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Happy Hanukkah– Another Jewish Plot!

~ ITEM: Hanukkah and history you can use

~ ITEM: Catching a gimel on the river

A very happy Hanukkah to all our Jew-ite readers, our conspiracy of Hebe bloggers and online friends, and may all the blessings of heaven be upon you. ~

~ GLOBAL FREAKIN’ WARMING?!? It’s blowing a NorWester minus-25C wind chill here, 50kmh+ gusts.. for the second week of three. It’s February already, wood-stove working overtime. Coldest December in years. ~

Mass Grinchification

~ ITEM: 9 minutes is what the average family spends playing on Christmas morning

~ AH, THE JOYFUL Christmas shopping season, when joyful elbows and hopeful scowls and peaceful traffic snarls make the season bright. Our household is one of the smug sorts who finish most of our shopping before December.

It’s also the time of year (along with High Feast-Days like Easter) when the recent vanishment of limited Sunday shopping really irks this elf. To the cries of ‘Tourism! Economy!’, the Halifax chambers of commerce together with the big-box Canadian stores like SuperStore/Loblaws kept shoving until the former wimpy-Tories gave in. Overwhelmingly, it was a rural (no!) vs. urban (yes!) split. Now we hear the last provincial holdout of Manitoba is under pressure to cave.

As I pondered back in the day when Ontario first did it, it seems counter-intuitive to suppose that a pie cut into seven instead of six pieces actually yields more pie. However, given our cultural boredom, worship of having, easy credit, and shopping as an idle pastime, I suppose it may actually squeeze a few more bucks out of a few more pockets.

Is that the point of It All? Men, women and children as appetites never to be denied, consumers, mouths, engines not only of business or enjoyment, but of slavish envy, greed, coveting, gluttony, and the final deadly despair of sloth, when enough can never be enough?

Obviously keeping limited Sunday shopping is no ultimate solution of the deeper spiritual malaise, but it did serve as a reminder of a day of rest for other reasons than this world, even if only of family, respite, and preparing for another week. As our calendars remind us, Sunday is the first day of the week, the new Christian holiday/ holy-day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave, he who was born for us at Bethlehem.

In that sense– as the old church rhythm of fasts and feasts and holy days demonstrated– we may hallow our days by honouring the first day of the week as a new day, an eighth day of the new creation, a reminder of the endless heavenly day when all things are made new and forever, and time itself is our servant, and not we slaves to the clock.

A world every day is only another grey day of unholy slaving and glutting, where time and work and the holy bend to our ravenous hunger and absolute convenience and corporate say-so, and the tax-gatherers glee? Hmmm. Perhaps not such a paradise of freedom after all?

The vacuity of the West is not merely the fault of Them & They vs. helpless & innocent little us.

Just sayin’. ~

The Tudorcratic Police State

~ ITEM: Calling Mel Gibson!

~ ITEM: David Warren: “True modern humanism, like the humanism of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, recovers the divine by focusing upon what is worth cultivating in human nature

~ ITEM: Thomas More – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

~ DICTATORSHIP? Secret police? Informants & surveillance? All-powerful bureaucrats? The crushing of conscience? Kangaroo courts? Enforced beliefs? No, not HRC utopia, nor yet Soviet misery or Nazi oppression.

With early modernity in the 1500s came a tyrannical impulse, to be echoed and twisted over the centuries. Worse, it was in the very bosom of Western democracy– England herself– that Leviathan and Big Brother as we know them today really got rolling.

It was a betrayal of such great hopes– Prince Harry of England had been an enlightened Christian humanist prince of letters and energy who seemed to embody the spirit of the age, when printing and rediscovered ancient classics had promised an old world made new, the best of faith and knowledge leading to a golden age.

Henry inherited wealth, a powerful bureaucracy, and a vibrant Catholic church increasingly concerned with clerical reform and spiritual renewal.

Yet of this would come the porcine tyrant, serial adulterer and murderer, betrayer of friend and family and nation and church and God, who would come to embody a proto-Stalin, a crypto-Hitler, an early Mao, and by his and his successor`s use of state power, showed what would increasingly become the pattern onwards: all-powerful states, bureaucracies, and ideologies bent to making some perfect new utopia.declared himself absolute ruler of all things.


Sir Thomas More, lawyer, scholar, author, and statesman and renaissance man of letters– author of The Utopia— was famously imprisoned and martyred for not bending the knee to the new Royal Supremacy over all things. The movie ‘A Man for All Seasons’ and Peter Ackroyd’s fine biography lay out that story, and show the change from the beginning to the end of Henry’s rule.

Despite the hagiography of the beautiful-looking Elizabeth in the Blanchett movies, the daughter of Ol’ Henry– Queen Bess– presided over a perfected police state, of desecrated churches, hunted and murdered Catholics, over 36, 000 gory executions for thought-crimes and criticizing the Tudorocracy… a prototype of later police-states, where everybody was being watched for disloyalty, crime, papistry, or saying the wrong things to the wrong person.

So began our modernity, fueled by militant ideological and sometimes fascistic protestantism– as in so many revolutions since, the far worse replacing what went before, leaving corpses and wreckage– and a foreboding example– behind. ~

Binks Won’t Bow.. Or Bend Over

“…Why is this “common sense”, even on a “conservative” talk show like Michael Coren’s? The despairing side of me thinks it is because those public “conservatives”, or classical liberals, who have gotten used to appeasing the gods of our reigning victimary ideologies, still feel they can hold on to some more rigorous defense of freedom of expression.”

~ Via Blazing Catfur ~

~ ITEM: Stephen Boissoin challenges Michael Coren to public debate

~ ITEM: Homosexual Agenda Wicked– Red Deer Advocate June 17, 2002

Michael Coren on the Boissoin decision

~ ITEM: WHAT’S FRENCH FOR ‘Uber Alles’? Quebec Government Launches All-Out Attack against “Homophobia”

~ ITEM: Homosexuals Against Pride Extremism

Human Rights Commission Horror Stories – Steven Boissoin

~ ITEM: Homosexual activists like to piggyback on the civil rights movement, pretending that they are the modern-day Negro

~ ITEM: Homosexual terror worked against backslidden church— WorldNetDaily – December 13, 2009 ‘Witch hunt’ expected under new U.S. ‘hate crimes’ law: Lawyer who handled Boissoin saga says Obama plans to bring back ‘inquisitions’

~ ITEM: MORE YOUTUBE: Coren + Boissoin

~ THE OTHER DAY, on an otherwise decent episode of Michael Coren, he launched into a wimpy-con bashing of the Stephen Boissoin Letter which I’ve also heard in kind from Ezra Levant. We can be “cons” and freespeechers, yet must bend the knee to militant same-sexuality, and disavow ourselves from any strongly expressed Judeo-Christian and socon view? To be fair, Michael and especially Ezra have supported Stephen, but the automatic rhetorical cringe still stinks.

Except, most of what Boissoin said in his aggressive and obnoxious fashion in 2002 is not only obvious, but plain fact in the bizarre world of 2009.

The Irritating Facts

Organized? Can you say Prop 8 & same-sex marriage politics? School-infiltration? can you say Fistgate & Massachusetts schools? Political infiltration? Can you say Canucki judges & same-sex activists hanging about making friendly in public? Freedom of speech? Can you say Boissoin, Brockie, Kempling, and many others? After the kids? Can you say PFLAG posters in our schools, pro-gay teaching to students, and the curricula springing up across the country?

The evidence is simply everywhere, and the facts overwhelming, even if we want to keep it in the politically correct blind-spot. Only LifeSite and Catholic sites, and a few evangelicals have the cojones to direct fire on the same-sex fascists out there, seeking to guilt & bully the rest of us into silence. Perhaps it’s just another more subtle kind of gay-hating to leave many men and women to suffer in silence, with depression, alcohol and drug-abuse, short-term relationships, domestic violence (shh!), many serious diseases, crippling psychological issues & immaturity, shortened life-spans, and– of course, death.

Plus, the dirty little secret that some males are driven into same-sex behaviour via the widely-underreported sexual abuse of boy kids and teens. Fits well with feminist doctrine, that only girls can be sexually abused or exploited, right?

Silence is easier than messy reality, or helping the suffering– especially when so many refuse to understand their need.

Verbotenning Ourselves

It’s OK & polite in our freespeechy circles to bash Muslims, HRCites, Liberals, Enviroids, Obammunists, RINOs & faux-cons, and a whole host of other permitted topics. But go after PRIDE extremism, the crypto-fascist radical activism of the North American same-sex movement? Admit there’s an open conspiracy and hard-working cadre of like-minded folks working to deconstruct marriage and the family, and relentlessly crush and do character assassination on vocal opponents and folks who dare stand up politically against same-sexuality?

Even free speech, apparently has limits. Funny, that.

Remember: the West is slowly imploding due to the corrosive effects of Marxism, become an all-purpose wrecking-tool for liberation-minded deconstructive radicals. So Steinem-ish feminism, political and economic Marxism, the new racist politics, same-sex militancy, modern Islamism, academic commies? It’s all the same root and method, applied variously.

Thus– for this commentator– to pick-and-choose which particular forms of Marxist destructiveness we are allowed to talk about? Missing the point. Allowing a free pass for some, and self-censoring. Is the vile fascistocrat Jennifer Lynch a saint, as long as she talks about punishing heretics against sacred feminism, and all-holy gayness?

A little shame on you, then, Michael Coren, and stop repeating the same old dodges, Ezra– you’re both better than that. ~

Contra The Lego?

~ ITEM: Roman PlayMobil

~ ITEM: the most interesting LEGO facts

~ BEEN A LEGO-MAN since kidhood, and immersed the Binklings in same.. but I’m a closeted PlayMobil fan, I must confess. There, I said it.

Nativity set? Advent Calendar? Noah’s Ark? Romans? Egyptian sets including a Sphinx, and Pyramid? Sure, Lego has gone for the easy Hollywood flash and sales, but why no serious history besides pirates, cowboys, and knights?

Mind you, via lots of geeks and nerds, Lego has a huge retrofit community, including WW2, and Rome, lending itself to building a range of new and old buildings and suchlike, so it’s a mix.

Just sayin’ is all. ~

‘Murka Doomed?

~ ITEM: Our country is in big trouble … huge trouble. It is time that Americans took a hard look at our values, our conception of justice, and our standards for truth

~ I DO LOVE AMERICA in many ways– but the ADHD aspect of their national attention span has never been a plus. Perhaps because they don’t mind everyone else’s business, perhaps they just like to do their stuff, I dunno. Reflection? Introspection? Not so much.

The massive gift which Obama has given to his people is noticing the mess they are in– not just the mess he’s caused, but the stuff before: Wall Street dictating policy; big debts; corruptocrats in DC; the debt-crisis and under/ over regulation/ the slither of Islamists through the cracks, and the the soft fascism of both the Dems and the Republicans in various respects.

The Tea Party movement; the Glenn Beck thing; the deepening swamp of Marxism; no more politics as usual? We can hope. ~

The Olympic-Sized Scam

~ ITEM: Anti-Olympic mural censored in Vancouver

~ ITEM: All for what end?; Ours is not to question

Downtown Eastside gallery is ordered to take down an anti-Olympic mural. City called it graffiti but over years of showing murals in that space, there had never been an order to remove one before. It was the city who ordered the mural taken down, according to the artist and gallery owner.

~ I USED TO LOVE the Olympics as sport– but the international IOC bribery scandal, crazy judging, steroids, and all the rest just leave me cold.. never mind the relentless marketeering.

When the torch for Vancouver 2010 went through town, I shrugged and missed it. It’s not a case of “unless it’s perfect, I’m agin it”– that’s Liberal excusitarianism and utopian twaddle. Even the original Greek festival had corruption and gambling and dirty tricks. That’s only the tragicomedy of human nature.

For me, it’s the contrast between sports as sport, with heroes and fans, versus sports as cynical corporate market product– and lottery-win for some athletes. Back in the day, older hockey players had no $100 million contracts over 5 years nonsense– nor do most of todays millionaires seem to even think they owe anything to the original players and founders of the NHL.

Tiger Woods? Canadiens? Maple Leafs? World Series baseball? Superbowl? Olympic gold or not? I just don’t make time for it anymore.

I have lots of enthusiasms, but sports isn’t it.

Now, to see the silencing of critics of the Olympics– even if they’re Lefty whackjobs– turns the whole thing from sour to putrid. Censoring murals? Silencing dissent? The Olympics become merely another venue for the soft fascism and global totalism arising around us. ~

P.S. The Maple Leaves still suck.

The Fraudulent Freudian Faith-based Fake-Out

~ HOW DID SO MANY CLERGY get in bed with the zeitgeist? Part is a desire to be liked, and not get in trouble for preaching clearly the truth and morality of authentic Christianity, but part is a deeper infiltration of the church by a subtle delusion.

Starting in the 1960s, clergy training began to include something called ‘CPE’, or Clinical Pastoral Education. Originally meant to give potential pastors some practical experience dealing and learning from real situations, it also includes a dose of Freud, Marxist-style self-criticism, amateur psychologizing, and a crazy amount of relativism (otherwise known as  the touchy-feely smarmy “What I hear you saying is..”, and “How do you feel about that?” and “That’s true for you.”).

Thus, clergy are given an introduction to radical self-doubt, religious relativism, and subtle disbelief even before they ever step into a church or get a collar. Instead of believing something because it happens to be true, pastoral students are encouraged to think they believe things for various psychological reasons, in fulfilment of subjective needs.

This is a sneaky form of special insider knowledge, and creates in some prospective clergy a smug and over-clinical attitude, of others as psychological projects to be managed, not as fallen souls– like themselves– in need of comfort, counsel, God’s love, and salvation. It’s a kind of expertism, which views ‘naive faith’ as a kind of illness or symptom, and the sheep in the pews as subjects to be practised upon.

Of course, like any expertism, the exalted expert stands above and apart from the experimental rats– paradoxically engendering a impression of clericalism, arrogance, superiority and distance. Of course, the church had, for years, done pastoral care of souls.. but the Freudification and psychologizing of that ancient and holy calling of soul-care is a bastardization and emptying of true pastoral care as practiced until the 20th century. In a survey of pastoral care books, author and pastor Thomas Oden noted that most of such texts only quoted books of the past 150 years, and made no reference to the large amount of counselling and pastoring books before the mid-1800s.

This is despite the widespread discrediting of much of Freud’s psychology– and revelations that the great man was a horrible father, an adulterer and exploiter of women patients, and hardly one to be imparting brilliant insights to others from a life so unexemplary and unpleasantly complicated as his own.

Indeed, as Europe slouched towards darkness in the early 20th century, a dying Freud considered most of his work to have been a failure. That didn’t stop pop-culture and the ever-belated liberal churches from taking up his rags and declaring them rich clothing, and laying waste to countless lives in the aftermath of “let go repression and find your true fulfillment.” hence wildly radicalized Episcopal Bishop and ego-maniac John Spong took lots of this stuff in his mis-education– and look at the result.

So beware when that nice young student pastor comes a-calling to your hospital bedside: he or she is undergoing ideological training, Marxist silliness, Freudian twaddlization, and may well repeat verbatim what you say to fellow students as part of the program. Every word. Without your permission or letting you know before or after.

After all, they’re experts, and you’re only a practice-object. ~

Wear A Swastika To The Mall?

~ ITEM: Forty years after the student center was occupied, the destructive effects linger

~ ITEM: The CNS reports that an antidiscrimination statute under consideration in Britain could make it unlawful for the Catholic Church to require that her priests be male and celibate

~ PREJUDICE MIXED with self-congratulation and smuggery is a dangerous brew. So the Boomers still admire themselves for the Civil Rights thing, even though it was a previous generation that did all the foot-work. Worst of all, having “Fixed That” injustice of past slavery creates a blindness to the very real presence of modern slavery all around us, and in the marketplace of international trade.

The same is true of Christianity. Since the church was more visible and influential in the past, people of a certain ages still imagine that Christianity here and abroad is rich, privileged, comfortable, and probably exploiting or abusing or moralizing on somebody somewhere.

The reality of the matter doesn’t enter into it, even as EU or Obamunist or Canucki powers that be target Christians and their freedoms more and more; or the reality of millions suffering around the world, and so many slain– under Communism and Islamism– for their faith. Such blindness– or worse– negligence is part of the ongoing self-disembowelling of the Western mind and soul.

Along with those blind-spots, the over-Nazification by movies, books, and video games has blinded much of our society to the nature and evil or Communism– which is still very much with us, and attacking us from within, as well as internationally. Wear a swastika to the mall one day, and then a Soviet/ Chinese hammer and sickle the next, and note the reactions– despite the larger death-toll and misery caused by imperial Communism in the 20th century, versus its racialist little brother, Hitlerian national socialism.

We learnt a biased lesson too well, and are blinded to the nature of the threat still facing us, by elites who are collaborating with anti-Western ideology. The same folks also love Islamist causes, because they oppose Christianity and Western Civ, the two enemies of revolution and jihad.

The battle against the darkness never ceases, nor in this world is evil ever sleeping. ~

Whilst We’re At It

~ TEH HYNEK— “Teh Binks, he don’t ask for much. But hey, it’s Christmastime; if it is within your means, good reader, show him some lurve and buy him something on his Amazon wishlist” …. (kennethhynek)

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Climate Cultists & Scammers

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~ REGARDING homosexual political office seekers By Fr. Alphonse de Valk …. (

~ PONDERING MTV’s Wack Morality …. (

~ CHRISTIANITY UNDER FIRE from secular governments in San Francisco and Quebec …. (winteryknight)

~ ORWELL’S PICNIC— This Blog is Suspended; Oldspeak; Quick, what’s the capital of..; Remembering Canadian; Something new every day; the heroic Irena Sendler …. (

~ SOCKPUPPET.COM— Pay Equity: Did the Ignatieff Liberals Vote Against “a basic human right”? …. (lawiscool)


~ SUPERNATURE ABHORS A VACUUM— “The Secular Religion of Hidden Shame– What a lot of people do is try to escape their sense of shame dishonestly” …. (americandigest)

~ THE REST OF THE STORY— Blackfive Blackout: MilBloggers Supporting CJ Grisham …. (hughhewitt)

~ IT’S TRUE WHAT THEY SAY about not believing in anything…that is, that such people will tend to fall for anything …. (hynek)

~ JAY CURRIE— Colby on Steve McIntyre; The Real Threat; And… Back Again …. (jaycurrie)

~ MOTHERCORP CBC outsourcing to Americans …. (rjjago)

~ GOATS OF FLEAS— Comprehensiveness; Climate Change: The 1974 Prequel; Allegedly Settled science; Recruitment of nominal Canadians to this or that jihad no longer surprises me; The Shadow King; The war on Christmas, cont.; My faith celebrates bomb detection dogs; Robert Fisk says Obama is a disaster; Never have so many shown so little gratitude to those few still willing to fight; Embarrassing dad dance explained?; Shorthand for all the feelings that they’re not ready to deal with yet; Some dudes living in the woods; The blindingly obvious; It is happening again …. (

~ XANTHIPPA— Winning back our liberty… where to start? …. (blog.xanthippas)

~ SCARMOUCHENESS— Obama Shafts Israel (Again); Have Yourself a Barry Little Christmas; “Free” Enterprise in Gaza’; David Warren weighs in on the most collossal scam in history; Sanguine Prognosticator; Dear Kim: I Hear Pyong Yang is Lovely This Time of Year; On Re-Upped Hippies, Eco-Hucksters and Third World Shakedown Artistes; Don’t miss Mark Steyn’s Christmas Show; Har-Dee-Har-Har (Puke); Like When You Hire a Handyman, and He Gets All Sweaty and Stuff Installing a New Low Flush Toilet?; Joe Biden’s sporting one of those Obamaesque halos …. (

~ ATTACKS on freedom of religion and conscience; and The persecution of campus pro-life groups, By Catholic Insight staff …. (

~ BACK IN THE USSA— Obama and Human Rights: Wasted Opportunities and Diplomatic Incontinence; Inquisition! The Danger Of Obama’s ‘Hate Crimes’ Law …. (pajamasmedia,

~ WITH CONSERVATIVES Like These… Gerry Nicholls on the movement today …. (shotgun)

~ MURDER-FANTASY/ HATE CRIME WATCH— The Libranos: The Photo Contest– “Ignatieff’s Liberals sink to a new low“; Iffy’s Liberals run a photo contest …. (SDA, Jago, mooseandsquirrel)

~ THE CLOSET CON— Dear Jew Haters; UK: Slightly Less Screwed; Moronic Ad of the Year; Mealy Mouthed Media Alert: TIME Magazine Cries for Islam in Europe; Great News: “Revival” Brings Polygamy and Camels to Chechnya; British Welfare Recipients: “We Did Get A New Alfa Romeo, But That Was Because The BMW Got Old”; From the Ever Growing “Yes Our Culture is Better Than Yours” File; Shock! Lockerbie bomber goes missing!; LawFare Judicial Jihad: The New Front of the Caliphate; Nanny Bastards: UK Chocolate Bar Edition; Most Muslims Killed By… Guess Who (Not the Joooooos); Interesting: More Swiss Pushback-Body Bag Edition; Bestest Most Awesome News of the Day: UK is Nicest to Us!; Jesus-cooties! “The Bodies of Christians Pollute the Earth”; Snarls, Everyone! “There is no provision in Sharia for smileys.” …. (

~ SIGNS IN THE CELL— I’ve read Stephen Meyers superb and accessible Signature in the Cell and highly recommend it to atheists, Darwinists, and anyone else who needs to know (or is just curious about) “what does it takes to get life started?” …. (merecomments)

~ FRESH IFPS— Whose Law?; Heckling the Counterjihad; John Robson speaks at Canadian free speech symposium …. (

~ THE FAILURE OF ARTISTS & WRITERS to spark the moral imagination with projects depicting the horror of the Gulags allows the world to ignore the continued presence of those hellish prisons …. (

~ THE FRONT LINES ARE HERE— “Here are two examples of the forces against which Christians must contend, one requiring the Supreme Court to weigh in (shall certain Christian groups be forced to change their moral teachings?), the other “force” (for a global one-child policy) still somewhat in its infancy or adolescence (but for how long?)” …. (merecomments)

~ MARPRELATICAL— Sometimes I think it would be fun to play an elaborate hoax on the media; Identifying a statue donor violates a city’s Human Rights Policy …. (

~ AL MOHLER— NewsNote: An Amazing Article on Abortion in New York Magazine …. (albertmohler)

~ BUBBLING WALKERISM— Christian fathers put in jail for shunning explicit sex ed; Elizabeth May: relevant as ever; Brave New World – 2009; All for what end?; Ours is not to question; Like looking in a cracked, dirty mirror; The Olympics claim another victim; The alleged hounding and 90-minute detention of U.S. broadcaster Amy Goodman by Canadian border guards demanding to know her views on the Olympics is making waves throughout the U.S.; Westerberg broaches his topic with a whopping understatement; An uncomfortable question; A conflict of interest just waiting to happen; Video from the Free Speech and Liberty Symposium, part I …. (

~ TRUST THE FRENCH to turn efforts to “control” Internet communications into a cruel comedy …. (

~ TIGER WOODS— All That, and a Handful of Dust …. (merecomments)

"Bryan Brown claims he has been denied the opportunity to take Indiana's bar exam because of his religious beliefs and activism. Fort Wayne News-Sentinel"

~ MAN DEEMED ‘Mentally Unfit’ To Be Lawyer.. Because He’s Devout Catholic Christian?!?!? …. (

~ WELCOME TO CANUCKISTAN! Anti-Olympic mural censored in Vancouver.. we’re not anti-globalist nutbars, but still …. (boingboing)

~ ONE COSMOS WISDOM— Omniscience, Contempt, and the Sealed World of the Left; The New Sons of Liberty and the Cosmic Scofflaws of the Left …. (

~ ARROGANT SECULARISTS target Bible distribution– Gideon Bible distribution in southern Ontario has generated some newspaper coverage in recent weeks …. (

~ NEWSPEAK = NEWTHINK— “If you smite a king, you’d better make sure you kill him. And if you abuse language, you’d better make certain that you kill it dead, so that it is no longer possible to even think or say truth. Only if things no longer make sense can nonsensical things be forced upon you by the left” …. (

The Perfect Neo-Citizen?

~ NEO-BRITISH state vs. church– “Coalition opposes wide religious exemptions from the Equality Bill”; and “Would a Conservative government prevent the Christian community in Britain from being forced to provide services of blessing for civil partnerships and employ staff who do not adhere to standards of Christian morality?”; plus Labour view faith is an ‘eccentricity’ practised by ‘oddities’.. “Dr. Wilton teaches primarily in Canadian politics and comparative politics, including Identity Politics; Aboriginal Politics; European Politics; nationalism and ethnic Politics, and gender and politics”… i.e. the usual politically correct Marxist silly-buggery …. (

Behold-- Dr. Ultimate Super Genius

~ TRAINSPOTTING: HAVING SOLVED all other major intellectual issues, Dr. “Shauna Wilton, a professor of political science at the University of Alberta, also highlighted the class divide which sees Thomas and his friends at the bottom of the social ladder and the wealthy Fat Controller at the top”.. Thomas the talking train, that is; and “Progressive” Lunacy: A Train Engine Is ‘Sexist’! …. (Various)

Pure Twisting EeEevil!

~ THE HYNEK— Wow, never looked at it that way before …. (kennethhynek)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— UK: Sleepwalking off the cultural cliff …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ PAGING THE PEACE-LOVING DALAI— Violent Buddhists savage peaceful Catholic parish in Sri Lanka; Doug Groothuis gives an introduction to Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism …. (, winteryknight)

~ UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES— Efforts to Boost Birth Rate Failing in China …. (LSN)

~ SAYS THE NEW GERMANY: Sexualize your kids, or else …. (hynek)

~ GLASS HALF FULL?– Did you know that Hermann Göring used to put a LOT of thought into his Christmas shopping? …. (

~ SECULARIST QUEBEC continues to promote sexual immorality …. (

~ THIRD GRADER TOLD By Teacher Bible Not Acceptable Reading Material During Quiet Time At School …. (weaselzippers)

~ WHAT’S FRENCH FOR ‘Uber Alles’? Quebec Government Launches All-Out Attack against “Homophobia” …. (lifesitenews)

~ A REMINDER from David Warren: “One of the most aggravating abuses of the English language is the use of the word “humanist” to mean “godless.” True modern humanism, like the humanism of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, recovers the divine by focusing upon what is worth cultivating in human nature” …. (Warren)

~ CATHOLIC CHURCH will stop all charity work if same-sex marriage passes in DC …. (winteryknight)

~ PRICKLY-CON Frum is currently trying to figure out a way to salvage the wreckage he did so much to create, while simultaneously recoiling in horror at Sarah Palin and those who adore her …. (

~ GEEZERS, CRIPS, FEEBS: BEWARE! Ontario’s government will spend more than half its revenue on health care next year …. (

~ NOTE: ‘FORCED’… Pro-life nurse forced to assist an abortion; MUST-READ: What does the Bible say about forcing pro-lifers to perform abortions? (“Please don’t read the rest of this if you don’t like me being judgmental against atheists”) …. (, winteryknight)

~ REMEMBERING The Rape of Nanking, December 9, 1937 …. (actiondino)

~ QUOTH THE HAIRY LEFTY— Pope’s policies ‘theologically eccentric’, says head of blissfully united Anglican Communion …. (SomeLinkOrOther)

The Archbishop's Levitating Head

~ MEDICAL SLAVES— Pulling the Plug on the Conscience Clause, by Wesley J. Smith …. (firstthings)

~ INSANE BLOGGERS— Something Wonderfully Vicious and Delicious: Little Green Footballs/Charles Johnson Calendar Infomercial …. (

~ LET’S USE FORCE! Dutch MP: Homosexual Sexual Education Should be Mandatory. Thank goodness he’s not a crazed extremist like Geert Wilders, though; and “Germany Jails Eight Christian Fathers for Removing Children from Sex-Ed Class” …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ WE ARE BEING GAGGED: The right to speak freely is being undermined by those who should be protecting it; Vogelenzang case hits the headlines …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ ROMANTIC Science– Dr. Frankenstein wasn’t just a literary conceit … (

~ THE KEY TO FREEDOM… is the ability to be able to defend yourself. And if you don’t have the tools to do that, then you are at the mercy of whoever wants to put you away …. (

~ QUEBEC MAKES MORE STRIDES… toward criminalizing Christian views of homosexual acts …. (/

~ LET MY PEOPLE GO! You may have thought slavery was eradicated, but selling people is now a $30-billion world industry and exists even in Canada …. (

~ O, THOSE KRAZY KOMMIE KIDS: Cornell’s Straight Flush– Forty years after the student center was occupied, the destructive effects linger; in other news, “Leftist Youths Shouting “No Justice, No Peace” Smash Windows & Throw Torches UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Home” …. (, gatewaypundit)

~ HOT PJTV: The Insta-Wife interviews Amy Alkon about her new book, I See Rude People, and about how to respond to misbehavior in the real world and on the Internet …. (instapundit)

~ DEAR MR. PM— “I am writing this open letter to you today in hopes that you consider it as an application on my part to sit as Canada’s next Governor General” …. (rightwingcanada)

~ VERBOTEN FACTOID— Most Canadians oppose public funding of abortion …. (canadianchristianity)

~ RECOVERING— Andrew Klavan: My Way Into and Out of the Left – by Jamie Glazov …. (frontpagemag)

~ FR. DE SOUZA— Simple-minded justice …. (

~ IMAO WONDERS: “Why are so many scifi films anti-human? So far we’re the only known choice, so you might as well get behind us” …. (

~ MORE WARREN— “It is a grim business — journalism, these days — at least according to most journalists I meet” …. (davidwarrenonline)

Brainwash PLUS Whitewash!

~ AMERICAN SKOOL— Textbook author Zinn & the Art of Socialist Education; Hollywood and Howard Zinn’s Marxist Education Project …. (, frontpagemag)

~ GLOBAL REPORT WARNS: UN resolution threatens freedom of expression; UN Welcomes Evil & Lies, Rejects Freedom & Truth …. (christianweek)

~ THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! Christian doctors in boycott of ‘back-door euthanasia’ …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ ONLINE HELL-CRACK— “The anonymity afforded by the internet has led to a vast increase in pornography. Ed Tomlinson asks why the Church does not seem to be addressing the problem” …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ ACTON BLOG ON Religion, Culture, and Humanity …. (

~ SO WHAT DO YOU REALLY Believe About Human Dignity, Dr. Collins? …. (albertmohler)


~ ‘MAYBE SOONER”:My Obama/Afghanistan Prophecy is Ahead of Schedule …. (americandigest)

~ KILL KILL KILL! The television program Law & Order recently had a character that connected psychotic murder with people who listen to Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck …. (americanthinker)

~ U.S. DEAR LEADER Writes Personal Letter to Nork Dear Leader …. (Wz)

~ SOROS TYPING POOL— Media Matters Defends Kid Fisting Lectures and Children Sex Books as Non-Scandal; Rep. Michael Burgess Calls For Removal of Dangerous School Czar Kevin Jennings (Video); ‘Safe Schools’ Czar and ‘The Promise’; The Scandal That Must Not Be Named …. (anglican-mainstream, creativeminorityreport)

~ WALKER— “Oh, so that’s how he did it; talking about Barack Obama’s, erm…’surprising’ method of campaigning in the last American election” …. (

~ ‘SAFE SCHOOLS’ PERVERT— Obama Extremist Czar Jennings Continues To Be Exposed Further …. (

~ WHY THE NEW mortgage cramdown bill would hurt consumers …. (winteryknight)

~ INSIDE THE POTUS Nobel Speech: Trust Me on War & Peace …. (merecomments)

~ OOPSIES— ‘Tolerant’ Obamacrat Senator Utters Hateful Slur On Plane …. (

~ THE MARKET TICKER – So the Obama Administration thinks it can issue $150 billion in new debt a month eh? Here’s the question: Who is going to buy? I can tell you who isn’t buying – foreigners …. (market-ticker, mitchieville)

~ THEY’RE GETTING THE MESSAGE— Obama’s First Year Sees Most Homegrown Terrorism Activity Since 9/11 …. (

~ HELP US STOP Obama’s Radical Transformation of America – by FrontPage Magazine …. (FrontPage)

~ CREEPY-CZAR— Fistgate VII: Explosive… After Years of Silence Massachusetts Teacher Speaks Out About What She Saw at Fistgate (Audio); Merry Fist-mas Media Matters… No, We’re Not Finished Yet …Update: GOP Rep Introduces Legislation to Fire Kevin Jennings …. (gatewaypundit)

~ NO APOLOGIES— Is Obama really preparing for civil war? …. (

~ ‘BAMA BUDDY Chávez Hosts Terrorism International In Caracas; Commentary — Chavez: Desperate, Delusional, and Dangerous …. (counterterror,

~ STICK A FORK IN HIM: Another entertaining screed from Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi, taking on Obama from the left …. (crunchycon)

~ IRATE BLACK MINISTER: Obamacare Would Massacre Black Babies …. (

~ CAROLINE GLICK ON OBAMA & TWO WARS— “The day after US President Barack Obama announced that he was deploying additional US forces to Afghanistan, an event occurred in Beirut that brought home the stakes in that battle” …. (carolineglick)

~ THE SWIFT DEATH OF Obamania in Norway …. (

~ THOUGHTS ON Obama’s new Surrender Plan …. (davidwarren)

~ FIRST THINGS editor Joseph Bottum appeared PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer to discuss President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize speech. As Joseph says, the speech was “incoherent” yet “a very American speech.”; plus “Obama the Anti-Orator” …. (firstthings)

~ IT’S USUALLY A BAD IDEA to threaten the blogosphere …. (instapundit)

~ BARACK OBAMA’S Job “Removal” Rating …. (canadafreepress)

~ THE DIGNITY OF OFFICE? Insulation is “Sexy Stuff”: Obama at Home Depot, Alexandria, Virginia, December 15 …. (therealbarackobama)

~ WHILE POTUS SLEPT— North Korea Caught Smuggling Weapons Again …. (firstthings)

~ VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Is America a Deer In The Headlights? …. (instapundit)

~ OO– YAY! ME!! Barack Obama Gives Himself a B+ For Tripling Deficit & Nearly Doubling Unemployment in One Year …. (gatewaypundit)

~ BABIES ARE THE DISEASE and Obama is the cure; US Senate Dems Approve Funding for DC Abortions – Obama Will Sign Bill This Week …. (creativeminorityreport, gatewaypundit)

~ GEE– DYA THINK?!? “I do not bring with me today a definitive solution to the problems of war.” …. (americandigest)

~ NO CLEAN HANDS— Hundreds of billions in crime money knowingly laundered by banks during credit crunch …. (boingboing)

~ FED OVERLORD Bernanke Versus the Austrians; Bernanke Promises Something for Everyone? …. (, canadafreepress)

~ HE’S A KILLER! Leftist Socialized Medicine Expert Says Lieberman Is Willing to Cause ‘Deaths of Hundreds of Thousands’ By Opposing Obamacare …. (gatewaypundit)

~ BYRON YORK: Did AmeriCorps official lie about possible First Lady link to IG firing? …. (instapundit)

~ ANCHORESS: “I say you are no Congress. Go Home.” …. (americandigest)

~ AMERICAN THINKER— “Our country is in big trouble … huge trouble. It is time that Americans took a hard look at our values, our conception of justice, and our standards for truth” …. (americanthinker)

~ JEWISH HORDE! By opposing the government takeover of the healthcare system, Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Independent Democrat from Connecticut, is preventing the destruction of America as we know it; Lieberman Throws Monkey Wrench Into Reid’s Health Care Plans …. (

~ RUH-ROH!… Blago’s Lawyers Want FBI to Give Up Details on Obama, Rahmbo and Jarret Interviews …. (gatewaypundit)

~ AMERICAN DIGEST— “Now Really. Who Would Fight for Obama?” …. (americandigest)

~ POLLS SLIPPING— Rasmussen shows continued slippage for Obama; Historic Blame Duck President: Who Says There’s No Good News?; The Dems hate the Rasmussen polls because they leave out the bozos who don’t bother voting …. (americanthinker, amdig,

~ TEH FUNNY VIA IMAO— Grading Obama’s First Year; Should We Replace Obama with a Cardboard Cutout?; Lies Told About Obama …. (

~ VIDEO: The Obamanomics Christmas tree …. (

~ I AM PROUD to Lead You Men to the Nearest Off-Ramp– Brigadier General Barack H. Obama– Supreme Allied Commander-in-Chief, Operation Minivan Pool …. (iowahawk)


~ CANUCKISTAN HONOUR KILLING— No Justice for Aqsa Parvez: Trial for Murdering Father and Brother not Until 2011 …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ IRAN: THE RESISTANCE— Men in Iran don hijab drag on Facebook to support a political prisoner; Iranian Regime Cracks Down on Tehran University After Khomeini’s Image Torched …. (boingboing, gatewaypundit)

~ A GREAT SHOW GONE WHORE? CBS Propaganda: The popular American TV show, NCIS, turns reality on its head – right on the heels of the Fort Hood massacre …. (diggersrealm)

~ IMAGINE THAT! Iran’s Nuclear Program “Triggers” a Diplomatic Crisis; Secret document exposes Iran’s nuclear trigger; Verdict first, evidence nowhere …. (firstthings, frontpagemag, spectator)

~ BOSTOM— Climate Scientology, Islam, and Religious Fanaticism; plus “From Communism as “The 20th Century Islam,” to “Islam as the 21st Century Communism?” …. (

~ HE’S A GENIUS! O’s Smart Diplomacy: Iran Test Fires Another Missile Capable Of Hitting Israel …. (weaselzippers)

~ O DHIMMI CANADA frees a ‘reformed’ terrorist …. (

~ NEW JIHAD TRAINING VIDEO Shot in New York Shows Women Learning How to Slit Throats …. (weaselzippers)

~ TT INTERVIEWS secular doctor from France who is moving to Israel due to antisemitism …. (vladtepesblog)

~ CANUCKI BLOODBATH! “Torturegate”: The Shocking Truth Revealed. Explosive, incendiary, bombshell revelations in the Ottawa War Crimes trials …. (

~ CODDLE & PANDER— The Obama administration’s plan to move terrorist detainees from the security of Guantanamo Bay to a little-used state prison i Illinois is foolish …. (nationalreview)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— “I am told that, in the upper echelons of the Conservative Shadow Cabinet, the sanguine conclusion has been reached that they can ‘live with a nuclear Iran” …. (

~ RUSSIA: Chechnya Fighting Islamist Rebels With Introduction of Strict Sharia, Encouraged Polygamy, 24-Hour Islamic TV and “Holy” Camels …. (weaselzippers)

~ ISRAEL SLAMS UK ARREST WARRANT as ‘mockery’ of justice. Former foreign minister wanted following defensive war targeting Hamas …. (realbarackobama)

~ GOING ALL BITE-Y: The Primary Source of European Anti-Semitism, by Baron Bodissey; Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/13/2009 …. (

~ HAMAS DENIES digging up Christian bodies. Group threatens to sue over gory allegations …. (realbarackobama)

~ WITH THAT KIND OF inshallah-fatalism, constantly reinforced by every aspect of Islam, why work hard? If it will all be determined by Allah, what’s the point? …. (jihadwatch)

~ STEALTH JIHAD? Islamic training camps in the USA? …. (therealbarackobama)

~ MUSLIMS in Egypt hit Swiss minaret ban, force Copts to hide in fear for their lives …. (jihadwatch)

~ ACTON MEDIA ALERT: Jayabalan on the Dubai Debt Crisis; and David Wrren chimes in: “In human affairs, a whole social order based on someone else working is what we might call “ecologically fragile.” …. (

~ HILARITY ENSUES— Stop, stop, you’re killing me: Knoxville Muslim says he was joking about carrying out jihad terror attack at shopping mall …. (

~ COMES THE SOFT JIHAD— The Muslims of America Crack Down on the Islamophobes …. (

~ 1.. 2.. 3.. WINCE! Anglican bishop: Hey, let’s focus on the Taliban’s good qualities …. (telegraph, jihadwatch)

~ TRYING TERRORISTS and the Principle of Protection …. (firstthings)

~ GEERT ON TRIAL— Criminalizing Criticism of Islam …. (

~ WHO KNEW? Al-Qaida Confirms “Martyrdom” of Former Guantanamo Detainee in Yemen …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ VILLAGERS FORCED to watch stoning in Somalia …. (jihadwatch)

~ OTTAWA-WATCH: Honour killing, at home and abroad …. (canadianchristianity)

~ THE GENIUS Jimmy Carter: Abuse of Women Including Genital Mutilation is the Fault of Catholics & Southern Baptists …. (gatewaypundit)

~ WONDERS JOHN ARQUILLA: Why is America still letting online jihadists run amok? …. (frontpagemag)

~ LAWFARE IN THE EU— Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, an Austrian anti-jihad activist, is facing a “hate speech” charge for one of her recent presentations on Islam …. (

~ HOME-GROWN EVIL— Breaking News: Pakistan Reportedly Detains Five D.C.-Area Muslims on Suspicion of Terror; ICNA and the American jihadis …. (counterterrorismblog, crunchycon)

~ SO WHAT GREAT LESSON did the military and the President take from the experience of the massacre at Fort Hood? Why, the most obvious one, of course: we need more Muslims in the military …. (

~ CRUNCHY CON ON Radical Islam and American useful idiots …. (crunchycon)


~ U.S. COPTIC CHRISTIANS to Rally Against Persecution in Egypt …. (christianpost)

~ MINI-HITLER Ahmadinejad to speak at climate conference …. (americanthinker)

~ HELL-SPAWN Mohammed Bouyeri is a Dutch-born Muslim of Moroccan descent who murdered Theo Van Gogh on the streets of Amsterdam just over five years ago …. (

~ WAFA SULTAN: “The problem with people in the West is they do not want to understand Islam” …. (

~ GUNNING FOR THE GIRL— New pics reveal Hamas-linked CAIR’s backstage media coordination in Rifqa Bary case …. (jihadwatch)

~ “HONOR” KILLING— Can the practice be explained by reference to non-Western “cultural norms”? …. (christianitytoday)

~ LET’S ALL SEND Rifqa Bary a Christmas Card …. (

3 thoughts on “Steynite 402rd

  1. .
    Dear Binks:

    Survival is not an easy subject to act on, or, to think about.

    What comes to mind is the survival of the Orthodox Church in Russia, and it’s Holy Tradition, which expresses an expression of the life of the Holy Spirit.

    There was a time after the Revolution when every move, of any Priest or Bishop, was closely monitored by hostile watchdogs of the State Council of Religious Affairs. Did one resist, and risk almost certain death, or did one compromise a little?

    Feigning a lapse of principle in order to achieve survival — yes or no? Could it be worth it? Is it betrayal?

    Sts. Felicitas and Perpetua were determined to put their lives on the line, and in view of thousands, submitted themselves to those wild cows — and the cheers from the arena crowd.

    What if they had done or said what was necessary to survive? – Arena cheerers deprived. – Officials denied their ultimate satisfaction of revenge against defiance.

    Granted, there was a tiny bit of goodness bound to be offended in most of the spectators, and martyrdom does awaken that bit sooner or later. But if every last Christian stood absolutely firm to their principles at all times, maybe Christianity itself could be martyred. China came pretty close, I think.

    If every Russian Priest and Bishop held fast, we likely would not have witnessed the resurgence of goodness in Russia, albeit tainted heavily with the visible corruption, earlier hidden.

    Soooooo. Whereas Michael Coren and Ezra Levant might flatulate a somewhat purple “rhetorical cringe” at Stephen Boissoin’s plain facts, there is a point where winning the war must yield to losing a battle or two. For me, who has been forced to compromise principles several times in my life, I wish things hadn’t been the way they were, but, I probably would do the same again. We do live in an imperfect World, which together with its sheeple, will one day experience a renewed Heaven and a renewed Earth. Unto ages of ages.

    Jesus did not say, “Forget it, Judas-old-boy, have a nice day; I’ll see to it that my Father yonder has apple-pie waiting for you.” In fact, if I read it right, betrayal cannot be forgiven because the perpetrator is incapable of asking for it. And so it is, I believe, that God compromises his omnipotence so that his omnipotence is the victor. To live is to let (the self) die. From one point of view Jesus’ question “Why hast thou forsaken me?” has a component of compromise. Survival asks ultimate questions, and makes relative answers.

    Come on over, and we can finish the discussion over wee drams of Glen Breton — North America’s only Single Malt.

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