Steyniac 401th

Canadian Free Speech Hero

Winner Boissoin & Whiner Lund

~ ITEM: Canadian Minister Appeals Hate Crime Sanctions

~ TO HONOUR THE RECENT victory for Stephen Boissoin against the insane and arbitrary nastiness of the Alberta HRC, and the malice of non-gay bully scumbag Darren Lund, who was cheerfully willing to throw a Christian to the modern bureaucratic lions, no matter the cost or effect on the individual so accused– here’s a link to the infamous letter. Come and get me, ya Nazis.

The process IS the punishment, as many have noted– but more than that, the punishment is the modern equivalent of Pontius Pilate’s “let him off after a good whipping”. Only militant Muslims are crass enough to actually objectify and crucify their enemies– but that we do so with words in the public forum does not reduce the damage done to reputation, job, peace of mind, family life, financial well-being, and all the rest.

Further, Stephen Boissoin is another sign of ‘The Steyn-Levant” effect.. enough noise and notoriety and bad press, and you too can (eventually) get out of the marsupial court rigamarole. That this “proves” the HRC process is peachy-keen? that’s just gravy for the bully speech-coders.

Net effect? Stephen Boissoin is both a warning and chilly example for those who might disagree with same-sex orthodoxy; his 2002 letter is now world-famous (note the resulting world-wide hate-riots and massacres of gays); his life was nearly crushed, his life bankrupted, his former work derailed. We may gather (not least from his picture) that Mr. Boissoin is a man of some character and courage and damn the torpedoes.. for this same brutalizing SEVEN+ YEAR process could ruin a weak, sick, or less determined person.

NOTE: Nothing has changed– the HRCs are in place, the legislation unaltered, the potential for cruel and unusual bureaucracy and bully-lawyering paid for by the state still ready to stomp some puny citizen unaware that he lives in a ‘managed’ democracy intended to become a soft fascist utopia by our own and international elites, who cannot brook debate, dissent, or even the proper rule of law and democratic principles of free speech, secret balloting, and the reasonable right of conscience.

Darren Lund? Not out of pocket, or ground to dust by lawyers and pseudo-courts.. he just lobbed the grenade that got the nasty rolling.

Hurray for Stephen Boissoin! For Ezra, the ECP, and all the other journalists, sensible gay Canadians, ordinary folk, and supporters who stood up and fought this fight.. and so, back to the trenches.

P.S. For them what care, aside from his blue eyes, Mr. Boissoin & Teh Binks could be brothers in appearance. ~

The Day England Fell

There’ll always be an England, by Vera Lynn

~ ITEM: Europe finally tramples Magna Carta into the dust

~ ITEM: Michael Savage – There’s No England Anymore

~ ITEM: All Roads Lead Toward the Left’s Dream of a Super State; Vaclav Klaus on Why they Love Global Warming

~ ‘THERE’LL ALWAYS BE AN ENGLAND’ sang Dame Vera Lynn as Britain fought back against Hitlerian and Imperial Japanese evil. Well, even as my birthday took place last week, la belle Dame was proved wrong. There is no longer an England, as of Tuesday, December 1st, 2009. There’s now a province formerly known as Great Britain (one of 27) of the New European super-state.

Gordon Brown & Queen Elizabeth & the Parliament? Mere provincial representatives, at best. The bosses of this new EUSSR was picked via a secret meeting, not democratically. Similarly, the President and other leadership were chosen out of the EU bureaucracy & representatives. That’s what 500 million people were actually voting for in the politicized Lisbon Treaty debates, whether they knew it or not– to vote away their own freedoms, democratic representation, and local control over their own nations and issues.

Liberal Fascism Rolls The Dice

It’s the victory of Brussels over all the rest of the continent; of malignant bureaucrats over citizens; of technocratic schemes over royalty, democracy, and other long-hallowed institutions.

Napoleon & Hitler dreamt of a super-empire that was the capital of a state stretching from Finland to Greece, and from Spain to the Urals. He just needed the stubborn evil of an army of bureaucrats over 30+ years instead of crack armies to get his uber alles on.

That a make-believe corruptocrat excuse of a country Belgium and its leaders and bureaucrats is behind this? No surprises– it’s never even pretended to be democratic, and insider schemes of profiteering, political sleaze, and outright badness are the norm. Now they’ve given that modus operandi to 500 million people, along with the coercive powers of the internet, mass surveillance, political correctness, and all the bad stuff that Barb Hall, Jennifer Lynch, and every other would-be petty dictator secretly want for Christmas.

Let Us Weep, And Remember

For anybody of European extraction, Tuesday December 1st should be observed yearly as a day of mourning, of sorrow for the folly of man, for the desire amongst some to rule masses of sheep who are forced to be obedient and submissive. Europe was the source of so much good in the world over the past 4000 years and more– this news phase promises more darkness than light, and a possible USSR-like collapse and warfare at the end of the master-plan.

Paul Belien and the bad boys of The Brussels Journal have much of the inside skinny on what’s up, and what it all means. Read it, ponder, be warned, and weep.

~ ITEM: Our New State Is Undemocratic. Is It Also Illegitimate?

~ ITEM: Meet the President of Europe; Europeans Meet (Soviet-Style) to Choose First-Ever EU President

~ ITEM: Lisbon’s Constitutional Revolution by Stealth

~ ITEM: A Baroness for Europe, a Baron for Britain

~ ITEM: Iceland Is Sacrificed to Save EU: Shame on Britain and Holland

The Thing

Now, here’s the thing: even though various conspirazoids have imagined various outward apocalypses like World War III, enviro-flooding, or zombies, this is a far-worse inward apocalyptic destruction of British and European sovereignties, democracy, freedom, citizenship & choice, and all the rest. The mother of Western democracy has emptied herself of autonomy and authority, and while the hallowed Parliament buildings are not in ruin, nor all the copies of the Magna Carta burnt and destroyed in fact, they have  indeed been set aside and slighted in principle and in fact under the new supreme EUtopian law. What Julius Caesar, Islam, Napoleon and Hitler could not do, grey-suited men in Brussels have at last accomplished.

“Take what you want,” said God, “but you’ll have to pay for it.” So runs the old Spanish proverb– and even if the EUSSR imagines itself a supreme power, the Lord of heaven and earth has the last laugh. ~

On Babel & Idols & Warmism

~ ITEM: Intellectual terrorism at work

~ ITEM:At the bottom of all serious disagreement you always find theology.”

~ ITEM: Climate Researchers Acting Like Prophets of Old

~ ITEM: Proof that AGW followers are mentally ill cultists

~ ITEM: It’s Got to Suck to be a Climavangelist!

~ WHEN PASTORING, I noted a basic fact: most problems, or questions, are theological. By that, I don’t mean “eye-wateringly obscure/ debatable” in the snarky modern sense. I mean that since we are rational, willing, yet sinful creatures– everything has to do ultimately with God, our creatureliness, and our fallenness.

So a child of divorce, or a sexually abused kid, must wrestle with the meaning of suffering, evil, the nature of fatherhood and trust in authority.

When I look at the frenetic piety of global warmists, I see misplaced faith, and a confused notion of evil, redemption, and ultimate hope. Sin? CO2 is evil.. pestilential human activity is the source of battered Mummy Nature’s ruin… recycling and all the other pious activities associated with redeeming the earth and ‘solving’ an alleged crisis, to create some kind of environmentally utopian new Eden of the earth. Of course, there are globalistical holy people and heretics, too.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and supernature likewise. The decline of a legitimate and rational faith– the kind that created Western Civilization, and collected the very best of Greco-Roman thought & law, and Judaeo-Christian faith & first-principles– does not mean a pure faithlessness of an expert-run paradise, but superstition, false faith-objects, and misplaced zeal.

So the rabid reality-denying warmist is a ‘true believer’ of the false, misdirecting his or her soul away from God, to theories and activism. It’s the same ages-old problem of worshipping the creation and not the creator, and imagining we are gods, on our own terms. Our wonderful selves?.. really?!.. some gods.

Saint Augustine wisely wrote of the human soul [ Confession, I ]: “O God, Thou has made us for Thyself, and our hearts are restless, until they find their rest in thee“; and “Seek what you seek; but remember that it is not where you seek it.” [ Confession, 4 ]

That wisdom is part of the answer to the warmist cult, and all the other utopian/ political religion currently drowning more and more people as Leviathan and the new Babel rises, and God is ever more left out– or booted out– of the account of who we are, what we’re up to, and the right and wrong of things.

The human heart and mind are full of longing, and desires for hope, peace, unity, completion, and forgiveness. Insofar as the warmist cult is a false and misdirecting religion, it cannot truly answer or fulfil us, for we are made for eternity and infinity and the absolute good, beautiful, and true, in God. Such a hoax-religion will be cruel, bloody, insane, terribly costly, and disappointing. If we will not learn by right faith, or wisdom, we will have to learn by bitter experience, failure, and regret.

Seek what you seek; but remember that it is not where you seek it.” ~

Of Mice And Men

“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, gang aft agley.”

~ Robbie Burns ~

~ ITEM: Bilderberg Appointee Van Rompuy Is First EU President

~ ITEM: Bilderberg recent news; Google of the term

~ BEFORE HE GOT mostly unfunny, Mike Myers did some wonderful work with the Austin Powers 1 & 2. Reportedly the character Dr. Evil (the clueless Bond-esqe mastermind, taken from Donald Pleasance playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld in You Only Live Twice) is based on his former boss, Canadian-born boss of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels.

Dr. Evil has the usual conspiratorial plans for running the world with death stars, lasers, but dumb minions and his own ineptitude usually get in the way. That’s a profoundly human and conservative insight: the best laid plans of mice and fuhrers gang aft agly. So saith Scottish poet Rabbi Burnstein.

Normal human behaviour his half tragedy, half farce, with occasional success and goodness. Evil masterminds, technocrats, would-be schemers are still tripped up by human nature, and the changes and chances of life. Unfortunately, sometimes they succeed, with horrible results, so we cannot dismiss evey Mein Kampf, or wild-eyed creep.

Real Life Evil Conspiracies

As an alternative to the mysteries of religion, conspiracy theories are popular in the internet age: but the real conspiracies don’t get all the hype.

  • Global Warmistry? No evidence, multi-zillions of dollars, global socialist power-grab.
  • The new EUSSR? Secretly unelected masters of 27 ‘provinces’? Lisbon Treaty indeed. Orwell meets Uber Alles.
  • Global pirate George Soros plundering nations, & buying a US election?
  • CCTV-land, formerly known as jolly old England? Orwell couldn’t have imagined.
  • Obama? The Fed? Financial war vs. the US? That’s blindingly obvious.

Those NasSsty Eggheads

Then there’s all the globalist utopians, technocrats, and power-mongers known as The Bilderberg Group. If it’s merely a discussion forum, why the heavy security, secret lists of attendees, and oaths of secrecy? Canadians are on that Group, past and recent attendees including Prime Ministers, Lord Black, Frank McKenna, Heather Reisman, TD-boss W. Edmund Clark, Scotiabank board member Indira Samarasekera, and even journalists like Mark Steyn and David Frum. Hey Mark, care to spill?

“Skelton made the pronouncement that what he learned after the Bilderberg conference, was that, “we must fight, fight, fight, now – right now, this second, with every cubic inch of our souls – to stop identity cards,” as, “It’s all about the power to ask, the obligation to show, the justification of one’s existence, the power of the asker over the subservience of the asked.” He stated that he “learned this from the random searches, detentions, angry security goon proddings and thumped police desks without number that I’ve had to suffer on account of Bilderberg: I have spent the week living in a nightmare possible future and many different terrible pasts. I have had the very tiniest glimpse into a world of spot checks and unchecked security powers. And it has left me shaken. It has left me, literally, bruised.” Pointedly, he explains that, “The identity card turns you from a free citizen into a suspect.”

Remember: Skelton’s a lefty reporter from The Guardian, who started out all snide and arch about Bilderbergianism– not some raving guy with radio transmitters allegedly controlling his teeth. Now, he’s afraid.

We should be paying attention to such insider doings, because that’s the sort of stupid that ruined America’s economy, and which has touched so many of us; and we should care becuase such down-low meetings of self-appointed elites are intended to subvert democracy, individual freedom and choice and understanding, and the intended and unintended consequences could be dire.

In terms of free-speechery, perhaps it’s this which lies behind the Cheshire Cat vacuity of Jennifer Lynch & Co.– she’s in with an internationalist web of meetings and bureaucrats and like-mindedness and neo-legalities which abides despite the squeakings of mere citizens and parliaments and newspapers. She’s hangin’ with the pod people, you see, and they have some really big plans for everybody.

Companies in Western Europe are facing a $1.5 trillion funding shortfall next year. Not to rain on Eutopia, but just like Obatopia, the till is dry, the taxpayers are aging, and the bill for the last 40 years of profligate spending is coming due as we speak. So good luck with that, you grey-suited bastards. ~

* Technocratnoun: 1. a proponent, adherent, or supporter of technocracy. 2. a technological expert, esp. one concerned with management or administration. Technocracy– a theory and movement, prominent about 1932, advocating control of industrial resources, reform of financial institutions, and reorganization of the social system, based on the findings of technologists and engineers.

Nearly, Almost, Not Quite

~ ITEM: Attack on Pearl Harbor – An Alternate History

~ IN INFAMY: It almost worked. A very few but crucial ifs betrayed a complete Japanese victory via the Pearl Harbor strike.

In the samurai sword teaching of Miyamoto Musashi, there is a perfect strike, which slays the opponent even before he is able to strike. The Japanese had conceived of and practiced for Pearl for years, designing new torpedoes, tactics, and training endlessly. And so they struck, and the American fleet was crippled at dockside.

But on the day, the crucial aircraft carriers were late getting home, providentially held up by bad weather; and a Japanese admiral, unable to believe his luck in the first two waves of strikes, did not send a third wave of planes to finish off the ships and– crucially– destroy the fleet oil tanks at Pearl, without which no ship could sail very far.

It was Japanese David and American Goliath– because the Japanese knew they could only sustain a short, crippling war against the American giant. Having failed to hit the carriers and oil tanks proved the beginning of the slow defeat as the carriers held back the entire Japanese fleet from Hawaii and San Francisco, punishing the Imperial forces at the Battle Midway, and allowing enough time for repair and new ships to begin to retake the Pacific and her Islands from the new wide-spread but fragile Japanese Empire.

A lucky storm and an uncertain admiral saved us from a horrible world of might-have-beens. ~

Eeek! A Shaidle!!

~ ITEM: Lloyd Marcus, my kind of man

~ ITEM: Malkin on MSM’s Coverage of Kevin Jennings: “Moral Cowardice”

~ ITEM: Recovering Manhood

~ ITEM: The One About The CBC Reporter

~ SAY WHAT YOU LIKE about the Saucy Canucki Hobbit Shaidle, but there’s one thing she has in spades: moral courage. It’s a product in short supply these days, whether in the media, political leadership, the sciences, and the various battles and ideological matters of our times.

People may think she’s merely snarky.. mean-spirited, a ‘bitch’, and all that– it’s because we yellow-bellies no longer have or recognize guts. Intestinal fortitude. Spinefulness. I’m not saying she has no fears– but when confronted with life-threatening disease, or lawfare, or Islamist death-threats.. she prays and writes, or gets a super-lawer, or gets a gun and training for it.

It’s easier to hide, to modify our opinions, to freely give our enemies the moral victory, to go with the flow and not buck any trends. Of course, Leftys pride themselves on fighting The Man– but that’s all to lock-step with soft fascism, Communist utopia, and easy cheesy one-size fits all or else ideology.

I once asked a veteran of the U.S. war in the Pacific (including Pearl Harbour) what it felt like– he said it was fear and boredom, and that courage was only well-trained fear that had said its prayers.

Our current blog, political, and civilizational battles may not be so cut and dreied as open and clear world war, but it is a war, and it tests the best in all of us. So what I admire and strive to emulate in Kathy, or Mark, Ezra, Arnie, Jay, Ed, Walker, Kate, Scott, Hilary, and so many other blog-buddies? the stick-to-it courage in the midst of adversity. The little guys kick butt and take names while too many of the big names take the hefty paycheques and take cover.

She’s a real Canucki heroine, and deserves accolades, a newspaper column, and the gratitude of her country– but that goes to Morgentaler, a Zerbesias or a mangy Dawg. So be it. As a Catholic, she knows she will answer to a higher court than the chattering classes, or outraged Imams, or politically correct opinion.

And the death-threats and hate-notes? Unless you have a real point, they just serve as welcome reminders that we’re hitting the target once in a while. There are much worse things than death.. like living as a traitor, a coward, or a sell-out.

Muwahahaa! ~

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~ XANTH Went to that ‘freedom’ thingy yesterday; and Send a Christmas card to Minister Clement …. (xanthippa)

~ THE PLOT SICKENS— WHO H1N1 Scientific Advisors $$-Tied To Vaccine PharmaCos. What is this HINI Flu That’s Going Around? …. (

~ QUOTH TEH IGGY— Pay Equity: Did the Ignatieff Liberals Vote Against “a basic human right”? …. (lawiscool)

~ MUST-READ: Jennifer Roback Morse explains why two-parent families matter …. (winteryknight)

~ TRUST THE SYSTEM? Matt Gurney: Canadian justice, tarnished …. (nationalpost)

~ “YOUR” PRIVACY? IT IS TO LAUGH! — The Day Has Come: Facebook Pushes People to Go Public. As a free added bonus, Facebook wants you to make the status messages you post visible to the entire internet …. (readwriteweb)

~ CHRISTIAN man fired after gay rights group contacts his employer to complain …. (winteryknight)

~ UPPITY HYNEK— My latest article at is up. In which we discuss the beliefs of Young Earth Creationists. Saith Binks N.B.: When Dawkins & Co. talk about “what Christians believe” this is the sort of stuff they attribute to everyone who follows Christ– even though such intellectual protestant sectarianism and related thought is a tiny minority within Christianity, and her intellectual history. In related anti-Christian bigotry news, “Turns out the Church never taught about a flat Earth” …. (kennethhynek)

~ CHRISTMAS TREES Forbidden on UN Territory …. (rightwingnews)

~ THE TRUTH liberates. A truly open mind accepts, understands and embraces the truth, including about themselves as they are and have been… and thus begins to change, to heal and grow strong …. (

~ HOUSTON, WE HAVE A LESBIAN— Suicidal church suicides itself some more. Jesus not impressed; and “How’s boinking the Zeitgeist working out for you?” …. (themcj)

~ SHAPING UP to Be a Big Free Speech Clause Term at the Supreme Court …. (volokh)

~ WHITE FEATHER ALERT— MUST-SEE: Cowardly Richard Dawkins explains why he won’t debate William Lane Craig …. (winteryknight)

~ A QUESTION for Jessica Ashley, a proponent of violence against men …. (

~ TAXES AT WORK— Fisting Kits for Kids; plus Gay Santa …. (moonbattery)

~ OFF THAT GEEZER! Belgian Doctor Cleared of Murder Charges after Euthanizing 88-year-old, Non-Terminally-Ill Woman …. (lifesitenews)

~ SOCIALISTS believe that childlessness is.. a common cause of divorce. The absence of children leads to loneliness and weariness and even in the United States, at least 66 per cent of all divorced couples are childless …. (

~ UNIVERSITY Under Fire For Requiring Students to Accept They’re Either “White Privileged” or “Oppressed” …. (weaselzippers)

~ HOO BOY: Google CEO Says Secrets and Privacy Are Just For Dirty Filthy People …. (

~ BEHOLD! Your Future UN Overlords of the Internet …. (claudiarosett)

~ CROWDER’S Lonewolf Diaries: If You Don’t Like Public Gay Sex, You Must be Gay! …. (bighollywood)

~ CRACKING the Education Monopoly …. (

~ THE KLAVAN— Prepare to Meet Your Maker: Find God in 60 Days …. (

Klimate Krazies & ‘Data-Rape’

Facts Hurt Feelings!
“I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it [anthropogenic global warming] is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are.”

~ Albert Gore, Jr.– Climate Profiteer ~

~ THE BATTLE OF COPENHAGEN— “The scientists have been tied up and gagged in the back room” …. (SDA)

~ THE PIRATE Al Gore: Staying true to his word …. (

~ GLOBAL WARMING Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 10th, 2009; and “Select your favorite quote for the Inaugural Most Alarming Alarmism by an Alarmist Award” …. (dailybayonet)

~ CESS-POOL DIVING— Salim Mansur: Climategate is just the ‘tip of the rot’ at the IPCC; Beck and Delingpole: Warmergate exposes the crime of ‘Data-Rape’ …. (

~ THE UTTER Totalitarianism of Global Warming; Green Fascism … the new white colonialism …. (, cjunk)

~ MR. HOCKEYSTICK HIMSELF! The $6 Million Mann: How one scientist got rich from the global warming scam …. (ihatethemedia)

~ IS HECK FREEZING OVER a Sign of Global Warming Climate Change? Cuz that’s what seems to be happening when Canadian media actually notice Climaquiddick …. (

~ CLIMATE HERETICS & INFIDELS450 Papers Question the IPCC Line …. (

~ A MILESTONE in this mess can be said to be when John Houghton of the IPCC said it was the IPCC’s job to “orchestrate” the views of science …. (ghostofaflea)

~ THE PLOT SICKENS— “The Big Cutoff:” Another Climate Email Exposed …. (

~ NATPOST editorial board: Honk if you hate global warming …. (nationalpost)

~ SEND A MORON Greeting to Copenhagen; 1200 Limos? 140 Private jets? Must be a Climate Conference …. (

~ NEWFANGLED ‘Bio-cremation’ cuts carbon footprint, backers say …. (catholicregister)

~ QUASI-CON David Frum: The cap and trade con job …. (nationalpost)

~ XANTHIPPA— ‘Medieval Warm Period’: why do warm-mongers ‘have to get rid of it’?; ‘Scientific neutrality’ scandal: Australian censorship of Dr. Spash; A letter to Mr. Prentice, Minister of the Environment; ‘The data is posted’ excuse by IPCC fraudsters …. (xanthippa)

~ READY TO POP A BLOOD VESSEL? What “hide the decline” really means; and “Shouldn’t an EAS grad be smarter than this?”; plus Looking at the East Anglia CRU source code …. (

~ SCHADENFREUDE! MCJ: “I love the smell of imploding international conferences of self-important twits”; and “When church bells start ringing in Copenhagen, and all around the world, on Dec. 13, they will not be heralding an early arrival of Christmas” …. (

~ SERVING A SCIENTIFIC PIMP— The Sound Of Settled Science; Copenhagen prostitutes? …. (smalldeadanimals)

~ NO GREENER than thou: Ontario is Copendead too/Québec predate …. (dustmybroom)

~ WARMISTS in the 11th Century …. (therealbarackobama)

~ LORD MONKTON Warns Obama Will Attempt Use of Executive Authority to Commit US to Copenhagen Agreement …. (lifesitenews)

~ $$$$$$$$?– !!!.. Climategate and the Big Oil connection; The Climate Mafia: It’s always been about the money, not the environment …. (

~ GENIUS EPA To Announce CO2 Is Dangerous And Is Subject To Regulation. Prosperity And Freedom Hit Hardest …. (

~ COPENHAGEN climate change treaty: The fix is in …. (

~ BRUCE BAWER reports for PJTV from Commiefest …. (vladtepesblog)

~ DOOMED AS DOOMED CAN BE! “‘Facing a clock some say has ticked down to zero, today 192 nations came together to take on a potential global catastrophe,’ a dire ABC reporter Bob Woodruff ominously intoned from Copenhagen …. (eddriscoll)

~ GLOBAL WELFARISM— Adrian MacNair: Let the Copenhagen wealth transfer begin …. (nationalpost)

~ CLAUDIA ROSETT— Climategate: Beyond the Sleazy Science, Rotten Economics …. (claudiarosett)

~ WHEN DO WE Get to Read the Rest of the UN Emails on Climate Change? …. (claudiarosett)

Climategate Christmas

~ VATICAN delegation to join UN climate change conference …. (

~ KATE @ SDA— Y2Kyoto: A Macleans Poll Goes Horribly Wrong; Y2Kyoto: Raw Vs Cooked; How Important Is CRU Data?… very …. (SDA)

~ A SKEPTIC’S GUIDE to Copenhagen– As the global summit on climate change gets under way in Copenhagen, Tunku Varadarajan offers an eyebrow-raising A-Z guide to the proceedings …. (

~ EVANGELICAL Scholars Respond to Global Warming Alarmism– “The smartest thing the liberals did was try to divide and conquer by dividing and conquering the evangelical community.” …. (

~ HACKING ClimateGate: From Russia With Love? …. (eddriscoll)

~ CLIMATEGATE in Copenhagen: ‘If just one teddy bear is saved, it will be worth terrorizing little children’; Climategate: Disarray, dyslexia, and raw vs cooked …. (

~ HAND OVER Your Economy!.. Or the economy gets it. Is there nothing that Obama can’t do? …. (SDA)

~ NATPOST— Don Martin: Hot air outpaces emissions as Copenhagen begins …. (nationalpost)

~ ..AND TAKING NAMES: Congressman Ted Poe Calls Out NASA For Their Part In ClimateGate… Calls It NASAGate …. (weaselzippers)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— The smoking iceberg; The temple of science denial; Less than qualified punditry …. (

~ THE UNBIASED NYT: One one Side of the Argument: Skeptics. On the Other Side: Experts; Trust the Scientists on Carbon, Even If They’re Not Really Scientists …. (

~ RECENT Larwyn’s Linx: The EPA’s War on Carbon …. (

~ VIA RBO— ClimateGate: Velkommen Kobenhavn …. (therealbarackobama)

~ COFFEE-SPEW WARNING— Unintentional Comedy of the Day: The Bard Goracle Reads His Global Warming Poem to CNN Reporter …. (weaselzippers)

~ MO’ BARD— Carry On My Wayward Sun: Al Gore Poetry Slam!; Vanderleun: My Analysis of the Poetry of Al Gore …. (, americandigest)


“Obama is one bow and one apology away from a circus.”

~ Victor Davis Hanson ~

~ THE O-RECOVERY In Full Effect: Deficits Running 25% Higher Than Highest Estimates …. (

~ DIE, BAGGAGES! Death Panel in California Ends Mammogram Subsidies for Women Between 40 and 50 …. (

~ MESSIAH™ VS. THE MESSIAH— Some Wiggle Room for Jesus at the White House? Eric Metaxas writes at Fox News about the near-banning of the Baby Jesus from the White House this “Christmas.”; Michelle and Barack Obama Wanted a NON-Religious Christmas …. (merecomments)

~ CONVICTED FRAUDSTER & ChiTown Blago-Alinskyite Bob Creamer Wrote Obamacare In Prison …. (

~ GLENN Beck Show December 7, 2009 …. (realbarackobama)

~ DRUNKEN SAILOR WATCH— Obama’s deficit for the last two months exceeds Bush’s entire 2006 deficit …. (winteryknight)

~ SPOT THE PERVE— Update: Kids Who Attended Conference Headed by Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Given ‘Black Book’ Featuring Extreme Sex Practices Like Rimming, Piss Play, Fisting; Child pr0n for kids? Is Obama really okay with this? …. (Wz, Hynek)

~ MUST-READ: What books did Obama’s safe-schools czar promote to school children?; The Moral Treason of President Barack Obama: ‘Safe Schools Czar’ Pedophile-Pushing Reading List: “Book after book after book contained stories and anecdotes that weren’t merely X-rated and pornographic, but which featured explicit descriptions of sex acts between pre-schoolers; stories that seemed to promote and recommend child-adult sexual relationships; stories of public masturbation, anal sex in restrooms, affairs between students and teachers, five-year-olds playing sex games, semen flying through the air” …. (winteryknight)

~ UPPITY WOMAN— Dana Milbank discovers that Barack Obama is… sputter!… a mortal …. (uppitywoman08)

~ DIE, GEEZERS! The Democrats’ War On Seniors: Wrecking Medicare and Igniting Inflation; Five Steps To Stop Obamacare …. (hughhewitt)

~ O-BUDDY— TVO’s The Agenda tonight features U.S. terrorist Dohrn …. (

~ O-MERICANISM— Connecticut Town Bans Yellow Ribbons For Soldiers …. (weaselzippers)

~ DR. HELEN— Will Obama donors, academics and Union leaders lead to job growth? …. (

~ ALL THE CREEPY CONNECTIONS— Obama’s Marxist Doctor Once Supported Google Health Advisor …. (therealbarackobama)

~ AMERICAN DIGEST.. Becoming a Watcher of Weasels …. (

~ O-CULT NEWS— “Supplies With Obama Logo Surprise School” …. (eddriscoll)

~ CHECK YER HISTORY, HARRY— That was the Dems 1850-1960s who were pro-slavery, you slimy git.. the Repubs voted and fought against it. “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Straight-up moron”; Harry Reid Stands by Slavery Comparison for Health-care Opponents …. (themcj, LSN)

~ DEMO-COPS? Think the Armed Forces Might Save the Republic? Think Twice. Here’s a cheery little document that looks at the costs and benefits of a national police force. Sound familiar? …. (

~ THE OBAMA Administration has acted to seize control of even more of the economy …. (hughhewitt)

Alphacat: Single Ladies

~ DISGUSTING: Dems Vote to Allow Federal Funding for ACORN …. (weaselzippers)

~ SOME GOOD NEWS— The Good Fight: Preserving The Freedom of Association …. (hughhewitt)

~ VERBOTEN! Anti-Tax Equals Hate Speech? …. (eddriscoll)

~ BLOODY VIKINGS— Barack Obama wins friends and influences people …. (themcj)

~ SO WHAT WILL the Copenhagen conference mean to ordinary Americans? …. (winteryknight)

~ KLAVAN REMINDS.. Political Correctness Kills …. (

~ EVER WONDER What Happens When a PI Dumpster Dives Behind a San Diego ACORN Office? …. (

~ ‘SAFE SCHOOLS’ Pervert Still on the Job for Obama; An Open Letter to Mr. Obama from Jennifer Hartline …. (rightwingnews,

~ MUST-SEE VID— Capt Kirk Vs El Rushbo Re: Healthcare …. (

~ AMERICA DOWN— ‘Recognize That Our Most Vital Institutions Are Under Attack’ …. (

~ CURRENT Government Admits: Social Security Is Unsustainable Ponzi Scheme …. (moonbattery)

~ OBAMA’S landscape of antisemitism …. (jihadwatch)

~ WHENEVER Democrats are foundering, expect them to deal… Shhh… don’t confuse Harry Reid when he’s playing the race card …. (

~ LIBERAL TOTALISTS? Are Pro-Choice Democrats Ready to Turn Over Control of Their Bodies to a Political ‘Health Choices Commissioner’? …. (

~ USSA SUICIDE-WATCH: Behold Ben Bernanke. What we are reappointing to put the final nail in our coffin …. (uppitywoman08)

~ WHITE HOUSE economist: ‘F— up’ conservative prof. ‘I was astounded that the president of Harvard would stoop to such tactics’ …. (therealbarackobama)

~ SAITH PJTV— Entering the Egghead Era: Obama’s Advisors Set a Dubious Record …. (pjtv)

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— America’s Vonn Wins Downhill; Dems Demand Investigation, Apologies …. (peoplescube)


~ TEL AVIV AGLOW? Israel: Iran now capable of building multiple nuclear bombs; ‘Iran can now produce nuclear bomb‘ …. (vladtepesblog)

~ CAROLINE GLICK— Lebanon’s legacy in Afghanistan; Bibi’s bad week; Whither American Jewry? …. (carolineglick)

~ A DAY IN THE LIFE of Muhammad– If you want to believe that Muhammad was “the greatest man who ever lived”, then it’s best to ignore history …. (

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— An inconvenient truth; A better use for the Ignoble Appeasement Prize; What the Palestine Solidarity Campaign unleashes; Shhh! The good life on the West Bank …. (

~ JEW-BASH-Y Obama administration: Jews to be evacuated from strategic territory. Refuses to refute proposal giving Temple Mount to the Palestinians …. (therealbarackobama)

~ UNFORGETTABLE Saudi Arabia: Man Beheaded, Head Sewn Back on Then Crucified …. (weaselzippers)

~ AMERICANS who don’t know anything about Pakistan tend to assume that the worst aspects of the society are rooted in extremist Islam imported from Saudi Arabia …. (realbarackobama)

~ STEALTH CONQUEST— Sharia law and segregation enforced on Capitol Hill lawn (video) …. (creepingsharia)

~ THE IRD, ON THE Forefront for Faith and Freedom– Last February I was interviewed over the telephone by an Anglican priest from Zambia. My caller, the Rev. Kapya John Kaoma, asked to hear about the IRD’s work with the persecuted church, particularly in Sudan …. (theird)

~ ROBERT SPENCER— This stellar Hate Mail Bag entry comes to us from Toronto; I’ve been getting death threats on a more or less regular basis for awhile …. (jihadwatch)

~ TERRY GLAVIN— Clear, Hold, Build: The End Of The Beginning In Afghanistan …. (

~ WITH ‘FRIENDS’ LIKE THESE.. “Pakistani intelligence is running its own secret war against America, a war bankrolled by the Saudis. These are the Taliban’s shadow partners” …. (SDA)

~ PIRATE BOURSE: Somali pirates turn to capitalism to invest their hijacked millions …. (realbarackobama)

~ BRAVE DESERT WARRIORS! Saudis panic. Popcorn futures rally …. (ghostofaflea)

~ FUN TIMES IN THE Philippines: Abu Sayyaf Beheads Christian Factory Worker …. (weaselzippers)

~ SWITZERLAND’S Islamist appeasers and Apologists for Evil at work …. (

~ JUST FYI.. BUT If You Don’t Think the Fort Hood Massacre Was a Terrorist Attack then You’re an Idiot …. (

~ ISLAMIC FINANCE DEFAULT— Interest-free ‘sukak’ bonds at first withstood the economic crisis, but Dubai’s Nakheel default has hurt their reputation’ The Last Days of Rome: Abandoned Supercars of Dubai, Part II …. (nationalpost,

~ BE VERY AFRAID— “Ottomania” arises, zombie-like, in the Turkish mind. The last time they got all malignantly nationalistic, 1890-1918, whilst their decrepit empire fell apart, they decided to take out their frustrations on Armenians and Christians. Hilarity ensued, 2+ million died, and an ancient nation was raped and left for dead by the Turkish bureaucratized fascist/ racist jihad, a very prototype for the Holocaust & death camps of the Nazis 30 years later. In utterly unrelated news, “59 % of Muslim Turks OPPOSE meetings of OTHER religions” …. (shotgun, blazingcatfur)

~ BREAKING: Pakistan Reportedly Detains Five D.C.-Area Muslims on Suspicion of Terror Activities …. (wZ)

~ MEDDLING COWARDS.. EU debating Swedish call to recognize Palestinian capital in Jerusalem …. (

~ CHARMING VIDEO, IN WHICH Muslim Man at DC Prayer Event Explains Why Homosexuals Must ‘Be Killed’ …. (weaselzippers)

Spotlight: Our Friend, Reformist Muslim Tawfik Hamid

~ COUNTER-JIHAD: Education by death.. The Peasants Are Revolting …. (ghostofaflea)

~ OOPSY-DAISY! Chicago Muslim, Ret. Pakistani Major charged in Mumbai terror bombing …. (creepingsharia)

~ STOP APOLOGIZING To Islam! Tawfik Hamid, Reformist Muslim, tells it like it is …. (

~ TOLERANTER THAN THOU— Jewish bride and her father arrested on Temple Mount for uttering non-Muslim prayer …. (vladtepesblog)

~ CLAUDIA ROSETT— Terrorists “Saved or Created” …. (pajamasmedia)

~ THE RESPONSE to the Swiss ban on minarets has triggered extensive criticisms from most other European governments; Sarkozy defends Swiss vote to ban minarets …. (socialcohesion)

~ IT’S CLASSIC Muslim logic and ethics …. (vladtepesblog)

~ BRAINWASHING: What Johnny Needs to Learn about Islam– Texas, Florida, and California revise their textbook standards …. (creepingsharia)

~ THE NEW JIHADFront Page Mag: Will Europe put it’s foot down? …. (vladtepesblog)

~ HARRASSMENT— A district judge questioned the character of a Muslim convert as he dismissed the case against husband and wife Christian hoteliers who she claimed had deeply offended her new-found religion; Why Did it Ever Come to Court? Business now ruined …. (vladtepesblog, dailymail)

~ WAH + BOO-HOO = Sock it to me: Case study from the Islamo-Suckies …. (

~ RBO ON THE Caves of Tora Bora …. (realbarackobama)

~ FORT HOOD brings in.. radical Muslim to speak on Islam …. (vladtepesblog)

~ GET YOUR HATE ON! DISH Networks Islamist Elite Superpack …. (creepingsharia)

~ DELIGHTFUL Somalia: Islamophobes kill people inside mosque — no, wait …. (jihadwatch)

~ THE FOLLY Of Fareed (Power, Poppies and Petroleum At Home and Abroad) …. (classicalvalues)

~ DECONQUISTA— Islamic law in Socialist Spain. This is critical; Bolivia’s “Profoundly socialist” government merrily in bed with Islam …. (vladtepesblog)

~ UK TAXES AT WORK— Yesterday the leader of the Opposition, David Cameron, accused the government of using money allocated to prevent violent extremism to fund the Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation (ISF), a registered educational charity with links to the extreme Islamist party Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT); Small Mistake By Cameron Glosses Over Real Problem of HT Funding …. (socialcohesion)

~ MISUNDERSTANDERS OF ISLAM— Jihadists kidnap four European aid workers in Mauritania and Mali …. (

~ KINDLY Hizbullah intel chief seen scouting Israeli border area …. (

~ SCARY U.K.: “Honor” crimes up 40% due to rising Christian fundamentalism — no, wait …. (jihadwatch)

~ BARBARA BASHES Burka Barbie …. (barbarakay)

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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