Binky’s Terrible Secret…

.. is not so scandalous as you might imagine: I run an anti-Jihad site as well as Free Canuckistan. It’s called Canucki Jihad, and partly because of poor memory, slackitude, and general disorganization, I’ve not promoted all the work I’ve done over there attacking the Jihad in Canada.

That also means I even sometimes forget to post.. anyhow, click on over to the past year of entries, taking on anybody and anything in the target-rich environment that is Jihad-riddled Canucki society & politics.

Right now, this elf is rechecking the site for grammar, mispellings, and infelicitous formatting, to purty it up for y’all.. and being impressed with myself for doing so much work and largely forgetting it had even been written. Duhr.

Please bookmark & pass the word about Binkses’ Canucki Jihad. Let me know what you think, and pass on any worthwhile links or news or tips.