So Anyway…

Grmph.. zzZzzz..


Dear Ever-Growing Army of Pre-Dead Minions:

(1) It’s the Bink’s Birfday today. Yay me.

Binkses' Wish List

(2) In discussion with the kindly infidel wench Xanthippa, we both note that the hangover-effect from the recent odd flu has gone on for weeks. I’m still weak, tired, and not much up for blogging.

(3) Despite my intense bloggers-guilt and desire to put good stuff out there, there are currently so few workable hours in my day that there’s almost no time for bloggage. Apologies, but that’s reality at Binks HQ.

(4) Keep checking the blog-roll, re-read old Steynians (there are 400+, after all, in the archives), and keep sending good wishes and prayers this way, so as to speed my re-energification.

You’re all the reason I do this, so thanks for your patience, visits, and understanding.

Binks McElf