since the 1970s. Ever heard of Krusty the Clown? Stephen King’s ‘It’? Insane Clown Posse?

I actually saw real clowns at a real circus a couple of times as a kid. Funny, a bit. Then years later at a big anniversary service for the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, at the giant SkyDome. Wince-worthy.


Never understood mimes, or the appeal thereof; and people in clown-suits just seem to be enforcing their imagined hilarity on others. Sorry.. just not buying it. All those clowns piling out of a tiny car? Probably from some devilish rift in the space-time continuum.

Go away. Send out the clowns. Now. And just stay the hell out of organized religion. ~


Mark Steyn

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Obama’s kids get to go to public schools but yours don’t!

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~ TERROR-PANDERING Obama helping facilitate billions in business for Syria. Country gets crucial deal without promising to drop alliance with Iran …. (therealbarackobama)

~ THE DOLLAR’S Demise: Glenn Beck and Larry Kudlow get sucked into Robert Fisk’s brain …. (

~ NIDRA POLLER ON Obama’s Richly Deserved Nobel Prize …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ WHAT A SURPRISE— “More Bizarre Nuttiness From Another Obama Pick” …. (

~ OBAMA’S SEWER: “Organizing for America” Website of Jewish Blood Libels …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ PAGING TEH FLOTUS— Will the Real Alinskyite please stand up? …. (realbarackobama)

~ CHAOS AT COBO: Up to 20,000 People Turned Out For ‘Free Money’…Actually An Application For Fed. Assistance To Pay For Utilities, Rent/House Payments… UPDATED: Rush Video Added …. (weaselzippers)

~ NEW FEDERAL DEFECIT Triples to $1.4 Trillion in Obama’s First Year …. (


~ GHOST OF A FLEA: “That all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found” …. (

ObaKinder Sing for healthcare reform

~ LIBERAL LIES About National Health Care, Part 7, by Ann Coulter; Senate ‘Obamacare’ Concept Costs $829 Billion …. (humanevents)

~ AMERICA FOR SALE— Highest Bidder Soros-Linked Astroturf Doctors Get Organized & Spin For Obamacare …. (

~ A GOOD OL’ ACORN round-up; Milbank: ACORN round-up; ACORN Throws Out Republican Voter Registrations; Milbank: The Forest, the Trees and ACORN …. (heartlessandbrainless, biggov)

~ TYRANNICAL Obama Regime Forced Banks To Take Bailout …. (

~ MORE O-PUPPETS: Code Pink – A Part of President Obama’s Anti-War Base …. (newsrealblog)


~ DEFEND HANNAH GILES: Don’t Let ACORN Bully a Brave 20-Year-Old Girl …. (

~ AMERICAN DIGEST: All the Glittering Prizes– “All cults of personality begin as high drama and end as low comedy.” — Benjamin Kerstein Obama’s Nobel Prize: The World as Farce …. (

~ OBAMA BUDDY— Venezuelan President Potatohead Jokes About Iranian Nuclear Weapons …. (

~ UNIONS AMOK: The Puppet Masters — What did the unions get for the $400 million they spent electing Barack Obama? …. (

~ OBAMACARE’S secret weapon: The Senate GOP Jellyfish Caucus; AND “MSNBC Goes Into Astroturf Mode: Organizes Grassroots Effort of Free Clinics as Gesture to ‘Shame’ Senators” …. (, newsbusters)

~ OBAMA.. THE ANTI-MIDAS TOUCH: “In my judgment, what happened Friday will begin to cement an image about Obama that is negative — that his supposed “golden touch” is very nearly the opposite” …. (exurbanleague)


~ WAS ACORN Embezzlement Really $5 Million Instead of $1 Million?; ACORN’s Liar-in-Chief Blames Everyone Except Herself …. (newsrealblog)

~ WHEN U.S. INTERESTS clash with freedom: “Obama tells Dalai Lama to sit in the back of the bus” …. (therealbarackobama)


~ NORWAY IS THE NEW FRANCE— says MCJ Blogger …. (themcj)

~ REAR ADMIRAL Barney Frank Compares American Immigration Policy Debate to Holocaust …. (

~ FROM WHITE HOUSE— “And There Will Be NO Discussion Of Butchered Babies!” Yet another “SCREW YOU!” to the Holy Father …. (

~ SOCIALIST Furries For Obama …. (

~ BERFA LEWIS Says You’re a Racist if You’re Quibbling Over Whether ACORN Covered Up a $1 Million or $5 Million Embezzlement …. (

~ THE NY Times and the First Lady’s crack staff in another labored attempt to make her interesting…. (lucianne)

~ DEMOCRATS try to force Catholic college to cover abortion in medical plans …. (winteryknight)

~ MOST. TECH-SAVVY. PRESIDENT. Ever! (Part the Third) .. When you have an administration that nominates tax cheats to run the I.R.S., why should you expect their websites to meet Federal accessibility standards? …. (exurbanleague)

~ ACORN, Kanye West and the Hierarchy of Multiculturalism …. (


~ INCOMING! PROTECT DEAR LEADER! Good Grief! CNN Fact-Checking Comedy Skits Now; If This is Fact-Checking, Then What’s “Fact”? …. (nosheepleshere, peekinthewell)


~ PRESBYTERIAN ‘Toronto 18′ leader pleads guilty– Zakaria Amara relentlessly worked toward a goal of causing mayhem and mass casualties on Canadian streets; Uncontested statement of facts in Khalid case; Northern Ontario Terror camp video …. (

~ UPPITY MUSLIM— ‘Tarek Fatah: Burn your Burka’ …. (

~ WE WERE WARNED.. Israel Will “Attack Iran if Sanctions Aren’t in Place by Christmas” …. (weaselzippers)

~ MCJ: SAUDI ENTITY? — “Tell you what, bitches. Why don’t you let some Arabic Christians open up the First Baptist Church of Mecca and then give us a call” …. (mcj)

~ WHEN U.S. INTERESTS clash with freedom: “Obama tells Dalai Lama to sit in the back of the bus” …. (

~ A “GLITCH” in the rapprochement: Remember when Bill Clinton presided over the historic handshake between the Palestinian and the Israeli on the White House Lawn? Remember how well that turned out? …. (scaramouche)

~ ISLAMIC IRAN Sentences Protester to Death for Freedom March …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ HIGH INTRIGUE and Iran’s nuclear weapons program: The case of the semi-missing nuke technicians …. (

~ ALLEGEDLY ‘Mainstream’ Canadian Islamists get their burqas in a twist over call to ban the burqa …. (vladtepesblog)

~ RUBBER-NECKING A MESSY CRASH: Yale Prof: Danish Motoons “Objectionable,” Incest, Polygamy OK, By Diana West; and $47k A Year? “You Get What You Pay For, or Never Give a Sucker an Even Break”; More on Yale’s “Muslim Victory” Chaplain …. (dianawest)


~ LEPANTO: THE BLOODY GOOD OLD DAYS— “The Turks, in Chesterton’s rousing verse, had by the late 16th century, “dared the white republics up the capes of Italy,” and “dashed the Adriatic round the Lion of the Sea”: the Ottoman Empire was master of the eastern Mediterranean, and nowhere upon that “inmost sea of all the earth” was the might of the Turk, his great navy, and his dread shock troops the Janissaries, not felt” …. (merecomments)

~ TRAILER FOR new film causes riots in Denmark …. (vladtepesblog)

~ FREE-SPEECHING FIRE’s Exclusive Interview with Flemming Rose, Editor Behind Censored Mohammed Cartoons …. (

~ CHEERFULLY Eliminationist agenda all systems go: The Palestinians are pushing for “an urgent UN ‘rights’ debate on Gaza.” …. (scaramouche)

~ BRITISH intelligence service mistakenly recruited Al-Qaeda sympathizers …. (vladtepesblog)

~ SUBMIT, OBEY! “Obama advisor says that the majority of women prefer Sharia law” …. (winteryknight)


~ MISUNDERSTANDER! New Video Shows German al-Qaeda Operative Brandishing 2-Foot Knife Inscribed With Koran Verses Threatening to Behead American and British Troops in Afghanistan …. (weaselzippers)

~ HIGH INTRIGUE and Iran’s nuclear weapons program: The case of the semi-missing nuke technicians …. (therealbarackobama)

~ 27 MUSLIM PLOTS Foiled Since 9/11– What terrorist threat? …. (

~ RUSSIA TO SELL advanced defense system to Saudis. Deal deters Moscow’s sale of missile shield to Iran …. (realbarackobama)

~ BARACK Obama wins Yasser Arafat Prize* …. (spectator)

~ SOME FACTS APPEAR to be more sacred than others at the Guardian …. (melaniephillips)

~ THE TELEGRAPH The Telegraph reports that French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown “rowed with Obama over Iranian nuclear announcement.”; Iran and the Israeli card …. (

~ IRANIAN COURT Shuts Down 3 Pro-Reform Newspapers as Dissent Continues to Simmer …. (internationalfreepresssociety)

~ FORMER MUSLIMS UNITED— Shariah Apostasy Doctrine …. (formermuslimsunited)

~ BANNED: Swiss People’s Party Poster Opposing Minaret Construction in Switzerland …. (dianawest)


~ TROUBLE IN OILISTAN— Saudis now asked to pay-before-you-pump …. (mitchieville)

~ STUPID INFIDEL, “If beating your wife didn’t have a benefit, the Prophet would have never mentioned it, silly!” …. (uppitywoman08)

IMAGINE THAT! “It’s unimaginable, shocking, impossible, unbelievable! GAO report: Saudis are top fianciers of Taliban”; In other news, “Straight from the ONION: Saudis ask for aid if world cuts dependence on oil”.. So many terrorists, so little money to pass on! …. (

~ MUSLIM GROUP calls for burka ban in Canada …. (nationalpost)

~ CHURCH ORDERED to silence music after Muslim complaint …. (vladtepesblog)

~ THE INCITEMENT towards a third intifada …. (spectator)

~ THE TALIBAN have again tried to attack the Indian embassy in Kabul. They managed to kill many civilians …. (

~ THE CAMPUS WAR Against Israel and the Jews …. (newsrealblog)

~ ALLAH HATES FAGS? Gay French soccer team snubbed by Muslim team …. (nationalpost)

~ DOES THIS GUY DO DRUGS, OR SOMETHING? Do not blame Muslims for anti-Semitism, by Dr. Mohamed Elmasry …. (

~ WHY DO THEY call Abbas an American ally? …. (

~ BRITISH Teenage girl ‘murdered by father’ …. (vladtepesblog)

~ WHY THIS MAN IS LAUGHING fit to explode– There are clearly no lengths to which the world will not go to facilitate Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons …. (spectator)

~ REPORT: Global Muslim population hits 1.57 billion …. (google)

~ MAKING THE World Safe for Sharia — in Iraq …. (dianawest)

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— How to Make a Butt Bomb: Al Qaeda Training Video …. (thepeoplescube)


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