Grumble, Kvetch, Snarl…


Generally speaking, I’ve noticed that good blogging depends not a little on maintaining consciousness.

There’s trouble at the Binks-HQ: it’s.. A Man-Cold™!! ..hence, this web-elf is feeling rather dwarven the last few days.. sleepy.. dopey.. grumpy.

Link-collecting has been almost accomplished, and shouldn’t take a day more– the question is: which day? Likely not this day, seeing as I’ve dozed off twice writing this update, and there’s no Tim Horton’s to be had right now.

Thanks for your improbable patience,


P.S. The blessed She-Binks came home early from the salt-mine with some food, meds, and not a little ‘Poor Little Bunny™’ (see vid above). Now, Teh Binks will once more assume a horizontal/ fetal position, for teh recovering.Resume your vigils. ~

3 thoughts on “Grumble, Kvetch, Snarl…

  1. Mounties Under Fire – Premieres on CBC – January 21 at 9pm

    If you work in crime prevention, or ever served as a police officer in this country, you have unique insight and interest into the challenges facing the RCMP; challenges that have no doubt been the subject of spirited discussions over coffee at Tim’s, coast to coast to coast! For you, MOUNTIES UNDER FIRE is “must-watch” viewing.

    During some of the RCMP’s darkest days, documentary filmmaker Helen Slinger and Bountiful Films were granted unprecedented access to the RCMP. From top brass to beat cop, Bountiful Films captures a force in the throes of self-examination, struggling to get back to its core values.

    For more information on the film and the RCMP:
    Go to

    And please forward this email to any in your circle who might like to like to see this film.

    CBC’s Doc Zone
    Thursday, January 21 at 9pm (9:30 NT)

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