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Steyn’s Hot New Album

~ ITEM: Sweet Gingerbread Man…as you’ve never heard it before by Jessica Martin & Mark Steyn

~ WHEN HE’S not isolated in his fortress of hate, blendering kittens and spewing foul invective against helpless minorities, Mark Steyn has a curious habit: he likes to sing. The latest offering he sent along to the Binks HQ (he’s generous that way) is his latest Christmas mini-album, with he and Jessica Martin duelling voices.

We’ve got his take on Sweet Gingerbread Man, Merry Little Christmas, Running on Eggnog, last year’s Marshmallow World as a bonus track, Santa Is Comin’ To Town, and a great reprise of Gingerbread Man to top off this Yuletide feast.

First off– since his 2008 debut, Mark’s had some good vocal training, and you can year it in the new vibrato, clear notes, and bouncy lyrical style. Second, the songs aren’t just a one-off novelty item: as a notorious ‘former DJ’ with a deep love for music, it shows in the songs, and selections chosen. As I listened to the songs, it evoked the Christmas spirit, and I naturally assumed the family would be listening to this amongst the other holly jolly tunage this Christmas– it’s that good, and that fun.

Get one for your friends & fambly this Christmas!

Oh, and Mark crooning the eternal bossa nova hit ‘Girl From Ipanema‘? Gotta get us more of that goodness! ~

In Praise Of Beeb Historian Michael Woods

~ ITEM: Michael Wood

~ ITEM: Michael Wood (historian) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Interview with Michael Wood

~ GOD GRANT US HONEST INQUIRY, and a longing heart. So over the past 5+ years I’ve become a huge fan of Brit historian writer & presenter Michael Wood. He wrItes and does wonderful onsite research (and books) in interesting topics of abiding interest, and always brings something new and important to the table.

Series like Legacy – The Origins of Civilization; In Search of the Trojan War; In the Footsteps of Alexander The Great: A Journey from Greece to Asia; Shakespeare; The Story of India; In Search of England: Journeys into the English Past; Michael Wood: In Search of Myths and Heroes; Conquistadors— in his thoughtful and interesting approach, he summarizes without over-simplifying the current state of the historical debate, while visiting the sites in question, and then producing damed fine books and TV as a result.

History– like any discipline– can be a whore and a sock puppet if ideologues are running the show, or when academic moods skew the evidence, and the latest outrageous theory gets all the attention. Michael Wood at least takes you along on his journey to see what might be seen, introducing original texts and evidence, and leaves you knowing more and feeling exited after the trip.

His fine In the Footsteps of Alexander The Great: A Journey from Greece to Asia reminds us that in pre-modern societies, the past and present are one, and united in the people who remember: so Alexander is a present figure in song and history and memory for many millions of people along the route of his conquests, and in his homeland. Our trashy modern idea that the past is dustbin, benightedness, and forgettable? Seen as the amnesiac nonsense it really is, where Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson encompass our present and past.

Whether academic or student or beginner in history– buy Michael Woods’ DVDs and read his books– you won’t be disappointed. ~

Umpty Gabillions: Just A Statistic

~ ITEM: Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Federal Trust Funds

~ ITEM: Why homemade gifts are better than store-bought

~ ITEM: Many in the no-longer-so-loyal opposition to the Obama juggernaut of taking the wrecking ball to the Republic fret about how to slow or stop it. Here’s the news: You can’t

~ IN THE SHELL GAME that is 2009 U.S. book-keeping, a trillion is real money, but a billion is just a statistic. Could the Obama administration– full of tax-cheats, ideological pirates, and crazy persons– even pretend to know where all the money is, went, or is going?

We already see that the current administration is engaged in an economic war against American capitalism, seeking to cripple and humble the U.S.A. to make it more amenable to U.N. and internationalist pressures. Diversions allow for plunder: who can say what the actual debt is? What the Fed is really up to? How much Obama’s pie-in-the-sky socialist promises have and will cost the American economy, taxpayers, and future generations.. nor how much ACORN, the SEIU and cronies are milking from the system while everybody is in a panic. There’s just no telling, and the crooks are running the till.

We’re Christmas shopping this year… but not very much. How about you? Trust the market, your stocks, your job-security enough to load up any needless debt right now? Us neither.

Looks like a way slow ho ho, at least economically speaking. It’s The Obama Who Stole Christmas!

Of course, from a spiritual perspective, gifts & wealth and worldly matters come and go: but sometimes the Stuff can distract from the state of our souls, the central relationships of our lives, and the lasting things that make a difference.

Perhaps– albeit unintentionally, like most things he does– Mr. President has given America a chance to step back from the blinding blizzard of glut to remember those better things, and why America was founded, how she should work, and what serious tasks lie before faithful citizens at home, not to mention in the world that The Bowinator Obama has left to go all free-for-all. ~


Barack HUSSEIN Obama?

~ ITEM: VARIOUS VIDS: Video results for obama muslim

~ ITEM: Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam :: Daniel Pipes

~ THERE’S A VIDEO making the rounds (we had it up a post or three ago) featuring B.H. Obama making various statements. The video suggests that POTUS is a closet Muslim, or something.

Does it it matter? But of course.

With this guy, yes. He’s psychologically challenged, narcissistic, and a divided personality. Black/ White; Bastard/ Hero; Muslim/ Radical Christian; Indonesian/ American; self-lover/ self-hater. Obama is a puzzle to the world, because there’s no ‘There’ there in many respects. Hence the indecisiveness the grandiose language, the style over substance problem.

Certainly he is the most po-Muslim and pro-Islamist American President ever, and has allowed the widespread infiltration of government and advisors, together with a self-defeating pro-Islamist pro-terror foreign policy.. even as he wafflingly continues Bush’s war in Afghanistan.

Along with all the other impending disasters thanks to the Obama misadministration, the current phase of the Jihad is going rather well, all in all, for the stealth-Jihad side of the civilizational war currently underway all around us.

And that– whether he’s Muslim or not– can be laid at the feet of apostate Muslim B.H. Obama. ~

A Binks Movie Review

~ ITEM: To End All Wars; and Paradise Road

~ A MUST-SEE MOVIE— To End All Wars, starring Robert Carlyle, Kiefer Sutherland, and a host of other good folks. It’s based on a true story, of POWs in a Japanese prison camp, forced to help construct the infamous “Railway of Death” from Thailand to Burma. Each man is confronted with spiritual, philosophical, and personal choices in the midst of terrible suffering.

The movie also unabashedly examines the role of faith, and the search for the true, the good, and the beautiful in the midst of the world. The prisoners set up a chapel and a school for philosophy, Shakespeare, and fine arts, and most of the POWs join. In spirit not unlike the true story of Paradise Road starring Glenn Close, and a young first-timer actress named Cate Blanchett, this movie demonstrates the power of the human spirit, faith, and perseverance– and the innate power of the foundational thought and faith of Western Civ.

As such, it’s not just the usual heartwarming victory over adversity tale, but a much deeper accounting of the true, the good, and the beautiful.

Watch it, says the Binks. ~

Of Elephants & Christmas

~ ITEM: APOLOGETICS 101: How to defend Christian exclusivism from the challenge of religious pluralism

There are hundreds of paths up the mountain,
all leading in the same direction,
so it doesn’t matter which path you take.
The only one wasting time is the one
who runs around and around the mountain,
telling everyone that his or her path is wrong.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Hindu teacher

~ ITEM: God is an Elephant? Examining the Blind Men and the Elephant philosophic argument in philosophy of religion

~ ITEM: Elephant in the room – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

~ A VERY OLD STRAND of anti-Christian apologetic goes thus: there are many paths up the mountain to god, the gods, or the divine– how can you say yours is the best, or the only way? Surely that is very arrogant. Another version of this is the old elephant in the living-room analogy, where each blind man feels something different, and assumes it’s a snake, a wall, a tree-trunk, whatever. Gotcha.

Since it’s coming onto Advent and the Christmas, it’s worth revisiting these objections to Christian claims.

First, the pagan mistakes the order of revelation, and the nature of religion, in assuming the assertion of Jesus Christ that he was God’s only begotten Son, Indeed, the human soul aspires for the divine (or substitutes thereof), and many world religions can be seen as fulfilment of human aspiration. The Christian says, rather, that God has let down a ladder to the mountain-top, by revealing himself to humanity in his Son, that all who believe in him might be saved. It’s a earth-ward motion from God, not another human motion towards heaven (the many paths). For the problem is not mountain-tops, but getting up to heaven: and for that you need love, and a living wind from heaven.

God has revealed himself: so the Christian cannot be arrogant in refusing to pass on the word about the Word made flesh, who dwelt amongst us. It’s not arrogance, but humility to share what God has done, however frail or proud some Christians are or have been in doing so. Indeed, Christianity understands itself as the proper and true fulfilment of every religion, and all human hope, fear, need, and aspiration– and philosophy.

“…according to Plato the truly just man must be misunderstood and persecuted in this world; indeed, Plato goes so far as to write: ‘They will say that our just man will be scourged, racked, fettered, will have his eyes burned out, and at last, after all manner of suffering will be crucified.’ This passage, written four hundred years before Christ, is always bound to move a Christian deeply.”

~ (Ratzinger, 353) ~

As for the elephant, well– it’s an elephant. Even if the describe it wrongly, it’s still an elephant and not some other object or animal. Indeed, unless the blind men were raised in some far country where they’d never met or learnt of such, they’d figure it out.. or ask a local, preferable one with eyesight. Or notice it breathing and farting and getting impatient with being prodded. Never met a blind [person that clueless before, and no– some of my best friends aren’t blind people, sorry.

Whoa there, Nelly– again, the untested assertion behind the blind men and elephant analogy is that we are all spiritually blind, and can only go by our best guesses, because– you guessed it– all religions ar fundamentally equal and all say the same thing and we should be nice and recycle and all that.. except, they don’t. Just ask Major Hasan, or the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, or the Dalai Lama, or Pope Benedict XVI, or even sub-sects within each religion.

To claim we are all blind is in fact to beg the question, and arrogantly presume to have answered the question beforehand… it’s a fancy version of “So, are you still beating your wife?” It’s a sly cheat, however ‘holy’ the source. It’s to say “The only true religion is that which says there’s no true religion.” Thus, it’s also a contradiction, as in: It’s absolutely true that there are no absolute truths. Busted!

The question of Christianity is a who, not a what, nor a philosophical puzzle: love him or hate him or in between him, Jesus of Nazareth is the central personage of the last 2000 years of human history, and still confronts those who encounter him with the same question he asked St. Peter: “Who do you say that I am?” And if– as Christians claim– that unlike any other religious leader ever, he is eternally and divinely alive despite death and the grave, he actually asks each soul sooner or later, and will not let us go unless we finally and ultimately insist.

That’s the big deal behind the wrappings, the converted paganism, the holly jolly music and feasting and all that– God born as a baby, that we might become gods through him, and partake of his divine nature.

So ring the bells of Christmas, bring the figgy pudding, and joyfully sound the carols, for joy to the world, the Lord has come. Ask any convert, any suffering Christian in Hindu or Moslem or Communist lands, anyone who is spiritually alive and more than a sleepy cultural Christian, and they will tell you… as I just tried to do, in my own poor and inadequate way. Because he lives, I live also– and that has made all the difference. ~


Whilst We’re At It

~ IMPRISONED CHRISTIANS in Iran: Maryam and Marzieh free! …. (freerepublic)

Silent Monks Singing Hallelujah

~ A VERY COOL free utility– “Hate reinstalling one by one your favourite software every time you format your computer? Here is a cool site, where you can select from a list of programs to create an all-in-one bundle installation. Click to launch” …. (

‘The Surrogates’ Trailer HD

~ VIA BREWDOG— The World’s Strongest Beer: Tactical Nuclear Penguin …. (

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ COOL STUFF— Weird and Wonderful Microscopy …. (gizmodo)

~ THIS HATE MONTH, Best Buy will wish you a happy Eid al-Adha but not Christmas …. (actiondino)

Muppet Bloopers

Mark Steyn

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On Ezra
“But I wonder if his attraction to the argument that “censorship is not a Jewish thing”, that the Jewish intelligentsia does not support it (except for neurotic Woody Allen types, and the hate law-invested Canadian Jewish Congress) is not really as much an unspoken campaign to change ordinary Jewish minds as it is a confident description or present Canadian reality.”

~ THE LEVANT Why the Liberals love China …. (ezralevant)

~ EZRA LEVANT— The last 100 Jews in the Liberal Party …. (ez)


“When the human rights industry starts to treat religious freedom as a problem, it makes itself an ugly Goliath. But we should not be cowed,” he concluded. “[…] we should remember instead the example of David, and start running at him. We should also remember that David felled Goliath.”

~ Cardinal Pell ~

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Fugly Mausoleum Of Totalitarianism

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Climate Scamming

“An hilariously bizarre situation is happening in the wake of the growing Climategate scandal. Many of the mainstream media stories about global warming are simply pretending it doesn’t exist. Perhaps they feel that by ignoring Climategate entirely that it will just go away. Unfortunately for them, the readers of these global warming stories keep bringing up the inconvenient truth of Climategate by mentioning the scandal in the comments section over and over and over again.”

~ P.J. Gladnick, NewsBusters ~

~ THE BIG PICTURE: If you’re still playing catch-up in the smoldering wreckage from the Holy Hand Grenade of hacking detonated in the Hadley CRU, a great place to start is Charlie Martin’s succint and link-rich Global WarmingGate: What Does It Mean? Martin lays it out and sums it up; and “Hadley CRU Code Analysis Begins: “This isn’t just a smoking gun, it’s a siege cannon with the barrel still hot.” …. (

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~ MEDIA TO THE LAME RESCUE! “Sure, maybe the scientific data behind the climate-change theory is all phony. But that doesn’t mean we should question the theory, the New York Times assures us” …. (

~ THE SPREADING DAMAGE— Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren involved in unwinding “Climategate” scandal …. (CFP, atlasshrugs2000)

Something Wonderful: The Climategate Mocking Begins

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~ GLOBAL Warming Fraud: Somebody Needs to Go to Jail; Knocking Down the Global Warming “House of Cards” …. (canadafreepress)

~ XANTHIPPA— The ‘Tree Ring Circus’: what does ‘divergence of the proxy’ mean?; Feynman says: good science demands scrutiny!; ACC scientists’ fraud fallout: the lawsuits are starting!; IPCC scientists, hacked emails and largescale fraud …. (xanthippa)

~ COUNTER-SPIN: Hacked climate scientists’ emails in context. It’s all about.. er, um– The Scientific Method, you puny mortals! …. (boingboing)

Glenn Beck on Climategate

~ IOWAHAWK GEOGRAPHIC: The Secret Life of Climate Researchers …. (iowahawk)


Hope is fading fast

~ AMERICAN DIGEST— I’m moving this to the top of the list for official anthems of “The Conservative Revolutionary Front.” …. (amdig)

~ THE REMARKABLE Obama Makes History Again: Thanksgiving Proclamation First Ever to Omit Direct Mention of God …. (lifesitenews)

~ ANOTHER Communist Adversary, Another Obama bow …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ WOULD-BE GOEBBELS Cass Sunstein: regulate rumors. Cites ‘right-wing websites’, Hannity for ‘alleging’ links between Obama and Ayers …. (realbarackobama)

~ THE FINANCIAL CRISIS: What We (Still) Haven’t Learned; U.S. National Debt Clock: Real Time; and Green Shoots & Leaves …. (

~ HOWARD DEAN ADMITS That ObamaCare Is ‘A Trillion Dollar Bail Out’…’Republicans Are Right About Rhetoric Of Bill’…’This Is A Bail Out That Makes AIG Look Cheap’…’I’d Vote To Kill Bill’ …. (weaselzippers)

~ JUSTICE DELAYED? — St. Louis County has finally gotten around to filing charges relating to last August’s town hall assault of an African-American man …. (

~ ANTI-BABY VIOLENCE: Interview with Young Pro-Life Counselor Threatened with Knife to Throat …. (lifesitenews)

~ CHINA AGREES TO “tough” resolution on Iran after U.S. warns of Israeli attack. Obama plans new media appearances, celebrity status …. (washingtonpost)

~ OBAMA.. NOT A BOOB-MAN— Progressives for Breast Cancer: A Preview of the Medical Gulag… And It gets worse than that …. (ugly news)

~ VIA RBO— Barack Obama and the Socialist Healthcare Scamsters; Batchelor: POTUS Tree-Rings; Glenn Beck Show November 24, 2009; Krauthammer on KSM’s “show trial” …. (RBO)

~ DR EVIL, REDUX— If there is one person out there that is responsible for this financial disaster, it has to be George Soros – A man-made financial disaster. Via; and “Obama officials gave Bilderberg briefings” …. (enterstageright, freerepublic)

~ WARNS ‘STACHE-MEISTER John Bolton: I don’t want my family in New York during the KSM trial; cranky Dem senator: Americans who don’t want KSM tried in civilian court can “go somewhere else” …. (

~ DOWN DOWN DOWN— Obama’s approval rating slides to 39% among racist whites …. (

~ DAVID HOROWITZ— Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model …. (frontpagemag)

~ VICTOR DAVIS HANSON— Riding the Back of the Tiger… is what America has done since 1941. Obama wants to get off …. (victordavishanson)

~ READY FOR REFORM? A few days ago, Chris mentioned the possibility that the Democrats would lose Barack Obama’s former Senate seat. I’m certainly a long term, and somewhat nauseated, observer of Illinois politics …. (captainyips)

The O-Merica Tiger Vs. The World

~ KILL KILL KILLY KILL! Senate Version of Obamacare May Require Public Option to Cover Assisted Suicide …. (firstthings)

~ OBAMA ADMINISTRATION appoints Muslims to key Homeland Security posts — but… they’re “moderates,” aren’t they? …. (

~ A SCARY NEW REPORT from the Anti-Defamation League makes virtually every critic of the Obama administration into a conspiracy-mongering threat to democracy — a tactic that is itself very undemocratic …. (commentarymagazine)

~ THE ONGOING WILDING OF SARAH PALIN, by Robin of Berkeley: “Why liberalism is not healthy for women and other living things”; and “Slate magazine is just one of the countless media outlets convulsing with St. Vitus’ Dance over that demonic succubus Sarah Palin” …. (americanthinker,

~ MEET THE Progressive Change Campaign Committee…. (therealbarackobama)

~ VANDERLEUN— “Many in the no-longer-so-loyal opposition to the Obama juggernaut of taking the wrecking ball to the Republic fret about how to slow or stop it. Here’s the news: You can’t” …. (

~ CRACKS OF TRANSPARENCY— Daylight Appears as Congress Puts Spotlight on the Fed …. (canadafreepress)

~ HEALTH CARE Legislation Creates Over 100 New Bureaucracies …. (

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— Progressive Thanksgiving Prayer: Blessing of the Taxes. This year’s secular Thanksgiving prayer was written by the People’s Economist Professor Kurgman, PhD,PhD,PhD; and Thanksgiving Holiday Tip # 239-T-1127-A …. (

~ ONION— U.S. Government Stages Fake Coup To Wipe Out National Debt …. (shotgun)


“This is what is under assault right now: The clarity of the messages. Justice delayed equals justice denied. There has to be more time, more thinking, more complexity, more obfuscation, more apologia, more…whatever. More ingredients in the stew. More of anything but action.”

~ Morgan @ House of Eratosthenes ~

~ REMEMBERING The Jihad against pagan Berbers – North Africans (650 to 700) …. (

Marian Apparitions in Zeitun, Egypt

More Here

~ THE PLIGHT of Egypt’s Copts. The ancient Egyptians, who became Christian very early …. (

~ SCARAMOUCHE— Sick thinking: An Iranian-Canadian filmmaker and Newsweek reporter, writing in the Globe and Mail, explains “Why we have to talk with Tehran”; Reuters does P.R. for Islam; Wish I’d thought of that: “Climaquiddick”; Pathological self-abnegation: It isn’t enough to deny the Holocaust; Somalis? There were here just a minute ago; Mumbai massacre, one year on; Giving thanks: Robert Spencer offers this holiday message; Lord love him: Viscount Christopher Monckton lays into the eco-scammers …. (scaramouche)

~ DEATH-CULT NEWS— Russian Priest Who Brought Muslims to Christ is Slain …. (merecomments)

~ FRESH Melanie Phillips– Miles of prejudice …. (spectator)

~ BE AFRAID— AP: Muslim countries seek blasphemy ban …. (IFP)

~ MORE PAVILIONS At Folkfest! “The fast-moving international case against a Pakistani-Canadian businessman charged with plotting a terror attack in Denmark and suspected of others in India moved into Pakistan on Monday night with news of the capture of another suspect” …. (SDA)

~ BANGLADESH: Cartoonist jailed for hurting muslim religious feelings …. (IFP)

~ HERE’S the Weekly Wilders Round-Up …. (walker)

~ NORWAY SAYS Iran confiscated Nobel Peace Prize from Iranian activist …. (IFP)

~ IRAN SHUTS DOWN NEWSPAPER over Ba’hai picture …. (IFP)

~ FRIENDLY Egypt: “Muslim Mob” of 3,000 Attack Christian Businesses, Individuals — Rioting Spreads in Upper Egypt …. (vladtepesblog)

~ FORT HOOD and the Myths of Secularism …. (

~ A FREE SPEECH PANEL at Restoration: McCarthy, Emerson, Spencer– “Now, our enemies…will get a year or more to sift through our national defense secrets.”; and Attorney for 9/11 defendants: Yes, they want a platform for propaganda …. (

~ MORE TROUBLE for Rifqa: Fort Hood Major Massacre Muslim Hasan Tied to Rifqa’s Mosque; Imam of Rifqa Bary’s Ohio mosque led Hajj trip with… Nidal Hasan’s jihadist imam …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ HATE LITERATURE— Radical Muslim books widely available, enjoy influence and popularity in Canada …. (vladtepesblog)

~ TURKEY FRETS About Geert Wilders’ Planned Visit …. (

~ EVIL ZIONIST JEWISH JEW Holocaust survivor’s lecture canceled …. (vladtepesblog)

~ CULTURAL GENOCIDE Against Christians, by Baron Bodissey: ““One should be aware of the historical fact that Christians were the clear majority in many regions of the Middle East prior to Mohammed. And these majorities are now all but extinct.” …. (

~ COUNTERING THE BIAS— An Open Letter to Richard Goldstone; Dershowitz slams Goldstone for ‘spreading lies’ …. (commentarymagazine)

~ BOSTOM ON The Expurgated Treacly Wishful Thinking Version– Potemkin’s Potemra’s Koran— Glossed in Translation; and “Islamism or Islam?—Islamist or Islamic?” …. (andrewbostom)

~ A SURVIVOR’S Battle Against Female Genital Mutilation – by Jamie Glazov …. (frontpagemag)

~ RAYMOND IBRAHIM on the Fort Hood jihadist: “While the media wonders…why he did it…the fact is his behavior comports well with certain Islamic doctrines” …. (

~ VIRULENT ANTISEMITISM widespread among immigrant Misunderstanders of Islam in Denmark …. (jihadwatch)

~ ARCHBISHOP: Iraqi Christians suffer “‘religious persecution’ caused by a social system that is inspired by a view of the Quran” …. (

~ NAVY SEALS Court-Martialed for Giving a Fat Lip to a Murderous Terrorist …. (

~ CANUCKISTAN: Muslim husband threatens to kill his hair stylist wife for “dishonoring” his family by touching other men’s hair …. (

~ ATTENTION-SEEKING BEHAVIOUR— Cause Célèbre Islam: Racism, Revolution, Black Nationalism …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ DELIGHTFUL CHICAGO JIHADIS who Plotted to bomb Danish Cartoon Publisher at Halal Slaughterhouse Tied to Mumbai …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ BRINGING THE HATE— Iain Levine and HRW, In Deep and Still Digging …. (

~ IMAGINE THAT— Western terrorism recruits in Somalia; The Danger Signs of Terror …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ MALIGNANT Turks refuse to play Israeli national anthem for Israeli chess tournament winner, who stands defiant …. (

~ USEFUL INFIDELS— Most people who followed George W. Bush’s seven-year “war on terror” will remember Karen Armstrong, the special assistant to the president who was notable (or notorious) for visiting Saudi Arabia and other Muslim strongholds with a syrupy message of ecumenical peace ’n’ love …. (

~ BRAINWASH Da’wah in the Public Schools: Recruiting Your Kids for Islam …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ IT’S JUST IN TIME for Christmas! “In the event you missed it: just in time for this year’s Judeo-Christian holiday season and Mattel’s 50th anniversary is Barbie dressed in traditional Islamic garb” …. (canadafreepress)

~ PUNDITA: How the U.S. government built a perpetual-motion war machine in Afghanistan and sacrificed American values in the process …. (realbarackobama)

~ THE INCOMPATIBILITY of Political Islam With Our Society, by Baron Bodissey …. (

~ EVERY ELEMENT in the media’s template for multiple shootings by sick and stressed killers is wrong. Have they forgotten about Evil? …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ VIA KATE @ SDA— Heros and Civilization …. (

~ WILL MUSLIMS Serve on the 911 Muslim Terrorist Jury? Will any of them be Islamists/ supremacist sympathizers? …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ GATES OF VIENNA— Don’t Frighten the Dhimmis …. (

~ INTERESTING question: Where do you draw the line? “The truth is we’re not prepared to draw a line even after he’s gone ahead and committed mass murder.” …. (

~ GATES OF VIENNA— The Librarian and the Lawyer …. (

~ LEFTY DHIMMI ENABLER— “There is something wrong with Lynne’s brain. Obviously, she loves being a darling of the loony Left — a Left so loony it now makes common cause with theocratic, homo-phobic, misogynistic psycho-killers, since, after all, they too hate America” …. (

~ WHICH MUSLIMS Share Nidal Hasan’s Vision of Islam? …. (

Radical Bastard

~ NONE SO BLIND— “Intelligence agencies intercepted communications last year and this year between the military psychiatrist accused of shooting to death 13 people at Fort Hood, Tex., and a radical cleric in Yemen known for his incendiary anti-American teachings”; that same Imam also inspired Canadian Jihadis– I sent a complaint to Facebook about his site, but they never responded …. (godscopybook)

~ TWO MEN OF Pakistani Background Arrested in Possible Honor Killing …. (

~ JEWISH PEOPLE Apparently.. A Jewish Conspiracy! …. (firstthings)

~ IOWAHAWK— Headline Roundup …. (iowahawk)

~ ONION— Middle East small talks focus on getting Israel and Palestine to talk about the weather; and “Nation’s music snobs protest predictable use of Metallica and Pantera to torture prisoners.” …. (

~ MATTEL Sponsors Genitally Mutilated Burqa Barbie Doll …. (thepeoplescube)

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