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Hagia Sophia, Pre-Jihad

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Michael Coren on Swiss minarets – Part 1

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~ ITEM: Turkey’s Erdogan: “The Minarets Are Our Swords“; “Let’s All Ban Minarets“; Hypocritical Muslims Can’t Blame Swiss: Tawfik Hamid

~ ITEM: The Swiss have struck a blow for the preservation of their culture. A culture which does not include minarets

~ ITEM: Fitzgerald: Ali Gomaa and that strange thing, the Golden Rule

~ FOR ALMOST 1000 YEARS, THE HAGIA SOPHIA— or The Church of the Holy Wisdom of God— was the great jewel of Constantinople, and the Eastern Roman Empire. It’s still there, now surrounded by minarets and copies of itself (like The Blue Mosque). Unlike most other local churches, it was not turned into a barn or a neglected ruin.

As an aggressive architectural principle, no other non-Muslim religious building is supposed to be higher than a mosque and its minarets– hence, right beside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a minaret not only stands taller than the dome of the church, but blasts the 5-times daily insistent call that Allah is God, and Mo is his prophet (the Islamic creed, such as it is).

Holy noise from giant erections, proclaiming Islamic supremacy and reminding others of their inferiority? It’s all original Islam, given new nasty impetus by militant Muslim immigrants, many of whose buildings are funded by offshore oil money.

In that sense, the minaret is a supremacist middle finger against other religions and societies. Since Islam is a politico-military religion, there can be no church & state, no proper sphere for anything but religious law. So says the current PM of the former capital of the Byzantine Empire, finally conquered by that religion in 1453– Turkey’s Erdogan: “The Minarets Are Our Swords“.

After all– the most symbolic relics of Muhammed are not an empty tomb or bloody cross of sacrifice, but a rack of swords. Said old Mo’ —

“Submit and testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the apostle of Allah before you lose your head.” (Ibn Ishaq 814)

Before we weep for the Swiss Muslims, let’s remember that when it comes to Islamist immigrants, we’re not talking about multiculti nice folks, but supremacist invaders establishing no-go zones, sharia law, and the inevitable giant middle fingers broadcasting loud religious messages 35 times weekly.

It’s an upraised sword deliberately pointed at the heart of Western civilization, Christianity, and freedom. As we see in England, Holland, France, and elsewhere, these are not the generally peaceful integrationist Muslim immigrants glad to be in a free country of yesteryear, but stealth jihadis seeking the submission of the world to their brand of Islam.

Speaking as a Christian & cleric, Christian steeples are symbolic of many things, but particularly of the incarnation– the union of heaven and earth in Christ Jesus, heaven and earth, divine and human nature united in him.  The bells? The far-off song of heaven itself, playing the songs of salvation, based on the best of art, architecture, music, and holy poetry. Further, steeples are reminders of the presence of God in the midst of ordinary life– even amidst the business of the earthly, we may lift up our eyes and hearts to higher things, in the visible reminder of the steeples, like sign-posts on our pilgrimage to heaven.

As Kathy Shaidle puts it, “Minarets are not the “moral equivalent” of church steeples. They are the moral equivalent of burning crosses”, or– even more appropriately, swastikas, given the Nazi-Islamist links over the past 60+ years, carried into the supremacist present in news items such as “AP: Muslim countries seek blasphemy ban“.

And let’s have militant Muslims protesting for allowing giant Christian steeples with loud bells (and attached churches) in the heart of every Muslim capital. What’s that? No hope in Islamic infidel-infested hell, you say? Than it’s not actually morally equivalent, now is it?

Sorry, dear free-speecher allies like Professor Mark Mercer, but it’s just not the same.

The entire issue is actually about us, though: our loss of faith, principle, and even the basic drive to have and raise children. As Deborah Gyapong reminds us: “I’m not crazy about the ban, because it still skirts the real issue. And the real issue is that our civilization is in rampant decay.” ~

When People Become Nuisances

~ ITEM: Down syndrome babies and eugenic hate

~ ITEM: Answers to 12 pro-euthanasia arguments

Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,
As, to be hated, needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

— Alexander Pope (An Essay on Man: Epistle 2)

~ REMEMBER– CANADA IS SUPERIOR. That’s why if we allow medical murder, it won’t get abused ever at all, like it has everywhere else. Retards, the feeb, depressed, pre-born, imperfects, Down-Syndromers, spazzes, veggies, the inconvenient and nuisance and rich elderly mother who just keeps hanging on and wasting the family fortune.. no, we’re so much better than the British, the Dutch, and suchlike.

We noble Canuckis never end up with doctors, nurses, or people with access to murder-materials bumping people off they felt sorry for; people undergoing medical tests, cancer treatment, or painful illness. There’d be no mortally ill, deformed, or handicapped newborn baby left to die alone in a room somewhere. Would we?

Nobody in Canada will need “Please Don’t Kill Me” cards like many people carry in Holland now, to prevent the 1/3 of ‘unauthorized’ killings that happen in their medical system with nobody’s permission. Depressed people? Kids having trouble in school? The unemployed and miserable poor? The homeless? The very old? Let’s clean up the inferiors? We’d never go down that dark and haunted road with millions of ghosts already haunting us? Would we?

This is Canada.. we’d never let people die waiting for treatment, sleep in a hospital hallway, or go home and wait for life-saving surgery, transplants, or other long lists of long-delayed medicine. We’d never rationalize care and play with people’s lives as a matter of dollars or paperwork, would we? We’d never allow money, uppityness, social status, likelihood of lawyers, or blind luck effect equal access to equal treatment, would we?

Would we? And why not, exactly? We already do many of these things, and just don’t talk about it.

Much of the ancient world and many societies today already do these things. If we lose the vision of each soul as God’s child, of infinite worth, and well worth our best efforts and technology and comfort (the heavenly vision that invented our modern medicare, social welfare, universal education, and the rest), then absolutely anything is possible, and more than likely.

Once we allow some people to have ultimate power over the lives of others, there are no limits, whatever glorified process or alleged safeguards we put in place with solemn promises and official approval. If I can declare someone not human, or forbid a disliked class their freedoms and equal treatment, then I am myself become a ‘superhuman’ monster, and making our society into a monstrousity.

We must oppose the so-called euthanasia death-cult with all our power, just as we must oppose the abortion business. Once a culture has e,embraced death, it begins to die, and become putrid and gangrenous and decayed within.. and we the inhabitants of a rotted corpse.

Choose life. ~

POTUS & Co. Disgusted With Troops?

Chris Matthews calls West Point the “Enemy Camp”

~ ITEM: Obama Dithered. 116 US Soldiers Died; Setting up our military to fail

~ ITEM: “War President” Obama’s West Point Afghanistan speech didn’t go over so well in Germany

~ ITEM: America Founded on the Principles of Honoring God

~ ITEM: Obama’s speech on Afghanistan reminded me of Churchill in one sense – it was dead

~ ITEM: At the eve of POTUS speech to West Point on the Afghanistan war, the media peanut gallery suddenly starts heaving old candy wrappers at the Oval Office

~ THE OBLIGATORY MEALY-MOUTHED apology later ensued, but the thing to note is that the media & POTUS are in bed, and this observer guesses this is the Official View™. The military tend to be socially & politically more conservative, more patriotic, and more committed to America– that’s why dictators always must account for the troops: Hitler got his personal oath of loyalty, and Stalin ruthlessly purged the generals and office classes, promoting ideologues in their places.

Hence The Obama’s recent goofy speech on Afghanistan, which left the audience yawning. They know who POTUS Barack Carter-Clinton II is and what he stands for, and it’s not America the beautiful, the republic, the land of the free and home of the brave.. or even the same old variously messy America of the last 50 years.

The American military? Stalwart warriors against dictatorships, communism, Islamism, and natural disasters for decades.

For pro-Islam pro-Commie pro-bullying Obamunism, what’s not to hate? Eventually, Obama will screw over everyone, including himself. That’s what sin & evil does, whether it’s him or us. ~

The Messiah™ Is Disgusted


Whilst We’re At It

“Shall I tell you what the real evil is? To cringe to the things that are called evils, to surrender to them our freedom, in defiance of which we ought to face any suffering.”

~ Seneca (Letters to Lucilius ~

~ BINKS @ CANUCKI JIHAD— The Tariqster Shows Up …. (canuckjihad)

Sesame Street Apologizes?

Mark Steyn

~ CLIMATEGATE: HOW THE SCIENCE GOT SETTLED— A scandal of science, politics and media …. (

~ FREE & TASTY! Mark Steyn: 80-minute commercial-free radio interview. Hear Mark’s take on: Major Hasan and Fort Hood; Climate Research Unit global warming e-mails; Switzerland bans minaret construction; Obama’s Afghanistan speech; the Ontario Jewish school teacher and the Muslim student …. (WINTRY)

~ POLYTECHNIQUE— TWENTY YEARS AGO: The Montreal massacre in fact and fiction …. (

~ IN THE CORNER: LORD JONES IS INDISPOSED– The climate correspondents circle the wagons – plus Your settled science story of the day …. (corner.nationalreview)

~ MARK STEYN EXPLAINS what Climategate teaches us about peer-review …. (winteryknight)

~ MOONBAT George Monbiot Rebrands Boring Canada As Powerful Earth Killer, Canadians Delighted …. (anorak)

~ PORTS OF CALL— MINARETS AND ISLAMIC SUPREMACISM: Andrew Bostom on the Swiss vote – and how the Turkish Prime Minister sees it; plus Ezra Levant: Why are Calgary’s Official Jews getting in bed with the city’s ugliest Jew-hater? – and Walker Morrow tries to explain things to the reflexively obtuse …. (andrewbostom, Ez, Walker)


~ CALGARY’S OFFICIAL JEWS try to cover up Syed Soharwardy’s anti-Semitism …. (ezralevant)

~ VANCOUVER Jewish Book Festival …. (ezralevant)

Part 2

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~ THE MIGHTY Ezra Levant in Vancouver …. (


“The most challenging of these questions emerge when after one agrees to seek, he considers the Nature of God. Is God an impersonal spirit of “order” in the universe? Or is God more? Is there a God personal to me with Whom I can have a relationship? Here is where people begin to bristle. You will see it. Many get angry at the mere suggestion. They are lost kids, who think they know.”
~ Nick Chagouris, NewsReal ~

~ TEH GYAPONG— A signed copy of The Defilers for Christmas; Margaret Somerville explains what human dignity means; The priest facing God? or the people; The Swiss minarets ban; If lethal injections for criminals is inhumane why is it not for the terminally ill and disabled?; These women do not speak for me; Minarets in Switzerland when there are churches in Saudi Arabia?; Combatting the spin on the Irish sexual abuse scandal; fresh “Whore of Babylon” watch; He could have done better; More interesting posts on why not women’s ordination; David Warren on Advent and Christmas …. (

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Light Bulbs vs. The Nanny State

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~ THE LIBERAL JACKBOOT— Dissident Anglican parishes in B.C. have no rights to property: court. In other suicidal church news, consequences come to socialist religion in Canuckistan: Diocese on the brink, Bishop “Going Down The” Drainville warns. Actually, the whole national church is bankrupt, and hemorrhaging members faster than any other denomination on the planet. Mission doubt? Nope, idiot confidence is high under liberal uber-boss Fred Hiltz …. (nationalpost, aj)

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The smoke of Satan had entered the Church

~ THE HORROR, THE HORROR— “It is 40 years ago today since the New Mass of Paul VI was introduced into our parishes, writes Margery Popinstar, editor of The Capsule. We knew at the time that this liturgy was as close to perfection as humanly possible, but little did we guess what an efflorescence of art, architecture, music and worship lay ahead!” Si monumentum requiris, circumspice, indeed; and “In 1972, Paul VI would make a famous and prophetic statement that, “…the smoke of Satan had entered the Church.” Sadly, he could never understand that it was ultimately he and Bugnini who let that “smoke” in the front door” …. (

~ CANADA OUT OF RECESSION— The economy is growing again and our domestic economy is doing much better …. (

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~ UNREAL: Boost Mobile’s Holiday Ads Have Mrs. Claus Screwing Around With A Snowman Because ‘She Has Needs’ And Santa Using Donkeys Instead Of Reindeer And Being A ‘Jackass’ To His Elves …. (wZ)

~ IF GOD WERE Any Better To Me, I’d Have To Be Twins …. (

~ WARNING: Feminist committing historical analogy ahead …. (

~ FIRE HYDRANT & TREE And Tree Conspire To Make Golf Great Victim Of Conspiracy Theory …. (

~ TEH ONION— “December Named National Awareness Month” …. (hynek)

The Socialist Climate Cult & Scam

“Slice your average environment correspondent through the middle and you’re going to find a left-leaning liberal arts graduate who is utterly out of his/her depth. Their world view is being swept from underneath them and they are being shown—in ways that they do not really and have never had to understand—that the guys they thought were the goodies are in fact “at it” and that those they have spent a decade disparaging as deniers were in fact spot on.”

~ The Devil’s Kitchen ~

~ GLOBAL WARMING Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 3rd 2009 …. (dailybayonet)

~ CONTROVERSIAL Climate Change Scientists Admit Dumping Data …. (foxnews, spectator)

~ GOOGLE Restricting “ClimateGate” Searches …. (mitchieville)

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Jon Stewart Talks Climategate

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~ A MUST-READ! — Lord Christopher Monckton’s report on Climategate available now…. (

~ UNIVERSITIES take action on Climategate …. (lucianne)

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~ THE ENTIRE CLIMATE WARMING MOVEMENT Stands Discredited; Climategate: it’s all unravelling now …. (, blogs.telegraph)

Who Was The Guilty?

~ DR. TIM BALL on Climategate and the criminal things done to sell global warming …. (vladtepesblog)

~ SCIENTIFIC deconstructionism; The most serious criticisms leveled at the authors of the e-mail messages revolve around three issues; Climategate and the Sgt Schultz media …. (

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Rex Murphy for PM

~ VOX DAY— NO evidence for global warming; “Hopelessly compromised“; A crack in the denial …. (

~ AT FIRST LISTEN, At first listen A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall would seem to be right up the alley of those invested in warning about the impending eco-apocalypse …. (

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~ CLIMATE DEBATE— An interesting few hours. Clearly Ellie may is a shrill, rude, nasty not very good debater. Monbiot as well used emotion more than science to justify spending vast amounts of money for minimal results. Bjorn Lomborg and Lord Lawson were excellent …. (

~ DID MAN-BEAR-PIG eat the Climate Research Unit’s raw data? …. (winteryknight)

~ SENTINEL BLOG— ‘A Load Of Hot Air Underpinned By Fraud’… is the whole global warming/climate change/it’s our fault and we gotta shut down the Free World and have our money taken away and our lives controlled by government so as to save the world thing that’s been going on for a while now …. (

~ MEDIA MATTERS denounces global warming ‘false claims’ (no, not those ones…); Nothing to See Here, Folks. The Lamestream Media on Climategate …. (newsrealblog)

~ COMEDIAN Jon Stewart Does Refusenik Newsmedia’s Job, Reports On ClimateGate Scandal …. (


“Obama doesn’t believe that any war can ever be legitimate. Read his speeches from Cairo, Normandy, or Berlin. He has talked about the progress of American blacks from slavery to his presidency, without ever mentioning the civil war. It just didn’t happen. It was like the fall of the Berlin Wall. There was no military involved, no “cold war,” people just “came together” and the wall fell.”

~ ~

~ PRESIDENT OBAMA gave his big Afghanistan speech last night, and it was, of course, a mess …. (dianawest)

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~ BLACK FRIDAY and America’s New Economic Reality …. (biggov)

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~ MESSIAH™ VS. THE MESSIAH PART 2— Obama Critic Pastor Manning Visited By Secret Service …. (nmatv, atlah)

~ THE GLENN BECK Show December 2, 2009 …. (therealbarackobama)

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~ GOOD TIMES For The Teleprompter Industry! Is there nothing that Obama can’t do? …. (SDA)

~ AMERICAN GENERAL McChrystal undermined …. (spectator)

This Is NOT For Real…Is it?

Every school kid in America should know this: when they play the National Anthem, or you recite the Pledge of Allegiance, you place your right hand over your heart....

~ DIANA WEST— “The Market Is Gone For Good… and Been Replaced with the Political Economy” …. (dianawest)

~ OBAMEDIA Ignores Navy SEALs for Tiger Woods …. (humanevents)

~ A MERE 71% MAD At Government: Rasmussen …. (

~ OFFICIAL: Obama wants to enlarge Jewish construction edicts. But relents that Israel not required to withdraw from entire strategic territory …. (therealbarackobama)

~ DE-INVENTING THE WHEEL: Government Motors 1975, by Claire Berlinski– America should learn from Britain’s disastrous takeover of its biggest auto company …. (

~ COMEDY GOLD: Dennis Miller Crashergate Couple: It Was Nice To See Our President Not Bowing To Them …. (weaselzippers)

~ OBAMACARE’S Cost Could Top $6 Trillion …. (cato-at-liberty)

~ JACOB And The Cloistered Echo Chamber …. (

~ PLUNDERING California– Public-sector unions have brought the state to its knees …. (

~ THE OBAMA MIRACLE— U.S. Hunger on the Rise.. a record number of Americans, 36 million, now receive food stamp assistance …. (

~ IF THEY HATED US under Bush… they scorn us under Obama …. (

~ CANADIAN Delusional Moonbat Spotlight: Heather Mallick …. (

~ GLOBAL WARMING Pseudoscience Climate Scandal a Political Liability for Obama …. (washingtonexaminer)

~ OBAMACRATS Eyeing State Bailout & Control Of Newspapers …. (

~ THANKSGIVING With Bill Ayers: Fugitive Days and Obama’s Plan for Afghanistan …. (newsrealblog)

~ ACORN Dispersing $$$$$$$$$ Into Other Far-Left Groups …. (

~ BACK IN THE USSA— Pelosi’s Health Care Bill Would Regulate Snack Machines at Estimated Cost of $56Million the First Year …. (

~ ALLEN WEST— “One Year, One Chance” podcast …. (thesilentmajority)

~ UNEMPLOYED? Obama White House to host 50,000 visitors at 28 parties in December …. (lucianne)

~ SOCIAL SECRETARY FAIL— Worst Social Secretary Ever? …. (nbcchicago)

~ THE TRUTH In The Spoof On Saturday Night Live …. (

~ OBAMA’S CORRUPTION— Sweetheart, Get Me Rewrite: ACORN and the James Rainey Saga; Eric Holder Won’t Investigate His Radical Friends at ACORN …. (biggov)

~ USSA 2010 estate tax may go from 0 to 45 percent.. way to chase away the wealth, people …. (seacoastonline)

~ THE EVIL GLENN Beck to Media on White House ‘Party Crashers’: Do Your Job or Face Conspiracy Theories …. (newsbusters)

The 12 Days of O-mas!


Special "Death To Jews" Centrifuges

~ HOLOCAUST 2, PROLOGUE— Iran plans enrichment sites in defiance of UN …. (breitbart)

~ HORSE’S MOUTH— Turkey’s Erdogan: “The Minarets Are Our Swords”; “Let’s All Ban Minarets”; Hypocritical Muslims Can’t Blame Swiss: Tawfik Hamid …. (dianawest,

Michael Coren on the burqa – part 1

Part 2

~ MONTREAL— Muslim father misunderstands Islam, calls for murder of his son for converting to Christianity …. (jihadwatch)

Egg-Lobbing Islamo-Supremacists

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~ OR DID HE? Italy: Would-be convert from Islam to Christianity hangs himself …. (jihadwatch)

~ MUST-READ: How Hezbollah sanctions hook-up sex in order to satisfy their recruits …. (winteryknight)

~ VIDEO: Police order press not to film removal of mural, Rotterdam 2004 …. (internationalfreepresssociety)

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~ TERRY GLAVIN— “Spirit Of The West: Dragoons, Highlanders, Westies, Rangers, B.C. Regiment, Scottish” …. (

~ DISSENTING DOCTOR DOWN— Iran whistleblower died from drug-laced salad …. (Wz)

~ PERSECUTION-WATCH— Location: Pakistan, Arrested: June 2009 — Asia Bibi, a 37-year-old Pakistani woman from the village of Ittanwali …. (

~ FORMER MUSLIMS UNITED— Books on Muslim Apostasy …. (formermuslimsunited)

~ NON-MUSLIM WOMEN ARE ALL WHORES! It was the holy time, so I had to grope the lady …. (jihadwatch)

~ INDEBTED DUBAI— Sovereign wealth funds meet Shariah-compliant finance – What could possibly go wrong? …. (SDA)

~ THE 911 NEVER FORGET Press Conference – NYC (pictures and video) …. (thesilentmajority)

~ GUTLESS Hertz sued by non muslims for un-equal break times …. (vladtepesblog)

~ VIDEO— Wafa Sultan speaks of her life, her book, and the USA …. (vladtepesblog)

~ SWISS VOTE to ban minarets a warning to Europe’s Muslims …. (nationalpost)

~ THE SLOW CLEAN in Tehran– The limits of an Iranian purge …. (

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— An advertisement in today’s Times signed by left-wing Jews in support of the Goldstone report declares: British Jews do not speak with one voice …. (spectator)

~ SILENT MAJORITY— “Thanking the Guard Dogs” from Lt. Col (ret) Allen B. West (includes podcast) …. (thesilentmajority)

~ WHY YIDDISH has a Hundred Words for ‘Moron’ …. (newsrealblog)

6 thoughts on “Steynian 400nd

  1. You know, anyone could flip a photo to show ANYBODY appearing to put their left hand over their heart instead of their right.

    1. Sounds like a good research project, Lee: track down where the photo comes from, see if it was a journalist’s shot, check with the related wire service, and see if the original has been altered in the transmission. Let me know if that happened, and I’ll gladly substitute the original for the possible fake, if so. Otherwise, yer just cheap-shotting for political points. ~ Binks ~

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