Binks Says: Let’s Do Some Good

Haiti was struck yesterday by the worst earthquake in 200 years— a massive magnitude 7.0, equivalent to the force of a 32 megaton bomb— followed by powerful aftershocks.

URGENT: Haiti devastated by huge earthquake— World Vision Canada

ANCHORESSRelief Efforts for Haiti; and Pundita: Haiti earthquake

Pundita: Haiti earthquake with numerous updates

We can do some real good in Haiti, because (1) It’s a nominally Catholic country (not a failed Jihad-state), and (2) there are reputable & established aid work programs there (like World Vision).


`Refrain from evil, and do not do it, but do not refrain from good, but do it. For if you refrain from doing good, you do great sin….`

The Shepherd Of Hermas, c. AD 140


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