The Last In A Series?

~ YET ANOTHER FRESH Canucki Jihad Toronto 2009 Islamoganza article just posted online by Teh Binks.. it’s Utopia, Ho!

If you missed the two preceding screeds, they are:

I. Have A Holly Jolly, Puny Kuffars!

II. RIS-8? Kumbayah, It Ain’t…

now including

III. Utopia, Ho!

They are all thoughts arising more or less directly on the occasion of a giant Toronto Islamic Conference which started on Christmas Day, hosting 17000 people, and featuring some of the royalty of the stealth and open Jihad, right in the urban heart of Canada. It’s a fist shaken in the face of Canada, and the West.

If I’ve erred in fact or interpretation, I accept the fault, and blame no Jewish conspiracies, nor Jihadi interference. My usual peculiarities of spelling, grammar, and style are– like– just the way I roll, yo.

binks-dot-webelf at gmail-dot-com


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