Steyniac 401th

Canadian Free Speech Hero

Winner Boissoin & Whiner Lund

~ ITEM: Canadian Minister Appeals Hate Crime Sanctions

~ TO HONOUR THE RECENT victory for Stephen Boissoin against the insane and arbitrary nastiness of the Alberta HRC, and the malice of non-gay bully scumbag Darren Lund, who was cheerfully willing to throw a Christian to the modern bureaucratic lions, no matter the cost or effect on the individual so accused– here’s a link to the infamous letter. Come and get me, ya Nazis.

The process IS the punishment, as many have noted– but more than that, the punishment is the modern equivalent of Pontius Pilate’s “let him off after a good whipping”. Only militant Muslims are crass enough to actually objectify and crucify their enemies– but that we do so with words in the public forum does not reduce the damage done to reputation, job, peace of mind, family life, financial well-being, and all the rest.

Further, Stephen Boissoin is another sign of ‘The Steyn-Levant” effect.. enough noise and notoriety and bad press, and you too can (eventually) get out of the marsupial court rigamarole. That this “proves” the HRC process is peachy-keen? that’s just gravy for the bully speech-coders.

Net effect? Stephen Boissoin is both a warning and chilly example for those who might disagree with same-sex orthodoxy; his 2002 letter is now world-famous (note the resulting world-wide hate-riots and massacres of gays); his life was nearly crushed, his life bankrupted, his former work derailed. We may gather (not least from his picture) that Mr. Boissoin is a man of some character and courage and damn the torpedoes.. for this same brutalizing SEVEN+ YEAR process could ruin a weak, sick, or less determined person.

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