Yes, He Said

.. of himself in the third-person singular, Teh Binks will in fact stop harping on the Toronto Islamapalooza, and get back to regular too-many-links blogging tomorrow.

Just a reminder as we come up to AD 2010– this is the COMPLETING year  of the decade (10/10, 2001-2010=10 years), not the start of a new decade. Why? Because there was no Year Zero, just -1BC, then AD1.

Of course, for addle-pated nit-picking detail weenies like Teh Binks, explaining any of this during Y2K was a lost cause.. the new millennium actually began on January 1st, 2001, and not New Year’s Day, AD2000.

So there, he said.

To recap after the diversion, regular blogging resumes very soon.


3 thoughts on “Yes, He Said

  1. Too True about the beginning of the New Millennium, and of course the next decade, which must wait for this one to end.

    However, Y2K was not about the millennium, but about 00 being a lower number than 99, not a higher one. Though it was called the millennium bug in computer parlance, it was not, since as you observed the millennium did not end at 00.

    Now, in all of our minds, long ago and far away. However, as a computer consultant at the time, it was a very profitable ride.

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