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I’ll try to publish what I have left over this week.

So I lay aside to bleed awhile, and then rise to fight anew…


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.. To my baby brother & sister-in law on the total loss of their apartment & personal belongings to fire yesterday. Both were at work, and watched the fire on the TV news as it happened, as the main fire hose pumped through his living room window.

Thank God they are both safe.. stuff can be replaced, even if heirlooms and some pictures can’t be.


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tim wieclawski/metro ottawa Firefighters battle a blaze in an apartment building at 114 and 116 Glebe Ave., yesterday afternoon. No one was injured in the fire, but dozens have been left homeless.

Steynist 404st

Do Some Good

~ WORLD VISIONLatest Update from Dave Toycen in Haiti

~ PETITION: Free the ND 88 Petition Launched – Asks Notre Dame to Drop Charges against Pro-Life Protesters

January 13, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Today, a petition to “Free the Notre Dame 88” was launched. The petition is co-sponsored by Human Life International (HLI), the Thomas More Society and LifeSiteNews.com. It is addressed to University of Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, and urges him publicly to ask that the charges against the 88 pro-lifers who were arrested on the Notre Dame campus in May of last year be dropped.

Sign the petition here. ~

~ RECENT REVIEW— Binks At The Movies– Dreams In Blue: An Avatar Review

Barack The Slave

~ POTUS OBAMA IS–FOR MANY BLACK AMERICANS— a symbol of slavery reversed. Of course, the ancestors of his Kenyan father was never an American slave, so it’s not technically true for him, even if it is the fruit of the Civil Rights movement.

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Binks Says: Let’s Do Some Good

Haiti was struck yesterday by the worst earthquake in 200 years— a massive magnitude 7.0, equivalent to the force of a 32 megaton bomb— followed by powerful aftershocks.

URGENT: Haiti devastated by huge earthquake— World Vision Canada

ANCHORESSRelief Efforts for Haiti; and Pundita: Haiti earthquake

Pundita: Haiti earthquake with numerous updates

We can do some real good in Haiti, because (1) It’s a nominally Catholic country (not a failed Jihad-state), and (2) there are reputable & established aid work programs there (like World Vision).


`Refrain from evil, and do not do it, but do not refrain from good, but do it. For if you refrain from doing good, you do great sin….`

The Shepherd Of Hermas, c. AD 140

Binks At The Movies

Nubile Noble Digital Savages

~ ITEM: Avatar Plot Fail or Observation Win?

~ ITEM: This film was not made by folks who live in a giant tree; “Avatar,” a sanctimonious thud of a movie; and Reality Check: ‘Jurassic Park’ More Convincing Than ‘Avatar’

~ ITEM: Blood-Thirsty Killer Marine Official Slams ‘Avatar’: ‘Disservice to our Corps’

~ ITEM: Avatar Director James Cameron Curses Out Fan

Dreams In Blue: An Avatar Review

~ WE ARE KNOWN by the stories we tell: what we see and our blind-spots; what we long for, and what we think we want.

The fundamental questions and motifs of the West are (1) pilgrimage, and (2) mediation.

  • Thus, where were we? Where are we? Where are we headed?
  • Plus– how do we relate to reality? To each other? To ultimate things? By what means?

Even if we are post-modern and clever and agnostic, these are The  Big Questions, because those are the foundations, no matter if we fundamentally reject them or wish them replaced with some nitwitted utopian thingy.

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Steyniac 403st

Plato in PlayDough

“Be kind: for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”

~ Plato ~

Bringing Teh Love

~ ITEM: “Dean Brandon” Just Lo-O-oves Teh Binks

[sic] “Dear admin: i conclud u are a dumb@ss motherfocker stoopid sh1t. I hate you for the evil things you say in your blog. LONG LIVE THE TURKISH FEDERATION!” aosidj0a@gmail.com [/sic]

~ ITEM: AMERICAN DIGEST– Not Man Apart; Something Wonderful: Why Beauty is Important

~ WHEN THE RIGHT PEOPLE hate you, it’s better than a basket of fan-letters.

This Christmas– as most years– my dear baby brother comes to visit us and his nephews, Teh Binklings for a day or three. He always brings thoughtful gifts, too.. X-Box games for the twins, a book and Parisian scarf for She-Binks, a icon-cross and all-sorts for Teh Binks.. nothing for the poodle, however, whom he had not known of until he stepped into the house.

The Binks BB is a bureaucrat, and spent most of his adult life a professional student. Along the way– via squishy leftoid ‘disciplines’ like sociology, psychology, and law, he never got exposed to non-Marxist ideas, except as something to mock and ignore. It makes political discussions when he visits rather– er– lively, and utterly futile.

As the recent e-mail I recieved from some Turko-Islamist illustrates– or any Marxist website or pundit shows forth– their inability to think logically is combined with insults & totalist instincts towards their dehumanized enemies. It’s sad.

As a lover of wisdom, I do try to think through both sides of an argument or position, so as to better understand my own principles. It means a comprehensive view, larger than a one-sided conservative or liberal position. I don’t mind folks who have strongly held views of whatever sort, but attack and dehumanizing crosses a line.

After all, whatever his views, I have a loving brother, and The Binklings a wonderful and generous uncle– that’s what’s important, not whether he’s ideological correct. Unpersoning is a horrible side-effect of nasty ideology: there is always a real human there, however imperfect or wrong-headed. Communism and Jihadism share this, in that nothing is good about, and anything is permitted upon, the officially evil class of unpersons, whether “enemy of the revolution” or “Jew-ape-pig/ stinking kuffar”…except the status of useful idiot, or exploited scum.

So Mr. Turkish patriot hates me, perhaps wills my death, because of my kuffarness, and criticizing the all-holy jihad-state of Turkey. If I found him in need, I would feed and help him as I was able, and should the occasion come up, talk to him about Turkey or Islam, or Jihad, and the rest. Why? Because I’m by choice and effort and good luck a civilized Westerner, the heir of Greece, Rome, The Jews, and Christianity. The Golden Rule and Samaritanism is not an occasional option, nor rationality, kindness, and self-sacrifice when called for, by the example and ongoing divine life of God in Christ in me, in others, and through the providential changes and chances of this fleeting life.

For I would be a man, to live and die as a Christian and a Westerner, not a coward or a traitor, nor orc-like hater of all things good, beautiful and true simply because it is wrong-think according to the Sauron & Mordor Propaganda Department.

Too bad, right? The soft-totalitarians of the West and the hard totalitarians of the Jihad here and abroad will only conquest and destruction, and are the enemies of the best things and good people of the West.

It can’t be clearer than that, and the sooner we admit the truth and fight for it, the better our chances, if we and our treasures are worth fighting for, renewing, and handing on. ~

More Fun With Evil

Asplodey Undies, New From Al Qaeda Fashions

~ ITEM: It’s 3 am. Do you know where your President is?; An Absentee and Complacent President

~ ITEM: TSA drops subpoenas issued to bloggers who published security directive

~ ITEM: Accused Bomber Abdulmutallab’s Underwear, Explosive Packet and Detonator

~ ITEM: Abdulmutallab and the Obama Mindset

~ ITEM: New TSA requirements begin next week; Obamanation in the Skies: The New Jet Blue Announcement to You; Ramped up US airport security deepens holiday travel misery; New security measures ‘the height of madness

~ ITEM:We’ve spent eight years looking for little scissors and toenail clippers,” said Ken Dunlap, IATA’s director of security in North America. “Perhaps the emphasis should be looking for bad people.”

~ ITEM: Exurban League’s Top 10 Suicide Underwear Brand Names

~ ITEM: SUPER-COOL SeV Travel Clothing Eliminates the Hassle of New TSA Regulations: “Everyone knows that the new TSA rules are designed to keep us safe, but they can be a major hassle, too. Remain seated for the last hour? What if you need something from your carry-on bag stored above? There is an approved solution already on the market from SeV/SCOTTEVEST Travel Clothing scottevest.com. Since SeV products are clothing, and not a bag, all SeV products by definition comply with the new TSA regulations which prohibit access to your carry-on bags during the last hour of flight.”

~ IT SEEMS THE O-MESSIAH never met a Presidential test he didn’t fail.

“Many commentators on the web are chuckling about the incident — “Ha-ha! He set fire to his crotch!” — but it increasingly looks like we came amazingly close to a horrific Christmas massacre, with 289 innocent lives lost in the air and God knows how many on the ground.”


The Victoria’s Secret Bomber– or whatever the wits of the Twitsphere has finally settled on– is serious (1) since it was over Canada/ U.S. soil, and (b) makes clear that the Most Loveable POTUS Ever Who Brings Peace On Earth meme is dead, staked in the heart, buried, dug up, burnt, and reburied even deeper in an unhallowed and unmarked grave.

A Win-Win Thing

The North American Jihad is a two-track affair, with stealth Jihadism via the RIS Conference, and ISNA & CAIR & company advancing the political-cultural side, and the occiasonal terror-plan/ massacre advancing the scary/ disheartening side.

Now that air travel is even more a massively intrusive and time-wasting security check with a little flying on the side, the Islamist Thong-Bomber has done real economic and societal damage, whether he actually lit his tighty-whiteys on fire and asploded or not.

Those new 3-4+ hour check-ins & fresh humiliations and inconveniences? Endless flight delays & disruptions for airlines and airports? Literally billions of work and vacation hours and irreplaceable bits of human lifetimes wasted proving you’re not a suicidal & mass-murdering Muslim, versus being an ass-kicking Dutch Guy or an ordinary schlub or schlubette? Priceless.

And as all the pundits are correctly noting, the radical semi-Muslim Obama has failed (again) with bells on, acting positively negligent, if not nearly cheerful that America and Americans and their freedoms and safety are under threat for the umpty-nineteenth time from the usual foaming-mouth bronze-age feck-witted suspects.

It All Makes Sense

Perhaps he’s off his meds, you wonder. Consumed by the in-house politicking of ramming through his power-grab tax-heavy health plan? Just having a bad day? I say not: there’s a larger pattern at work. Indeed, perhaps his mental health and psychological issues are having real-world effects now that he’s under a lot of strain. But let’s look deeper.

The disconnect? The POTUS is no mystery, here: he’s a wrecker and a nihilist, dreaming of an America that never was nor ever can be, and every little bit of misery advances the fall of wicked Imperialist Racist Sexist Unjust Capitalist Christist America. It’s all in preparation for the Marxist & perfect equalitarian Utopistan Mr. Obama imagines that he and his will cause to be, despite the will and wishes of most loyal Americans, and the shape of her life and history to this point– and even in full defiance of the will of Almighty God towards the United States, imperfect as she always will be.

Now revisit his reaction, hasty news-conference, sleeping in, vacationing, and other strange behaviour around this incident, and it all begins to make sense. Unlike the Paleostinians, it’s not about never failing to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. He’s simply not on our side, and it’s becoming blindingly clear. He’s loyal to his USSA yet to come, not the U.S. of A. as it is, or might become.

It’s all about “Death To America”, right? whether from the radical or jihadist side, and by their many and various means to the same end.

Oh, and the new regulations? More ineffective feel-good airport kabuki-theatre to punish everybody else for not being bad Muslims. ~

Going Rogue?

HM The Steve™?

~ ITEM: Prorogue! Well, it seems it’s on until March 3rd

~ ITEM: No rogue in prorogue, or, dictator my; The Imperial Prime Minister

~ ITEM: Parliament prorogued (again)

~ ONCE IS PERHAPS a novelty.. twice is a habit. It’s not Prime Ministerial, or even presidential.. it’s nigh on royal. Stephen Harper has a bad rad-protestant habit of doing what seems good to him, period.

I’m hardly happy about being on the same side as Rabble.ca and suchlike, but the PM simply must observe the rule of law and the habit of established parliamentary procedure: it’s not optional, nor a personal preference. Setting things aside (or being good little voters and keeping quiet when it’s Our Guy) just won’t do. Picture an Iggy-Layton coalition trampling everything to push their socialist utopianism.. via such prorogueish circumventions.

That way lies more and worse for Canuckistan, and I think it stinks higher than a bloated cod on a Summer day that Steve™ is the one setting such a truly bad precedent. We’ve already got one would-be tinpot dictator South of the border, and had our fill here with King Trudeau, CEO Mulroney, and Mafia Godfather Chretien.

Too much a weather-vane to keep to his socon roots, now we’ve got a greater betrayal of Conservatives and conservatives by making it appear we all agree with the PM’s playing fast and loose with parliamentary democracy.

Really, Steve™? Is all this the best you can do for your voters, and for Canada? Are you trying to make Iggy look like a legitimate alternative? Stupid politics, bad decision all ’round, and free ammo for an otherwise floundering opposition. Did PMO & Cabinet IQs drop sharply when the cold weather struck Canada? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, guys?

Next federal election, I may just stay home and vote ‘none of the above’ for a change. ~

P.S. In my conversation with evil Jewbot Ezra Levant, he wrote back:

“Yours is a fair point of view. And if the roles were reversed, and it was a Liberal government trying it, I’m sure I’d find a partisan way to be upset. But what’s really going on here? Instead of a six-week Christmas holidays (or whatever), we’ve got a 12-week holidays (or whatever).

Is there any urgent legislation afoot that has been killed? The opposition claims it’s to silence the Afghan committee (which is looking into four-year-old policies crafted by the Liberals that were tightened up two years ago).

But those committees weren’t even meeting before the prorogation, because the Tories weren’t showing up. If all this is truly offensive to the opposition, they can bring down this government as soon as it reconvenes. I’ll bet you a dollar they won’t.

I can think of a good reason to prorogue: the composition of the Senate will change with new appointees, and without proroguing, the opposition would still run the committees, even though the government would have a majority — very undemocratic.

On prorogation, I really don’t care too much — personally, I wish Parliament met less often, and fewer laws were passed, and government in general were smaller and a less important part of our lives. I see this as the consummate inside-the-bubble issue, that journalists care about and nobody else in the country does. Put this on the stack with the hype over H1N1 vaccines and every other gimmick that no citizens cared about in 2009.

I wish we had an opposition that actually opposed on real substantive issues — economics, justice, foreign policy, etc. — not just nibbled at any gimmick of the week. Just my two cents!

Ezra Levant”

With Boots On

~ SOME COMMENTER offers some useful & non-profane comments on the Toronto Islamopalooza… imagine that.

“IRFAN was the same Org. that showed its face at the Mississauga “MuslimFest” and co-sponsored by CAIR/CAIR-Canada.

During the Hezballah Terrorism of 2006 (towards a Democratic U.N. Member State) it was that August MuslimFest where I saw IRFAN asking for Donations to support their Muslims Brothers in Lebanon against the Oppressive occupiers killing civilian.

The real tragedy was that Liberal MP Parrish is in a Arab new article claiming that MuslimFest was great and all non-Muslims should go to it to benefit from it.

Little did MP Parrish know that a Website Outside of Canada had posted news that CAIR would have Workshops for Muslim youths to know their mission of Jihad for Allah, the website detailed how Canada must become a Caliphate under Shariah Law and that Jihad could one day be raised to Violence.

Seems that the Lawyers at CAIR and other Pro-Shariah Org.’s know exactly how to use our Charter Of Rights and know that they must speak the “Passive-Islam” in English type or spoken words to the MSM, BUT….in private they use the strict Arab text Qurans which does teach Taqiyyah (lying for allah’s cause)to befriend us filthy pigs before resorting to war to convert us.

CAIR keeps saying there are close to 1,000,000 Muslims in Canada, so why did only 17000 show up? Could it be that the 983,000 left are no in agreement with the RIS version of Peaceful Islam.

Even if the 1 million is right, that’s still only 1/1500th of the Muslims outside of Canada.


Remembering May

~ ITEM: With This Cup, We Do Battle

~ ON VEGGIES & JESUS– In terms of our insane news-cycle, murdered sick lady Terri Schiavo (who was sick & brain-damaged, neither vegetative nor brain-dead) is now back there somewhere in the dusty archives alongside the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871.

However, the ongoing threat to sick & disabled folk, the nuisance elderly and suchlike (which is why I make merciless ironical mock about feebs, crips, tards, veggies and such) are never more under threat than as time passes, and the will to protect them corrodes. Never mind unfriendly inlaws wanting to speed granny to the hereafter so they can grab what they’re  after– as the 2000’s continue, it’s hard to get decent treatment in some places without being neglected or bumped off by hospitals.

Binks, Coward

I came across a lot of these hard cases myself during training and parish pastoring. I met a lady named May in a local hospital, who after here massive stroke was (I was told) ‘brain dead’.. who’d been stuck in the left to die ward. Following the principle of doing unto others, and that a person’s soul may be ‘awake’ and able to receive grace, even when a coma or apparent unresponsiveness was the case, I always prayed with and for such folks, some of whom were abandoned by relatives. I’d also chat with them about weather, what day it was, and such ordinary stuff.

Each time I prayed with and for May– every time– I noticed that she wept. I also noted that her pale blue eyes followed me if I moved about the bed, or entered and left the room. That wasn’t exactly the behaviour of a ‘vegetable’, but of someone debilitated with a stroke, yet still conscious, and somewhat aware of herself and her surroundings, not to mention other people. Like Terri Schiavo.

I started to ask her questions, using a “one blink for yes, two blinks for no” system– and as a test, I’d ask her about things around her. If it were sunny, for example, I’d ask her “Is it cloudy today, May?” Two Blinks.  Or, “Have I visited here before, May?” One blink. “May, are you in your own home, right now?” Two blinks. “Are you hungry, May?” One blink. Using that simple system, we had great long conversations, simply based on her yes/no answers.

“May, do you want me to tell your family about our conversations?”

One very deliberate blink. Pause. Another very deliberate blink. Pause. Another very deliberate blink. Then tears.

She was aware, trapped, afraid, being talked about by family and medical staff (who probably knew better) as if she were already dead. May was also being deliberately starved to death. Unfed. To feeding tube, nothing except a mouth-swab to keep her mouth dry. After all, she was a vegetable, right? No brain activity. An unperson, safely to be disposed of.

Based on her decision, I wrote a note to her family, and left it on her bedside table.

Dear WXYZ Family:

May is not brain-dead. I’ve been able to have conversations with herover the last few days, using blinks, and yes/no answers. She is aware!

Please check with your doctors, and consider a feeding-tube. She says she is hungry, and afraid. I can help you to talk to her, so you can see for yourselves.


ABCD, Pastoral Care Student Minister

A day later, I got called up on the Hospital carpet, and threatened with immediate flunking & expulsion from the program if I continued to visit this patient or “harrass and upset” her family. That day, I chose the coward’s way.

One Less Nuisance

So dear May died– I’m ashamed to say– without any more visits from me, nor food & help from the hospital, nor understanding by her family.. unless they did know and wished her death, no matter what might be possible.

Since then, I had thousands more encounters with hospitals and similar policies, and always told people to fight for the right, presumed the patient in question could hear and was aware, and told the families to always assume so. I also always prayed for and with them, and gave them holy communion as well– the merest crumb of wine-soaked sacrament, whether they were on their way to a brighter and eternal shore, or on the way to recovery.

I’d check with often puzzled families on this: “If PQRS were awake, would they normally receive holy communion?” If affirmative, I’d also add– well, their mind may be asleep, but their soul is awake, and you never know if they can hear us or not– it will be a blessing, a healing, and give them spiritual and physical strength.”

For each one is precious; death and life are God’s business; and the mind and soul and body are still mysteries far above any science or medicine to define, or hospital bureaucrat or death-culture expert to commodify or redefine.

I’m so abidingly and deeply sorry, dear May, my sister in Christ– but your life was not wasted, nor your sad and lonely death. This article? One more gift from you to the wider world; a voice for you who had lost yours and been finally silenced forever by a cruel system, and uncaring and misunderstanding people.

Perhaps– according to the infinite mercies of God, and our hope of salvation, if I am not cast away unto eternal death, then we may both rejoice together– and freely talk about all this– in that bright and evergreen land prepared by God for those who love him, where with risen and deathless bodies we may laugh and dance and sing, for death and sin and pain and tears shall be no more.

And may God have mercy on our blood-stained society, for Terri, and May, and all the rest.

A few prayers for May and all such:

Jesus saith.. “I AM the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.” St John 11. 25, 26.

Rest eternal grant unto her, O God, and may light perpetual shine upon her. Amen.

O ALMIGHTY God, the God of the spirits of all flesh: Multiply, we beseech thee, to those who rest in Jesus, the manifold blessings of thy love, that the good work which thou didst begin in them may be perfected unto the day of Jesus Christ. And of thy mercy, O heavenly Father, grant that we, who now serve thee here on earth, may at the last, together with them, be partakers of the inheritance of the Saints in light; for the sake of the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Safe At Last!

~ FINALLY, SOME fearless commentators on his own site exposed blogger Blazing CatFur as the real danger to Canada: associate of scary Jews, probable fascist, misanthropic hater, bane of kindly bureaucrats, and general nuisance to humanity. The ugly truth is out.

One of his commenters took no little time whilst apparently defending the recent hate-marchers in Toronto– replete with Nazi salutes, the usual Leftists and union-thugs, anti-Semites, heavy-handed Islamo-fascism and thuggery, and open support for Hamas and its terror-regime against their own people, Israel & Jews, and the world in general. This march during a gathering of 17000 Muslims exposed to a putrid mix of Jihadists, terror-sympathizers, and Islamo-supremacist speakers and “experts” in downtown Toronto (who issued no condemnation of the following). All while the XMas undie-bomber had recently flown overhead, trying to blow up a plane over Southern Ontario/ Michigan.

But remember, folks: Arnie the Blazing Catfur blogger is the REAL threat, the hate-problem we all face, ruining Canada and niceness and all that. Glad we could warn you about him. It’s people like him wot cause unrest. Hatred. Wars. Terrorism. Mean blogging and inconvenient fact-finding.

Bad Arnie! ~

~ FESTIVE THANKS & COUNTER-GREETINGS to all who sent along their seasonal best (and a few goodies). Seeing that I’ve been wished ‘Merry Christmas’ by Christian blogers & readers, plus a number of Jews, an agnostic or two, and a cheerful Iraqi Shi’a Muslim immigrant to Canada (a neighbour visiting the Binks HQ a day or two ago), we must be doing something right around here!

Yes, that’s right– whilst I deplore and ravage Jihadism, any particular Muslim people of good will are children of God first, and individuals, deserving of respect.. and friendship where it occurs. Unlike kuffar-hating Jihadists, or Marxists versus enemies of thier revolting revolutions, I try not to utterly dehumanize folks via ideology.

Having felt such first hand as a traditional Anglican in a revolutionizing institutional church, where you become a hated abstraction, a They™, a walking symbol of the rejected and rightful basics of the old religion, I can tell you: it sucks eggs.

Here’s to a non-utopian Christ-child, who did not leave us to wallow in sinful alienation and abstraction, but who loves each one, and began his eternal kingdom here below by his own blood, that men and women and children of all races and nations and particularities might know God– and through the blessings of the Only-Begotten Son, partake of everlasting unity and individual fulfilment in Him.

So Merry Christmas, one and all! ~


Whilst We’re At It

Bloody Huge Wallace

Wallace’s words to live by:

Dico Tibi Verum, Libertas Optima Rerum:
Nunquam Servili Sub Nexu Vivito, Fili

Translation: My Son, Freedom is best, I tell thee true, of all things to be won. Then never live within the Bond of Slavery.

~ WE’RE READING ABOUTI see your cat and raise you by one“? Pshaw! We got hot Xmas pics of our uber-macho plaid-wearing death-dealing whiskey-tippling Scottish Miniature Poodle, Wee Wallace (that’s as in William, or Braveheart). Cats? Snotty & ill-tempered toxoplasmosis-spreading aliens too danged lazy to take over the planet. Ahem. Oh yes, I went there. ~

Mighty Wee Wallace, Daydreaming About Invading England

~ I’D VERY MUCH LIKE TO THANK nobody in particular, especially not Wintry Knight, for no stack of awesome Christian apologetics DVDs which arrived at at the top-secret underground bunker of the Binks HQ in Christmastide. The Privileged Planet amongst others were most welcome, and will be fodder for thought over the next while. ~

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~ BRASS COJONES WATCH— “An Irish atheist group have begun a campaign to have a controversial new blasphemy law repealed by publishing 25 quotations it claims are blasphemous on its website” …. (lumpygrumpyandfrumpy.blog)

~ SCIENTIFIC FADS MAY COME & GO, “but Man will always be in the image of the Creator, a meta-cosmic truth from which our rights, our duties, and our dignity flow. Only man can — and therefore must! — live by the light of eternity, so that all we do, say, write, create and think, can resonate with the Real and thus ‘pass the test of time.’ ” …. (americandigest.org)

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol (Part 1 of 5)

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~

~ THE BEST GIFT I’ve received in the last few years was a small wooden box …. (americandigest.org)

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~ THEOCRATIC HATEY DEBORAH OF EVIL— Melanie Phillips on the ABC; Pho Moonlight and friends; The differences between Americans and Brits; A young Jesuit reflects on a year of teaching in 2009; Bush can’t be blamed for the underwear bomber; Scientific experts as the new Gnostics; UN-Worship & The ABC’s New Year’s message; Father Z comments on Ian Hunter’s article; Anglicanorum Coetibustop news story of 2009?; Kathy Shaidle on that Mao ornament on the White House tree; Stephen Crowder on Detroit; The pro-Hamas demo not as large as feared; The Binks on the big Muslim conference in Toronto; The radicalization of Muslim young people …. (deborahgyapong.blog)

~ KATHY SHAIDLE, Super-blogger 2009-2010 …. (ffof)

January 2010

December 2009

~ WHAT THE HIGH FLYING FUDGE?!?! — Xanthippa: Canadian Government shuts down blogs – without warrant! …. (xanthippa)

~ VIA AMDIG— “We must repeat, over and over, that Liberty is the means by which we created creatures are meant to live and to grow and be. That Liberty lives in the Truth” …. (americandigest.org)

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~ OY, CANUCKISTAN! Organizations’ Christian identity threatened– Hundreds of Christian organizations in Ontario are following a landmark case before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the outcome of which could affect the way they are permitted to express their Christian identity …. (christianweek)

Michael Coren on Christian Horizons & the OHRC

~ ONE COSMOS— “Ending post-modernism may require the last boomer to be strangled with the entrails of the last hippie, but it will eventually end.” …. (onecosmos.blog)

~ A BANNER YEAR For Planned Parenthood: Over 1.1 Million Babies Surplus Population Killed During 2009 …. (weaselzippers)

~ BLARING CATFLEAS— A Letter Of Grief And Hope From Kandahar: “Their Spirit Will Live On Forever.”; Why Allah Sews Socks In Hell part 643,805; We elected you on a promise of hope and change; Random Furballs… Witness to Faith… Pervaiz Masih; Haroon Siddiqui blames the infidels for Jihad; Why Allah Sews Socks In Hell part 407,933; Historical Society demands Ottawa Seize Kaaba Shrine to prevent further destruction of historic monument; Going Green the Al Queda way; Any public servants complicit in this evil would be hounded from their jobs; F&CK THE JDL; Updated: Islamists Über Alles – Nazis Stage Gaza Freedom March In Toronto Thanks To Your Tax Dollars! …. (blazingcatfur.blog)

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~ ATTACKS ON FREEDOM of religion and conscience By Catholic Insight staff. Australian Cardinal George Pell’s remarks about threats to religious freedom lead in to a survey of how this phenomenon is playing out in countries around the world, including Canada …. (catholicinsight.com)

~ MORE DAVID WARREN— “This world is full of illusions: powerful and consequential ones. Our “zero” decade — or perhaps we might call it tentatively the “Improvised Explosive Decade” — strikes me in retrospect as a mere continuation, in world affairs, of the unending retreat from Vietnam.” …. (davidwarrenonline)

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~ PESKY UTERINE PARASITES— Abortion’s Side Effects? What Side Effects? You watch a television commercial for a medicine that cures something simple like a runny nose and there is a telethon of side effects said in quick speak that they’re legally bound to mention. But a surgery to remove and destroy a human being in a woman’s womb and we’re supposed to believe that has absolutely no side effects? …. (creativeminorityreport)

~ SOCIALIST Sweden Seizes Home-Schooled Child …. (firstthings)

~ CHRISTIANS debate Jewish rabbis on the Trinity and the identity of Jesus …. (winteryknight)

Queen Elizabeth II in 2007

~ QUEEN OF ENGLAND Has Affinity with Pope and is Frustrated With  Modern Anglicanism …. (cantuar.blog)

~ LEFTIST PARASITES— Catholics should stop funding KAIROS By Fr. Alphonse de Valk. KAIROS is under fire for its political ideology which has long since overshadowed its Christian ecumenism. Let Catholics withdraw from this NGO …. (catholicinsight.com)

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~ PESKY COMMANDMENT! “Turns out all that crap the MSM fed us over the years about the zesty spice infidelity adds to life… is exactly the horse hockey you always knew it was. Infidelity smashes marriages, destroys and kills children, and sends you to hell if you don’t repent it. You shall not commit adultery.” …. (markshea.blog)

~ KATE @ SDA— “I’m starting to get a little ticked off with the left’s habit of ruining perfectly good words – starting with “left” …. (SDA)

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~ GAIRDNER PONDERS Crime in Canada …. (williamgairdner)

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~ TRUDEAUPIAN HANGOVER— “Older and wiser, Canadians have noted the enormous waste and limited results of their super generous welfare state. They cling to it not out of love, but out of fear of the alternative. Now, if only someone could provide a clear alternative, Stephen Harper having utterly failed in that respect” …. (godscopybook.blog)

~ ONE OF THE GOOD THINGS about a Catholic church is that it isn’t respectable; you can find anyone in it, from duchesses to whores, from tramps to kings …. (theanchoress)

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~ THOMAS SCHELLING has a sobering article explaining why nuclear disarmament could make the world a more dangerous place …. (firstthings)

~ CANUCKI TAXPAYERS are funding these Nazi-loving terrorist huggers from Palestine House; JDL counter-demonstration at the Gaza “Freedom” March in Toronto …. (mooseandsquirrel.ca)

~ VENERABLE Pope Pius XII is a Hero for Jews – Not “Hitler’s Pope” …. (cantuar.blog)

~ WHEN THE NEW REALITY IS HORRID— “There Will Always Be That England… and that England shall be charming: To be more specific, in my case, it is old British films”.. or those twee BBC catalogues, always full of neo-Victoriana, costume dramas & comedies, and suchlike …. (godscopybook.blog)

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Climate Cult

~ REALITY CHECK: Earth’s Upper Atmosphere Cooling Dramatically; 50 years of cooling predicted …. (Space, canadafreepress)

~ THE DAILY BAYONET— Climategate Round-Up #9 …. (dailybayonet)

~ WILLIAM GAIRDNER— “In view of the recent global warming hysteria you may be interested in the US Navy photos at the website below which has a number of photos showing US submarines surfacing at the North Pole in open water, 50 years ago!” …. (williamgairdner)

~ THE MIGHTY WRETCHARD has a really excellent post on the AGW issue that discusses in some depth confirmation and bureaucratic bias …. (drsanity.blog)

~ GREEENS LIKE TO DO THINGS that make them feel good about themselves, whether or not their actions actually do anything meaningful for Gaia …. (dailybayonet)

~ ACTON BLOG on the Climate Babel …. (acton.org)

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~ THE CLIMATEGATE SCANDAL bears some amusing yet somewhat disturbing similarities to the popular Sci-Fi movie The Matrix …. (americanthinker)

~ FRESH MOONBATTERY— Global Warming Promoter ‘Dismayed and Deeply Shaken’ by ClimateGate – George Monbiot, a writer and environmental activist many consider to be Great Britain’s Al Gore said, there’s “no use pretending that this isn’t a major blow …. (newsbusters)

~ HERE COMES AGW’s new ManBearPig: Acidification Of The Oceans! We’re DoOoOooooOOOmed!! …. (mooseandsquirrel.ca)

~ FORMER U.S. UN Ambassador Warns of Hidden Dangers in Copenhagen Deal …. (lifesitenews)

~ VIA JANKE— Climate alarmists blame Canada for not being a bridge…that goes nowhere; How far will climate alarmists go in turning their back on democracy? …. (stevejanke)

~ RECOMMENDED VIDEO: Lord Christopher Monckton Speaking in St. Paul on climate change …. (youtube)

~ KATE @ SDA— Y2Kyoto: What Would We Do Without Forecasters? …. (SDA)

~ TEXAN White Christmas Dream Comes True; Golly Gee! It Really Was the Whitest Christmas Ever! …. (spectator, americandigest)

~ DOES GLOBAL WARMING increase the frequency of hurricanes? …. (winteryknight)

~ VIA RJAGO— Greens cozying up to holocaust deniers? …. (rjjago)

~ BRRRRR! Will December 2009 be the coldest on record? …. (winteryknight)

~ THE GREENING of us all by Hollywood; East Anglia Event Horizon; Conned in Copenhagen; Global Warming hoax response reveals Obama’s shaky mental acumen …. (canadafreepress)

~ CLIMATE CULT FILM— Avatar’s New and Improved Anthropology; Avatar: Cameron’s Contradictions Loom Large …. (americanthinker)


As Students Die On The Streets Of Tehran… Again

“If things seem to be getting worse and worse, the outrages more egregious, and our elected officials more open and shameless about them, that’s not just a coincidence. We are seeing the effects of a corrupted press.”

~ NeoNeoCon ~

~ IT’S GOOD TO BE EMPEROR! — Obama golfs in Hawaii as Iran seeks uranium and murders protesters; The Obamas Are Just Like Us. Here’s were they vacationed for 10 days, at $4,000 a night; Obama’s Vacation: Shutting Down Beaches, Stores, Streets…Letting His Sister Hide In Bushes…Ignores Public…Local Paper Gave ‘Meeting On Rats’ Higher Priority Than BO …. (winteryknight, weaselzippers)

~ AMERICAN DIGEST ON The Emperor’s New Speech Impediment …. (americandigest)

~ A CHRISTMAS Insult? Or Just a Lump of Coal? – Christopher Chantrill …. (americanthinker)

~ MORE MESSIAH™ VS. THE MESSIAH— Something Rotten In Denmark— Paper says “Obama greater than Jesus”; Obama on the Baby Jesus— You’ve got to see this one …. (creativeminorityreport)

~ BARACK’S BRIBE-OCRACY— 13 Attorney Generals Threaten Lawsuits Over Senate Health Care Bribes …. (firstthings)

~ THE FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER OF ObamaCare: Canadian Health Care, American Style …. (socon.ca)

~ THANKS TO OBAMA, now ” Interpol: The International Enforcement Arm of the Islamic Republic of Iran” …. (gatesofvienna.blog)

Holder’s Former Clients

~ THE PLOT SICKENS— Eric Holder’s Firm May Have Represented Undie Bomber Mastermind Before His Release …. (gatewaypundit)

~ EVIL UNAMERICANISM— Remember when dissent was the highest form of patriotism? Salon.com’s Joan Walsh doesn’t either …. (mcj.com)

~ BELATEDLY, OBAMA SLAMS intelligence flaws over foiled attack …. (domesticsecuritypolicyinfo)

~ HIGHLY-PLACED PERVE: The State-Run Media Won’t Touch It… But Russians Not Afraid to Report on Jennings Fistgate Scandal …. (gatewaypundit)

~ OBAMUNISM— KILLING THE D.C. SCHOOL VOUCHER PROGRAM: Because protecting bureaucrats’ rice bowls is more important than, you know, actually educating. UPDATE: “Democrats Resegregate DC School System.” …. (theanchoress)

~ UNLIKE MILLIONS of Americans Trying to Fly Home from the Holidays… Comforting USA Today headline: Obamas enjoy private, secure Hawaii vacation …. (americandigest.org)

~ MEET THE NEW BOSS… “Given the white-hot hatred displayed by the radical left and their media enablers toward the previous occupant of the White House and toward conservatives in general [coughPALINcough] as well as the left’s general arrogance and Self-righteousness, a little right-wing schadenfreude would be in order right about now”; plus “China’s come so far, you know. Over there, they can just order laws to go into effect and order people to do stuff which saves a lot of time when you think about it” …. (mcj.com)

~ EFFICIENT Government Xmas Card: One Sign, Two Lies, Six Liars …. (americandigest.org)

~ PJTV GOODNESS— Week in Blogs: GDP is Up, Tiger is Down, & Obama is Out. Stephen Green brings you the best of the entire blogosphere in under four minutes; Behind the Punch Lines, How Obama Hides Bad News, & the Year of the Squander …. (pjtv)

~ BARACK OBAMA and the liberal statists in congress are hardly saviors. Yet there is something to the many quasi-religious references made about him …. (americanthinker)

~ OBAMA & CO. SCREW AMERICA: Senate Passes Healthcare – Victory with no Honor; Senate passes health care bill that funds abortions, rations care, and burdens taxpayers with paying off bribes …. (canadafreepress)

Eeeeek!! It’s Mormor– The Real Danger To Us All!

~ HOMELAND SECURITY chair says Swedish grandmothers just as likely to be terrorists …. (winteryknight)

~ CHINA SCREWS Obama Without Even a Kiss First …. (americandigest)

~ INDEED— Obama’s initial reaction to the Fort Hood attack was odd, as many remarked …. (commentarymagazine)

~ CHINA, BARRY. The last really badass commies left. Just sayin’, Barry …. (sergesblog.blog)

~ MR. OBAMA: Tear Down Your Wall of Secrecy – Monte Kuligowski …. (americanthinker)

~ ANALYSIS FROM ForeignPolicy.com: “No, Madam Secretary: The System Is Not Working”; Detroit Attack: Adaptive threats meet tired security response …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ VICTOR HANSON: Where Did These Guys Come From? …. (pajamasmedia)

~ THE SYSTEM WORKED? Janet Napolitano Releases Formal Statement About How the System Worked; The U.S. government was warned by Abdulmutallab’s father at least two months ago that his son had been “radicalized”; Al Qaeda co-conspirators in Chistmas Detroit airline bombing were released from Gitmo …. (canadafreepress)

~ GIVING FANNIE & FREDDIE a blank cheque. One more step towards the fall of the American empire …. (lewrockwell)

~ NAPOLITANO: The System Worked? Uh, Nevermind …. (pjtv)

~ THE CHRISTMAS DAY BOMBER Derails the Obama BS Express …. (townhall)

~ B-BUT– BUT, but Obama’s our world leader. Every Jihadist should love us! …. (weaselzippers)

The World-Wide 1400 Year Jihad

Just How Well The System Very Nearly Worked

~ CANFREEP— Airline bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was barred from Britain; What the Near-Tragedy in Detroit Revealed; What the Terrorists are Truly Afraid of …. (canadafreepress)

~ BRUTAL TEHRAN POLICE ‘fire tear gas at opposition protesters’; Tehran Isn’t Berlin— It’s Tiananmen Square …. (bbc, firstthings)

~ ISLAMOPALOOZA— “I was reading your site tonight and had a thought regarding the Islamic convention that just wrapped in Toronto” …. (SDA)

~ YET ANOTHER IN A LONG LINE— “Peaceful” Muslim was put in jail for trying to kill someone. This time, it was the attempted assassination of Kurt Westergaard …. (rightwingcanada)

~ THIS LETTER FROM Afghanistan deserves wide attention– ‘A Letter Of Grief And Hope From Kandahar: “Their Spirit Will Live On Forever.”‘ …. (transmontanus.blog, dustmybroom)

~ THE ALLEGEDLY NOBLE Anti-Crusader Saladin: Not who revisionists would have you think he was …. (vladtepesblog)

~ TOLERANT Muslims with clubs and axes attack showing of “Jesus” film in Pakistan …. (jihadwatch.org)

~ THE ANCHORESS— “If my frequent-flyer husband is in a plane that someone decides must be turned into a weapon of mass destruction, I’ll be damned if anyone is going to tell me that these terrorist attacks are “a nuisance” that we’ll just have to live with” …. (firstthings)

~ O, THOSE WACKY Islamists! “Because Muslims are the rightful owners* of ancient Hebrew scrolls.” …. (SDA)

~ LOOKS LIKE something big is up in Israel …. (americanthinker)

“The Truth About Radical Christians”

~ SOME GOOD NEWS— “Support lower for U.N. text on religion defamation”, Patrick Worsnip, Reuters …. (eyeontheun.org)

~ GATES OF VIENNA News Feed 12/31/2009; Closing Out a Multicultural Year in Denmark; “Limits”… for New Year’s Eve 2009; Minarets: Expressions of Dignity, or Symbols of Domination?; Culturally Enriched Mass Murder in Finland …. (gatesofvienna.blog)

~ MOTOON WARS— Diana West: Kurt Westergaard cannot stop sharia alone; Sky news video: Kurt Westergaard attacked; Shots fired outside home of Kurt Westergaard …. (vladtepesblog)

~ TERRY GLAVIN— Farhat Taj: “They would welcome anyone, Americans, Israelis, Indians or even the devil.”; You Mean This One?; Killing The Hostages; “The news managers here in Canada have trouble understanding the Afghan story…”; Bow To No Man. Crawl For No One. Walk Tall.; Our dear friend Ehsanullah Ehsan, school principal, director of the Afghan-Canadian Community Centre in Kandahar City and a brave leader in the Afghan struggle for the emancipation of women, for literacy and for freedom, sent along this letter …. (transmontanus.blog)

~ A PAKISTANI CHRISTIAN reminds us of what the word ‘Martyr’ actually means …. (vladtepesblog)

~ FOLLOW THE SHEKELS— Saudi Arabia, Norway Gave Big To Clinton Foundation …. (weaselzippers)

~ COUNTDOWN to the Wilders Trial …. (gatesofvienna.blog)

~ DELIVER US From Evils: Terrorism and the Soteriology of Gnostic Governance …. (firstthings)

~ AIRLINE SAFETY? Simply: What Would Israel Do? …. (gatesofvienna.blog)

~ CAROLINE GLICK— Iranian protesters tear down, stomp on Khamenei’s picture; A low and dishonest decade; Iran’s newest strategic successes …. (carolineglick)

~ FORMER US-BASED RADICAL IMAM Tied to Terror Plots Has Gone ‘Operational’ in Yemen …. (frontpagemag)

~ TO OUR ETERNAL SHAME, Britain is STILL a hub for Islamic terror; Britain to send $80 million in jizya to the Palestinians …. (canadafreepress)

~ IRAN RISING— “This is a moment in history, and he’s missing it.”; Taking stock of Iran: Iran attacks German satellite …. (nationalreview, vladtepesblog)

~ SEAT 19A IS RIGHT OVER the wing and near the fuel tanks; Luck, not screening, saved Flight 253; ‘An Attempted Act of Terrorism’; Obama Got Pre-Christmas Intelligence Briefing About Terror Threats To “Homeland” …. (Various)

~ AIRLINER SUICIDE mission blessed by imam, formerly of radical Virginia mosque …. (wati)

~ THE EVER-DILIGENT Al-Qaida in Yemen Claims Responsibility for Christmas Day Airline Terror Plot …. (counterterrorismblog)

~ THAT SUICIDE BOMBER who killed seven CIA agents in Afghanistan this week was courted by the US as a possible informant …. (gatewaypundit)

~ PESKY DETAILS— The back story you never hear from the “pro-Palestinian” agitators …. (lumpygrumpyandfrumpy.blog)

~ DR. SANITY— “Coming on the heels of the killing spree by Maj. Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood, the latest terrorist “incident,” involving Abdul Mutallab on Northwest Flight 253, is yet another isolated but tell-tale sign that we must learn from” …. (drsanity.blog)

~ HITCHENS— “We had better get used to being the civilians who are under a relentless and planned assault from the pledged supporters of a wicked theocratic ideology.” …. (americandigest)

~ THE GAMES Muslims play: #1 “That was out of context” …. (vladtepesblog)

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Mad Tv – Al Jazeera, The price is right

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

Yep, It’s Going Slower Than Molasses..

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