Teh Vids From Parliament & Linkeries


SDA Matt writes:

VIDEO– Link to the complete Lynch-fest is here -> http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=6D86A96C4E9CC7B3

Jennifer Lynch in Ottawa – part 1

CJC in Ottawa – part 1

Teh SteynOf Evil:

CANADA vs HUMAN RIGHTS: THE CENSOR SPEAKS — The all-star thought-enforcers come to Parliament – plus Commissar Lynch’s straight-talk express

Via Blaring Catfuzz:

Jennifer Lynch’s “I’m ready for my close-up just don’t ask me any hard questions” moment

Jenny has just posted the full text of her remarks before the Justice Committee, has noted yesterday Ezra’s information was not translated in time to reach the committee members, let’s hope both he and Mark Steyn are invited back by the Justice Committee.

Ezra Levant, Jay Currie, and Ferreras J live blogged yesterday’s session as did Miss Marpelate.

Mark Steyn on the Censor Speaks. Scary Fundamentalist weighs in as does Moose & Squirrel. The Lynch Mob has a good round up.

The Lynch Mob:

[ Updated and reposted ] Post-testimony

Censors testify before the Justice Committee

Testimony in session

Queen of Denial

Parliament’s JUST committee continues their review of the censorship provisions of Section 13. Next up, the Chief Kangaroo and her cheering section

The Naive Knave Ezra Jew Of Hate:

Spot the Warman: Look who took time off from work!

Ezra commentary on today’s Justice Committee Hearings (in order)– Jennifer Lynch’s testimony to the Justice Committee: a study in evasion; and Lynch’s testimony, continued; and Jennings, Lemay and Woodworth ask questions; and Richard Moon testifies; and Bernie “Burny” Farber and Mark Freiman claim to speak for Jews; and Freiman’s testimony continued; and Murphy asks Freiman some questions; and Freiman backtracks from reform; and Comartin’s questions; and Rathgeber’s questions, and a final round; and Final thoughts.

Saith the Jay Currie:

The wonderful Deborah Gyapong took time off from swimming the Tiber (and her posts on that are deeply moving) to stop by the Justice Committee hearing today

Quick Reaction

Jay Currie, who was also live-blogging with several posts, has some interesting analysis of some disturbing points in defence of Section 13 by the Mark Freiman of the Canadian Jewish Congress:

Teh Gyapong

Richard Warman was there. It was interesting to see him in person. He asked me to identify myself because I was taking pictures and took some of him. I showed him my press gallery pass. I don’t recall his name being mentioned so no, he was not sent “under the bus” as some bloggers speculated. Warman strikes me as quite young, young enough to be Jennifer Lynch’s son. deborah gyapong

Moon the hero of the committee hearing

How effective is the notion of balancing rights in Tingbjberg

Saith Binks:

As I read Deb’s onsite reactions and comments, it reminds me that Ms. Lynch also has some sort of conflict resolution company, or something, at that this was a presentation by her in that mode.. calm (at least on camera), smiling, positive body language, making eye-contact, keeping it positive, all the human-management “techniques” used by some people to get what they want, or resolve conflict and such. Her patronizing  “All’s Well” trope didn’t seem to convince many of the panel-members, especially given Professor Moon’s confident and coherent warnings about Section 13, and the information which some on the committee had read (probably in Ezra’s book), about what the CHRC minions had been up to.

For Mrs. Lynch, I’d guess this was a grit-your-teeth and bear it sort of thing.. but if all is well, then why exactly has this public conversation arisen, gotten into officialdom, and is being seriously and rationally discussed around the table, even if some of the members seem to be mostly chair-warmers? From the skittishness of the online video feed, I’d also say it was being watched and pondered by more than the blogosphere.

Take the time, via SDA Matt’s capable hands, to re-watch the video, and try and figure out what’s really going on, behind the public positions and such. Why? Because it’s our freedom, and that of generations to follow now under debate, and if the Mizzes Lynch & Hall & Daley and company have their utopian way, we will all be– as in England– under 24/7 watch for words, behaviour, and whatever else they deem it worth erasing our freedom to protect us from.. when they themselves and their paranoid politically correct mindsets are the biggest potential threat to our civil society, free speech, as  our Canadian rights and duties.

The Parliamentary show is a shadow-play, where the figures being cast are not as they appear, and the real battle and threats are not being addressed. So far, so good, in that under the leadership of Ezra, Mark, and other brave Canadians in parliament and elsewhere we have advanced the fight to this point.



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