Out Of The Führer-Bunker!

UPDATE: Today’s session will be broadcast live on CPAC commencing at 3:30 pm, Toronto-time. Video for CPAC here.

… and after that, some fresh Binks-News by this evening or so!


Jennifer Lynch and Richard Moon testify to Justice Committee on Monday

The free-speech wars get mighty interesting, to say the least. Queen of Muzzles and the hired prof come out of hiding…. must-see TV.

Says Deb Gyapong: “I plan on being there. They will appear before the House of Commons Justice Committee starting at 3:30 p.m

Ezra: Richard Moon: liar for hire

Stay tuned for details: live video should be available online via CPAC.. and probably elsewhere, too. Hopefully the ever-faithful SDA Matt will have recordings on his site within 24 hours of the event.


bunker3CHRC HQ


3 thoughts on “Out Of The Führer-Bunker!

  1. I for one CANNOT WAIT to see Part Two.
    I watched the first Committee Meeting with Ezra and Mark…it was fabulous!
    GO BOYS! You are our real HEROES!!!
    Monday, 3:30.
    Thank you, Brandie

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