You Will Love.. You Will Buy..

BLAZING-Girl offended by Coulter hates Israel – go figure

POST  DE VEILLE– Has posted a French translation of the pathetic letter of François Houle to Ann Coulter.

THE MORNING ARFTER UPDATE: ‘Whereas Ann Coulter is a hateful woman…’; ‘Camel! The Ann Coulter Story‘; London, Ontario: Ann Coulter at UWO, March 22, 2010.. Moose n Squirrel was there!; Strictlyright has pics; Ann Coulter to file Human Rights Complaint Against Black Houle of Ottawa; The University of Ottawa Stands for Free Speech– Sorta! Demented Harpies Yes Ann Coulter No!… Google news links galores; vid of the Houle thing; plus vid of the camel-thing

Right Girl– Coulter in London: “Inevitably Dr. Roy had himself photographed with Ann. Actually, he got a ton of really great photos. Go check them out. Closet Conservative is bemused by the cattiness of the Globe’s Jane Taber

…. SteynHOULES RUSH IN… Canadians respond to the Provost’s threats against Ann Coulter

Miss Coulter Of Evil

MORE UPDATE: What Teh Binks Wroted; plus, what Shaidle said.. and all she said earlier

UPDATE: If you heard about the shirt via this site, please tell them Binks Sent Ya when you order– it will contribute donations towards several nasty conservative projects under support via this website.

IT GETS WORSE: Plus current Coulter news shows just WHY we need her visit: Canada is not an intellectually free or tolerant nation–

“To have a public institution turned into a private club where the only [people] allowed to speak are allowed to meet the very narrow approval of some student politician: that’s gross,” said Levant, who is introducing Coulter at her three visits. “They seem to be for diversity in every sense except for intellectual diversity. They just can’t debate Ann Coulter, so they are trying to shut her up.” more by Ezra Levant

The Houlinator

Makes you, proud, huh? The Canada of MacDonald, Laurier, Joe Howe, and so many others has been reduced to this in the minds of some allegedly educated people.

The provost-wanker in question? One François Houle poli-sci prof & Vice-recteur aux études / Vice-President Academic and Provost
Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa. Telephone : (613) 562-5800 ext. 5737 
Fax : (613) 562-5106
; e-mail: .. Mark Steyn suggests: be polite but withering. Remember: in speaking this way to Ms. Coulter, he’s claiming to speak for you and all Canadians. Tell him Binks sent ya, and don’t forget to CC: your MP, Ezra & Mark, PM Harper, your Premier, U of Ottawa Board of Governors, the Dean, your fave bloggers, and whomever else you can to make sure your note has the maximum effect.

But wait! There’s More!

Shirt Up!

A command from Binks-HQ to all members of the ever-growing army of pre-dead Free Canuckistanis!

Coulter Over Canada

.. Alexander of Hollywood Loser has (in conjunction with graphic designer Binksmeister & others) come up with The Most Excellent Canucki Coulter Shirt to celebrate Ann Coulter’s visit this month to venues across Canada.

Irritate your friends and neighbours.. hear liberal blood-vessels pop when they see your very public “unacceptable discourse” fashion statement! Buy.. love.. enjoy.

It’s available in a range of colours– get one today! Now! Hurry!! Hurry ha-a-ard!!

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11 thoughts on “You Will Love.. You Will Buy..

  1. here’s the thing, folks (my apologies if I seem, well, too “folksy”):

    these nimrods and “houle in my ‘ead where my brain should be” aren’t going to do anything to ann coulter: she is highly intelligent, a skilled attorney with considerable resources at her beck and call – and she’s a high-profile American. All of this means that she has power – and HRCs and people like Houle prefer to go after the weak, the defenceless and the marginalized (just look at the people scum like richard warman have grown wealthy off of thanks to Jennifer Lynch’s HRC racket). So, no, they won’t pick on Ann; they’ll target the witless loner with the basement suite instead – as they always have.

  2. Ezra came up with a comment that I have long thought about, the universities believe in all diversity except diversity of thought. It is all group think, don’t think like the group and you are a ****** fill in the bigoted word of your choice.

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