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~ ITEM: Tariq Ramadan… an Islamist extremist in sheep’s clothing

~ ITEM: RORY LEISHMAN: Multiculturalists diminish ‘rough beast’ ravaging Islam; French translation by Poste de Veille: Salim Mansur critique les multiculturalistes postmodernes, Tariq Ramadan et Qaradawi

~ ITEM: Montreal welcomes an Islamist extremist in sheep’s clothing

~ ITEM:Québec : Salut à toi, ô mon Frère! Salut à toi, Tariq Ramadan!“; more links here

~ ITEM: Salim Mansur critique les multiculturalistes postmodernes, Tariq Ramadan et Qaradawi

~ WE’VE COVERED stealth-Jihadist Tariq Ramadan a fair bit here on CJ: but he’s coming to Canada again (having lost some of his honky payoffs in the EU), to spread his unique brand of undercover badness. stamp_of_approvalWhat the Fort Hood Shooter is to the violent side of the Jihad, the double-speaking Tariq is to the calm and friendly side of the Islamic supremacist project.

Remember: this guy is Jihadist royalty, and has connections with all the wrong people. The groups he speaks to and hangs around with all bear the Muslim Brotherhood Evil Stamp of Approval™: the masterminds of the modern Western soft and hard Jihad.

Sadly, that such “moderate & reasonable” poseurs are taken to be the good Muslims, despite their associations, and despite the actually moderate Muslims already in Canada like Tarek Fatah and Salim Mansour. So read up on what Tarek Fatah has to say on the Tariqster.

I have no problem with his expressing his views– rather that he says one thing, and does another, and says one thing to his naive audiences, and very much another to those “In The Know”.. rather in the mode of the religiously approved lying allowed in militant Islam, where you can deceive the infidel for the higher purposes of spreading the faith, and dominating the world.

We’re Infiltrated

Already, Canada is host to a lot of stealth-Jihad groups, open terrorism, and sympathizers for the takeover of this country and the world by Islam, polygamy, honour-killing, shariah law, and the full program. They are hiding in the open, and in Canada-free enclaves of religious law and anti-Canadian principles.

We’re just not supposed to notice or say anything about all that, because, well, it would be rude or something– and political correctness labels critics of militant anti-Western Islam as racists, Islamophobes, right-wing nutjobs, and haters. After all, calling conservative people nasty names will solve everything, in the never-never land of liberal smugness.

Infidel Whiners?

Apologists for Tariq will say that we’re just picking on him because Western crusading infidels are afraid of articulate and attractive Islam as represented by the photogenic Ramadan. I’d say let the facts speak for themselves, and anybody who tries to argue “You’re only saying that because..” is avoiding the real issue.

In North America, we must work hard to keep our eyes tightly closed and our heads up our butts to avoid this reality, and listen to the comforting lies of our media, and the smooth lies of Islamic-group spokesweasels, lulling us back to sleep. Reality might be scary, or demand something of us, or remind us we’re in the middle of civilizational conflict.

Canada: it’s ours to lose. ~

Trust Me! I'm Smart & Nice! Me Love You Long Time!

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So Saith The Binks

Emotional Mutant

~ ITEM: Obama Speaks About Ft. Hood But First Gives “A Shout Out” To Someone In The Audience

~ ITEM: Obama’s Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting

~ ITEM: Suspected Fort Hood Shooter Took ‘Calm and Measured Approach’ to Massacre

~ AS WE’VE SPECULATED in the past, the current POTUS seems to be untuned to normal emotions & reactions, except when it comes to his family.

I’ve dealt with tragedy, breaking bad news, and helped others deal with disaster (SwissAir 111 crashed near a former parish).

So when President Obama actually took time to give a shout-out before talking about the deliberate Islamofascist massacre of 10 and the wounding of 30 others at a U.S. military base? “After two minutes of smiling, pointing and dithering… Barack Obama finally got around to mentioning the massacre at Fort Hood in Texas.” His wiring is off– he’s half-baked.. clueless.. emotionally disconnected from his actions and from reality.

The guy’s a from-childhood-deeply busted nutcase sociopath, or my name is.. well, never mind that.. and he’s running the world. It’s all fun and games in a James Bond movie or Austin Powers– but this guy is in charge. Real world.

And watch for the usual suspects to lie and obfuscate and good intention themselves all over the Ft. Hood massacre.

Islam. Justifies. Murder. Of. Infidels.

It’s an unjust, unnatural, cruel and yucky religion when practiced and lived as the lunatic Mohammed actually taught & lived it. There, I said it. Sorry to my Muslim friends, and the good folk out there who draw moral and spiritual sustenance from it– I’d say that’s despite the religion and the founder, not because of same.

Scary-bad, sad, and crazy. ~

British Brains Gone Barmy

~ ITEM: Edward Michael George— Fry Fry!

~ ITEM: My choice for the bonfire: Stephen Fry

~ ITEM: GOOGLE– Rowan Atkinson & free speech

~ ITEM: Stephen Fry Endorses Research Linking Debt and Mental Health Problems

~ ITEM: There is nothing Stephen Fry can’t do with the power of Twitter at his fingertips, says Gill Hornby.

~ ITEM: Stephen Fry Appeals For Death Row Man’s Life

~ THE THING ABOUT the Pythons, or the various Oxford comedians of the last generation like Peter Cooke, or even of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie– they are smart, well-educated people. Michael Palin and Terry Jones have both done a variety of TV series, and written books. Hugh Laurie is an amazing singer and musician generally, and a very smart man.

The strange part about The Pythons or Stephen Fry is this: despite their education, intelligence, and sometime-willingness to lampoon society, they are largely missing in action when it comes to the Jihad, the Free Speech Wars, defending British principles, or even standing up for the Western literary, dramatic, and philosophical tradition,which at least they– unlike the last 30 years of university students– have known and benefitted from.


Being clever, adorable, funny and the rest doesn’t add up to much, unless it also means you stand for things that matter when it counts.

So hats off from Binksmeister HQ to someone like Rowan Atkinson (of Mr. Bean fame) who has stood tall for free speech over the years. Shame on many other comedians for being over-the-top when nothing is at risk, and not defending the true and good or important principles when it could cost something.

And although Stephen Fry has not stood tall for Britain, he has used his fame to try and help various folks. And yet, I can’t disagree with Edward Michael George:

“His transition from hugely talented, witty, self-effacing sceptic to twee, clownish, self-absorbed luvvie is complete and the mere sight of him makes me cringe. He has joined that sickening class of Englishmen who clearly know their cultural inheritance to be of extraordinary value, but refuse to defend it openly because they can’t stand the thought of being disliked or, far greater crime!, being considered lame. So Fry’s gone the route of relentless self-parody; that way he gets to retain for his personal use some vestigial remnant of the thing he can’t bring himself to stop adoring–but always with a wink, so nobody thinks him unclever for doing so.”

So the cultural elite of the once-great England (heck, most of Britain) have bent the knee to cowardice, mere twee cleverness, political correctness– or else kept quiet and invisible, for fear of public unpopularity or vilification, and the loss of money and fame. Easier to be radical, rude, enviro-correct, and all the other easy ways that lead to destruction.

Let’s hope the UK may rise again in faith, spirit, and true good humour. ~


Boob Tubery


~ ITEM: DVD Wishlist: TV Series Max Headroom

~ ITEM: Toddlers and TV sets don’t mix

~ ITEM: Staring At Glowing Rectangles

~ THE GLOWING RECTANGLES THAT rule our clocks, time, hours, and minds: as an internet-addict, it’s a love-hate thing.

In the memorable 80’s TV-show Max Headroom– a dystopian sci-fi future– everybody sits in front of the TV, all day long. When terrorists want to threaten civilization, they cut the cable, and everybody starts fighting, going insane, and calling the cable company.


Reality is often boring, unpleasant, and unamusing.. TV and the X-Box 360 and the DVD and the laptop and the big screen are powerful mojo, forming our children, our teens, taking our time, and years of our lives. Mind you, there’s education, distraction, comfort there for the lonely and ignored, alongside avoiding family problems and malforming souls & consciences, short attention spans, and killing tons of time.

In the big picture of the last 60 years, TV and related offspring media are one of those ginormously obviously blingingly huge things that change civilization. After all, it’s easier to feel all brave watching some imaginary hero conquer evil than to go and do the same ourselves; to weep at some chick flick than work and love our imperfect family aright; to feel digital exaltations and joys rather than those that come from loving and serving God.

From inside the glowing rectangle you’re now staring at, I’m just saying is all. ~

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“Ezra referred to himself as a “One man stimulus programme for lawyers and bureaucrats.”

~ Quote of the Day ~


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An Effing ‘Shout-Out’?!?

~ STILL PRESIDENTIAL— Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, visited wounded soldiers and their families near the site of the worst mass shooting on an Army post in the United States; Compare & contrast; Bush our Proxy President: Bush at Fort Hood, Obama at Camp David …. (SDA, Atlas2K)

Mike Flynn on ‘Glenn Beck’ and ‘Kudlow’

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MMmm. MmMm. MmmM.

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SECRET file folder

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~ HEADLINES from the Year 2020 …. (

~ AND I THOUGHT Bill Clinton Had A Screwed Up Family Tree …. (

liv rockwell 7.jpg


“We don’t want to think about the fact that the billions of Muslims all over the world belong to a religion and a culture that harbors and in many cases nurtures the seeds of blind hatred and coldblooded murder. We can’t contemplate the implications of a guy that is described by his cousin as “a good American”, a mental health professional, a physician who has taken the Hippocratic Oath could end up shouting Allah Akbar with guns blazing at unarmed by-standers. It might dishearten us. Think then, of Israel, who only wants to live in peace and is faced on all sides with the Muslim world that only wants to annihilate her.”

~ Breath of the Beast ~


~ “ALLAHU AKBAR!” It’s the new “cry for help”; About that “Allahu Akbar”: The clueless, excruciatingly sensitive mainstream media try to come to terms with a familiar but confusing (to them, anyway) phrase …. (SDA, scaramouche)

~ OBAMA SPEAKS About Ft. Hood But First Gives “A Shout Out” To Someone In The Audience …. (

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~ AUTHOR of the Goldstone Report admits his colleague was biased; Another look at the Goldstone report, and the response to the Israeli gynecologist who testified …. (, vladtepesblog)

~ MUSLIM JIHADI TERRORIST Responsible For The Fort Hood Massacre Was A PayPal-estinian Arab; Shooter shouted ‘Alahu ackbar’ as he killed people at Hood; 13 dead, 30 others in stable condition …. (vladtepesblog)

~ TEHRAN became a battleground again last night between supporters and opponents of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as Iran marks the 30th anniversary of the storming of the US embassy.… Protesters chanted “Death to the dictator” while a pro-government group that had also gathered at the square chanted “Death to America” …. (richardfernandez)

~ VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The beliefs of recent murderers and plotters are not incidental and insignificant, but part and parcel of their psychological makeup. “Fort Hood” …. (

~ UNDER FIRE— Four journalists arrested in Iran …. (IFP)

Michael Coren on honour killing

~ COINCIDENCE? Al-Qaeda last week called for attacks on “any crusaders whenever you find one of them, like at the airports of the crusader Western countries that participate in the wars against Islam, or their living compounds, trains etc.” …. (

~ FRESH SCARAMOUCHE— “Nothing to see here, kafirs. Move along now: He was handing out Korans. He was dressed in devout Islamic garb. Though American-born, he was looking to import a similarly devout wife-in-a-bag from–wait for it–“Palestine.” …. (scaramouche)

~ BREATH OF THE BEAST— An Horrific Outbreak of Stupidity …. (

Just missed it! "Um.. I was promised 72 virgins.. hello? Why's it so hot? Where's the free buffet & pleasure gardens? Mohammed? Is that you? Er.. wait a minute...!"

~ AMERICAN DIGEST ON Fort Hood Jihad Massacre: “Treason Punishable by Death”; The Hero of Fort Hood …. (americandigest)


~ BOSTOM— Confronting Nidal Malik Hassan’s Erstwhile “Martyrdom” …. (

~ TREASONOUS DHIMMI JOURNOS hellbent on hugging tyrants …. (

~ WHAT MILITARY BLOGS Say About Fort Hood Shootings; More on the Fort Hood shooter; Sudden jihad syndrome again …. (Wz, Hynek)

~ THE JIHADIST/ TERRORIST who killed 12 and wounded 31 more of our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers is still alive …. (uppitywoman08)

Michael Coren with Salim Mansur – part 1

~ FT. HOOD SUSPECT suspect shouted ‘Allahu Akbar!’ before killing 13 (updates & video); Ed Driscoll: Breaking: Massacre At Fort Hood; AP Unclear What Motivated Devout Muslim Shouting “Allahu Akbar” to Kill …. (creepingsharia, eddriscoll, mypetjawa)




~ GIVE HER A MEDAL! Texan police officer Kim Munley who shot Fort Hood gunman hailed as a heroine …. (timesonline)

~ INTROSPECTION, Not Rationalization, Needed in Wake of Fort Hood Slaughter …. (

Spencer on Savage re Fort Hood jihadist

~ IN THE SAME VEIN as “Don’t jump to conclusions–‘Allahu Akbar’ can be a convivial Islamic greeting”…: In the grip of the pathological cluelessness that afflicts large portions of the mainstream media and Western civilization, and that may well prove fatal, the Globe and Mail calls for “restraint, as after 9/11” …. (scaramouche)

~ CUTTHROATS in White Coats– Yesterday, an Army psychiatrist opened fire in a medical office at a U.S. Army base in Texas, killing 12 people and wounding 30 …. (skepticaldoctor)

~ BUT WAIT… THERE’S MUCH MORE: “Religion of peace let Mr Abdirahman scream and bleed from his head for 7 minutes until he finally died. Nice.” …. (: “Religion of peace let Mr Abdirahman scream and bleed from his head for 7 minutes until he finally died. Nice.”)

~ CAROLINE GLICK— The mullahs’ big week; and Silencing dissent in America …. (carolineglick)

~ DELIGHTFUL— Ft. Hood jihadist’s cousin: “If he had killed one or two, I could say that he was defending himself.” …. (

~ MONTREAL welcomes an Islamist extremist in sheep’s clothing …. (vladtepesblog)

~ DIRECTOR Roland Emmerich demonstrates blatant islamophobia* by refusing to treat Muslims the same as the rest of us …. (ghostofaflea)

~ FORT HOOD SHOOTER was member of Homeland Security Panel advising Obama. Of course. Why not? He was a “moderate.” Until he wasn’t …. (jihadwatch)

~ MALIK NADAL HASAN and Obama’s Pet Goat Moment …. (


~ RADICAL IMAM: Exploiting the Luqman Abdullah Shooting; It’s Radical Islam, Stupid; Hush-Hush: Islamists Urge Government to Keep Imam’s Faith Out of Detroit Case …. (

~ SLAIN FOR ‘HONOUR’: Remembering Noor Faleh Almaleki – a normal American woman …. (creepingsharia)

~ SOFT-JIHAD in NYC: Muslim cabbie kicks gay couple to the curb …. (creepingsharia)

~ WAFA SULTAN’S message to America …. (formermuslimsunited)

~ DIANA WEST— Some Great Sense from Great Britain, By Diana West; and “Five British soldiers are dead today, fatalities of see-no-Islam political correctness” …. (

~ THERE IS NO ‘HONOUR’; There’s Only Killing …. (

~ SPIN ALERT: Texas Murderer Shouted Allahu Akbar …. (

~ IRAN’S SUPREME Leader Ayatollah Khamenei Says He Spurned Several Personal Requests From Obama, Negotiating With US Would be “Naive and Perverted” …. (weaselzippers)

~ SEATTLE U Muslim students, faculty disrupt Nonie Darwish talk on sharia …. (creepingsharia)

~ YALE & THE VEIL— On Islamist pressure in New Haven …. (newcriterion)

~ PEACEFUL preaching inside, violent message outside a New York mosque …. (vladtepesblog)

~ ADS FOR “Islam is the Way” on Manhattan Pedicabs …. (thesilentmajority)

~ WHY WASN’T Hasan Investigated? …. (

~ IN TODAY’S wacky “human rights” news: Iran criticizes the West for human rights violations …. (scaramouche)

~ ARAR CONTINUES His ‘Legal’ Jihad… Against America …. (

~ SCARMOUCHE— “Oh, the embarrassment: It must be extremely emasculating for a jihadi warrior to be have his Afterlife plans derailed by a chick packing heat” …. (scaramouche)

~ UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES— Shock: Judge Orders Return Of Damning Evidence To CAIR …. (

~ SOME SAY “Contest 2 would see views held by most Muslims in Britain being classed by the government as extreme. Some say this is not a bug but a feature” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ GERMANY’S MERKEL gets it: Iranian threat to Israel threatens us all …. (

~ RELIGION & THE MARKETPLACE— “It is time for Islam to shed its “Borqa.” The cat is out of the bag, so to speak. In the age of instantaneous communication and with the rising literacy, the task of keeping this stone-age belief called Islam under cover is an impossibility” …. (formermuslimsunited)

~ HATEFUL MUSLIM & DC sniper calls himself ‘this innocent black man’ …. (

~ TOLERANT! Forced Islamization of Christian Conscripts in the Egyptian Army …. (formermuslimsunited)

~ MASSIVE IRANIAN WEAPONS-TRANSFER to Hezb’ollah Uncovered by Israeli Commandos …. (vladtepesblog)

~ ENEMY SYMPATHIZER & ENABLER— IAEA ‘Watchdog’ Mohamed ElBaradei is Leaving, and Good Riddance …. (newsrealblog)

~ FAITH AS A CRIME: Practicing Christians in Egypt may now face prison …. (

~ THE ISLAMIC WAR On Freedom At USC …. (newsrealblog)


~ SOCIAL COHESION.UK— Yusuf al-Qaradawi: spiritual advisor to the stars– This is a guest post by CSC Research Intern, Alexandra Sokolowski. Hollywood’s Barrie Osborne, producer of “The Matrix” and “The Lord of the Rings“, is making a $150 million movie on the life of the prophet Mohammed …. (

Barrie Osborne, Producer

~ INDEED— “Hell, I even dislike their dislike of dogs.” A classic Daphne truth-telling. Appropriate for today …. (


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