An Happy & An Merry, 2009

~ NEWS, SCHMEWS– Sez this Elf: sometimes, ya just gotta stop staring at the crazy, and take some time away. Thus, any interesting seasonal linkies that snag my short attention-span, including from our regular bloggers, will be part of this bloggy X-Mastravaganza, along with cartoons, music, prayers, and whatever else suits Teh Binks. If you insist on glutting on news during the season, use all the blogroll links.

Oh, and since I celebrate Christmas properly, even unto 12th Night (Epiphany Eve, January 5th), you can keep sending loot this way long after the 25th-Frenzy has turned into Boxing Month.

So grab a hearty mug of elf-nog, and enjoy… and every blessing from The Binkses to all of you, and for 2010, too! ~

More Than Words

O come, all ye faithful

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