An Reminder….

You Only Want Me For My Brains!..

… NO, NOT FOR MY SPARKING INTELLECTS, but my way for looking at things, gathering links, making pithy commenth, and generally saving you lots of time trolling the weeb. Aren’t you all glad I’ve got such a remarkably short attention-sp– look! a poodle!

You’re welcome, my pleasure, and if so, please buy me stuff once in a while from Amazon. In case you figure my 1500+ daily visitors are drowning this WebElf in stuff.. not so much. So take a few minutes and check out my Wish List, and throw something my way within your means.


If not that, then how’s about some free kick-back via Amazon for shopping via the Amazon Associates Program, which gives a percentage of your Amazon spending to bloggers like me, so we can earn for hits and suchlike.


In any case, keep up the encouraging notes, links, passing the word about this blog, and your prayers.



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