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~ WORLD VISIONLatest Update from Dave Toycen in Haiti

~ PETITION: Free the ND 88 Petition Launched – Asks Notre Dame to Drop Charges against Pro-Life Protesters

January 13, 2010 ( – Today, a petition to “Free the Notre Dame 88” was launched. The petition is co-sponsored by Human Life International (HLI), the Thomas More Society and It is addressed to University of Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, and urges him publicly to ask that the charges against the 88 pro-lifers who were arrested on the Notre Dame campus in May of last year be dropped.

Sign the petition here. ~

~ RECENT REVIEW— Binks At The Movies– Dreams In Blue: An Avatar Review

Barack The Slave

~ POTUS OBAMA IS–FOR MANY BLACK AMERICANS— a symbol of slavery reversed. Of course, the ancestors of his Kenyan father was never an American slave, so it’s not technically true for him, even if it is the fruit of the Civil Rights movement.

However, I’d argue that Obama is even more a slave than any captured Africans sold in the 13 colonies or the early American states. His mind is enslaved with the toxic madness of Marxist ideology and “God Damn America” fascist racism; his politics are enslaved by the soft-mafia tactics of Chicago; his alleged principles are in thrall to Rahm and George and The Bilderbergers and the Unions– and the offshore money which poured into his election and bought his victory.

Barack Obama’s not a free man of the West, nor a hero of any revolution nor a true symbol of racial hopes fulfilled, because he’s so thoroughly bought and sold and beholden– indeed, he seems to have gladly sold himself into such servitude.

Jesus of Nazareth once asked the question which most applies here, and whose tempting force he obviously felt, yet never surrendered to: “For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world, but to lose his soul?”

Or in a familiar phrase, by Catholic Englishman John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton,

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you super-add the tendency or certainty of corruption by full authority. There is no worse heresy than the fact that the office sanctifies the holder of it.”

Obama.. the One.. the Hope and Change.. the enslaved. It’s irony turned tragedy. ~

Pat Robertson

Stupid Evil Theories

~ ITEM: The ceremony at the Bois Caïman

~ ITEM: GYAPONG– Mark Shea remarks on bad theodicy from the right and the left; Why did this happen, Lord?; More horrific news from Haiti

~ A THEORY of God & good & evil is called a theodicy— justifying the ways of God to men, in the light of suffering and suchlike.

In the wake of the giant Indian Ocean tsunami, the West sent billions, ships, rescue experts, and the usual outpouring of help. Most Muslim nations? not so much or so fast, akshully– oddly enough, given that many of the afflicted homeless and slain were Muslim themselves.

Instead we heard bad theodicy, based on inadequate theology, based on the shallow teaching of Muhammed and his cult. Suffering happens to bad people; you suffered; you must be a bad person, and deserved it. Easy-peasy, and change the channel.. maybe cough up a few bucks when guilted into it.

We’ve now heard some version of this immediately following Haiti, from the tiresome Christian chatterbox Pat Robertson. Voodoo evil promise, Devil calling the account overdue, 7.0 earthquake ensues = it’s all their fault.

It all makes sense. Except when it doesn’t.

Big Questions Dep’t.

The fundamental question of God’s relation to creation is one of The Big Questions™. It’s also the basic question of our spiritual life. St. Paul says “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to establish his good will and purpose.” [ Philippians 2:12b-13 ]

If we’re talking two people building a house, we can add up who contributed what– but the creator of all is not a co-worker in the same sense as a creature might cooperate with another. Thus, it’s 100% God, and 100% his creatures, working in as creator and creature together. So: planets like earth (a conglomeration of parts & elements) do their own thing.. volcanoes, earthquakes, atmosphere, water, all over billions of years, according to God’s making of them, and according to the nature of the things themselves. That some places are dangerous? That’s the price of not living on a dead world like the Moon, or a desert like Mars.

That this elf lives in a part of the world which would likely drown under a tsunami if the massive Azores volcano falls apart? I know about it, and yet choose the risk.

Let’s Ask The Saviour!

Back to Mr. Robertson, blaming the victim: it’s an old question, and he apparently forgot to read what Jesus definitively says on the topic. When Christ and his disciples come across a blind man, the disciples ask “Who sinned– this man or his parents– that he was born blind?” Easy theory– “Suffering comes from sin.. you’re suffering, you sinned.”

BAAAARP! Bad theology alert. Jesus teaches them that the tide of weal and woe in the world is not a blame-game. “Neither: this man was born blind so that the mighty works of God might be shown forth in him.” Ouch. Suffering as possibility for grace & glory, not simple answers excusing the observer from helping out.

Jesus is not done yet [ St. Luke 13:1-5 ]:

“There were present at that season some who told Him about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. And Jesus answered and said to them, “Do you suppose that these Galileans were worse sinners than all other Galileans, because they suffered such things? I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish. Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, do you think that they were worse sinners than all other men who dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.”

Here are examples of human cruelty, and a terrible accident– for both, Jesus attributes no blame: the balance of guilt or innocence is more complicated than that, and also depends on the cross and resurrection in the final balance. Cruel people kill, buildings fall down; stuff happens– life is unpredictable, and sometimes cut short. We must be ready to meet God at all times, and there is eternal death to avoid, let along earthly danger.

No Painless Easy Answers

Therefore, the other part of disaster is not accounting blame (sorry, Rev. Pat, you’re terribly, terribly wrong), but helping the stricken, being part of God’s answer to suffering, and showing forth our love of God and neighbour in the worst situations. In the case of Haiti, that has to do with helping in the immediate future, and perhaps seeking to get that impoverished nation out of its long-term pit of poverty violence and despair. Even understanding the ‘why’ of suffering & God does not solve the problem of what we should do.

Easy answers?.. Jesus says there are no such answers that cost us nothing. ~

Seeking The Living Past

~ ITEM: The Queen of Sheba

In Search Of Myths And Heroes – Queen Of Sheba (part1/6)

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~


~ ITEM: Jericho – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

~ ONCE WONDER & truth-seeking gets institutionalized, you get blinders, and teh stupid. That’s why– though he’s a shameless self-promoter and controversialist, I make time for David Rohl, as he seeks to look at ancient Biblical history & archaeology with fresh eyes. “What if”, he essentially asks “if all the ancients were not idiots who knew nothing about themselves.. what if modern academia has not got it all figured out?”

So watching an episode of Michael Wood’s “In Search of.Myths and Heroes”, in his search for Sheba & her famous queen, he follows the history, the stories, the remarkably accurate living memory of Ethiopia, and Mareb, in Yemen, he finds the places, the ruins, the ancient palace, the massive dams and canals which made a mighty nation out of the desert.

David Rohl’s essential point– now increasingly accepted– is this: the timeline of traditional Egyptian & Biblical archaeology is off– possibly by 300+ years or more. So what? Archaeology is the process of digging downwards into the past, and making connections with other places based on assumptions about what represents what time-period. If your dates are off, you’ll be looking too high or two low in the ground, and missing what may be right in front of you.

The problem was a pious attempt to connect names and events in the Bible with the same in Egypt, a process begun in Napoleon’s time, when the French conquered northern Egypt. Later archaeologists built upon those assumptions, and then discovered many ‘lost cities’ and evidences for the Bible and ancient civilizations buried under the soil. However, if those initial assumptions were off– if pharaoh such and such was NOT actually the one mentioned in the Bible, but someone earlier or later, then we end up with a puzzle with no apparent solution.

Hence all the academic gas over the past 50 years that there’s no evidence for David, Solomon, the fall of Jericho, the Exodus, Hebrew slavery in Egypt, and all the rest: start with the wrong dates, and whatever you find will be wrong, even though if you correct the timeline, it is what it’s supposed to be and in the right place.

Famously, the Battle of Jericho as recorded in the Book of Joshua reports that the walls fell down, and that the small city was unpillaged and burnt, even though it was the harvest season, and the local granaries were bursting full. That’s what the archaeological record of a battle c.1550 shows, exactly. However, if you follow the classical timeline, the Israelites didn’t even show up for another 300 years, when there was nothing but ruins.

Instead of questioning the pyramid of assumptions about the dates, scholars have tended to doubt the Bible, or to re-interpret both the evidence and the Bible to fit the accepted academic theory. That’s got it precisely backwards, and has lead to no end of doubt, scepticism, and academic pontifications on the reliability of the Jewish witness to their own history, and hence, it’s relation to what’s written, found in the ground, or possible.

It’s a respectable form of conspiracy theory, in one sense– such as “Aliens are secretly running the world.” All evidence that fits or does not disprove the initial assumptions is OK.. any theory or fact which does not fit the theory is either rejected, or part of the massive cover-up to hide the facts.

That’s why David Rohl, or Robert Ballard, or Michael Wood are so refreshing: looking with open eyes to see what might be seen– what’s the evidence? Where are the connections? How does the fullness of history, archaeology, and human tradition witness to the truth?

If we start off assuming our fore-bearers were pre-scientific eejits who just made stuff up and/ or said any old thing, then we are blindly arrogant, and exclude what is part of our human story, whether it fits the pride of academia, or the latest (in a long line) of the theory of the moment, or a fundamental mistake at the beginning of a discipline which skewed our understanding of the past to such an extent that we. can’t even see what’s there to be seen.

As a history student, and a philosopher, I love facts, understanding, and the humility required to acquire true wisdom: and thus, by God’s grace and the witness of so many men and women before us, I find the past a much larger, more magical, and more revealing land, that is neither alien nor a dead past, but alive to the seeker, and full of new and amazing treasures to be seen and handed on. ~

Big Time Ruinators

~ ITEM: Intellectuals and Society, by Thomas Sowell

~ THE MIGHTY Dr. Theodore Dalrymple (a pseudonym) is right when he’s right. Beware mandarins/ experts– those would-be masters with big bad ideas which boil down and corrode everything in society, faith, and culture. Civilization By Expert has largely been a disaster.

Now, American economist and commentator Thomas Sowell (apparently a “Negro”, for you Harry Reid Democrats who worry about such matters) has a new book out on the same theme. Says one reviewer:

“Among Americans today, Sowell concludes, the steady encroachment of policies, practices, and laws based on ideas forced upon us by the intelligentsia has steadily narrowed the scope of the freedoms ordinary Americans have always had — freedom to run their own lives, as well as to shape government policy. Intellectuals and Society unravels in clear, non-intellectual terms some of the puzzling phenomena in the world of the intellectuals — analyzing the nature and role of intellectuals in society and exploring the ominous implications of that role for the direction in which the Leftist intelligentsia are taking our society and Western civilization in general.”

The creeps in labcoats, tweed jackets, and Birkenstocks have wrought more ruin for ordinary people in particular than they know– as Dalrymple notes, his practice is full of the products of stupid theories from on high which cause societal and marriage collapse, sexual anarchy, family violence, and the degradation of the poor into helpless dependency on the state as permanent victims. His books and experience detail case after case of ‘mandarinitis’ behind the social and moral collapse of the UK over the past 50 years. It’s a warning of how not to do things.

Even as the chattering classes move on to the next bad idea, the ordinary folk bear the brunt of the lingering previous fads.. how long, do you think, before the Global Warming toxin is out of the system? Victim as guiltless irresponsible agent, and society’s to blame? School as the realm of the “expert educator” and not the parent? Sexual identity as biological imperative? Abortion as harmless? Divorce as mostly harmless? It’s all experts with bad theories appealing to the worst ideological impulses of lesser experts and utopians, and the worst side of our human nature.

Read Sowell and Dalrymple for a welcome warning from the ruins– and then get out there and fight for the right, and remake society for people, for good and true and beautiful things, for life. ~

Dating Christmas: The Old Evidence

~ ITEM: Anglican Curmudgeon: Other Evidence for the Date of the Nativity; The Star of Bethlehem and the Nativity

~ POOR BROTHER DENNIS The Short.. he gets short shrift indeed from scholars for botching the actual date of Christ’s birth, and hence the entire BC/AD thing. He’s the monk who set up our modern year-system in A.D. 525, leaving behind the classical triangulation of Imperial regnal year, Greek Olympiad, and founding-date of Rome.

So, the critics say, Mini-Dennis botched the birth-date for Christ by 4-8 years– depending on the critic using which data– making Jesus of Nazareth in Galilee a school-aged boy by the time of A.D. 1, so they say.

But it gets worser– 1000 years after the first mistake in the Christian calendar, “a copyist’s error in a sixteenth-century manuscript of Josephus has saddled us with the mistake of dating Herod’s death to 4 B.C., resulting in an even greater discrepancy between the birth of Jesus and A.D. 1.”

However, we actually have a historian and various Church Fathers using the old system who specified the date ever before Tiny Dennis did his calculations and messed everything up for 1500 years.

Good old Eusebius of Caesarea, writing in the early A.D. 300s, is very specific via the old 3-way classical method of Emperor-Olympiad-Founding Of Rome.

But before that,

“Our earliest source is Irenaeus, who wrote (Against Heresies 3.21.3, circa A.D. 180): “Our Lord was born about the forty-first year of the reign of Augustus.” Using the Roman regnal system, this would be sometime between March of 3 B.C. and March of 2 B.C.”

Next in line,

“Clement asserts that Jesus was born precisely on November 18, 3 B.C.”

Finally, we get to Eusebius:

“Eusebius of Caesarea, the great historian of the early Church, gives (ca. A.D. 325) the “forty-second year of the reign of Augustus” for Christ’s birth, but from his other datings of Augustus’ reign we can see that he counted the first (fractional) year in 44 B.C. as a full year, so that he, too, agrees with all the preceding writers, and places Christ’s birth in 3/2 B.C. Epiphanius (A.D. 315-403) uses the same reckoning as does Eusebius, and gives the additional datum that Augustus’s “forty-second year” Christ was born in the year when the consuls were Octavian (for the thirteenth time) and Silvanus. Table 41 in Finegan’s Handbook (pp. 88-89) relates the Roman consulships to Augustus’ regnal years, and shows that the year so indicated by Epiphanius ran from July 1, 3 B.C. to June 30, 2 B.C. (And note how this correlates with the year in which Augustus ordered his “first great registration” of all the Roman world, as discussed above.)”

So somewhere in the 16 months between March 3BC and June 2BC is pretty much the pre-Dennis date for the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, before all the modern (i.e., post 6th-century AD) and later confusions. ~

AVATARD = Atheist Religion?

~ ITEM: “Avatar” is Cameron’s Long Apologia for Pantheism

~ ITEM: ‘Avatar’ sports both stunning graphics and environmentalist Gnosticism

~ ITEM: Audiences Experience ‘Avatar’ Blues

~ ITEM: Blockbuster film “Avatar” is being embraced by a p*rn industry notorious for helping new technologies access homes.

~ BACK IN THE DAY— and long before Stargate or The X-Files– flying saucer guy Erich Von Daniken had It All Figgered Out. Aliens did it. Nazca, the Pyramids, bits of the Bible, Machu Picchu, and so on. These UFO-drivers were also the gods, worshipped by ancients, and responsible for all the complicated or technically difficult buildings of long ago.

Cha-ching!! There were books, a movie or two, lots of media-coverage.. much money was made, and odd theories spread about. Very popular, too– for it promised a type of transcendence, and sort-of divinities, without all that other stuff.. sin, heaven & hell, good and evil, all that. Plus, theoretically, They were watching over us, and would bestow higher technology and immortality and world peace and all that Star Trek good stuff, when we were ready. Utopia, by and by.

Mean Old Logic

Except.. even if we accepted all that, it doesn’t really answer anything ultimate at all. Indeed, the SciFi series Stargate even allows that the aliens might be evil overlords and monsters, and not Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind grey bug-eyed goody two-shoe liberal NPR-listening aliens.

Go ultimate, here: Who created Von Daniken’s aliens? The universe we & they live in? If we posit an endless series of “other aliens” behind the first set, we merely defer and dodge the issue of why & how there is anything at all. Or, how shall we live? How does the supposed existence of busy-body spacemen tell me how I ought to live? What is the true, the beautiful, the good which I should seek, learn, and pass on?

After all, the global giant hive-mind posited by The Gospel According To James Cameron’s Ego as the deity of the blue Avatards is another creature, not an ultimate creator, acting for its own reasons. Gaia is not ultimate, nor a final answer to anything– and she is, at best, a fickle and created ‘mother’ in abstraction.

One can begin to understand the religious passions & big box-office generated by this 3D wonder-world. Ross Douthat writes:

“It’s fitting that James Cameron’s “Avatar” arrived in theaters at Christmastime. Like the holiday season itself, the science fiction epic is a crass embodiment of capitalistic excess wrapped around a deeply felt religious message. “Avatar” is Cameron’s long apologia for pantheism — a faith that equates God with Nature, and calls humanity into religious communion with the natural world…pantheism has been Hollywood’s religion of choice for a generation now.”

God IS nature! We are all part of God! We’re utterly divine, just as we are! Woo-hoo! Who needs salvation? The Douthat review continues:

“It’s the metaphysic woven through Disney cartoons like “The Lion King” and “Pocahontas.” And it’s the dogma of George Lucas’s Jedi, whose mystical Force “surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.” The threat of global warming, meanwhile, has lent the cult of Nature qualities that every successful religion needs — a crusading spirit, a rigorous set of ‘thou shalt nots,” and a piping-hot apocalypse.”

Of course, it gets better– since such a ‘semi-supreme’ being approves of everything, and blesses whatever you happen to want. It’s also a way to feel holy, without really worrying if it/he/she will expect anything back, or demand something different than your particular notions or desires. It’s God, made in OUR image! Sweeeet.

Never mind that blessing everything is actually evil, or that all ideas cannot logically and simultaneously be true, or that humanity is not always very nice. Also never mind the failure of analogy involved in pantheism– if everything is one, and one in God, how is there the many, or distinct individuals? A herd is composed of many actual animals– a Herd is not the higher and truer level of being for abstractions called individual animals. I take my actual dog for a walk, not dogness, or a piece of divinity. And let’s not even get into the statist implications of “We Are One” religious notions. But no matter:

“At the same time, pantheism opens a path to numinous experience for people uncomfortable with the literal-mindedness of the monotheistic religions — with their miracle-working deities and holy books, their virgin births and resurrected bodies. Indeed, it represents a form of religion that even atheists can support.”

Turn off the brain, reject actual faith, and let’s make it up as we go along? Exactly. It’s movie as religion taken to the predictable extreme– a form of worship of vaporous and undemanding divinities in a hushed and reverent setting.

So despite the day-glo colours and tissue-thin plot, James Cameron and His Ego have indeed tapped into and depicted the current spirit of the age. He can be a monumental jerk, a serial monogamist, and yet still a kind of prophet to millions of souls– at a profit– telling his masses what they think they want to hear, answering their longing and alienation with pretty pictures, absolutist politics, and bad religion.

And he’s even got Scottish ancestry, too. Och, a true and crying shame. ~


Whilst We’re At It

~ INCOMI-I-I-ING! “Teh Binks– has a big ol’ roundup of stuff on Avatar. Turns out he doesn’t like the ham-fisted message but he does like the flying reptiles. Luke the Nordic Giant is ordering the anti-Canadian strike force to stand down as we speak.”~

~ AND WE MISSED IT— “Yeah, I can see why having a bunch self-centered clowns suddenly start stripping on a Metro train in front of people who don’t want to see their boxers and thongs, and who would rather their children not see people taking off their clothes on public transportation, would bring about “random happiness.” Here at Bink’s HQ, we practice shorts day almost all year round.. even when it’s cold out. The secret? Warm hats & coats. ~

If You Haven’t Yet Disposed Of Your Christmas Tree..

~ TRUE CONFESSIONS— Teh Binks is a catalogue-addict. It’s not that he gets much chance to so indulge, but our HQ does get the “The Low Voltage Electric Blanket” plus other wonders bi-weekly offering from Hammacher-Schlemmer (Binks bought the She-Binks her requested uber-mirror for the BinksMobile last Christmas, you see). Then the techy Man’s World flyers from FutureShoppe & the local electronics chain, plus Staples.. then the Canucki Tire catalogue (cue high-pitched holy noise). It’s a veritable paradise of consumerist reading for the porcelain throne library, mostly. Sadly, National Geographic has gone a bit enviroid global-flood-climate-disaster tree-huggy recently, and it’s a bit off-putting from the good stuff (the ads, and any ancient history articles with mummies and ruins).But catalogues? They still hold a thousand dreams, possibilities, frivolities, and wonders. Just sayin’, is all. ~

~ A COMMENT via Canucki Jihad, with no swearing or death-threats: “Hi, I am muslim from Pakistan, Many comments here are seem to be apologetic, No muslim should be ashamed of Islam.” ~

~ SAD, TRAGIC LITTLE WALKER MORROWPet Wars, part II? And all he can bring to the table is a fuzzy picture of some alleged feline... Whoop-dee. To begin, I was a congenial small-dog hater.. referring to such smoochy-poo critters as “shark-bait”, dust-mops, skeet-shooting targets, and foot-balls. Now, through the awesome Power Of Poodle, I’m a convert, overtaken by the power of MiniPoo. And so behold the irresistible (in focus) cuteness of the woochy poochy widdle goggie, and weep and gnash your teeth, O ye pathetic cat-slave Walker. O sad little cat-monkey Arnie ~

Mark Steyn

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~ MAN IN COMA misdiagnosed.. for 23 years …. (

~ ANCHORESS— Why the Internet is Evil …. (firstthings)

~ WALKERISM— Because who needs the bother of liberty, really?; The latest for Defend Geert Wilders; Is there evidence for the existence of Richard Dawkins? Part two; Do not feed or molest the senators; Whoever said that writing is a glamorous job?; All my cats can do is sit around looking cute; A totally non-sour-grapes-related post; Yeah. Um…prorogue. We’ll get right on that; They’re just words, after all; The horror! Pet Wars, part II …. (walker)

~ CBC? IS THAT REALLY YOU? MUST-READ: Why our schools are failing boys …. (winteryknight)

~ INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM in Canada: Recent news continues to show slow but real progress …. (

~ TORONTO EVENT: January 23rd– Those close to Toronto may be interested in the following event. Société Macdonald-Cartier Society presents “The Courage of Our Convictions: Principled leadership for a better Canada” …. (williamgairdner)

~ MARK SHEA— Mike Walsh sez of Avatar: “I liked the helicopters much more than the stupid flying reptiles.” …. (

~ INTRODUCTION: Democratic despotism comes of age, by Roger Kimball …. (newcriterion)

~ NOW THAT THE OLD CRAZIES ARE MOVING ON… Young Women of Good Intention …. (firstthings)

~ WINTRY KNIGGIT— Should you reject the Biblical view of Hell based on emotions?; Jennifer Roback Morse explains the California lawsuit against Prop 8; How secular leftists restrict free speech on college campuses; What are the consequencs of treating terrorism as a law enforcement issue?; MUST-READ: How the media’s secular bias affects their news coverage; New study shows that children who are spanked are more successful …. (winteryknight)

~ OH, CANUCKISTAN! One Day in the Life of an Ex-Leftie – by Jamie Glazov …. (frontpagemag)

~ THE ANCHORESS ON Abortion, War and Taxes …. (firstthings)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— “As we saw from the atrocities of the last century, western modernity did not manufacture human nature anew. Civilization is only the thinnest of veneers.” …. (melaniephillips)

~ TERRY GLAVIN: All the news that’s fit to print.. without inordinate concern for personal reputations …. (IFPS)

~ IMAGINE: “ad he committed the same crime in Canada, what do you think this guy’s sentence would have been?” …. (

~ SHOTGUN BLOG ON The Law Against Hurt Feelings …. (shotgun)

~ BARBARA KAY Sees a Brighter Future for Canadian Men …. (glennsacks)

~ RECENT MCJISM— Pope found to be Roman Catholic. Homosexuals whine about it; “Binky grabbed a Gospel book, opened it and shouted “A reading from Matthew!”; Episcopal Church communications director Bishop Empty Coke Bottle strode to the podium; The Massachusetts Senate race is now a toss up; abortion and oral contraceptives raise breast cancer risks; Get out much, Massah Harry?; Here’s another reason why I’m never ever going to see James Cameron’s Ego Avatar; Major homosexual whining to begin in 3, 2, 1 …. (

~ THE LESSONS of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four …. (

~ FRESH EVIDENCE of Counseling Abuse at Planned Parenthood Continues to Surface in Undercover Student Video …. (

~ NOTHING TO SEE HERE, FOLKS— “Let’s talk about Tiger Woods and his bimbos instead, OK? Let’s scare people by telling them that every time they turn on the lights, they’re destroying Earth!” …. (

~ WATCH WHERE YOU PUT THAT SOAP— Italy opens its first “prison for transgender inmates” …. (

~ BOOKMARK OR MISS OUT! Breitbart Debuts ‘Big Journalism’ …. (

~ THE CHI-COM PARADISE— Looking back, looking ahead. via China e-Lobby …. (

~ STUART TAYLOR takes another look at Duke University, where its infamous far left faculty has dug in even deeper; Marcus Winters on teachers’ unions versus educational standards …. (davidthompson)

~ SO DO LIBERALS Like Westerns?…. (

~ GLAVIN WANTS SCALPS!– The MP George Galloway has compared Israel to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele who experimented on prisoners and with body parts of concentration camp victims; and “I just can’t seem to put my finger on a proper remedy between the extremes of having the state administer sanctions for what Canada has devolved into treating as the mere misdemeanour of propogating unreconstructed, drooling antisemitism, and the swift retributive justice of a baseball bat to the side of the head. Where does one start? Where would it end?” …. (

~ DR. HELEN WARNS.. “The Western World has quietly become a civilization that undervalues men and overvalues women” …. (

~ THE STEVE— “So, he just prorogued Parliament instead. Again. In the interest of fairness, I should point out that he’s getting really good at it” …. (

~ A NEW STUDY— “How do you teach the unspanked to spank properly when they’ve never seen it? Fund a government program? (What would you call it? Leaving No Child’s…never mind.)” …. (merecomments)

~ DESPICABLE jihadis: I wonder what Canadians would do if such a protest was proposed when our soldiers were repatriated …. (

~ VERBOTEN TOPICS— “Femina Sapiens in the Nursery: The conflict between parenting and career is hardwired in the female brain” …. (

~ HAVING SOLVED ALL OTHER PROBLEMS, France passes law to jail spouses who commit psychological violence.. i.e., criminalizing words; BBC show on psychological violence ban …. (Various)

~ DALRYMPLE— “With ample blame for the financial crisis having been directed toward banks and Government (some of us would say a little too much toward the former and not enough toward the latter), Dalrymple, writing in The New English Review, points an accusatory finger at a culprit that has thus far mostly escaped any blame: all the rest of us” …. (blog.skepticaldoctor)

~ THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK of Violence: What Every Young Man Needs to Know About Fighting. With a title like that, how could I stay away? …. (

~ SPINELESS SCOTS WATCH— UK unravels: The irreconcilable incoherence beneath the weekend wedlock wobble; The winning Tory strategy of hope’n’change. Oh, wait …. (spectator)

~ FREE SPEECH on Canadian university campus …. (IFPS)

~ CANADA TO FOLLOW THE FED?! Mark Carney is the harbinger of our economic death …. (shotgun)

~ FABULOUS JACKBOOTERY: Prop 8 Judge’s Unscrupulous, Suspicious Actions …. (

~ STEP AWAY FROM THE CRULLER, SIR! Marni Soupcoff: Beware the snack patrol …. (nationalpost)

~ SOME PERSPECTIVE— Why Animal Suffering Doesn’t Matter. Or more to the point, why morality must be based on human values. By Roger Scruton …. (shotgun)

~ OTTAWA— Adrian MacNair: Smearing The Troops. It’s What The Liberals Do …. (nationalpost)

~ WHY MAO IS one of the best things that ever happened for Christianity in China …. (scriptoriumdaily)

~ BRIT HUME IS interviewed about his public witness for Christianity …. (winteryknight)

~ HOW HORRIBLE— Whoa….Big Brother Ultrasounds; The Road to Hitler Was Paved With Abortions …. (

~ WILL DUBAI BE RECLAIMED by the sand? Dalrymple recently visited Dubai again, and in a piece for The Globe and Mail, he considers the future of the city after its recent troubles …. (blog.skepticaldoctor)

~ ON UK “HATE CRIMES”— The Home Secretary displays his keen intelligence, moral sense and deep love of liberty …. (spectator)

~ TURNING CHILDREN into Orwellian eco-spies …. (frankfuredi)

~ WE’VE COME FULL CIRCLE back to when it was best for your gov’t to not know your name. Our only defense is anonymity …. (classicalvalues)

~ ECLIPSE-O-MATIC™? Advanced Imaging Reveals a Computer 1,500 Years Ahead of Its Time. Muslims claim they invented it …. (, weeklystandard)

~ WACKADEMIA: Wise Guys in Cambridge– What Cornel West and Larry Summers actually agree about …. (

~ GHOST OF A FLEA— Inglorious and impotent; The Ideological War Within the West; Thank God for Andy Choudary; The ceremony at the Bois Caïman …. (ghostofaflea)

~ IT’S SO OBVIOUS! Religious Left Editor: “Avatar” Illustrates Israeli Oppression. Naturally, an old-time Religious Left icon like James Wall would joyfully discern political metaphors in a film whose audience cheers for resisting natives against invading Americans …. (

~ THE TRADITIONALl marriage debate is not rational …. (

~ A SIGN OF THE TIMES: Avatar, Multiculturalism, and the Death of the West …. (

~ LUMPY, ETC. — Smart Zionists and Jews vote Conservative; More proof that Israel-haters are irony-impaired; The Hamasnics’ recent, staged love-in; Freed as in free to go back home or free to wander Canada?; Why is any part of our paycheques going to the Palestinian Authority? …. (

~ MARK SHEA— Things you Aren’t Supposed to Laugh at; More on the Avatar phenom; Catholic beliefs on trial; Martha Coakley argues for the constitutional mandate of… separation of Church and hospitals; Note to Fr. Jenkins at Notre Dame; PC Insanity from the country that used to be England …. (

~ THINK CAMPUS censorship disappeared in the 1990s? Guess again …. (

~ WHAT FRESH HIDEOUS HELL? The Rising Polyamorous Culture Is Out to Get Your Children …. (

~ SHOTGUN— The Reason Proroguing Parliament Matters; How to undermine a democracy in just one year; Proroguing Parliament and the Death of the Canadian Monarchy …. (shotgun)

~ BASIC FACTS— “The materialism of the Communist creed is incompatible with any ideal of humanism. If a man is nothing but some matter that has organized itself, then any talk of “humanism” can only be an equivocation” …. (merecomments)

~ EUGENE VOLOKH: Will State Bar ‘Character and Fitness’ Reviews Be the Next Frontier for Speech Codes? …. (

~ THE RELIGIOUS LEFT’S Prophecies of Doom– In 1986, the United Methodist Church’s bishops tried to outdo the Catholic bishops’ 1983 pastoral letter on nuclear weapons by themselves endorsing the nuclear freeze movement (which was funded in part by the Soviets) …. (

~ SQUISH-WATCH: Even a Country Club Repub like David Brooks can see there’s something wrong with Avatar …. (nytimes)

~ THE PARTY OF IGGY— Of Empty Suits and Thinker’s Conferences; and “Once again the Liberal leader is falling right in to the rhetoric served up by the Conservatives that he is “just visiting” …. (,

~ IN BOSTON you can see the next phase of the sexual revolution …. (winteryknight)

~ THE SUMMER OF ’69: An Anniversary to Mourn: Assessing 40 Years of No-Fault Divorce. In 1969, Governor Ronald Reagan of California made what he later admitted was one of the biggest mistakes of his political life. Seeking to eliminate the strife and deception often associated with the legal regime of fault-based divorce, Reagan signed the nation’s first no-fault divorce bill …. (

~ SO WHO OWNS the Dead Sea Scrolls? Canada rejects Jordan’s request to seize Dead Sea Scrolls …. (merecomments)

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— Just ahead of the curve… Fight for Cultural Equality: UN Legitimizes Cannibalism, Slavery…. (thepeoplescube)

~ CITIZENS who support Prop. 8 must defend Constitution because attorney general refuses; Prop. 8 trial to include unprecedented testimony …. (wnd)

~ OUR INSECURITIES— David Warren: “Conditions have now got so bad, from the 99 per cent of damage that is inflicted not by terrorists but by the cumbersome bureaucracies responding to them” …. (kennethhynek)

~ SCRUTON on totalitarian sentimentality …. (

~ IS DEATH better than disability? …. (mercatornet)

~ A LITTLE PIECE OF MORDOR— “Evil Corporation Setting Up Human Slaughterhouse In Minority Neighborhood In Houston” …. (

~ LIBERTY on Campus in 2009: FIRE’s Tenth Anniversary Year in Review …. (

~ IFPS NEWS— Google sees the light of freedom of information in China; OSCE media freedom representative welcomes Ireland’s decriminalization of defamation; Short film on Irish blasphemy law; England exceeds Orwell’s wildest fantasies of big brother; Brush Up Your Sharia (Apologies to Cole Porter) …. (IFPS)

~ RUSSIA TO Prosecute YouTube Police Whistle-blower …. (thepeoplescube)

~ A DESTRUCTIVE boutique fetish– A very small tail wagging a very big dog …. (

~ HYNEK– PROUD HETEROCENTRIST! “So my wife, she’s pretty cool… I mean, you all knew that anyhow” …. (kennethhynek)

~ CZECH CARDINAL warns: Muslims are conquering Europe …. (

~ ED DRISCOLL: Faintest Signs Of Double-Standard Detected In Media Overculture …. (eddriscoll)

~ SAITH KATE @ SDA— “It’s As Though They All Have Something In Common” …. (SDA)

~ FREEDOM OF RELIGION? For 5 Billion People, It’s a Forbidden Dream …. (chiesa.espresso)

~ XANTHIPPANESS— Musings on the existence of God – and of Richard Dawkins; I apologize for the lack of new posts lately …. (xanthippas)

~ NATPOST— Robert Ventresca: Rescuing a pope’s spiritual legacy …. (nationalpost)

~ NEW YORK— The governor’s proposed reforms won’t end corruption— but they will threaten political speech …. (

~ WE CANADIANS are in more than one way an aging society; will this also entail our spiritual death? Binks’ story is a severe warning …. (

~ GUNS KILL KILLERS— The mass shooting that DIDN’T happen, all because one man was ready, willing and able to do protect himself and others …. (exurbanleague)

~ DECEMBER Interim columns online …. (theinterim)

Climate Cults

~ THANK GOODNESS for global warming… Otherwise, the news would be even worse…. (senseofevents)

~ GLOBAL WARMING HOAX Weekly Round-Up, Jan.7th 2010 …. (dailybayonet)

Michael Coren with climate skeptics – part 1

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~

~ THE WARM-MONGERS in the media are still flogging the global warming fairy tale in spite of the corruption of evidence exposed by the Climategate scandal …. (

~ SOUTHERN FUN WITH Global Warming: “Frostproof, Florida” 22 Degrees. Mini Ice Age Cometh; Global Warming January 9, 2010 …. (RBO)

~ DEATH TO INFIDELS! A public appeal has been issued by an influential U.S. website asking: “At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers.” The appeal appeared on Talking Points Memo …. (CV)

~ Y2KYOTO: You Don’t Need No Stinking Coal Generation …. (SDA)

~ ARE YOU NOW Or Have You Ever Fudged The Data? …. (CV)

~ THE BIG CHILL— The failure at Hopenchangen to reach a meaningful ‘climate deal’ highlighted the inconvenient truth; An Inconvenient Winter …. (dailybayonet)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— All together now: ‘The science is sett…’ no, wait …. (spectator)

~ WHITED-OUT B-B-B-BBRRitain to be hit by coldest winter in 100 years; Temperatures this week are forecast to plummet as low as -13ºC in the Scottish Highlands, with the mercury falling to -6ºC in London, -5ºC in Birmingham and -7ºC in Manchester as one of the coldest winters in years continues to bite …. (winteryknight, covenantzone)

~ LEFTIES HAVE LONG MOCKED Christians on the fringe for proclaiming the imminent end of the world and the coming of God …. (

~ ELDERLY CLIMATE HERETICS— UK Pensioners burn books for warmth? …. (eddriscoll)

~ OPEN WATER: a site that has intriguing in-depth info on the polar ice question – and more photos of submarines surfacing in water at the North Pole …. (

~ SOCONVIVIUM— Concern over climate change is inherently anti-human life …. (

~ GLOBAL WARMING Shutting Down China and Britain …. (classicalvalues)

~ THE SOUND Of Settled Journalism– It’s not a profession. It’s a tribe …. (SDA)

~ ED DRISCOLL— “Hey Al, How’s All That Global Warming Working Out For You?” …. (eddriscoll)

~ THE BIG LIE: “A new study shows that Earth’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide from all sources, including man, has remained unchanged for 160 years. As it turns out, there may be no carbon to offset”; Global Warming, Who are They Kidding? …. (

~ THE U-TURN, MINUS APOLOGY— Now one of the leading UN scientists is claiming that the earth might experience global cooling for the next 20-30 years …. (mypetjawa)

~ BIGGOV ON The Real ClimateGate: Who’s Stupid, Hu’s Not; ClimateGate’s Next Phase: False Claims Act Lawsuit …. (biggov)

~ GLOBAL WARMISTS’ Mouths Frozen Shut …. (humanevents)

~ MARK SHEA— Less Amateur Theodicy, More Incarnational Help– Turns out the Haitian earthquake was caused, not by a 200 year old pact with Satan, but by failure at Copenhagen …. (

~ WE SUCK! & WE’RE DOOOOOMED!!– Anthropogenic Magnetic Pole Shift; Global Warming Consensus Reaches 130% with -50% Against; Anthropogenic Continental Drift …. (thepeoplescube)


“The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.”

~ Marcus Tullius Cicero, 55 BC ~

~ STATS A-PLUMMETTING— Left Attacks the Messenger: Hide the Decline in Rasmussen Polls; According to a poll by Rasmussen, “51% Still Blame Bush for Nation’s Economic Woes”, ignoring both houses of Congress being controlled by Democrats since January of 2007, and the White House since last year …. (biggov, eddriscoll)

The One’s 1st Year Anniversary Song

~ THE QUEER TURNINGS OF NAMBLA-gate: The Strange Case of Kevin Jennings …. (

~ HISTORIC! The Obama Trifecta — 1st president in 110 years to miss the annual Army-Navy Football Game. — 1st president to not attend any Christmas religious observance. — 1st president to stay on vacation after a terrorist attack. A Classic Triple-Threat …. (

~ ON NEGROES— Exit Question: Why are conservatives held to a higher standard?; Katie Couric: Harry Reid (With A Great Civil Rights Track Record) Said Some Racist Things And It Proves America Is Still Racist… She Says We are Racist, Not Reid; No Negro Dialect, Unless He Wants One …. (Wz, sda)

~ A FRIGHTENING Executive Order: International Police Granted Full Immunity in US and Not Subject to FOIA Requests; Chuck Norris examines president’s order exempting foreign cops from law …. (biggov, WND)

~ SCRATCH A DEMOCRAT— The Tolerant Left: Postcards from the birthplace of Hope and Change …. (SDA)

~ WORD FROM THE ‘STACHE-MASTER: Obama’s Next Three Years, by John Bolton …. (commentarymagazine)

~ MR. PRESIDENT, could you please turn off your Negro dialect? …. (rightwingcanada)

~ COMRADE OBAMA’S Crackpot TSA Nominee Rants About Americans Who Are ‘Christian Identity Oriented’; Obama’s TSA pick: white supremacists, anti-abortion groups greatest terrorist threat. Also lists organizations that claim to be ‘Christian Identity-oriented’ …. (Wz, RBO)

~ GOLF GOLF GOLF! A Tale Of 3 Photos …. (

~ FAST & LOOSE.. By their own calculations, Democrats risking 25 million American lives …. (

The Decline: The Geography of a Recession

~ VILE INSURANCE COMPANIES Prefer Abortion as Cheaper than Giving Birth: PP Director …. (

~ OBAMA: Raising the White Flag to America’s Terrorists; FDR Understood How To Treat Enemy Combatants – Why Can’t Obama? …. (newsrealblog)

~ DELIGHTFUL OBAMUNISM— GLSEN-ing Young Children; Kevin Jennings & GLSEN: You Give Gay a Bad Name …. (orthodoxytoday, townhall)

~ BLUE & CLUELESS— Brainless Leftist Spotlight: Steve From ‘Blues Clues’ …. (

~ DOUG GILES— Obama Delivers on His Transparency Promise: We’re Seeing Straight Through Him …. (

~ RED ALERT: WaPo Op-Ed Columnist Jonathan Gruber Paid to Promote ObamaCare …. (

~ LENO, LETTERMAN, O’Brian, Stewart do not need comedy writing teams, because the week in Washington was a reality Comedy Show; and all the late-nighters needed to do was read the headlines …. (RBO)

~ MUST-SEE: Jack Cafferty rants against Democrats for secretive negotiations …. (winteryknight)

~ TRANSPARENCY the “Chicago Way.” But you won’t see it on C-SPAN …. (therealbarackobama)

~ KILLING THE DREAM? “Bill Whittle has made another excellent video about the American Dream. He talks about the efforts of the Alinsky Left to break our hopes and our dreams. The funny thing is even the left acknowledges the power of hope in America. They ran their election campaign on it” …. (CV)

~ REBEL SCUM— The Obama Recovery: more than 50% will pay no federal taxes in ’09 — a John Galt Tipping Point …. (

~ COMPULSIVE, IS IT? Obama Told Same Lie Eight Times …. (

~ AS GOES CALIFORNIA… “California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a fiscal emergency yesterday, slashing the state budget by $8 billion and requesting $7 billion from the federal government” …. (

~ NAKED EMPEROR NEWS: “Cadillac Tax”: Has Obama Told a “Jaw-Dropping” Lie About His Position? …. (RBO)

~ CRIPPLING AMERICA VIA her ordinary workers– Barack Obama’s America: High Unemployment to Last for “Years” : Rush Limbaugh November 10, 2009 …. (

~ UNCROMULENT— Overly-Embiggened Politicians Face A Year Of Entoastment …. (eddriscoll)

~ OBAMANOMICS (or Creative Bookkeeping for Dummies) …. (therealbarackobama)

~ CAUGHT WITH PANTS DOWN: Obama, Team Admit Fault on Intelligence in Christmas Day Attack; Obama Order Strips Americans of Constitutional Rights; Obama Wimpiness Bringing On More Terror: Expert …. (humanevents,

~ MISSING THAT TELEPROMPTER— Bomber was isolated and alone … No, wait! …. (

~ WHERE WE ARE— “Nappy is busy running down right wingers with guns. Brennan doesn’t think the situation so bad that Leiter should skip his ski vacation. Obama keeps golfing” …. (

~ COSMETIC SURGERY— Sex Change You Can Believe In? Obama appointee speaks; The Downward Spiral Continues; Letterman’s Transgendered Transgression …. (, mitchieville)

~ YOUR REQUIRED THOUGHT OF THE DAY— Pelosi tells C-SPAN: ‘There has never been a more open process’ …. (

~ IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DRAMA— Victor Davis Hanson: Will Obama’s character implode like a Greek protagonist’s on the four-year stage of his presidency – some parallels?; Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s rhetoric in 2009 will come back to haunt him. “Chickens and Their 2010 Roost” …. (victorhanson)

~ SKIPPY— The Crisis of Intelligence …. (

~ MITCHIEVILLE— “Big Sis Wants To See Under Your Clothes.” …. (mitchieville)

~ WIMP-O-CRAT Democrats’ Worst Nightmare: Terrorism On Their Watch; Al-Qaeda Terrorist May Be Offered Plea Agreement: Administration Defends Decision …. (biggov)

~ THE STRANGE CASE Of Fruit Of Da Boom And Spontaneous Human Combustion; Obamunists “Wussies R Us” approach to terror simply not working …. (

~ GOVERNMENT cover-up of food shortage feared. Reports show demand growing, production declines estimated at 30% …. (wnd)

~ CRIME-WATCH: Inside the ACORN vote fraud scam …. (

~ A LESSON IN CIVILITY— Exclusive: Michael Ackley exposes insulting language on White House blogs …. (wnd)

~ OBAMA’S NEW YEAR gift to the Saudi king– Exclusive: Nonie Darwish argues, president helping rescue mainstream Islam’s reputation …. (wnd)

~ FROM THE HOMELAND Security system that “worked,” we now have word that Secretary Janet Napolitano is mobilizing a broad response to the underwear bomber …. (claudiarosett)

~ HMMMMM— All 3 Major Domestic Terror Attacks of 2009 Were Directly Enabled by Obama’s Reverse-Profiling Orders, Exempting Muslims from Scrutiny. Go read it. Is Obama doing this on purpose? I mean, I know it’s a crazy question to ask; Don’t Worry, Honey, It’s Just Another “Isolated Extremist” …. (floppingaces, claudiarosett)

~ LARWYN’S LINKS: The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Machine …. (

~ OBAMA’S VACATION Optics – Axelrod and Co. Fail to Protect President’s Image …. (biggov)

~ STUDENT arrested over “Nobama” sticker gets settlement …. (

~ UPPITY Catholic Bishops Activate 19,000 Churches to Stop Abortion in Health Care …. (

Welcome to the Obama Zone

~ THE PEOPLE’S CUBE— Billboard Is Insulting To Obama’s Marxist Sensibilities; As I predicted, the rehabilitation of Hitler has begun; A Glimpse Into the Future… Obama’s LAST Day in Office; TSA to buy new scanning equipment …. (

~ VOMIT ALERT— World’s Biggest Celebrity Subject Of German Musical …. (eddriscoll)


~ XANTHIPPA— Support the Iranian people!; Raw courage — but it must be focused; They do not stand alone …. (

TERRORIST, WHERE?! (Featuring Racist Willy)

~ RECENT ATTACKS On “Counter Jihad” Websites …. (IFPS)

~ THE CANUCKISTAN FRONT— Toronto bomb plot suspect accused of seeking to cash in on chaos; ‘Toronto 18′ terror suspect pleads not guilty; “Canadian” Tahawwur Hussain Rana indicted for role in Danish Plot & Mumbai Terror Attack …. (globeandmail, vladtepesblog)

~ CAROLINE GLICK— The growing power of the UN-based international community is one of the gravest emerging threats to Israel’s national security …. (carolineglick)

~ FROM THE Fatwa Dept. – Kabooming Kanuck Kuffars Kondoned …. (

Michael Coren on Islamic Terrorism – part 1

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~

~ DAVID WARREN— “Islamism — a totalitarian political manifestation of Islam, which holds among other tenets the gratuitous slaughter of infidels — is not yet fully discredited” …. (davidwarrenonline)

~ FOLLOW THE MONEY-TRAIL: “Failed Detroit bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was president of the University College London (UCL) Islamic Society (ISOC) in the academic year 2006-07, and organised a controversial ‘War on terror week’ featuring a debate ‘Jihad v Terrorism'”; plus it’s still going on– “CSC exposes extremist speakers at UCL“; and “Islam on Campus” …. (socialcohesion)

~ DELIGHTFUL DETROIT Hezbollah cleric “denounces terrorism”, met with Hezbollah spiritual leader last May …. (mypetjawa)

~ EGYPTIANS RIOT after 7 Christian Copts Killed in Drive-by Church Attack by… go ahead, guess …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ CUDDLE-BUDDIES— Islam & the Left, by Andrew C. McCarthy. On the similarities of two collectivist ideologies (from “The New Statism”). …. (newcriterion)

~ HOW TO Recognize and Fight a Terrorist on a Plane; As usual, Muslims will probably not be scanned with new scanners …. (humanevents, vladtepesblog)

~ ISLAMISTS LOOT and burn protestant church in Algeria; 4 More Malaysian Churches Attacked; 1 Vandalized …. (

~ ISLAM HAS NO POPE— Twenty imams issue edict against terror attacks.. “The fatwa concludes that Muslims in these countries must therefore expose any person who plans harm to fellow Canadians or Americans” …. (

~ THE CHILL SETS IN— “The Metropolitan Museum of Art quietly pulled images of the Prophet Mohammed from its Islamic collection and may not include them in a renovated exhibition area slated to open in 2011” …. (eddriscoll)

~ SOLIDARITY RALLY For Dutch Freedom Fighter Geert Wilders …. (mitchieville)

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— It’s the thirties all over again; The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable (or the other way round); The blindness of academe …. (spectator)

~ WATCHING THE FALL— “When a tyrannical, murderously-sexist ideology is allowed to dictate terms in this way, it’s time to ask what has happened to the West?” …. (CV)

~ DEATH BY STUPID? — “The chain of incompetence and failure that led to the Northwest Flight 253 bombing incident on Christmas Day is yet another indication of the need for swift and ruthless U.S. intelligence reform”; Daniel Pipes: Airport security — theatre of the absurd …. (nationalpost)

~ SHOTS FIRED AT Kurt Westergaard’s house. Muslim attacker tied to terror in Denmark …. (IFPS)

~ THE NEW “NORMAL”— France’s Car Burnings: 2009 Numbers In Perspective …. (

1998: 14,000 cars burned
2005: 45,588 cars burned
2006: 44,157 cars burned
2007: 46,814 cars burned
2008: 40,496 cars burned
2009: the expected final number will again exceed 40,000

~ BARBARA KAY— The West Must Ban the Burqa and Nix the Niqab …. (

~ WHERE WE ARE: “it is better to let people who want to blow themselves up fly and look up everyone’s butthole than look up the buttholes only of people who want to blow themselves up” …. (classicalvalues)

~ BRUCE BAWER: While Europe Sneered– Kurt Westergaard and other brave critics of Islamic fanaticism continue to fend for themselves …. (

~ A POLITICIZED YAWNER? Little to Learn from Duke/UNC Study of Anti-Terror Lessons …. (investigativeproject)

~ WHY THE WEST is screwed: Human rights idiocy almost killed 290 people on Christmas Day …. (

~ BULLYING = BEND OVER! Massachusetts College of Pharmacy: Burkas OK. Also Ski Masks …. (

~ TAKE A SAD SONG, AND MAKE IT BETTER! Stranded Passengers at Newark Airport Form ‘Hey Jude’ Choir …. (

~ DALRYMPLE— Yemen Beware! Gordon Brown has plans to save you; Michelle Shephard: A primer on al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula …. (skepticaldoctor, nationalpost)

~ SUFFERING Travel Agencies Say Terrorists ‘Winning’ …. (

~ SHHHHHH! Telegraph: Ft. Hood Muslim Killer Doc Linked to 9-11 Terrorists …. (telegraph)

~ DIANA WEST— When James Woolsey and Nihad Awad Are on the Same Page …. (

~ COMPLAINING Muslims & Christmas Trees …. (merecomments)

~ UPPITY & OPINIONATED Canada concerned by Iran’s ongoing detention of Bahá’i leaders …. (shotgun)

~ MULTIPLE chances were had in the clear to kill Bin Laden but that the Clinton ‘White House’ stopped each and every one …. (

~ TERRY GLAVIN: The new blood libel, state sponsorship and freedom of speech …. (IFPS)

~ THE INMATES RUN THE ASYLUM— Leadership UN-Style: Here Comes Yemen …. (claudiarosett)

~ THE TOP TEN DISASTERS of Flight 253– Even if al-Qaeda didn’t get exactly what it wanted over Detroit, it appears that they’ll have more chances to get it right …. (frontpagemag)

~ CRIMINAL TRIALS during wartime are difficult enough, complicated as they are by things such as the Geneva Conventions and the legal doctrine of jurisdiction. Acts of war do not have a long history of being tried in civilian courts; Why Wars Shouldn’t be Fought in Court …. (,

~ THE FRIENDLY Skies: Terrorism, Unions and the Madness of Senator DeMint …. (

~ PAYING THE ORCS— Jihad “Cleric” Choudary Gets More from UK Gov Than Frontline Brit Soldier; How the British government funds radical Islam …. (dianawest, winteryknight)

~ IDENTITY THEFT— Why did Hani Abdulelah Bukhari show up at the airport dressed as a pilot? …. (

~ LIVID AMERICANS blast back over Pearl Harbor snub.. Many ‘incensed’ by U.S. calendars promoting “Islamic New Year Dec. 7th” …. (

~ CANADIAN MUSLIM NEWSPAPER Accuses Jews of Harvesting Children’s Organs …. (weaselzippers)

~ COMMENTARY MAG ON Prosecuting Pirates …. (commentarymagazine)

~ ISLAMIST GROUP that planned Wootton Bassett hate march banned under terror laws… but defiant leader ‘won’t be silenced’ …. (weaselzippers)

~ IRAQ SUES ISRAEL, Iranian-Proxy Killer Has Bright Iraqi Political Future, and McCain Still Isn’t Presidential Material …. (dianawest)

~ PAKISTANI Muslim raped two year old daughter of Christian man …. (winteryknight)

~ SPOT THE ENEMY— That scholarly radical Robert P. George just might end up on a “no-fly” list if he doesn’t mend his ways …. (merecomments)

~ PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.. to Islam? Start Shutting Down the Mosques …. (

~ GUTLESS JOURNOSRolling Stone Writes Rambling, 10,000+ Word Article About Genocide In Darfur And Only Mention Jihad One Time… and fails to use the word Islam a single time …. (

~ SUPER-HERO Obama’s Near Miss– Will the Abdulmuttalab incident be a wake-up call? …. (

~ AL QAEDA’S Successful Attack; Al-Qaeda Behind The Christmas Terror Attack? Hell no… it was the Republicans! …. (biggov,

~ MORE PEOPLE’S CUBE— Jordanians Document It Is Still Bush’s Fault; A Message from the Pan Arabic Man/Camel Love Association; News Flash: Iranian Nuclear Independence Day Announcement …. (peoplescube)

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