Steynian 400nd

Mohammed Über Alles!

Hagia Sophia, Pre-Jihad

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Michael Coren on Swiss minarets – Part 1

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~ FOR ALMOST 1000 YEARS, THE HAGIA SOPHIA— or The Church of the Holy Wisdom of God— was the great jewel of Constantinople, and the Eastern Roman Empire. It’s still there, now surrounded by minarets and copies of itself (like The Blue Mosque). Unlike most other local churches, it was not turned into a barn or a neglected ruin.

As an aggressive architectural principle, no other non-Muslim religious building is supposed to be higher than a mosque and its minarets– hence, right beside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a minaret not only stands taller than the dome of the church, but blasts the 5-times daily insistent call that Allah is God, and Mo is his prophet (the Islamic creed, such as it is).

Holy noise from giant erections, proclaiming Islamic supremacy and reminding others of their inferiority? It’s all original Islam, given new nasty impetus by militant Muslim immigrants, many of whose buildings are funded by offshore oil money.

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