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~ ITEM: Meet Obama’s Most Frequent Visitor to White House: SEIU President Andy Strern, 22 Visits as of July 31

has experienced enough near-fatal heart-attack events over the past year and more, so I only suggest this gently: let’s get the impeachment process rolling on Obama.

He had his own illegal parallel government mafia-forces of Union & ACORN.. still working hard; his cabinet is a who’s who of criminals, radicals, and sleazebags; his donor and contribution list is probably illegal and irregular at best, and includes Jihad-money; he’s an inveterate liar and bully; he’s needlessly squandered trillions and crippled the U.S. dollar and economy for years, perhaps decades; he has conducted illegal hit-n-run missions on media and individuals, abusing the power and prestige of his office; he has aided and abetted America’s enemies, and would-be conquerers; he consorts with known criminals and perverts as mentors and colleagues; he’s abused every due process and law he can get his hands on, in Congress and elsewhere; his plague of Czars is undemocratic and unaccountable.. and that’s only the stuff we know about.

The ever-growing pile of manure issuing from this White House is already so mountainous, it’s hard to get below the surface layers of manure. This presidency needs a forensic audit, and a complete judicial review. No RINOs or Leftard Dems needed on the panel.

By the way, I’ve told you so– ITYS. ~

Why Liberals Hate Us

~ ITEM: A PETITION: “As most of you already know, Czech President Václav Klaus is the only thing standing between freedom-loving Europeans and the full implementation of the Lisbon Treaty

~ ITEM: Liberal seeks a cleansing of conservatives (me!) from Canada—part 8,627

~ ITEM: FOREVER AND EVER: “Liberals would prefer no opposition. Behind the force field of political correctness, there should never be any disagreement once the liberal mind has decided that something is good for society”; and “The mental dry-run is the key to understanding the far-left mind and its various conflicts with reality

~ YOU KNOW THAT point in the movie where the hero/ heroine is hanging off a cliff or just about to get eaten by the monster, and then they somehow get saved? Liberals see conservatives as being like someone who comes in and pushes the good guy off the cliff at the last moment.

Why? Because: utopia is’s almost here, we can make a heaven on earth, if we only give ourselves over to making and worshipping an all-powerful state/ glorious leader. We can do it! Yes we can!

Those who oppose this are insane evil spoil-sports, trying to rob everyone of peace, justice, a clean environment, and all things judged good by our betters & chattering classes. Religious people, in particular, are terrible because theu want to spend so much time and attention on abstract beings, or on ‘sin’ and holy stuff, instead of spending all their energy & time fighting global warming, or protesting, composting, or hating the wrong-headed people and suchlike purely good things.

Utopianism is a religion. It takes a huge amount of faith & works. It hates any competition. Since this neo-faith is blind to human evil, and the causes of sin and conflict and the seven deadlies and all that– exteriorizing it all on Them– it’s a sweet intoxicant, because it lest us be good with no inner change or sacrifice. Smug, justifiably busy-body, intolerant, and always right: that’s heady stuff.

Reality is best. Utopianism is not about reality, or the actually possible, or the good and true.

That’s why we must stamp it out like we would stomp on angry scorpions, or plague-beetles, or zombies. ~

To Marxist Hell With All Of Us?

Le Bourgeois gentilhomme

~ ITEM: Peter Hitchens on revelations that UK immigration policy was designed to alter British culture

~ ITEM: The plan is to bankrupt the west

~ ITEM: The Tea Party world

~ ITEM: Bourgeoisie: WikiPedia

~ ALL DURING THE FREE-SPEECH NATTER of the past few years, ‘we’ve endlessly head the phrase that our free speech does not extend to yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre just for the heck of it. All well and good.

What about deliberate radical acts of civilizational and demographic vandalism against a society– not in its best interests, nor even that of the immigrants in question– out of contempt for ordinary folk and their lives and ways? Looks like that’s what was done against Britain, by UK bureaucrats, to “stir things up”.

For the hateful communist/ socialist theory, the worst folks are the contented bovine ‘bourgeois’– you know, the self-satisfied prosperous middle-class, working hard and building families and paying taxes, and seeking occasional pleasure out of life. The workers? The revolutionary fodder. The rich evil fat-cats? The evil capitalist monsters who oppress and exploit the workers and keep the stupid bourgeois happy and sleepy, etc., and so on.

So the bureaucrats and government betters in question decided to use immigration as a weapon, and immigrants as projectiles, to damage and cause change in Great Britian. You know, ‘cuz is totally evil and corrupt and imperialistic and yada yada.

Feel the hate, the heartless cruelty, the palpable venom towards ‘the little people’, and towards much of what made the UK a good and generous and polite society, and the mother of democracy in the modern world.

It’s just the same old grim evil of the human heart, envy and wrath and contempt and pride, exercised by those in power on their victims. Such radicalism is not simply bullshit– manure is essentially a good thing, and gives new life and enrichment to soil and fields and crops. Modern radicalism is rather more like toxic/ poisonous/ corrosive hyper-radioactive waste, with no good purpose or effect when splattered around on society. Satan’s own misery, enriched.

The people responsible for the deliberate wrecking of British society and exploitation of immigrants should be exposed, tried, and punished. People, society– heck, all of Western Civ– are not mere playthings in the hands of heartless faux demi-gods. Human Rights commissions, nanny-state departments, radical academia and politics– it’s all bent toward the same hellish destructive ends.

I cannot sufficiently express my disgust and anger with such folk and their works than to say: badly done. For shame. To the deepest hell with you and your treacherous folk, alongside Stalin, Mao, and all the rest of the monsters. ~

All Them Dead Peoples


~ ITEM: BRITISH Abortions soar by a quarter among 14-year-olds

~ ITEM: ALL SOULS– Absolve, O Lord, the souls of all the faithful departed from all the chains of their sins. That by the succour of thy grace they may be found worthy to escape the avenging judgement. And enjoy the bliss of everlasting life.

~ ITEM: Credo: religions tell us who we are and what we need to be

~ ITEM: “My view is that if Purgatory did not exist, we should have to invent it.” Why?

~ ITEM: Which is more gruesome? Halloween or Reformation Day?; Top 10 Ways to Have a Catholic Halloween!

~ ITEM: Swiss May be Turning Tide Against Assisted Suicide Free-for-All

Tom and Jerry ( Heavenly Puss )

~ WHAT WE AVOID keeps coming back to nip us in the assets anyway.

So the modern avoidance of death as the ultimate defeat of individualism and utopia? And up come the zombies and vampires and mummies and ghost-seeking TV shows.

The modern era is not a time of massive death by plague, but of unprecedented massacre in the name of ideology and war from 1914 to the present. Hundreds upon hundreds of millions. That’s a whole lot of death, a pile of graves, and a world of ghosts… a lot to try and ignore.

Despite the murderous math of the blood-soaked Josef Stalin “when one man dies it is a tragedy, when thousands die it’s statistics”, those statistics are still with us, or not with us, or judge us. War, Left-Wing Nazi & Communist purges, abortion, and now medical murder? We’ve got a culture of death.

The Victorians supposedly kept sex under wraps (though all those babies witnessed to something, after all), they laid Granny out in her coffin in the from parlour, and held the visitation and wake in the place where the person had lived. That’s why all those old homes have wide doors or big front windows.. so the coffin could be brought in. Young & old, all did their duty of paying their respects, and understanding death within the wholeness of life.

Our sex-bored culture neither grasps death, nor comprehends sex and sexuality and gender any more, having taken both out of the context of family, and the true rhythm of birth, life, death, judgement, heaven or hell. It’s not even paganism– it’s despair, disgust, worldliness with no hope or grasp of the inner depth or outer forms of life, pleasure, or death.

Modern man is, truly, becoming like undead zombies or vampires, driven by insatiable hungers, neither truly alive or dead, cut of from redemption and resurrection and the true satisfaction, completion, and exaltation proper to our place in God’s infinite purposes of love.

Bra-a-ains? Blood? We must seek what we seek, but not where we seek it as St. Augustine said; he who in his own life, mind, and heart, embraced and bridged the great moral, spiritual and philosophical gap of the ancient pagan hope, seeking after truth, and the gods. “The hopes and fears of all the years” as the Christmas Carol puts it, meet in Christ, the desire of all nations and hearts, though they may not want or know him.

How may we truly live, so we may rightly die? The question, or the sorrow of ignoring it and thus our true selves, does not go away for the avoiding of it. What true waste, to be born asleep, and to die dreaming.

Our destiny is greater than that. ~

Here’s a death panel!

~ ITEM: Ah, now they tell us

~ ITEM: The H1N1 flu vaccine is being offered as it stands in Vancouver, but it’s probably not as distributed as much as we’d like to believe

~ ODDLY ENOUGH: “All shots will be restricted to those in the top two eligible risk groups”.. and yet the three folks in the Binks family who need the shot? Pretty much S.O.L., thusfar. So we’ve pulled the kids from school (currently well-infected, though for some reason the local public health has stop screening for H1N1.. you know, panic and all, and insisted kids stay in school, so.. um– they can catch it more easily, or something.

As I’ve already said, whether Swine Flu is more fluff than doom-bug, this major-scale stupid by the public health folks, the government, and the medical system bodes ill for a serious emergency, disaster, bio-terror attack, or real plague. I’m not taking chances with this one, in the hopes that it won’t possibly wipe me or my boys out.

The Nanny-state only works under ideal conditions. Each of us needs to fight for ourselves and our neighbour, and be ready to protect and survive as needed. ~

Whilst We’re At It

The 2009 Weblog Awards

~ ITEM: A Bouquet from former (U.S.) Episcopalian, now Free Methodist on Binky Vs. The Zombies

La Vie en Rose – Edith Piaf

~ ITEM: How to Really Browse Without Leaving a Trace

The Imperial March Orchestra

~ ITEM: ALL SOULS— Absolve, O Lord, the souls of all the faithful departed from all the chains of their sins. That by the succour of thy grace they may be found worthy to escape the avenging judgement. And enjoy the bliss of everlasting life. ~

Tornado Videos

Mark Steyn

“If there were a Matthew Shepard murder every few months, Frank Rich et al. would be going bananas about the “climate of hate” in our society, but you can run over your daughter, decapitate your wife, drown three teenage girls and a polygamous spouse, and progressive opinion and the press couldn’t give a hoot. Indeed, as The Atlantic notes, it’s merely an obsession of us right-wing kooks.”

~ Mark Steyn ~

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“Being Right Makes Me Happy.”

~ Kathy Shaidle ~

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Just So Darned Tasty!

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Teh Green Religion

~ THE INTERNET: Democracy, Literature, Junk Science And Hate …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ GO GREEN: belief in man-made climate change nets religion status …. (vladtepesblog)

~ WHAT IS NEO-SOCIALISM? The conservative wahoo suggests: Here are, as far as I can see it, the defining characteristics …. (nationalreview)

~ CURRENT GLOBAL TEMPERATURES Impossible According to IPCC ‘Science’ …. (canadafreepress)

~ YES, IT WOULD BE BAD TO BLOW YOUR CREDIBILITY WITH HYPE: Fresh Warnings On Climate Overstatement …. (instapundit)

~ THE NYT: Al Gore Making A Fortune Spreading Global Warming Hysteria; Al Gore: Profiteer; Biofuel Emissions Up, Gore Credibility Down …. (newsbusters, dailybayonet)

~ PUNDITA: Rethinking the USA: Breaking up the college cartel and avoiding the THX-1138 syndrome in higher education …. (therealbarackobama)

~ ATTACK OF THE WARMISTS: The Battle for Climate Control …. (

~ THE MOST HOLY ONE! — Video: Goracle Compares “Global Warming” Hysteria to the Civil Rights Movement …. (Wz)

~ NEWSPAPERS & Y2Kyoto: Published This Month In The Journal Of Self-Inflicted Injury …. (SDA)

~ FREEPS EDITOR Berton’s environmental clock is ticking …. (

~ KATIE COURIC Glorifies Al Gore as ‘Godfather of Green, the King of Conservation’; She’s Repeatedly Hailed ‘The Goreacle’ …. (newsbusters)

~ Y2KYOTO: State Of Anorexia Envirosa …. (SDA)

~ SILLY SOCIALIST Sisters call for climate action.. you know, to solve imaginary problems now scientifically disproved …. (christianweek)

~ DOOOOOMED! “Here’s a new phrase for you: “Let us eat, drink, and be merry today, for in 2012, we die.” At least that’s what the History Channel would have you believe” writes Chuck Colson …. (


~ DANGER DANGER DANGER— President Barack Obama signed the “Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act” into law on Thursday, fulfilling a campaign promise and handing the gay rights community one of its most sought-after achievements; A Dark Day for American Christianity …. (albertmohler)

~ OBAMA’S BRAINS-TRUST: Obama’s Mideast tutor bemoans Hamas’ inability to fire more rockets into Israel …. (americanthinker)

~ A MUST-WATCH Frontline: The Warning …. (kendallharmon)

~ WORD FROM UNDER THE BUS— Shocker. New Video Surfaces Showing Obama’s Pastor & Mentor Praising Marxism… This Year; New Controversial Video Obama’s Radical Marxist Pastor: “land of the greed and home of the slave”; Radical Wright: Maybe Plouffe didn’t know, but Axelrod and Jarrett did …. (gatewaypundit, atlasshrugs2000, rbo)

~ LIFESITE— “Death Panels” Return: House Bill Has Potential Physician-Assisted Suicide Loophole; H.R. 3962: 1,990 pages… links in the chain statist Democrats want to wrap around every American (but themselves) …. (lifesitenews)

~ LIMBAUGH: Obama Is A “Threat To Liberty” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ AFTER OBAMA Abandons Missile Defense in Poland: Russia War Games a Nuclear Attack on Poland …. (atlasshrugs2000)


~ BUREAUCRAT MOUNTAIN— “At Powerline, John has posted a list of what will be created – just structurally, and only as the beginning – by the cancerous takeover of the medical system of United States by the government itself. 111 new agencies or bureaus” …. (hughhewitt)

~ SPECIAL FRIENDS— Meet Obama’s Most Frequent Visitor to White House: SEIU President Andy Strern, 22 Visits as of July 31 …. (Wz)


~ THE DEATH of a Watchdog: Our society needs more people like this …. (weaselzippers)

~ THE O-MEDIA: Chris Wallace new left wing whipping boy after Rush Limbaugh interview …. (

~ OBAMACARE: Administration’s Curious Incuriousity About Constitutionality of Forced Insurance Purchase; Obamacare: How is Taxing Medical Devices Going to Make Health Care More Affordable? …. (secondhandsmoke)

~ ON ANTI-HATE OBAMA: “All free to live and love as we see fit”? Sexual predators included? Willing adulterers without consequences ever imposed on them (even unilateral divorce? What if one likes adultery?( And what about bisexuals who wish to marry “one of each”? (Why not? Right now They Can’t– so they are being denied their Constitutional Rights?)” …. (merecomments)

~ BALD LYING FOR OBAMACARE: Pelosi’s Blatant Mendacity …. (secondhandsmoke)

Just In Time For Christmas!

~ DIRTY LITTLE WAR— Despite ‘Truce,’ White House Continues to Peddle Misinformation About Fox …. (newsbusters)

~ BLACK RADICAL REFUSES COMMENT on White House guest list. Other notorious names on roster include Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers …. (therealbarackobama)

~ DEMOCRATS in the White House: ‘Math is hard’ …. (

~ THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT and conservative activists continue to rock political life in the GOP. But what ever happened to Obama’s grassroots? …. (richardfernandez)

~ PROTEIN WISDOM— The Obama Whine House …. (PW)

~ WHILST OBAMA SNOOZED— Pundita: Greetings from Banana Republic USA: Crumbling transportation infrastructure …. (therealbarackobama)

~ MESSIAH DOWN! Obama Visits Miami, Greeted With ‘Obama Sucks’ Sign …. (Wz)

~ FRESH PJTV— The Hicks File: The Maoists that Roared: Losing Cred, White House Bids to ‘Marginalize’ Enemies; Left Exposed: Comedians’ Gag Rule: Obama Is Off-Limits …. (

~ CHAPLAIN violates Obama’s ‘Hate Crimes’ law by quoting Bible? …. (

~ GUESS WHO’S COMING to Dinner: Soros, Ayers, Acorn, SEIU – White House Coup …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ (YET ANOTHER) DIPLOMATIC FAIL— Why Obama Won’t Go to Berlin– Obama’s failure to go to Berlin is the most telling nonevent of his presidency …. (nationalreview)

~ THE O-CRONIES OF They must think we’re all dummies! …. (therealbarackobama)

~ WALLET-WATCH: ObamaCare: it really isn’t about your health; Understanding the real effects of the Democrat health care reform bill …. (PW, WK)

~ GABILLIONS LATER… The “Stimulus” Bill Created Lots of Jobs: Not! …. (

~ SELF-DEFENCE is conservative alternative to state-ist ‘hate crime’ laws …. (

~ DAVID WARREN— “The extreme delay in getting decisions out of Washington that were urgent many months ago, on how to proceed in Afghanistan, was made sickly comic on Monday when President Barack Obama told a military audience that he would not “rush the solemn decision of sending you into harm’s way.” …. (davidwarrenonline)

~ SPEAKING TRUTH to Power: Mao-Praising White House Says GOP More and More Extreme …. (gatewaypundit)

~ UNSWOON— “Ta ta to the swoon: It was bound to happen sooner or later, given that expectations were a tad, shall we say, koo koo. Still, it’s heartening to see this in the Obama-besotted New York Times” …. (scaramouche)

~ PAGING MOMMA BERFA— NYC council hopeful pleads Fifth Amendment in lawsuit involving ACORN frontgroup Working Families Party …. (

~ PUBLIC SCHOOLS flunk the test on black males …. (


~ OBAMA CONTINUES Slide – Down 33 Points Since January …. (gatewaypundit)

~ WHILST OBAMA SNOOZED— The Mexicanization of American Law Enforcement. The drug cartels extend their corrupting influence northward …. (

~ FRESH PFAFA— Minimum Wage and Other “Worker” Incentives …. (

~ CASH FOR CLUNKERS— Subsidizing Your Neighbor’s New Car …. (firstthings)

~ MANAGING ELECTIONS— Obama’s ACORN Czar Behind Scozzafava’s Flip to Dem Owens …. (gatewaypundit)

~ EAGER FOR AN H1N1 SHOT? Terrorize the USA and the government will give it to you …. (

~ ARNIEFORNIA— The Big-Spending, High-Taxing, Lousy-Services Paradigm. California taxpayers don’t get much bang for their bucks …. (

~ MEMEMEMEMEEEEE! Liz Cheney: I can’t believe Obama brought photogs to Dover with him …. (

~ STATISM— A new (terrible) paradigm for America …. (americanthinker)

~ OBAMA’S WAR on Fox has had a positive effect on the station’s ratings …. (

~ TIMELESS INSIGHTS for General Stanley McChrystal from Historian Edward Augustus Freeman (d. 1892) …. (

~ UK PAPERS GET IT— London Times on Barack and Michelle Obama: Mr&Mrs show irks voters …. (gatewaypundit)

~ LONG LONG AGO the iconization of Obama jumped into the shark …. (

~ ROGER SIMON: False transparency: we know more about the Obamas’ marriage than we do about healthcare …. (instapundit)

~ NEO-NEOCON: Obamlet.. “To surge, or not to surge: that is the question” …. (americandigest)

~ HILLARY FAIL— Palestinians reject Clinton proposal, then blame U.S., Israel. Would have quietly ended Jewish construction in strategic territories …. (therealbarackobama)

~ POTUS & FLOTUS greet trick or treaters at the North Portico of the White House as they celebrate Halloween …. (americandigest)


~ OBAMA LIKE ME? Roman, Please– Iowahawk Special Guest Commentary, by Gaius Julius Caesar …. (iowahawk)



~ JIHAD PHASE I— The Jihad against Arabs (622 to 634) …. (

~ DARE NOT FORGET 5 YEARS AGO, Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh killed by Muslim over film …. (creepingsharia)

~ BREATH OF THE BEAST— Jews are Always Settlers …. (


~ FIT FOR THE PIT— UN Watch Take Action Alert: Condemn the Goldstone Report …. (

Diana West on Free Speech and Sharia

~ BE AFRAID— Emanuele Ottolenghi weighs in on why stopping Iran’s nuclear ambitions is not in Russia’s interests …. (commentarymagazine)

~ HONOUR KILLINGS ALL OVER AMERICA: Why are Islamists Suddenly Silent? by Phyllis Chesler …. (phyllischesler)

~ THOSE MODERATE Muslims! Funeral for Detroit mosque leader draws hundreds …. (smalldeadanimals)

~ WOMAN IN SUSPECTED ‘honor killing’ dies …. (vladtepesblog)


~ ARIZONA TRAGEDY— Like Rifqa Bary, Father Threatened to Kill Honor Killing Victim Before He Murdered Her …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ANOTHER DAY.. Christians Martyred, Homes Burnt in Pakistan …. (

~ LIKE HIM OR NOT, and no matter the apprehended fraud committed on his behalf during the recent elections, Afghan president Hamid Karzai is obviously and clearly “the legitimate leader of the country,” say the Americans. Like it or not, this is correct …. (

~ SCOTT JOHNSON: The Flying Imams Win: And The Rest Of Us Lose. I wonder why we don’t see more “lawfare” from folks on the right? …. (instapundit)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “This is the outfit our grandparents wore when they used to go out to hunt Jews. It’s a traditional Jew-hunting outfit” …. (scaramouche)

~ FOOL US TWICE, thrice–um, anyone know what comes after thrice?–shame on us: Why is this man smiling? Sure, it could be because of the smooth and shapely photo-shopped blonde on the left …. (scaramouche)

~ DELIVERING Aid to Terrorists a “City Purpose” in New York? …. (creepingsharia)

~ UN DECLARES war illegal… can’t have Americans killing terrorists without due process …. (proteinwisdom)

~ EXCUSES, EXCUSES— UN-Iran Watch: The IAEA first reported that Tehran had failed to comply with its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 2003 …. (

~ GROVELLING Clinton giving MILLIONS more U.S. taxpayer dollars to ‘Muslim world’ …. (creepingsharia)

~ COULD TERRORISTS Attack Pakistan’s Nuclear Facilities? They Already Have …. (pajamasmedia)

~ NEEDLESS schadenfreude? “Some critics are adamant that the current situation vis-à-vis Islam in the West has no political solution, and is doomed to end in violent confrontation, civil war, and mass bloodshed” …. (

~ MORE ATTACKS on Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Islam …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ DAVID WARREN— “First destroy “the Jewish entity” of Israel, because she is exposed. Then destroy “the Christian entity.” The U.S. is held constantly in view as the ultimate target, to accomplish this; and the destruction of Israel is constantly presented as a means to it” …. (davidwarrenonline)

~ ARAB-AMERICAN Media on Rifqa Bary: “She’s only 17 and she’s dead either way” …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ BELGIUM: Koran reader arrested in death of girl in ‘Islamic purification’ …. (creepingsharia)

~ MUSLIM Classroom apartheid: Teachers who were afraid to discipline thuggish minority of Muslim pupils for fear of being branded racist …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ JUDENHASS— Canadian Chief of Staff slams Goldstone Report …. (eyeontheun)

~ GROVELLATION— Dhimmi Doctors Submit and Apologize for Insulting Islam, Promise More Sensitivity Training (Dawah) …. (atlasshrugs2000)


~ INTERNATIONALLY recognized and award winning journalist and human rights defender Rana Husseini broke the silence by exposing the phenomenon of so-called crimes of honour in Jordan …. (ranahusseini)

~ HISTORY OF THE SWORD: Muslims never managed to establish lasting control over Europe, as they did in North Africa and the Middle East, but the impact of Islamic Jihad over many centuries on the nations of southern Europe was far from marginal …. (

~ WOULD LARRY DAVID Urinate on the Koran? – by Jamie Glazov …. (frontpagemag)


~ TEXAS DOCTORS Stand Against Muslim Mafia CAIR and Islamic Supremacism: I love Texas! …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ZOOM ZOOM— An Iraqi man accused of running down his daughter in Arizona because she had become “too Westernized” is being held on two counts of aggravated assault, police said Saturday …. (

~ ISLAMOPHOBIA! U.K.: Muslim woman admits to carrying USB drive with 7,000 files for the “Brothers of the Mujahadeen” at Liverpool airport …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ JIHADI TRAINING Compounds, U.S.A. …. (Wz)

~ AMERICAN BLACKS still drawn to Islam despite FBI raids; Replacing Black Power With Militant Islam …. (kendallharmon, CFP)

~ EGYPTIAN-TV: Even The Animal Kingdom Hates Da Jooooos …. (weaselzippers)

~ ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: “Muslims in the West are constantly making demands for freedom: freedom to build mosques, freedom to wear the burka and hijab, freedom to practice Sharia law. They generally present these demands as basic rights owed to them by the countries in which they live. And Western liberals — even those opposed to the Islamic agenda — are hard-pressed to rebuff them” …. (

~ TINY ISRAEL as an Al-Qa`ida Target: Sorting Rhetoric From Reality …. (counterterrorismblog)


~ SCHEMING EVIL— Al-Qaeda’s Chicago Terror Plot – by Stephen Brown: Pakistani-American met terrorist unit’s commander in Waziristan …. (frontpagemag)

~ GROVELLITIS— U.K. police reach out to the demographic most likely go ballistic: The Brits have cooked up another feckless suck up scheme, reports Islam Online …. (scaramouche)

~ THE CRESCENT and the Continent– Christopher Caldwell explores how Islamic immigration has transformed Europe …. (

~ SHOCKER: British nuclear expert’s 17th floor UN death plunge ‘was not suicide’; Daily Mail – A British nuclear expert who fell from the 17th floor of a United Nations building did not commit suicide and may have been hurled to his death, says a doctor who carried out a second post-mortem examination …. (instapundit, SDA)

~ 400,000 names on terrorist watch list, fewer than 5% Americans …. (creepingsharia)

~ SCORECARD 2005 — “Apostates” vs. Faux Moderates …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ HATEFUL WALKER— For Heartless and Brainless: Hundreds of Muslims gather in the spirit of moderation*, in which I indulge in an obligatory bout of Reicht-Wing Islamophobia …. (walker)

~ SECRET MISSION Rescues Yemen’s Jews from Islamic Genocide …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ WHAT GEORGE BUSH Thought of Mohammed …. (canadafreepress)

~ A TRULY CIVILIZED RELIGION— Saudi Arabia: Sharia Court Upholds Ruling to Behead and Crucify Child Rapist.. even though that religion allows the marrying (and sexing-up) of pre-pubescent girls to old men …. (weaselzippers)


~ MATRIX PRODUCER plans Muhammad biopic, advised by Muslim Brotherhood extremist …. (creepingsharia)

~ THE EXPURGATED VERSION— “Something Evil Happenned on the Way to the Monolith.” Coming soon to a theatre near you: Muhammad — the movie!; Mohammed the Movie without Mohammed …. (jihadwatch, timescolumns)

“Thus it is likely not to mention his consummating a marriage with a nine-year-old when he was in his fifties; or his ordering the murder of a Jewish poet and allowing the murderer to lie to the victim in order to trick him and lead him to his death; or calling upon Allah to curse the Jews and the Christians; or telling his followers to offer the unbelievers conversion, subjugation or death; or any number of other embarrassing elements of Muhammad’s life as it is relayed in authoritative Islamic sources.”

~ Robert Spencer ~

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