Binks Says: Let’s Do Some Good

Haiti was struck yesterday by the worst earthquake in 200 years— a massive magnitude 7.0, equivalent to the force of a 32 megaton bomb— followed by powerful aftershocks.

URGENT: Haiti devastated by huge earthquake— World Vision Canada

ANCHORESSRelief Efforts for Haiti; and Pundita: Haiti earthquake

Pundita: Haiti earthquake with numerous updates

We can do some real good in Haiti, because (1) It’s a nominally Catholic country (not a failed Jihad-state), and (2) there are reputable & established aid work programs there (like World Vision).


`Refrain from evil, and do not do it, but do not refrain from good, but do it. For if you refrain from doing good, you do great sin….`

The Shepherd Of Hermas, c. AD 140


3 thoughts on “Binks Says: Let’s Do Some Good

  1. The Missionaries of the Poor are there (and elsewhere) tending to the poor daily. I understand our parish (St. Ignatius, Cayman) is sending the next two weeks collection. We tend to take disasters personally since Hurricane Ivan. (2004) I’m sure its the same for any community who has rebuilt after a flood, hurricane, tornado or earthquake.

    God help Haiti.

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